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Writings of J. Todd Ring: Trends in the news – real analysis for a change, and honesty, if you can imagine that!

Trends in the news: Energy madness, tech stocks plummeting, gold prices rising, propaganda over Ukraine, and China refuses GMO food – real news, brought to you by the world’s leading trend analyst, Gerald Celente. Forget your media schmucks and presstitutes – tune into Gerald Celente for the real story that the mass media won’t tell […]

The Common Sense Canadian: Big Oil, Big Media, governments work together in ‘Corporatocracy’

Top corporate leaders gather at the annual Bildergberg conference in 2010

“Freedom” and “democracy” are useful words, but very bankrupt: useful because they serve to advance imperial/corporate agendas, bankrupt because they are empty vessels, perennially co-opted.

When illegal coups are orchestrated to overthrow democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Honduras, Ukraine, or elsewhere, the lies of freedom and democracy are seamlessly attached to the criminal acts.

“Freedom” and “democracy” are still cloaking, tacitly or overtly, mass murder and genocide in Iraq, at this moment.

Hostile takeovers

As long as the masses are fooled, conquest and regime change, not democracy and freedom, (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Advice to progressives: Don’t airbrush Jim Flaherty’s record out of sympathy for his family

The late Jim Flaherty tries on the traditional new shoes just before delivering his 2012 federal budget. Below, some of Mr. Flaherty’s friends and colleagues: former Ontario premier Mike Harris, in whose government he also served; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Decent people naturally feel sympathy with the loved ones of any person taken unexpectedly from life, as just-retired federal Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was last week.

We are naturally more inclined to experience such feelings of vicarious loss when the person who has died is charming and engaging – as Mr. Flaherty was said by (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Because Sometimes Good Things Happen…

Damn youtube making me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Daily Life Can Be Insane – Venezuela

When insanity becomes normal, we’ve adapted to the way things shouldn’t be, so we don’t spend all of our energy trying to fix systemic problems.

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- David Dayen discusses the massive corporate tax giveaways handed out through the U.S.’ annual budget process. And in a system where lobbying by the wealthy is rewarded with a 24-to-1 return, it shouldn’t be much surprise if inequality is getting even worse than previously assumed, as Jordan Weissmann reports: Forget the 1 percent. The winners of this race, according to Zucman and Saez, have been the 0.1 percent. Since the 1960s, the richest one-thousandth of U.S. households, with a minimum net worth today above $20 million, have more (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Why @Suey_park won’t “enact the labour”: Women of Colour don’t owe you an education- #CancelColbert Part 4

…she seemed to discount Zepp as a “White Male” and told him that she, “won’t enact that labour” of explaining to him why a White male probably couldn’t understand why a Woman of Colour’s point of view. I am here today to enact that labour. We are born into this history of racism and sexism. White men have the privilege of never second-guessing their rights or citizenship. Women of colour, everyday, are learning to work in a White patriarchal world. While White men can take this existence for granted, Women of colour struggle, everyday, to figure out the rules;…

bastard.logic: #CancelColbert and ‘Radical Choices’ Re: Rhetoric


The #CancelColbert supporters have a very valid point in arguing that radical action and racial outrage should not require that people of colour temper our actions and reactions to appear more acceptable to the mainstream, particularly when this is in conjunction with needing to silence valid expressions of racial anger and pain. Race activists should not need to be “well-behaved” to be taken seriously; and we should not be dismissed when we are not. Tone policing is not okay, particularly if it is used to marginalize oppressed voices.

However, what also struck me clearest in watching tonight’s Colbert (Read more…)

bastard.logic: Obligatory ZOMG CONCERNED!!1 #CancelColbert Post

Jamilah King breaks down #CancelColbert:

What’s important to understand here is that Park’s aim wasn’t necessarily to get The Colbert Show kicked off the air. Instead, it was to, as point out that satire isn’t always the best activism. “Well-intentioned racial humor doesn’t actually do anything to end racism or the Redskins mascot,” Park told the Jay Caspian Kang at the New Yorker. “That sort of racial humor just makes people who hide under the title of progressivism more comfortable.”

While I think Suey Park is entirely in the right (even if I share some of the middle (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Dean Starkman writes about the media’s failure to see and report on the culture of corruption and manipulation that led to the 2008 economic meltdown: Was the brewing crisis really such a secret? Was it all so complex as to be beyond the capacity of conventional journalism and, through it, the public to understand? Was it all so hidden? In fact, the answer to all those questions is “no.” The problem—distorted incentives corrupting the financial industry—was plain, but not to Wall Street executives, traders, rating agencies, analysts, quants, or other financial (Read more…)

Melissa Fong: Proving male privilege: @suey_park @BlackGirlDanger @thewayoftheid @cheuya striking back #CancelColbert Part 3

Some of the most prominent women of colour, anti-racist, feminists are coming together to talk about male privilege. Except they aren’t talking about it. They are proving it.   @suey_park @BlackGirlDanger @thewayoftheid and @cheuya […]

Politics, Re-Spun: 17 Things To Do While Watching TV News

There’s more than 17. Way more.

And you don’t have to do them all, you just have to start with a few.

Chances are, though, that you already do some of this. Click here, you’ll thank me:

“Never have I seen such a perfectly exquisite – and devastating – deconstruction of a ‘journalist.’”

via Watch This Perfect Dissection of Grief Lamprey Nancy Grace From HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ – disinformation.

August 15, 2009 Ambient Media Has Now Killed Off Broadcast Media (3) February 1, 2013 How to Petition the CRTC against Sun News’ Mandatory Carriage (54) September 3, 2013 You (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: When CNN trumps Fox News for Bullshit – Black Holes and Missing Planes.

Hey media friends, did you all just here that slight popping noise? That was my cerebral cortex disconnecting itself from all of its higher functions after viewing this lovely clip on CNN about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. This is what happens when news is cobbled together out of speculation, innuendo and whatever the editors at CNN pull out of their ass.

Speaking of pulling things out of one’s anal sphincter, Fox News puts in a shiny second place performance by shamelessly fabricating nonsense about Noah’s Arc with regards to the important shipwrecked discoveries of humanity. It (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wall Divesting From Russian Liquor #skpoli

We've contacted the fed gov't & Ukrn-Cdn groups to determine best way to support freedom & democracy in Ukraine. We will act on that advice.— Brad Wall (@PremierBradWall) February 24, 2014

Premier Brad Wall says gov't is looking at options to pull Russian liquor products from provincial stores in response to crisis in Ukraine— Marco Vigliotti (@Metro_Marco) March 20, 2014

Premier Wall, having gorged himself with other Canadian politicians on weeks of Russian Olympics propaganda, now considers Russian intoxicants to be the enemy.

What a game! Saskatchewan's @wick_22 & the Canadian Women's Hockey team are golden!!!

Congrats!! #WeAreWinter (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Important fake news: Canada, Alberta to erect huge ‘Mother Oil’ statue near Fort Mac?

Screenshot of the fake news site. Below: Publisher David Climenhaga in his misspent youth, when he still had hair. Painting by Ryn Climenhaga.

Alberta Diary is pleased to announce a new website in the vast and growing Alberta Diary online publishing empire:, which can also be found at, appears to be some Blogspot site when you open it because the price was right and the skill-set to use it wasn’t too advanced for a sexagenarian blogger, said David Climenhaga, publisher of the Alberta Diary blog.

“Pretty soon this operation will be as (Read more…)

LeDaro: His Highness Stephen Harper does not answer questions

Inconsiderate reporters waste the time of His Majesty Stephen Harper. Following video speaks volumes about Harper’s attitude. He is accountable to no one. It is a shame. Who would have thought that we will have dictatorship in Canada.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Governing in Secret #cdnpoli

.@joeoliver1: "we'll talk a little later" as he gets into car. Let's see if Greg Rickford talks. #hw— Laura Payton (@laura_payton) March 19, 2014

Canada's new Minister of State for Science and Technology is Ed Holder – former insurance broker— Quirks & Quarks (@CBCQuirks) March 19, 2014

@pmharper jumps in car hidden by other SUVs ….refusing to take questions about cabinet shuffle #hw #cdnpoli— Hannah Thibedeau (@HannahThibedeau) March 19, 2014

@InklessPW @BCheadle @alexboutilier Does this mean you're okay with a ban on asking questions at photo ops?— Laura (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Beyond The Book Lecture: John Gormley – #UofR 2014

I’ve been to a lot of University of Regina lectures over the years. None by a right wing radio commentator, until tonight, and it didn’t turn out how I expected. I know there are people who reeeally don’t like John Gormley and his radio show. I used to listen to it frequently while I worked in a job that had me in a car most of the day, traveling the province’s east side. I’ve not really tuned in too much the past 6 years, while I work meters from where his talk was given Tuesday night. It’s not easy to (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Nahlah Ayed in Regina for Minifie Lecture at #UofR

She was crunched for time in writing a speech, something she’s not used to doing either, so she wrote a diary of her recent coverage in Ukraine and made it interesting by giving the back story to reporting in a region that could break out into open war. She grew up in Winnipeg. One questioner at the end noted it was nice to be able to see her smile, since her job doesn’t permit it as she’s reporting from tense situations overseas.

She bemoaned the lack of coverage of South America in North America, and dodged the question if there (Read more…)

The Progressive Economics Forum: Did the US Take a Bite Out of Canada-Korea Trade?

On last night’s The National, Terry Milewski introduced the Canada-Korea trade deal as follows:

The truth is that Canada is a latecomer to free trade with South Korea. The European Union and the United States both got there first, and their free trade deals took a big bite out of Canada’s exports. So, the government really had to catch up.

It is true that trade deals with South Korea came into force in mid-2011 for the EU and in early 2012 for the US, but how did they affect Canadian exports?

In US dollars, Canada’s international exports edged up (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: Lupita Nyong’o On Validation, For International Women’s Day

A sublime meditation on validation. Bravo!

…in which a young woman shares her adolescent anxieties and blossoms into a role model for us all.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Enjoy the whole clip here:


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Politics, Re-Spun: Women: The Majority, Not a Media Niche

I couldn’t really fault you if you felt that only about 22% of humanity were women.

If we based it all on how frequently they are represented in politics and the media, we wouldn’t know they made up a 51-ish% majority.

This is why Cate Blanchett and Geena Davis have some words for us all.

And god[dess] help us if we try to contradict them:

Blanchett won an Oscar the other night. In her remarks she mentioned a truth that many people still don’t understand, offering gratitude regarding her film

“to the audiences who went to see it and perhaps (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: Peter Mansbridge tries to come clean on Oilsands talk

CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge giving a talk paid by CAPP (image: facebook)

by Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge defended himself Thursday after a report that he made a paid speech to petroleum producers, saying he has never publicly promoted or opposed oilsands development.

“If I leave a speech and those in attendance think they know where I stand on any controversial issue, then they’re guessing. Because they won’t find it in the words I’ve spoken,” he wrote in a blog post on the CBC website.

I would not, do not, and have not, given (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Revelation CAPP paid Mansbridge, defender of Murphy’s speaking fees, brings simmering controversy back to boil

CBC Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge, back in the day before he could seriously contemplate receiving a $28,000 speaking fee just for flapping his gums over dinner. (Photo found on the Internet.) Below: Similarly compensated CBC commentator Rex Murphy, presumably at about the same moment in history. Below that: Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith’s enthusiastic review of Mr. Murphy’s remarks to an oil industry audience and a shot Mr. Mansbridge’s appearance before CAPP from the group’s Facebook page.

There he is, not quite as large as life and rather blurry, but nevertheless front and centre on the Facebook page of (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: If the 1% Has Russell Brand Killed…

If the 1% has Russell Brand killed, we will see it in the corporate media as a drug OD relapse, or a freak accident.


He is dangerous because he fearlessly tells the truth and challenges pretence.

Let’s examine this in some detail here [with video]:

His brain works twice as fast as most brilliant people I’ve encountered in my life. He is the socio-political heir of George Carlin. He speaks truth to power AND the masses. And frankly, WE’VE FORGOTTEN THAT THE MASSES ARE THE POWER. He is sober, so no one can credit his speedy speaking style on (Read more…)