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The Scott Ross: We Should All Be Able To Cross The Floor

Instead of bashing politicians who cross the floor, we should instead be more like them. It’s more likely than not to be a good thing that people change political parties. First it shows our competing ideologies are similarly moderate and not extreme; second it shows that we aren’t as polarized and as dysfunctional as other countries are; and thirdly it proves we balance principles with pragmatism. Of course changing parties can be done for selfish reasons, but so can any good deed. I want a moderate political system where compromises are made for the good of everyone. If selfish (Read more…) . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: We Should All Be Able To Cross The Floor

The Scott Ross: Wikipedia’s Entry On Momentum

Political momentum is nothing like the momentum of physics. In the world of Newton and Einstein appearances don’t cause forces, whereas in politics, appearances are forces.

Stephen Harper became Leader of the Conservative Party in 2003, he faced two subsequent general elections before finally winning a minority government in 2006. Up until 2011 his Conservative Party only increased the number of seats it held in Parliament; since then however, the Conservative Party has only seen its numbers decline.

Thomas Mulcair became Leader of the NDP in 2012, under his guidance the New Democrats have faced numerous by-elections and instead of (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Flaherty’s Curtain

Jim Flaherty was unethical, incompetent and he should have been fired. Those aren’t my words, they’re Thomas Mulcair’s, spoken just last year in Question Period. Yet after the former Finance Minister’s death, Mulcair has called him a good man and a great public servant.

There’s no doubt that the NDP Leader genuinely mourns the loss of  Jim Flaherty, but this recent death and the response to it by all politicians, not just Mulcair, shows the real tragedy of a political life.

Because it’s only now, after resorting to the lowest denominator in attacks against Mr.Flaherty for his whole political (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Quebec Election Shows Hypocrisy On Clarity Act

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, and Andrew Coyne, among others, are wrong to suggest separatism was recently defeated by Quebec voters. Well they aren’t just wrong, they’re hypocritical.

Since the close defeat of separatism in the 1995 referendum, federalists have demanded a clear question for any public decision on Quebec sovereignty. Parliament even passed the Clarity Act, enshrining such a requirement into law.

Considering the need therefore of a clear question to decide whether Quebeckers want to stay in Canada or not, it is mind-blowing to see our country’s politicians and pundits claim that the Parti Quebecois’s (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Conservatives: Only The Rich Can Benefit From Nonprofits

Conservatives believe Justin Trudeau is wrong to take money from nonprofit organizations because to them that’s the job of rich investors on Bay Street.

According to this current government and its recent announcements on social impact bonds the only people who should be making money from nonprofit organizations are financiers, speculators, and venture capitalists.

With Justin Trudeau having earned speaker fees from nonprofit organizations the Conservatives have hastily and hypocritically attacked him.

Hypocritical not just because they have attacked Trudeau for doing something which by its very nature is economically conservative, Trudeau merely applied free market principles to properly allocate (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Trudeau Was Conservative With Nonprofit

In the free market prices reflect demand, instead of choosing a few events to speak at arbitrarily, Justin Trudeau set a price to attend those gatherings that wanted him the most. This method of relying on market prices to benefit charities and businesses is a rather conservative idea.

So yes before he was Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau set a price to reflect the demand of those wanting to hear him speak, Stephen Harper for years did too, it just happened no one would pay to hear him talk.

Now the irony is that as Prime Minister we all pay when (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: How Harper Made The Senate More Accountable, Even If Just A Little

If Justin Beiber was in the Canadian Senate it would be the most watched institution in all of government, and, undoubtedly, the most accountable.

For if the Biebs walked down the Ottawan red carpet into that similarly coloured chamber, his every action would be televised, sensationalized, and scrutinized. There wouldn’t be a Bieber vote that wouldn’t make a headline.

And not only would every single one of his receipts be analyzed by the Toronto Star and every other news agency, there would be over a hundred pictures documenting the young star in racking them up.

Though he would still be (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Liberals Down In All Major Polls, Arrogance Is Up

Justin Trudeau is popular? It doesn’t matter.

The federal Liberals are still extremely behind in the polls. The last three major polls conducted, with 100% accuracy, show the Liberal Party is far behind the Conservatives and in fact the Grits are at their lowest level of support in Canadian history. Those polls were of course conducted in the last three general elections and they are the only ones that matter.

A lot of Liberals will take refuge in a new opinion poll out that shows their party with an incredible lead, 44% to the Conservatives’ 27%, with the NDP even (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Another Thing Trudeau & Layton Have In Common

Justin Trudeau and the late Jack Layton have quite a few similarities, underestimation by Conservatives is yet another.

It wasn’t too long ago a certain inexperienced federal politician became leader of a third place political party. Though the son of a prominent politician1, in his early life he had not been immediately drawn to federal politics and instead chose a career of teaching. But with time this idealist realized that Canada deserved better than the “conservatives” in power and ran for his party’s leadership.2 He easily won it by a large margin on the first ballot… in (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Trudeau, Soldiers With Guns, and Ironic Pride

In 2006 the Liberal Party was ashamed for accusing Stephen Harper of wanting to put armed soldiers on every street; yet somehow in 2013 Liberals are proud that their next Leader fondly recalls how his father actually did put armed soldiers on every street.

Two weeks ago Justin Trudeau was asked whether he could really defeat Stephen Harper, his response was, “Just watch me.”

The phrase was of course first his father’s. Pierre Elliot Trudeau had made the remark in answering a question of how far he’d go in reducing civil liberties during the October Crisis of 1970.


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The Scott Ross: Liberals Should Blame Trudeau For Few Supporters

If Justin Trudeau was more concerned about winning the Liberal leadership than winning the next election, not only would his party have more registered supporters, but 2015 would almost certainly look more rouge.

It may seem counter-intuitive to blame the ever-popular Justin Trudeau for the Liberal Party’s lower than expected supporter registration numbers, after all his campaign was so successful in signing them up, but in resting on his laurels and saving funds for the next election, Trudeau is exactly the person to blame.

The current problem for the Liberals is that of the almost 300,000 Canadians who signed up

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The Scott Ross: Why Justin Trudeau Shouldn’t Lead The Liberals

For the very same reason why so many Liberals want him to win, Justin Trudeau shouldn’t become Liberal Leader.

If 150,000 people only supported Justin Trudeau because of substance then there would be no argument against the 41 year-old MP for Papineau. A Trudeau only made popular by policy would present little risk in selecting him for leader. After all, the Liberal Party could survive, even if just barely, another loss from a leader who only represented the party’s policies. However policies aren’t why Justin Trudeau has so many supporters, and policies aren’t why he is a risk to the

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The Scott Ross: Trust In Trudeau

Because Stephen Harper was a self-described “radical right-wing ideologue”, he was the only one who could make the conservatives more Liberal.

Because Barack Obama was so anti-war, he was the only one who could make the Democrats more pro-war than Republicans.

In both cases it was each man’s close association to a particular cause that gave him the credibility and therefore the power to fundamentally change it.

And it is because Justin Trudeau is perhaps the most identifiable Liberal that he, and he alone can make the party more conservative, and, as they aren’t mutually exclusive, more progressive. Trudeau has

The Scott Ross: 2013 Predictions

Justin Trudeau will become the next Liberal Leader and the party will actually air an advertisement or two as part of a determined strategy to define him and the party before the Conservatives do. Something the Liberals failed to do with Dion and Ignatieff.

Gerard Kennedy will become the next Liberal Leader in Ontario; working with the NDP, there will be no provincial election in 2013.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will lose re-election.

Canada’s economy will only grow by 1.7%, much lower than the 2% the federal government currently projects for 2013 (The IMF and CIBC

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The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Flip-Flopped On Gun Registry Too

Conservatives are calling Justin Trudeau a flip-flopper for first voting for the long gun registry and then recently admitting it was a failed policy. That’s fine, but lest Conservatives forget, Stephen Harper did the exact same thing. This Conservativ… . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Flip-Flopped On Gun Registry Too

The Scott Ross: Trudeau, Harper And Canadians Lack Substance

Critics claim Justin Trudeau has no substance when it comes to policy, they fail to realize that neither does Stephen Harper, nor any other leader or party; not to mention the fact that Canadians increasingly don’t care.

This is not a defense of Justin Trudeau but an offence committed by Canadians.

Politics has increasingly become less about substance and more about public image. Though it is hard to believe, Stephen Harper did not win the 2006 election because of his marvelously complex and substantive five point plan, he won simply because he was not Liberal. He has retained government on

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The Scott Ross: The Unpopular Reason To Support A Popular Trudeau

Voting for a celebrity because he is a celebrity may sound superficial but it is made all the more substantial by the changing context of Canadian politics.

Party membership in developed countries has been declining for years, surveys have shown that voters are identifying less with parties and more with specific causes. For a party hoping to unify support as this individualistic trend continues, qualities that transcend politics, such as celebrity, offer hope.

Most Liberal members and other party faithful are likely to frown upon anyone who supports a candidate primarily because of cache but as politics is becoming less

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The Scott Ross: The Not So Leblanc Slate

Leadership races are often an opportunity for a political party to start over with a blank slate, Liberals might not get that chance if a slightly hypocritical Dominic Leblanc gets his way.

Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc is discouraging anyone from running for leadership who only seeks to raise their profile and that members who lost their elections shouldn’t run either. Now he may be right, but he is absolutely the wrong guy to say it.

Today Dominic Leblanc is speaking against others using the Liberal leadership race to raise their profiles, but in 2008 he himself used the leadership contest

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The Scott Ross: Canada Can Be Civil Or It Can Stand With Child Pornographers

The long-gun registry is endorsed by Hitler, Liberals should help Quebec separate to get rid of Harper, and Canadians are either Conservative or child pornographers.

With a few recent cases of individual politicians lowering civil discourse in Canada, one could say they’re just isolated incidences, but in looking at their audience, it’s clear they’re not.

On February 13 Public Safety Minister Vic Toews by all accounts made a sensational vitriolic statement, and has since apologized for it; but that’s not the real problem, the fact is when Toews made his remark, he was not greeted with censure or condemnation, he

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