Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream - Alberta politics: Federal Liberal Summer Caucus in Edmonton

TweetTwenty-one years ago, in a federal election that reshaped the Canadian political landscape, the Liberals swept Edmonton, electing Members of Parliament in four of the city’s six federal ridings. That year was a high-water mark for the federal party, which last elected an MP in Edmonton in 2004 and has not come close to electing a candidate since. […]

Cowichan Conversations: Elizabeth May backs Green Party motion condemning ‘illegal’ Israeli settlements

Convention motion could attract support from disgruntled New Democrats, author suggests

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has co-sponsored a policy resolution condemning Israeli settlements that is expected to come up for debate during the party’s policy convention in Fredericton this weekend. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)


The proposed resolution is on the list of policy proposals slated to come up for debate during the party’s weekend convention in Fredericton.

The Federal NDP Thomas Mulcair said:

“Since the start of the most recent tensions, the NDP has been in contact with Israeli and Palestinian representatives in Ottawa. (Read more…) - Alberta politics: By-election update: Conservatives choose Barlow for Macleod, Liberal MPs invade Alberta

TweetJohn Barlow was chosen as the Conservative Party candidate last night in the Macleod riding. With a by-election expected to be called soon, Mr. Barlow defeated three other candidates – Melissa Mathieson, Phil Rowland and Scott Wagner – to win the nomination. During the campaign, Mr. Barlow faced severe opposition from Canada’s gun lobby for […]

Progressive Proselytizing: How to vote in Trudeau’s coronation

Even before Justin Trudeau announced his candidacy to be the next Liberal leader, pundits were tripping over each other to declare the inevitability of his eventual success. With Marc Grarneau dropping out of the race following internal polling showing Trudeau lightyears ahead, the outcome truly is certain (read this is you still have your doubts). The question now is whether there remains any point in voting and, if so, who to vote for?

Is there still value in voting? I believe that there is still considerable value in voting in the leadership election and that the question of . . . → Read More: Progressive Proselytizing: How to vote in Trudeau’s coronation

Scott's DiaTribes: If Garneau is conceding, what of the others?

There were a lot of other LPC leadership contenders I’d have thought would concede the race a lot sooner then Marc Garneau did – those folks who didn’t even have a hope of winning. If Garneau is gone and declared the race over (which I think most everyone was anyhow, other then a couple of wishful thinking columns), then I’m not sure that there’s much benefit to them staying in the race.

Of course, this isn’t exactly great news for the Liberal Party and its Showcase event. There may not be much of an event at this rate… which doesn’t

LeDaro: Marc Garneau Quits and Backs Justin Trudeau

“Marc Garneau confirmed he’s dropping out of the federal Liberal leadership race at a press conference in Ottawa.

Garneau said he spoke with Bob Rae and Justin Trudeau Tuesday night and informed them of his decision.

Garneau said Trudeau is the clear winner of the race based on his analysis of the numbers. While he felt he would come in second place, Garneau said he was in it to win and that wasn’t about to happen.

“I entered this race believing I had a chance to win,” he said. “Justin is about to win a decisive victory.”

Garneau said

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Garneau Out?

!!! RT @jmbryden: Garmeau withdrawing from #lpldr race, The Canadian Press has learned— Dale Smith-Journo (@journo_dale) March 13, 2013

If so, where do his people go?  Anywhere but Justin?

Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye, J.D. » Politics: 2013 CJPAC Action and “Buttgate”

The Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) hosted its ACTION Party on March 8, 2013 at the Arcadian Court.

Justin Trudeau and Omar Ha-Redeye

Marc Garneau and Omar Ha-Redeye

Omar Ha-Redeye and Kirsty Duncan

Omar Sharif Jr and Omar Ha-Redeye

Rob Ford and Omar Ha-Redeye

An incident at the event involving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Sarah Thomson, referred to over social media as “buttgate,” was subsequently covered by media sources which interviewed Omar Ha-Redeye:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says groping allegations ‘absolutely, completely false’

Another guest at the function, lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye, said in an interview that Ms. Thomson did (Read more…)

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The Canadian Progressive: Liberal leadership race: Garneau challenges Trudeau to one-on-one duel

By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 25, 2013: The race for the Liberal Party of Canada gets even more interesting as former astronaut, Marc Garneau, challenges perceived front-runner, Justin Trudeau, to a one-on-one debate. “The leadership of the Liberal Party is too important a position to hand to an untested candidate hiding behind a carefully crafted public relations READ MORE

Progressive Proselytizing: Specific policies mentioned in the Toronto Liberal Leadership Debate

In keeping with my goal of policy centric coverage of the Leadership contest, this post contains largely a list of various policies mentioned by the respective Candidates at the Toronto Liberal Leadership Debate. The ability to articulate a clear policy vision for Canada, not just utter platitudes and generalities, is paramount to the Liberals being able to find electoral success. As such, I ignored appeals to values or general principles, and also ignored criticism of Harper. This is a pretty exhaustive list of the first hour of the debate which contained the excellent one on one debate format . . . → Read More: Progressive Proselytizing: Specific policies mentioned in the Toronto Liberal Leadership Debate

The Canadian Progressive: At Last, Marc Garneau Challenges Justin Trudeau To Talk Policy

By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 15, 2013: Finally, Montreal MP and former astronaut Marc Garneau has done the three things he should have done at the beginning of the federal Liberal leadership contest. He’s pushed Justin Trudeau to start talking about policy over platitudes. He’s challenged the perceived front-runner to define his “bold” plan and READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Liberal leadership race: Garneau calls on Trudeau to take a stand

By Marc Garneau Press Release | Feb. 13, 2013: OTTAWA – Federal Liberal Leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau has a responsibility to tell Canadians where he stands and where he intends to lead now, not after the leadership race is over, says leadership candidate Marc Garneau. “As Liberals, we cannot wait until after the leadership race is READ MORE

The Progressive Right: Marc Garneau in Durham #lpcldr

Marc Garneau will be in the Durham Region on Sunday, February 10.

First Stop is the Durham Federal Riding Annual General Meeting in Blackstock at the Blackstock Recreation Centre, 3440 Church Street. He’ll be there from 2-3:15 pm.

Last stop will be in Oshawa from 4-5 pm at the Oshawa Airport Enterprise Hanger, 1191 Keith Ross Drive.

Calgary Grit: Liberals One-on-One

The moderator failed to ask the tough questions, such as “Mr. Bertschi, why on earth are you wearing that scarf?“

My mind has been on the Ontario Liberal leadership race the past few months, so I’ll admit to not having paid close attention to the federal contest. Not wanting to feel left out the next time a lively debate over Karen McCrimmon’s proposals on income tax reform breaks out at a dinner party, I decided to tie myself down and watch the second Liberal Leadership Debate this weekend.

Of course “debate” is a charitable way to describe what

. . . → Read More: Calgary Grit: Liberals One-on-One That one Liberal leadership candidate you haven’t heard of yet and probably should –

His name is George Takach. He’s in the second tier of fundraisers — along with front runners Martha Hall Findlay and Marc Garneau – and is making inroads into the party faithful and the web-aware around Canada. Just recently he finished an Ask Me Anything question and answer session on the political subreddit ‘Canada Politics’ where [...]

Progressive Proselytizing: Vancouver Liberal Leadership Debate: First Impressions

As following the recent NDP and GOP leadership races so poignantly demonstrated, leadership debates are best at demonstrating the electibility of candidates. Basic values come through as well, but these are largely shared in a party, and specific policies are usually just tossed in more as rhetorical tools to act substantive to a question than they are debates about policy. There are many criticisms one can raise about the vacuous and superficial nature of debates, but they are genuinely good at demonstrating the electability of candidates. Especially for the Liberal party which has suffered from rather unelectable leaders and faces an existential election in (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Marc Garneau supports electoral reform – reform that can win if put to the test.

I’m turning back my attention briefly to the Federal Liberal campaign to mention that I’m pleased to see Marc Garneau state he supports electoral reform, and that he supports a version of it that has not been tested in any referendum, and in fact is quite familiar to all the political parties:

If elected, my proposal would be to reform Canada’s electoral system by changing our voting process to a preferential ballot, or a ranked ballot. Used by many other nations, as well as the leadership races for the Liberal Party of Canada, the federal NDP and the Conservative Party

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Campaign Buttons For LPoC Leadership Contenders

I’m thinking I might give the old political consultant business a try, figuring that if LaForet can pull it off how hard can it be?  So I’ve had several buttons made up as a kind of “proof of concept”, and if these are successful, more will follow.  The two buttons are shown below, accompanied by some notes as to the thinking that went into them, and a few ideas for future projects:

Button #1:

And Button #2:

So, one closely guarded trade secret among us consultant types is that excitement can be added to pretty much any political talking

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Calgary Grit: Liberal Leadership Pool

Who will cross the finish line first?

While a Justin Trudeau cakewalk in the Liberal leadership race doesn’t seem quite as inevitable as it did two weeks ago, most pundits still regard his win as inevitable. However, while discussing the relative strengths of the Coyne and Takach campaigns over drinks last week, it occurred to me there’s a fair amount of intrigue as you move down the ballot. Kind of like betting whether the Marxist-Leninists can beat the Animal Alliance in your riding.

With that in mind, I present the ultimate test for policos – the Calgary Grit Liberal Leadership

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Trudeau and Garneau On Guns

I have been pondering the recent policy reverals on the long-gun registry from LPoC leadership candidates Justin Trudeau and, now, Marc Garneau.  I actually don’t find Justin’s response that hard to parse: if there was a registry left to defend, he would defend it, but now that its gone resurrecting the thing would come at too great a political cost.  I accept that walking away from the registry at this time may be an unfortunate political necessity.

But I also whole-heartedly agree with The Cowboy: in rural Canada, where opposition to the registry has been strongest (in fact I would

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Calgary Grit: Bring on the Astronaut Puns

The moment headline writers have been waiting for all summer has finally arrived, with Marc Garneau set to formally launch his Liberal leadership candidacy this week. Despite having a lengthy string of post-nominal letters after his name, and the most impressive CV of any Member of Parliament, Garneau enters this leadership race as a heavy underdog. Ironically, the astronaut simply lacks the star power to compete with Justin Trudeau. Despite being a genuine Canadian hero and an experienced parliamentarian, Garneau … . . . → Read More: Calgary Grit: Bring on the Astronaut Puns

The Equivocator: Joyce Murray Will Be A Formidable Liberal Leadership Candidate

The cutoff date for candidates to enter the Federal Liberal Leadership race is in mid-November. So far, only 2 candidates are officially in the race (Justin Trudeau and Deborah Coyne.) The media coverage has been almost completely about Trudeau since he announced on October 2nd. The Liberal Party needs a vibrant, competitive leadership race for the health of the party. With Mr. Trudeau based in Quebec and Mr. Coyne being from Ontario, there is still room for at least one B.C. candidate (with both Marc Garneau* and Trudeau being from Quebec there will be a real opportunity

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Calgary Grit: Time To Return Those “Dalton4Leader” T-Shirts

I can’t imagine anyone seriously thought he would run, but Dalton McGuinty has made it official that he will not be entering the Federal Liberal Leadership Race.

While the race will not officially kick off for another 3 weeks, with each passing day it becomes more and more clear that the field will be Justin Trudeau, Marc Garneau (likely), Martha Hall Findlay (maybe), and whoever among the mish-mash of no-names can come up with the $75,000 entry fee.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Justin Scores A Point

…in my book anyway:

On the issue now dominating B.C. politics, Mr. Trudeau said he did not support the proposed $6-billion Northern Gateway project to pipe Alberta oil-sands bitumen to the B.C. coast for shipment to Asia.By the way, WK says: 

A narrative is forming: Trudeau’s young and vital, but not serious.Garneau’s the other side of that: older, calmer, wiser.True enough.  It’s even a narrative that I personally have at least half-embraced at times.  But then even front-running candidates have to prove themselves.  Of the two, Garneau  has the larger challenge.  And both of them

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rise Teenage Jesus…Or Fall!

WK says Justin Trudeau is going to run!  Great news?  Potentially.  If the guy can perform long-term.  But Justin’s fucked a few things up in his time as MP, in ways that have made folks (me included) question his maturity and readiness. I won’t get into specifics, but history may be repeating itself. WK says:

I am told the Trudeau campaign will make a point of insisting that all of the team (or its bosses) are under age 40. If accurate, that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard.So the guy supposed to save the LPoC is

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