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BigCityLib Strikes Back: LPoC Leadership Vote

Frankly, I was disappointed in Joyce Murray’s speech at the LPoC showcase, and I have severe doubts as to whether her  plan for cooperation (A runoff???  A RUNOFF???) with the NDP and Greens has any hope of success.  But the concept of cooperation is an important one, even if the details haven’t been satisfactorily worked out yet.  And she is the bearer of that concept within the LPoC.  Hence the rankings you see above.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Murray, Trudeau, And Showcase Wrap-Up

My computer’s battery died before I could finish this yesterday.  But onward!

Joyce Murray gave a strong, substantive speech.  You can watch it here.  And  it went over fairly well, generally speaking, though the showcase crowd gave fairly muted responses to all of the speakers other than Justin.  However, when Murray  got into a discussion of how her “one time” cooperative deal with the NDP and Green Party would actually work, she seemed to lose people. And no wonder: you get your nomination and you have to engage in a “run-off” with the Green and NDP candidate for a chance

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Bob Rae And First Notes

So,  a quick technical note: the convention centre had wifi but no power for bloggers; Hoops (the pub I went to) had power but no wifi network.  This was scratched out in word and popped into blogger, as I wanted my battery power for the Murray/Trudeau speeches.  But then wifi access crapped out at the Metro center.  So I am listening to Justin Now.  That post will come a bit later.

Bob Rae is effortlessly charming, and can hold forth into triple overtime without notes.  His speech was, as Kady O’Malley noted, a gentle lecture in party unity.  The best

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Travels In LiberalLand

I have been granted the honor of blogging the LPoC showcase downtown today.  I take these things seriously, so I will probably try to write a quick post about each of the candidates pitch speeches, though this ambition may get scaled back to Joyce and Justin’s.  Maybe MHF’s if I’m in a bad mood and want to hurl abuse.  Physically, I will be there for at least part of the show so as to absorb the triumphant vibe that surely must emanate from such a transplendant coagulation of Liberalness, but  may skip out the boring bits (ie any musical tributes).

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: In Which Zach Paiken Makes Some Sense

A little bit.  Obviously calling for Liberals to rally around a leader that hasn’t been elected yet is putting cart before horse.  But this paragraph is OK:

Liberals know full well what they believe in. Our party demonstrated a solid record of social progress and fiscal responsibility during its last stint in power, legalizing same-sex marriage and balancing the budget for eight straight years. Our party is also the most principled when it comes to Canada’s existential questions such as national unity. One need not look any further than the “Bloc Orange” phenomenon currently plaguing the NDP to see that

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: LPoC Registration Cracks 100,000

From an email I received yesterday evening from Matt Certosimo, the National Membership Secretary:

Presumably, the deadline extension will give the party time to contact anyone who is serious about following-up on their original contact, although I expect the final tally will be embarrassingly low.  That said, if Joyce Murray hangs tough for the next couple of weeks this could still be an interesting race.  She can’t win, but her message of LPoC/NDP cooperation is resonating in some quarters, and I’d be curious to see if she can move the field, or what is left of it, in her direction a bit.  I

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Garneau Out?

!!! RT @jmbryden: Garmeau withdrawing from #lpldr race, The Canadian Press has learned— Dale Smith-Journo (@journo_dale) March 13, 2013

If so, where do his people go?  Anywhere but Justin?

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Martha Hall Findlay Flip Flops On Northern Gateway

I haven’t heard this mentioned in any of the coverage of yesterday’s LPoC leadership debate, but on February 26th MHF was for Northern Gateway Pipeline; as of yesterday’s debate, she’s sudddenly agin it.  That’s what you call a policy reversal…a waffle…a dither…a flip flop, even.

Worth noting too that among the contenders only Joyce Murray has come out against Kinder Morgan in addition to the NGP.  Joyce is a B.C. gal, and I’m assuming her opposition is a sign of which way the winds are blowing out on the left coast over that project.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: One Of These People Is NOT Running For LPoC Leadership

But should I be?  Everyone else is, and I’m starting to feel a little weird that I’m not.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Its Only A Forum Poll

…but I like it:

Forty-one per cent of poll respondents said they’d vote Liberal in this scenario, granting the party 164 of the 308 seats in the house. The Tories would get 30% of the vote and 93 seats, and the NDP would get 20% of the vote and 45 seats.

I foresee and very short, very unexciting leadership “event” in April.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Media Is Owed Nothing

Its worth remembering that the last “exciting” race the LPoC ran provided fodder for attack ads against both the leader who emerged that year and in ’08.  Star columnist Tim Harper naturally wants more.  Cooler heads should not tell him no.  And of course Harper undermines his own point pretty effectively when he says:The New Democrats may have sleepwalked their way through a leadership contest, but emerged having chosen wisely with their election of Tom Mulcair and the party profile jumped, at least in the immediate aftermath of his victory.

….which is to say that in Canadian politics, boring

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Which LPoC Leadership Campaign Has This Guy Collecting Signatures?

Other Liberal Party members weren’t so diplomatic. Fabrice Rivault, a volunteer handling media requests for Outremont Liberal candidate Martin Cauchon, received a copy of the letter from a member of the Greek community and immediately sent an email back to the woman dubbing the Congress’s board of directors “fascists.”

“Why not send these fascists back to Greece? They will find plenty of people of ‘Greek origin’ for whom they can vote!” 

 Rivault has since apologized for his remarks, saying they were made in the heat of the moment after a long day.

This one:

Well, lets hope

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Yo Federal Liberal Leadership Candidates (Esp. Justin Trudeau): Bullshit Cometh Before The Fall

If you take the numbers from the last NDP leadership convention as a guide–and there is no reason not to–about 10% of the people you recruit on-line will be arsed enough about the whole enterprise to actually vote. The rest will forget they signed up.  So this story is just puff.  As a matter of fact, I think the only possible way to defeat Justin Trudeau at this leadership thingy in April is to get actual bodies on the floor and hope his internet army is busy dating their bong that weekend.  Though it probably won’t work.

And, the

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