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Why Women are Bitches!

Simply put, because men are bipolar! Now if you would like me to elaborate, well then, here we go. Men say and do things, then the next day say and do something completely opposite/different. In one sense guys are logical creatures. Each of their personalities make decisions logically based one personality at a time, depending[continue reading...]

Conservative Taliban punks poison 150 schoolgirls in Afghanistan

Older Afghan schoolgirl poisoning video from 2009. OK, so I’ve seen the beheading videos, the videos where these Taliban extremists fuck donkeys, the one’s where they prepare a statement of suicide, the one’s where you know, they blow shit up etc. but I never thought I was going to hear that some misogynist ultra-conservative scumbags in Afghanistan[continue reading...]

Here’s a novel idea, get sex out of the way first and then see if friendship or a relationship will stick

This is what I find baffling when it comes to male and female sexual and relationship behavior: It’s almost an unspoken rule, but many women still believe that making a man wait for sex is the optimal strategy to end up in a relationship with him, and men can’t seem to understand that some women[continue reading...]