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The Political Road Map: George Lucas Hates This Post!

I thought I would take the Star Wars/Federal Election 2015 crossover and have some fun with it.

Please spread around with your friends and enjoy!

And of course…

“If elected, I will increase the number of reserves to 30,000.”

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Left Over: Harper’s Hapless Harbingers…There’s Your Trouble…

Stephen Harper says ‘subordinates’ not responsible for Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy’s actions Conservative leader faces questions arising from senator’s fraud trial, for 3rd day in a row

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Aug 14, 2015 1:01 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015 5:26 PM ET



“…You hold people responsible for their own actions; you certainly don’t hold subordinates responsible for the actions of their superiors.” Stephen Harper

Okay, Harper, if we continue with that sort of rationale then Nigel Wright, your subordinate at that time, should not be held responsible for the actions you must (Read more…)

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: Random Thoughts: Just Not Ready For The Meme Campaigning

So today I was at work (I do this a lot these days) and it was fairly quiet. My coworker from the Flooring Department wasvisiting my glorious Paint Department. He has been learning how to work in the department in his free time (probably aspart of some plot to supplant me). Anyways, I decided it was time for him to add his name in paint to the old painter’sbench we have laying around. After a rather embarrassing scene where he misspelled his own name I went off to lunch.

This is all backgrounder for what happened next. (Read more…) Four ‘Jewish’ battleground ridings to watch

It’s no secret that Jewish voters have apparently shifted from being largely supportive of the Liberal party to heartily supporting the Conservatives in what seems like majority numbers, due largely to the party’s full-throated support for Israel under Prime Minister Stephen Harper (and to a much lesser degree its commitment to security for religious institutions). […]

Left Over: A Prophet Is Always Without Honour In Their Own Country….

NDP candidate Linda McQuaig’s comment on oilsands stirs up hornet’s nest Linda McQuaig says ‘a lot of the oilsands oil may have to stay in the ground,’ in calling for environment

The Canadian Press Posted: Aug 09, 2015 10:25 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 09, 2015 11:51 AM ET



Gee, a politician telling the truth, for once.Mulcair would do well to bring her to the forefront once he has been elected PM. Yes it’s tough news on oil sands jobs, mortgages in Alberta, etc. Try getting some sympathy from those who have lost everything in other sectors, (Read more…) Huffington Post: Trudeau On Bill C-51 Stance: ‘Perhaps It Was Naive’

No Kidding! So, what are you going to do about it now?- call him to change his tune at

Article by Althia Raj for the Huffington Post

TORONTO — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau acknowledged Thursday that his position on the Conservative’s anti-terrorism Bill C-51 may have been “naive.”

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The Canadian Progressive: Trudeau rebuked as Conservative defector Eve Adams loses Liberal nomination bid

Grassroots democracy prevailed Sunday when Conservative defector and Justin Trudeau’s pick, Eve Adams, lost her bid to carry the Liberal flag in Eglinton-Lawrence during the 2015 federal election.

The post Trudeau rebuked as Conservative defector Eve Adams loses Liberal nomination bid appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Toronto Star: Misdialed fax number lead to privacy breach

A privacy breach is obviously a dangerous thing, but it becomes very strange when it comes form a fax machine. Is this the way we send secure documents?

Article by Richard J. Brennan for the Toronto Star

The Liberal government is blaming a misdialed fax machine for a privacy breach affecting hundreds of Ontario Disability Support Program recipients.

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The Disaffected Lib: To All You Dippers Who Claim the Greens are Right-Wing

Relax.  You’re just going through a bout of separation anxiety for deserting your post and abandoning the Left. You want to be Latter Day Liberals, you’ve gotta suck it up and learn to get over these pangs of conscience.  It’s all part of the process of becoming the very thing that, for so many decades, you reviled.

Now, about those rightwing Greens.  Well this sounds really neoliberal. Elizabeth May would like to make an announcement of a new Green Party policy she calls the the Guaranteed Liveable Income, or GLI.Our plan will ensure no Canadian’s income falls below (Read more…)

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: June 26th: The Day Canada Was Robbed

The ‘c’ stands for corruption, corporatism, cowardice, and caged. Oh, and copyright… but I repeat myself. If a government employee were to go to your home and steal the flyers from thenewspaper on your front step I am sure you would be very upset. It’s not because theflyers were particularity valuable or that you ever intended to look at them. Its not evenbecause you bought them, you didn’t. Still you would resent it if the government tookthose flyers and gave them back to the companies who originally sent them out. Youwould feel that your rights had been violated. You (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Trudeau’s defence of the Liberals’ support for Bill C-51 Falls flat, Michael Geist says

U of Ottawa professor and Internet law expert, Michael Geist, explains why the Justin Trudeau Liberals “made the wrong choice” by supporting Bill C-51

The post Trudeau’s defence of the Liberals’ support for Bill C-51 Falls flat, Michael Geist says appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: The Liberals Fire Back at the Anti-Trudeau Con Ad

I'm sure that by now you've seen this Con attack ad at least a hundred times, because it's receiving massive air play on every TV channel.And I have to admit that although I'm officially non-partisan, its smarmy script offends every bone in my body.And if I hear that loon say this one more time… "Legalizing MAREEJUANA is that the biggest problem we have to solve?"I think I'll scream. Or throw something at the TV.So I'm glad to see the Liberals have a new version of that ad.Read more »

Scott's DiaTribes: Real Change – democratic reform package released by Liberals gets attention.

Yesterday in Ottawa, Pierre Trudeau and over 160 candidates (inc. my friend Danielle Takacs) released a set of 32 democratic reform proposals called “Real Change”, which would significantly overhaul how democratic institutions and process work in the country. Everyone knows I’m a Liberal supporter, so hearing I’m excited about these would not be surprising to anyone (particularly the part that says our current electoral model of First Past The Post will be our last in 2015). So let’s look at the reaction of some more non-partisan, even cynical folks out there.

-Paul Wells on Twitter and a more fleshed out (Read more…) Huffington Post: Liberals were caught off guard when candidate MacLeod stepped down over C-51 vote

After candidate MacLeod stepped down over Trudeau’s C-51 vote, the Liberal party issued a statement saying his resignation was for personal reasons…

Article by Althia Raj for the Huffington Post

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are staying mum about a star candidate who just turned on them. 

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The Adventures of Diva Rachel: Don’t Break Out The Bubbly! Carding Continues Across Canada :-(

In Ontario (and elsewhere in Canada), race has been a factor in determining who rightfully belongs here, and who is, by default, an intruder to be wary of. Betraying Canada’s mantra of multiculturalism, a constant cloud of suspicion follows dark-skinned Canadian citizens every day. Whether they are walking while Black, driving while Black, flying while Black, banking while Black, bussing while black… People who look Aboriginal or Arab tell similar stories of being presumed risky guilty before being proven innocent.

All over Canada (not just in Toronto), police regularly stop law-abiding citizens in (Read more…)

Blevkog: It is on… apparently

With the new round of polls in the hopper and the NDP surge from their surprising provincial victory in Alberta quantified, if it didn’t before, it looks like the national election campaigns are firmly up and running for the three major political parties. The campaign ads are beginning to appear and the editorials are getting […]

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Political Pandermonium #nlpoli

You can tell the election is already going on.  You can tell because of what some of the political workers are doing.

The Liberals are going door-to-door.  They are meeting voters.  They are asking for their votes.  Then the campaign workers write on Twitter and Facebook.about the “glorious day” of campaigning  they’d had.

Politicians tweet as well. The candidates tweet about their campaigning. The elected politicians tweet about the meeting they went to, or a government comment, or questions in the House of Assembly. 

Taking a lesson he learned from Reform Conservative turned Grit turned provincial Conservative Steve Kent, provincial Connie turned Grit Paul Lane goes places,  takes a picture of himself there, tweets it, and then frigs off somewhere else. The selfie makes it look like he stayed at the event.  That’s how he can be in so many places at the same time.

Lane also posts . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Political Pandermonium #nlpoli

The Canadian Progressive: Federal NDP ahead of Conservatives and Liberals in new poll

A new poll suggests that Canadians are embracing the orange wave and seriously considering electing Canada’s first ever federal NDP government.

The post Federal NDP ahead of Conservatives and Liberals in new poll appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Conservatives Take Their Debate Ball and Hide In A Closet

After so much effort from the Greens to ensure all Canadians can hear an inclusive debate, what the Conservatives are doing now is absurd and frustrating. So the Cons are behaving typically. Will the media let them get off? Yes, history shows.

Of course, the less the Prime Minister says, the less he gets in trouble.

By doing this, the Prime Minister’s Office is sending a clear signal to legacy media platforms that their old way of doing debates is done. By proactively taking that initiative, it looks like Team Harper is attuned to the times – and voter interests.

(Read more…) iPolitics: Will Liberal Senators vote against Bill C-51 despite Trudeau’s stand?

According to iPolitics, Senate opposition leader James Cowan said he’ll break with the policy of his Liberal party and vote against the Harper government’s controversial anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51.

“My sense would be that most Liberal senators will oppose the bill. We’ll propose amendments — not the same amendments they did in the House but similar. For my part, if the amendments aren’t carried, and I don’t expect they will be, then I’ll vote against the bill,” Senator Cowan told’s Janice Dickson.

Bill C-51 passed in the House of Commons last week thanks to the support of (Read more…) Liberals are cutting their membership cards after Bill C-51 vote

Did the Liberals really think their voters wouldn’t care about that Bill C-51 vote? Well, they were wrong. 

Article by ThinkPol

Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in the House of Commons.

Disillusioned supporters also plastered Trudeau’s Facebook page with angry comments about the party’s support for the controversial bill which has been denounced as dangerous and draconian by legal experts, academics, former Prime Ministers, First Nations groups, civil society organizations and (Read more…)

Left Over: Harper, You’ve Been Served…

“Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ fine…”

Despite every contrary act of the Harperoids, have to say that today is a good day..yes, C-51 passed, and, notably, with the self-destructive Junior Trudeau’s tacit approval…Omar Khadr may get bail, and, realizing how mean-tempered and petty Harper can be, I’m sure he’s doing everything he can, legitimate and otherwise, to prevent it…there is news today that the Cons managed to somehow neglect to spend 97 million earmarked for social services…Duffy’s lawyer is making mincemeat of the prosecution, while simultaneously holding up the Senate and its non-rules for public vilification..

Oh, yeah, and (Read more…) Important Races to Watch and My Predictions

It is election day in Alberta and before I have anything else to say, I have this important thing to say: VOTE!

It will only take a few minutes but it is fundamentally important to our province. Before the campaign started, many pundits were predicting a strong PC majority and very low voter turnout. But, by today, we have laid witness to one of the most profound and interesting campaigns of the last 44 years. Be a part of it.

Without further adieu, I would like to outline a few close races to watch for as the results pour in (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Justin Trudeau’s tax plan is good policy and great politics

Going as far back as Justin Trudeau’s leadership election, he has consistently kept his major campaign planks close to the vest. Little tidbits, like the policy on marijuana, come out in carefully crafted morsels, but for the most part we are left guessing at what his first federal election campaign platform will be based on the vague rhetorical positioning his team has let out over the last year.  Finally, however, we have some clarity. Trudeau has announced a big series of changes to tax policy. They do a couple things. Firstly, they reverse the two much criticized regressive new (Read more…)

Pop The Stack: On the significance of sound and fury.

Oh journalists, you love a strong response to an unanswerable question don’t you?

The media are really into nailing down what each party leader thinks about coalitions after the next election at the moment. Case in point, this week’s little drama with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau trying to answer questions about coalitions with the NDP after the election which he shouldn’t be answering:

Trudeau might be open to forming coalition with NDP, but not with Mulcair as leader Trudeau says he’d be more open to coalition with NDP if Mulcair wasn’t leader

The CBC even posted a video question on Facebook (Read more…)