We Pivot: Mobilize Now Against Local and Global Fascism

Don’t be stunned or rest in a superficial analysis of our new world with this president, Trump. There’s a chance you’ve just been missing out on how Canadian and American societies have been changing. Perhaps you’ve been living in an … [Read more]

We Pivot: Listen to Refugees; Don’t Ban Them

Canadians are awesome, tolerant, opening and welcoming. Sure. To a degree, but even to the point of self delusion. We often feel morally superior to the Americans, particularly now as they slide from proto-fascism to soft fascism to jackboot fascism. … [Read more]

We Pivot: My Speech to the HUMA Commons Committee on Poverty Reduction

I was honoured to receive an invitation to speak to HUMA later this morning, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities. They are studying poverty reduction strategies, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Tell Us More About Hacking, Christy Clark! Please.

Fresh off a week of lying and backpedaling about how the BC NDP hacked her party’s security-lite website, BC’s premier now needs to tango her way out of an actual of series hacks that have yet again exposed the data … [Read more]

We Pivot: Psst, Wanna Stop Protecting the Environment?

On December 31, 2018, the US government will stop protecting the environment. If the Kill-the-EPA bill passes, the US government will certainly slow down protecting it until they blow out the EPA candle in 22.5 months. How is Congress doing … [Read more]

We Pivot: Of Impeachment, Conflicts of Interest and T***p

T***p said he’s ceased to operate business while in the White House. Beyond being a liar and someone who makes things up, even if he were being honest about this, it’s pretty gosh darn impossible. Don’t click on this link; … [Read more]

We Pivot: How Many Dead Kids in Care Is too Many?

How many thousands of dead, injured and abused kids in the care of the BC government are OK for BC Liberal Party voters? None? Try thousands over 16 years. And how many more thousands of dead, injured and abused kids … [Read more]

We Pivot: The Petty, Narcissistic Face of Bald Capitalism: Melania Edition

3. She's admitting she wanted to use the office of the First Lady to score multi-million dollar endorsement deals https://t.co/MOsSkyEzxL — Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) February 7, 2017 Enter Melania T***p, ladies and gentlemen. As we pivot to a new world … [Read more]

We Pivot: Ask Kellie Leitch What Problem She Thinks She’s Solving

Kellie Leitch and her dog whistle politics have no place in my Canada. As we pivot to a world of greater justice and dignity, we need to beware of politicians peddling solutions to vague or non-existent problems. For it is … [Read more]

We Pivot: The BC Liberals are Now Bankrolling their 2021 Election Campaign

In September, 2016, Minister of Everything, Rich Coleman bragged that the 2017 election is fully funded, but don’t let that stop you from funding them. In case somehow they are forced to bring in some kind of campaign finance limits, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Trudeau: the Walking, Contradicting, Double Speaking, Self-Oxymoron

I just can’t even… As we pivot to a new world of passionately demanding integrity from politicians, we should demand non-contradictory talk. Right? We are being feasted with Orwell in BC and the USA, but now Trudeau is vaulting into … [Read more]

We Pivot: Which Conservative Do You Trust on First Nations Land Claims?

Is it Chris Alexander, he of the Barbaric Cultural Practices Snitch Line? I know, right. But it turns out, that among the even-more-racist Kellie Leitch, and the co-T***p admirer Kevin O’Leary, 65% of Canadians like Alexander’s idea of resolving all … [Read more]

We Pivot: Contempt, and the Tone Deaf Premier: A Play in 6 Acts

Belligerence is so 1980s. So is T***p, #AmericaFirst, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #MAGA, and…#BCFirst, the darling new BC Liberal Party meme [the sequel to the box office flop, #FamiliesFirst]! But in BC we’ve had this whole century to get used to the Orwellian … [Read more]

We Pivot: March on Washington, Live in Vancouver!

It’s an hour until Vancouver’s March on Washington begins. This is what solidarity and dignity look like! Watch for updates all morning at http://twitter.com/wepivot  

We Pivot: And Now, It Begins!

It’s time to begin. The inauguration has occurred. And tomorrow we march. And if you’re in Vancouver, we’ll see you there! And as we pivot to an unexpected remainder of the decade, we will see mobilizing for women’s rights and … [Read more]

Democracy Under Fire: Obama on Democracy

Last Tuesday President Obama presented his final speech of hispresidency before the incoming Twit in Chief take power this coming Friday. The focus of his speech was as he said “the state of our democracy.”, meaning the state of democracy in the U.S. which surely looks bleak given the Twits recent twittering, however many of ...

We Pivot: Vote BC Liberals to Finish Off Public Education For Good!

BREAKING NEWS: Party that eviscerated BC’s public education system wants you to re-elect them in May to finish the job. The BC Liberals has crippled a generation of students with billions stripped from public education since 2001. They have closed … [Read more]

We Pivot: T***p, the Inauguration and Our Kids’ Mental Health

Now that T***p’s inauguration is 2 weeks away I’d revisited a great piece from 2 months ago that explored how to help our children deal with what America is becoming. Beyond all these great ideas to address kids’ anxiety and … [Read more]

We Pivot: Another Nail in the Coffin of Carbon Energy

While Statoil hasn’t fully divested from carbon energy, every little/big drift away from more carbon energy gets us closer to the Post-Carbon Energy Infrastructure! As we pivot to a new, cleaner world despite Trump, Trudeau and BC’s carbon-loving Christy Clark, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Christy Clark is the Anti-Carrie Fisher

Don’t be fooled. As we pivot into a challenging 2017 with a provincial election on May 9, a tale of two tweets: Be Princess Leia in 2017. Fight on the front lines. Strangle fascists with the chains they would have you wear. Be a motherfuckin' general. — K O'Shea (@osheamobile) December 27, 2016 Let’s honour ...

We Pivot: The Importance of General Organa

The Importance of General Organa Princess Leia was great, but General Organa is the one I’ll be looking to in dark times Source: The Importance of General Organa (with image, tweets) · anne_theriault · Storify This is an amazing piece sharing the truth of greatness and how easy it is for all of us to ...

We Pivot: Be Bold in 2017! Join Me!

[OK, sure, everyone’s building this little meme-ocity and I’m not one to jump on bandwagons, but this spoke to me. Be intentional about how you want to start 2017!] Me at the start of 2016: Me at the end of … [Read more]

We Pivot: Christy Clark Gifts BC With Its Own Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

In a desperate attempt to get re-elected at any cost, the BC premier has sent a lump of coal Christmas gift to British Columbians. First she applies a 15% property transfer tax surcharge to foreign buyers to quell the rampant … [Read more]

We Pivot: How to Not Kill the Poor

You don’t have to be a mad fascist like Duterte in the Philippines, who is encouraging police and others to murder drug users or dealers. He said he’s happy to slaughter them, “like Hitler.” You just have to be an … [Read more]

We Pivot: Is Russia Already At War with the Americans and the UK?

Various factions within the USA are squabbling over what Russia did/didn’t/may/may not have done to affect the US election. You can track these feelings based on whether the FBI or CIA prefers Trump or Clinton. Consider the FBI’s October surprise … [Read more]