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Dead Wild Roses: World Immunization Week – April 24th – 30th

A helpful infographic from the WHO.

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Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: What do we know about Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is one of those rare ailments, and one that annoys more than threatens, but can be difficult and socially awkward for sufferers. It’s also one that still baffles researchers as to its cause. And also for an effective treatment. According to, The name ‘Bell’s palsy’ comes from 19th-century Scottish anatomist and surgeon […]

Melissa Fong: Xenophobics out to get Chinese-language Acupuncturists AKA Idiots volunteering to be discriminatory, racist idiots

  Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that Canadians have the PRIVILEGE of using as an alternative medicine. But some idiots who VOLUNTEER to see an acupuncturist wants to enforce […]

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con War on Medicare

He has waited a long time to make his move. From the day he was first elected with the support of a group that was founded to kill medicare.He had to restrain himself for so many years. But it was always going to be the biggest, bloodiest, and most prized trophy in his skull rack.The one that told him the Canada he hated so much was dead at last.And now the Con War on Medicare has finally begun.Read more »

Dead Wild Roses: Let’s Chalk Up Another Child’s Death to Alternative Medicine

Ah yes, purveyors of Woo this is your fault. This isn’t Big Pharma, this isn’t biased studies, or any of the mendacity that you preach – the death of this child is squarely and completely on you. The CBC reports:

“Criminal charges are pending against a Calgary mother who police allege relied on holistic treatments instead of getting medical help for her seven-year-old son’s strep infection.”

Holistic treatments to treat a bacterial infection? Are you frakking kidding me – how much nonsense did the woo pedlars have to feed this parent to make her eschew (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Edmonton Alternative Medicine – Quackery Descends in my Hometown

Why oh why do people still want to normalize the use of magic and illusion into the practice of medicine?

We’ve spent decades codifying and rooting out the bullshit practices and have steeled ourselves against ‘good common sense’ notions and looked where the evidence points us. There is no mystery to evidence based medicine it has been shown empirically to work. Contrast that with ‘alternative or integrative‘ or ‘whatever term the quacks are using now to sound legitimate and authoritative‘ which is not evidence based, not rigorously tested and not frakking effective. (Read more…)

Molly'sBlog: Measuring ghosts

MEASURING GHOSTS     A recent article in Science Translational Medicine asks the question “Can We Measure Autism ?” To my mind this begs the question, “is there really something called “autism” that we should be trying to measure ?”. The authors Isaac S. Kohane and Alai Eran inadvertently make the case in the negative. They first of all note the controversy that recent changes in the “psychiatric Bible”, the DSM, have provoked. To their credit they mention the “changes in funding” behind some of the debate, though they stop short of a robust criticism of the “mental illness complex” as (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Side Effects of Pregnancy – Repost from Liz Library

This is a signal boost/handy reference that enumerates the risks women face when pregnant. It is a useful tool in dispelling the motherhood myths that surround what pregnancy is like for women and awesome it is for them. The Liz Library is a great website, but slow loading, thus its duplication here for easier access.

And that’s just talking about the immediate physical repercussions.

Below is a partial list of the physical effects and risks of pregnancy. This list does not include the many non-physical effects and risks a woman faces in reproducing, such as the economic investment (Read more…)

Molly'sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2013-10-25 22:00:00


     If you visit pretty well any Canadian government site, or one receiving its funding from the government, you will come across the claim that the Canadian Communist surgeon Norman Bethune founded the first mobile blood transfusion unit in the world during his brief stay in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. This claim was set forth by Bethune himself, and it has been repeated by such institutions as Library and Archives Canada, Parks Canada, The Canadian Encyclopedia and the National Film Board. The reality is quite different, and to their (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Why do so few Canadians get a flu shot?

That’s the headline for a recent Toronto Star story. It suggests that as few as one third of Canadians get a flu vaccine, and in some place the number may be as low as 20 percent. This despite Ontario having the world’s first universal free flu shot program, introduced in 2000. The 2013-14 vaccine is […]

Montreal Simon: The InSite Clinic and the Murderous Cons

People are always asking me whether I REALLY believe that the Cons should be arrested eh?And I'm always having to say yes I really do.Not just because of the way they have hijacked our democracy, and all their sordid scandals.But because they are actually prepared to hurt, or even kill Canadians, in the name of their foul ideology. Read more »

Montreal Simon: My Tribute Video to Some Real Canadian Heroes

It's not easy looking for heroes in Harperland.Everywhere I look all I see is corruption and scandal.Grubby politicians and small greedy people.But of course there are real heroes out there.And these were four of the best Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Birds of Spring and the Deadly Flu Strain

The birds have been flocking back to the island as they do every spring. Flying in from south of the lake, on their way north.But this year I'm not as glad to see them, as I usually am.Because this year they can't help reminding me of what's going on in China. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper Begins his Assault on Medicare

He has always wanted to strangle it. He has had to restrain himself for so long. From the moment he entered politics, with the support of an organization that was founded to destroy medicare.But now at last his foul assault on our precious healthcare system has begun.And it's both stealthy and monstrous. Read more »

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Someone is wrong on the internet

I discovered an entertaining site recently called Skeptic North. It’s a Canadian equivalent to several similar sites and blogs I read that are mostly American-based. It challenges popular assumptions, ideas, trends and pseudoscience and other claptrap. In a Canadian way, … Continue reading →

Dead Wild Roses: Savita Halappanavar’s Death – Victory for the Irish Catholic “Pro-Life” Murder Brigade

I needed some time to digest this story… Sorry folks but that is a lie. I needed some time to come back to a (relatively) coherent state before I could write reasonably about what went down with Savita Halappanavar. A post filled with nothing but white-hot rage and invective against the pustulant ass-pimples known as [...] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Savita Halappanavar’s Death – Victory for the Irish Catholic “Pro-Life” Murder Brigade

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Stealth Attack on Medicare

Oh boy. Trying to keep up with Stephen Harper these days is like trying to keep up with a pickpocket working a crowded railway station.Or a pimp working a Republican convention.One moment he's selling us out to the Chinese Communist Capitalist Part… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Stealth Attack on Medicare

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Mens sana in corpore sano: a sound mind in a healthy body

Mens sana in corpore sano: a sound mind in a healthy body – a very good motto that is. The saying comes from the Roman Juvenal, and it applies as much today as it did two thousand years ago, of course. I’ve alternated, myself, between being a certified bon vivant, almost a regular Zorba the [...]

Dead Wild Roses: The War on Women in the United States

If it happens down south, you know who is next in line. Support this video, reblog it, post it everywhere. The rights of women are threatened, take action and don’t let the bad guys (aka republicans) win.

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Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Attack of the Angry Doctors

OMG. I don't blame the Cons for thinking that Canada's doctors are after them.

But that'll teach them to treat sick refugees as less than human.

“There is a new way of thinking in medicine, which is that doctors, because of their stature, privilege and expertise, have a duty to speak out and cannot remain silent when the government places conditions on patients that make them sick,” said Dr. Philip Berger, chief of family and community medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

For let's be absolutely clear, the idea of denying health care to desperate refugees is nothing but

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Attack of the Angry Doctors

Montreal Simon: Norman Bethune and the Ghastly Cons

I wasn't planning to write about this storm in the twittersphere.

Because what can you say eh? Except that it's obviously summer. Tony Clement is a shameless idiot. Ezra Levant is a freak of nature. And Norman Bethune is bigger than all of them.

But now that the grotesque Con Rob Anders has crawled out of his hole to dump on Bethune's legacy

I feel I need to say something.Read more »

Dead Wild Roses: Seen.

This is not photoshop.

What is colon hydrotherapy, you ask? It’s an enormous enema. A Dieticians of Canada publication describes it as follows:

Colonic cleansing or irrigation, touted as a treatment for cleansing the colon, involves the insertion of a rubber tube through the rectum into the large intestine. A continuous forced flow of up to 20 gallons of warm water eventually causes the body to expel the contents of the colon with the water. Colonic cleansing has been legally approved by Health Canada for use before radiologic endoscopic examination. Various peer-reviewed scientific studies were also found exploring pre-operative colonic

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Those Emergency Blues: More on When Labelling Patients Causes Patients to Die

In the comments WhiteCoat (of WhiteCoat’s Call Room fame) strenuously objects to my take on the Anna Brown case:


Someone on my blog suggested that I check out this post after I just posted about this story yesterday.

To all of you who think “something more should have been done,” what should that “something” have been? She had multiple tests and exams performed for the same complaint – including sonograms which showed no blood clots the day before she died. She was having the same pain in her legs since she was hospitalized the week before. Gold standard

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Bill Longstaff: Joseph Lister, climate change and the arrogance of ignorance

Reading about the assassination of U.S President James Garfield recently, I encountered yet another example of the power and persistence of ignorance in the face of facts. Garfield was infamously killed not by his assailant’s bullets but by his doctors. He died not from his wounds but from the massive infection of those wounds caused by his doctors appalling lack of hygienic practices. Even as

Dead Wild Roses: Abortion – Safe and Necessary

Sometimes there is a absence of reasonable discussion when it comes to the topic of abortion. The lack of solid empirical grounding for arguments leads to some rather wild and wooly debates. The Guttmacher institute has a new section called “Are you in the Know?” about women’s health and abortion.

Safer than childbirth, funny you never hear the anti-choice loons mention this fun little fact.

The scare tactics anti-choicer nutters usually resort to include the specious post abortion syndrome and other such nonsense. Cherry picking facts is nothing new for the fetus fetish crowd as their

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