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Northern Insight / Perceptivity: Horgan with Jessop, CFAX Feb 12

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Cowichan Conversations: Doug Routley’s Facebook Post Along With My Response

I started off the morning reading Doug Routley’s post on Facebook that had been forwarded to me. Now, while I am responding to Doug, he is not alone. These are the talking points and frames from NDP communications. We will be hearing similar from NDP MLA’s all across the province

Here is MLA Doug Routley’s Facebook post in part, abridged:

The full post can be found here

On our support for the LNG Tax bill:

Doug Routley NDP MLA

We have always supported LNG, done right. Our conditions are:

1) That the air, land and water be protected. We propose (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: A Dear John & Carole Letter-You Have Lost Me Now.

Dorothy Field

Dear John and Carole,

I have to say you’ve lost me now. There is already much study done on fracking and it shows it’s a bad idea – bad for the environment, poisoning ground water.

And many, many people with rock solid information you could consult — Andrew Nikiforuk is the first who comes to mind but there are others.

I understand your concern that the NDP can’t always be saying NO but there is so much you could be saying YES to:



YES to (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: BC NDP Jump into Bed with the BC Liberals–There is no way back, the deal is done, the sellout is complete!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

What a sad turn of events for British Columbians it is to see John Horgan, leader of the BC NDP, stand up and sing off the same song sheet as Christy Clark and her crew selling out our economic sovereignty and our future environment to foreign state owned corporations.

BC citizens are not buying what either of the major parties are selling us on this discredited fracking LNG debacle.

Two-thirds polled don’t trust B.C. gov’t over LNG:

BC’s lone Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver and Independent Vicki Huntington voted against the sellout.Weaver offered this response to the (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: Official opposition on resource development

John Horgan in the Legislature, October 8, 2014: “…Three years ago the Premier told B.C. families that she would make B.C. a leader in private sector job creation. Three years later we’re No. 9. When it comes to LNG, three years ago she said we’d create 100,000 jobs, we’d eliminate the debt and we’d eliminate the sales tax. And where are we today? A throne speech two days ago that made no mention of the debt, made no mention of a prosperity fund, made no mention of eliminating the sales tax.

“So when it comes to (Read more…)

Northern Insight: John Horgan on resource revenues

This is from Ian Jessop’s CFAX1070 program, May 9, about 1:45pm

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Cowichan Conversations: More Maroc Messaging For BC NDP’s John Horgan

An Addendum to A Public Letter to John Horgan, MLA, Next Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

Don Maroc

You’re right John. the original letter was loaded with enough responsibilities without adding more but a couple of your potential friends pointed out omissions.

Alexandra Morton, the indomitable champion of B.C.’s wild salmon runs, pointed to the lack of mention of salmon farming.

She is particularly interested in open net pens filled with Atlantic salmon, often sick and covered with lice, located in the path of young wild salmon just leaving their river birthplace headed for the open ocean.

(Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Maroc’s Public Letter to John Horgan Probably The New Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

Don Maroc-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

It looks like the power brokers have decided that you are the NDP’s last hope for revival. Of course no one is saying anything like that John, but that’s what’s being bantered back and forth out here among what was once the NDP backbone.

Don’t be complacent when the party’s fixers hand you the mantel of leadership, that’s an empty shroud unless you can re-establish the NDP/ CCF link with the working people of B.C., the folks who built and maintained our once vibrant culture.

They are also the folks who have to get (Read more…)

Northern Insight: Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable

Finley Peter Dunne is credited with the words above. I have a feeling this direction will be in the minds of more than a few politicos a year or so from now.

That’s because Monday night, John Horgan entered the race to lead the BC New Democratic Party. I’ve exchanged views with John on a number of occasions and remain impressed with his broad knowledge of public issues and, perhaps more importantly, his indignation about unprincipled and incompetent management of public affairs in British Columbia.

John is not dogmatic; he knows that politics, practiced well, is the art of the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: BC NDP Leadership Rules – A Cash Grab That Is Discouraging Challenger’s From Seeking Leadership Role

Just when you think that the BC NDP inner circle has run out of stupid they unveil a leadership race package that would look more at home in a big business Liberal or Conservative party race than what used to be a mildly left social democratic party.

The last electoral NDP victory was in ’96 when Glen Clark rolled up his sleeves and went after Gordon Campbell with a stick and a message that he was, ’On your Side.’

Seems that the conservative elements in control decided that they had better not try that approach again, too appealing, too (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: BC Hydro Rate Shock Powered By Lies

Rafe Mair


One of my favourite bloggers is longtime broadcaster, and former Socred Cabinet Minister Rafe Mair.

Here he is his going after corruption and deceit over BC Hydro Rate increases.

How do you know when a politician’s lying? When you see his/her lips move.

Bill Bennett, the BC Hydro point man in the government, tells us that there will be a 28% increase in Hydro charges over the next few years, which NDP critic John Horgan says will raise a family’s costs by $300 dollars annually.

Read the full report from the Common Sense Canadian here.

Cowichan Conversations: Sean Leslie Looks Big Problems at BC Hydro-This week in BC

This Week in BC -Sean Leslie Looks at BC HYDRO

Cowichan Conversations: Christy Clark’s Pipeline “Facts” vs THE “REAL” FACTS

Kevin Logan has put together this multi media analysis of the Christy Clark Spin vs the’Real Facts.’

Take a few minutes and read this excellent piece. This is what ‘Independent Journalism’is all about!

BC Liberal Pipeline Follies

Kevin Logan-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

By Kevin Logan

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK – watch now HERE or copy and paste this link in your browser:

Christy Clark and the BC liberals have made a lot of bold claims about their position on pipelines proposed for British Columbia.

However, what they have neglected to tell British Columbians is that their government has (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Will The BC Liberal Government Survive Today’s Budget Vote?

Richard Hughes Political Blogger

Good Morning,

The question swirling around Victoria this morning is whether or not Premier Christy Clark will be able to weather the storm ahead and whether or not the BC Liberal’s ‘Election Budget’ will pass.

If it fails then the question of Christy Clark’s leadership will be mute as we will be heading off to an early election with the Liberals being led by Christy Clark, well most likely anyway.

Premier Christy Clark may not last the week as Premier.

It appears that Christy Clark underestimated the depth of the problems revealed when the leaked memo

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Cowichan Conversations: The BC NDP Face Grim Choices Over BC Hydro-Fracking and the Site ‘C’ Dam Proposal

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The BC Liberal’s, when under the firm grip of former Premier Gordon Campbell, liquidated much of BC Hydro, the the once proud mothership of our Crown Corps.

Campbell sold and dealt off many of the assets and services and then through the insane ‘Run of the River’ IPP’s left BC Hydro drowning in debt that will be borne by both present and future generations.

Why hasn’t he been charged with this crime against our province and future taxpayers?

Former BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell-His Legacy is Our Curse


Not only has the miserable S.O.B. pulled

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Cowichan Conversations: All BC Political Parties Need A Democratic Shakeup!

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger

Let’s face it folks politics and governance in BC has become soiled by the top down control mechanisms and practices of all of BC’s political parties.

Many of those who have really been involved see that quickly, well not all, many choose to turn a blind eye if the cards are turning up in their favour.

When I say any I am including the BC Conservatives and BC Greens. We always are more tuned into the sins of the BC Liberals and BC NDP but they do not have a lock on undemocratic methods and practices

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Cowichan Conversations: Liberals and NDP Must Declare a ‘MORATORIUM’ On Fracking In BC!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Much money has been made and a great deal of environmental damage has been done through the practice of ‘Fracking’ or Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing.

Canadians have had a heads up following horror stories in the US but never mind there is money to be made. The politicians of all stripes are as weak as water when it comes to regulating, reporting and permitting of these fracking operations.

BC and Alberta’s energy resources used to make the provinces hum, but today the difficulties are becoming harder to sweep under the carpet.

Check out this report from Fracking Canada and then question

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Cowichan Conversations: BC NDP Will Have To Be Smart, Tough and Green!

Don Maroc-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

BC logs should be used to create B.C. jobs, says the NDP. Absolutely, and low cost B.C. electricity should be used to make BC manufacturers competitive and more than competitive in the global marketplace.

And if Gordon Campbell’s run-of-the-river power pirates insist on continuing to charge B.C. Hydro three times the market price of electric power let’s run them out of the province. The Campbell/Christie neo-cons force BC power users/taxpayers to subsidize the massive profits of mostly foreign-owned private power operators.

It’s awfully good to hear the Adrian Dix NDP standing up for

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Cowichan Conversations: Rafe Mair is Back In the Saddle and Ready To Go!

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger

Welcome back Rafe, I see that you have mellowed considerably during your time away. I sense absence did not make your heart grow fonder regarding the fracking dilema that we face in British Columbia.

Perhaps it is that you do not understand the benefits of all that money that can be had without implementing a fair taxation policy that would have the corporations paying their share. It is a win-win Rafe! C’mon, don’t you get it?

Well perhaps not judging by this recent post in the Common Sense Canadian. Read it here!

Cowichan Conversations: A number of people should go to jail for what has been done to BC Hyrdo!

Good Morning,

Damien Gillis from the Commonsense Canadian produced and has made available this excellent interview that is shocking to say the least. In it Rafe questions economist Erik Anderson about the real story of what is happening and what has happened to BC Hydro and why.

Part 1 of Rafe Mair’s July 2012 interview with economist Andersen, delving deep into BC’s troubled energy situation, including BC Hydro’s broken forecasting model, rip-off private power projects, and massive debt and Enron-style accounting practices at our public utility – all driven by the shadowy private American corporation to which we’ve unwittingly handed

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Northern Insight: Liberal MLA Bloy embarrasses the Legislature

John Horgan, critic for energy, mines and petroleum resources, spoke to the Legislature Monday about directing the B.C. Utilities Commission to do a full and comprehensive review of the Smart Metering Program:

” …during the budget estimates in 2009… I asked [the then Minister of Energy] to give me an assurance that the Utilities Commission would, in fact, be reviewing the smart meter program, a billion-dollar undertaking — 1.8 million metres on homes and businesses right across British Columbia and a significant capital cost that will lead inevitably to an increase in rates.

“This is what the minister

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Scientific American’s John Horgan should be fired

Scientific American is a respected journal of science. Why it publishes the ridiculous rantings of an anti-science flat earther is beyond me. But this John Horgan, apparently a teacher or professor, is an climate change denier dream. Read this article where he blames the whistle blower for not blowing his whistle cleanly enough. Totally ignored is the culprit itself, Heartland, which is