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We Pivot: Buy A Liberal Party Toque!

Yes, it’s been the worst week of lies and broken promises for Justin Trudeau. Pipelines. Electoral Reform. He is in tire fire mode. So yesterday the party threw him a seltzer bottle which we can now spray in his face. … [Read more]

We Pivot: Self-Care Tips As Trump’s Inauguration Approaches

It’s all about self care. Care for yourself with more sleep, more time walking in nature, less time in elevators and more time on stairs. Eat healthier, simpler foods. Spend more time with your people: less texting and more phone … [Read more]

We Pivot: 2wice More Justin Trudeau Goes Anti-Feminist

It’s great that Trudeau wants to give Liberia $12 million to improve the condition of women, but in Canada he’s undermining the economic security of Canadian women and others, including a specific betrayal of a campaign promise. But as we … [Read more]

We Pivot: America’s Coming Civil War

Weeks ago, as I was approaching the 14th anniversary of Politics, Re-Spun, I launched My goal was to move out of what started as a George.W.Caesar anti-imperial website, that morphed into an anti-Harper #SoftFascism website, into a new thing … [Read more]

We Pivot: You’re Not a White Supremacist, Right?

Sure, you’re not a racist, but you are likely living in a culture steeped in white supremacy. And male supremacy. A culture with rich, systemic norms and institutions that benefit the entitled people. Even if you do not practice patriarchy … [Read more]

We Pivot: Trump, Hypocrisy and Fascism

My Canada…my WORLD…involves people with integrity. The new American president spent months attacking people with racist, xenophobic and sexist venom. But when people satirize him, or criticize him, he cowers like a victim. This is hypocritical people living in glass … [Read more]

We Pivot: My Canada Does NOT Include Kellie Leitch’s Racism

I am ashamed for Kellie Leitch. Partly because she knows/shows no shame for her racism and xenophobia. Partly because also as a professor at a university I throw up a little bit in my throat imagining how Leitch may have … [Read more]

We Pivot: This Week in “Huh?” Ivanka, Justin, Elon

As we pivot to the new, sustainable world defeating this current wave of fascism and climate change deniers, let’s look back at this week to keep abreast of the contempt flung at us and where we can find hope. Remember, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Stop Giving Trump Chances To Be Civil

He won’t. We already gave him two. His whole campaign: many of us wrote him off as a lark. I imagined only 30-35 million people would vote for such a clown. Until I realized that we can’t underestimate clowns. But … [Read more]

We Pivot: Do Not Conform!

Do not conform.

Do not give in.

Do not let the soul within you be molded or driven cold by circumstances, geopolitics, megalomania and division, or desperate people flinging their abuse at you because they think you’re a snowflake.

Do not let the Soft Fascism on the rise since 9/11 become hardened with jackboots, brown . . . → Read More: We Pivot: Do Not Conform!

We Pivot: Who Is Canada’s Bernie Sanders?

As we pivot to a new world, of course, we’ll have to contend with the election of Trump as president.

But it’s not an absolute road block. Yesterday I wrote about how Trump won because he appealed to various populations of disenfranchised people who have been screwed by the political and global economic order.

Honestly, . . . → Read More: We Pivot: Who Is Canada’s Bernie Sanders?

We Pivot: What Political Scientists and Pollsters Don’t Know

Clearly a great deal.

Polling is broken. Random sampling is gone. People lie. People self-select. People self-deselect.

Pollsters try to adjust for demographics, but they fail.

Political scientists?

Most of us do not have enough of a sense of the breadth of the populace to have been able to expect a massive Trump win like . . . → Read More: We Pivot: What Political Scientists and Pollsters Don’t Know

We Pivot: Healing America Begins Now; Let’s Join Them!

It’s not Trump. It’s a country that makes Trump possible.

It’s not Clinton vs. Sanders. It’s about building the world we want and making our leaders follow us. You know how much they love the polls.

It’s about hope, optimism and pivoting: finding our pivot foot in the areas of life WE are improving.

It’s . . . → Read More: We Pivot: Healing America Begins Now; Let’s Join Them!

We Pivot: Consent, Not Consultation, Or Else

If you’re looking for what real leadership looks like, it’s this.

UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip once again demonstrated what integrity looks like as the federal government once again tries to waffle on commitments and listening to the Supreme Court.

Not only has the prime minister floated a trial balloon recently about how we don’t . . . → Read More: We Pivot: Consent, Not Consultation, Or Else

We Pivot: Let’s Fix Canada’s Green Energy Posture

Ok, there are clearly two problems with Justin Harper’s approach to green energy, among so many others.

Here, read this, then read on to see what Canada should look like:

The declining cost of rooftop solar panels — down over 90 per cent since 2000 — has offered hope for increasing small-scale electricity generation.

Industry . . . → Read More: We Pivot: Let’s Fix Canada’s Green Energy Posture

We Pivot: My Canada Opposes the Nuclear Arms Race – No Brainer?

Perhaps it’s me, but it’s 2016, and despite how much JustinHarperTrudeau is maintaining CPC policy, I thought at LEAST nuclear disarmament would have been something Trudeau felt worth supporting.

Despite the fact that the UN passed a resolution continuing the pursuit of a nuclear weapons-free world, Canada remains one of the countries supporting the nuclear . . . → Read More: We Pivot: My Canada Opposes the Nuclear Arms Race – No Brainer?

We Pivot: You Probably Already Support Postal Banking Too

CUPW, the union for Canada Post workers, has had some innovative ideas lately which the Harper and Trudeau governments are, not surprisingly, not too keen on.

Both governments pursue a neoliberal privatization agenda. Public services like CBC and Canada Post provide no profit layer to companies because they exist as public services. Privatizing them lets . . . → Read More: We Pivot: You Probably Already Support Postal Banking Too

We Pivot: Politicians Must Stop Breeding Cynicism: Justin Harper Edition

Old politics is all about breeding apathy and cynicism so the “leaders” can get on with their business, and the … [Read more]

Scripturient: The Leadership Crisis

In his latest book, The Leadership Crisis, Gord Hume defines seven characteristics – the Seven Cs – of great political leadership*. See how many you can recognize as attributes within our own council: Competencies, including people, organiz… . . . → Read More: Scripturient: The Leadership Crisis

Scripturient: Spotting incompetence

Further to my earlier post, I wanted to provide some tips on how to spot incompetence in an employee or, especially, in managers and executives. I understand that incompetence may be a subjective view. What some view as incompetence others may see as c… . . . → Read More: Scripturient: Spotting incompetence

Scripturient: Peter, Parkinson and Adams

C. Northcote Parkinson, Lawrence J. Peter, and Scott Adams are for me the ‘holy trinity’ of philosophers of modern bureaucracy, within both the public service and the corporate structure. As philosophers, they are all keen observers and wi… . . . → Read More: Scripturient: Peter, Parkinson and Adams

Accidental Deliberations: New column day

Here (via PressReader), on the leadership choices facing the federal and provincial NDP – and why neither should be too quick to assume that changing leaders will necessarily help to rebuild after election disappointments.For further reading…- I’ve d… . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: New column day

Accidental Deliberations: On performance reviews

Following up on this post, I’ll weigh in with my own take on the federal NDP’s leadership review – based primarily on the question of what Tom Mulcair seems to have taken away from the 2015 federal election, and how it will position the party in the ye… . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: On performance reviews

Wise Law Blog: Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader?And what does true leadership in a law firm context really entail?Clearly, there is no “one size fits all” answer to these questions. Every leader’s approach and plan will necessarily vary, depending on circumstan… . . . → Read More: Wise Law Blog: Leadership

Babel-on-the-Bay: Choosing a new leader for Canada’s Tories.

The date has been set: May 27, 2017. That is when the Conservative Party of Canada chooses a replacement for former leader Stephen Harper and Acting Leader Rona Ambrose. Looking for an abbreviation to use on the calendar, we call it ConCon. We have no idea where ConCon will be held or what form it […] . . . → Read More: Babel-on-the-Bay: Choosing a new leader for Canada’s Tories.