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350 or bust: Transformation

What are you making for supper on this Meatless Monday? Right now we have an abundance of swiss chard, although our other greens have been slow to come in. I substituted chard for kale in this family-favourite salad yesterday, and it was deemed acceptable by the more discerning (aka “picky”) members of the family. So [...]

350 or bust: Meatless Monday Thoughts: The Stinky Circle of Life

One of the problems in our industrialized, heavily urbanized North American society is the huge disconnect between our food system, and the cycle of life and death that nearly every other generation of humans in the history of our planet has known intimately. As I sit here at my computer this morning I’m reminded quite [...]

350 or bust: Meatless Monday Musings

Wow – this is inspiring! I sure wish Will Allen was in charge of food policy in the U.S., rather than the Monsanto crowd.