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The Canadian Progressive: Is Chief Theresa Spence your 2012 newsmaker of the year? POLL

Is hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence, who entered Day 20 of her peaceful protest today, your 2012 newsmaker of the year? Is it the Idle No More movement? The Quebec student movement? Beleaguered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? Is it Kevin Page, Canada’s fearless gallant Parliamentary Budget Officer, who showed uncommon courage recently when he took the Harper government to court seeking accountability and READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Idle No More Movement’s Manifesto

The Idle No More grassroots movement has taken Canada by storm. On Monday, it held peaceful protests in major cities across Canada, calling for progressive action on aboriginal and land treaty issues. On Twitter, hashtags associated with the movement, such as #idlenomore and #nativewinter, are gaining in popularity. The movement’s new website ( carries refreshing READ MORE

CalgaryLiberal: Calgary turnout for the Liberals in the 2012 provincial election (Map)

Courtesy of Calgary Manifesto

Thus Prate the Pundit » Social Critique: First Take on the Public Domain Manifesto

Communia published its Public Domain Manifesto. The manifesto identifies the public domain concept with respect to historical development and more urgently, its relevance to culture today. I think it makes an important statement, in terms of offering a level, common understanding that could be used widely across society, government, and business. Early in the manifesto, it says the public domain ”… is the basis of our self-understanding as expressed by our shared knowledge and culture. It is the raw material from … Continue Reading →