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BigCityLib Strikes Back: NDP Liberal Merger Odds Now 0

The poll done by Toronto-based Forum Research Inc. this week shows the NDP was the choice of 36 per cent of decided and leaning respondents, with the Conservatives close behind at 33 per cent.If you were an NDP MP/head of a local riding association/rank-&-filer why would you not want to see if the party couldn’t win the big prize on its own?  After all, I don’t think the Liberals ever did this well under either Dion or Ignatieff.As a side note, the quality of Forum’s work aside, their PR strategy seems quite clever.  Fling cheap robopolls

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Nathan Cullen Testifies

The most LPoC friendly Dipper lays it out:

[Nathan Cullen's] proposal is simple: In the next campaign, the goal would be to choose joint candidates in the ridings now held by Tory MPs. The decision about whether to co-operate with another party would be left up to the local riding association.

If it works, card-carrying New Democrats, Liberals and Greens would gather in their constituency to choose a single candidate from one of the parties to run head-on against the Conservative.

“If it works” is a big if.  In my extremely limited experience of riding level politics, the further you

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Interesting Words From Justin Trudeau

Though not quite as definitive as WK seems to think.  And Justin’s particular suggestion– a panicked attempt at merger in the runup to the 2015 election if the polls look crappy– will not end well for anyone, let alone our poor nation.  And I am also not yet convinced that the the LPoC can’t reclaim enough of Ontario and Que. to form a government on its own.

That said, if Justin is softening to the idea he can convince others to as well.  But the merger either has to get started AS SOON AS the LPoC has a new leader