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Montreal Simon: The Sad and Dismal Legacy of Little Jimbo Flaherty

Well I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has fallen off his mole hill for the very last time.Or left Stephen's Harper's murky pond. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has resigned. He is the biggest fish to swim out of Prime Minister Harper's pond since then-Environment Minister, and de facto second in command in the Cabinet, Jim Prentice, left to make oodles of money in the banking business.But not before rhyming off a short list of his accomplishments, and ignoring all his failures.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Twisted Priorities of the Con Regime

It looks as if the ghastly partnership of Stephen Harper and Jimbo Flaherty is heading for a messy breakup.For after first appearing to agree with Flaherty that his income splitting plan was fatally flawed, he has now changed his mind. The Conservative caucus appears to have put some woolly socks on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cold feet on income splitting, convincing him to stick with a key campaign promise despite his finance minister's public reservations.Leaving himself looking like a flip flopper, and poor little Jimbo gasping for air…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Make Believe Families Scam

As we know too well, just about everything the Con regime would sell us is more propaganda than reality.The Porky Economic Action ads that boast about a job grant that doesn't exist.The Great War on Crime in a country where the crime rate has been falling for years,But who knew Jimbo Flaherty and his Con artists would go so far as to create make believe families. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Jimbo Flaherty, and the Fascist Pigs

It had to be one of the most bizarre sights I have ever seen in Question Period. And yet another sign that the Con regime is running out of steam, and Stephen Harper is losing his marbles.

For there was Jimbo Flaherty, on the day after his budget, sitting like a wax figure, or a garden gnome, while Great Ugly Leader answered all the questions directed at his muzzled Finance Minister.

And it does look a lot like the income splitting question is splitting the Con regime. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Snake Oil Salesmen

I like to think that Jim Flaherty's recent illness has made him a better human being, because I'm a firm believer in the power of redemption.And he has come a long way from the days when he was calling for the homeless to be jailed.But unfortunately he's still a Con, he still works for Stephen Harper, and his latest budget is nothing more than the product of a snake oil salesman.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Scary and Delusional Return to Parliament

Well it must have been quite a shock eh? To return to freezing Ottawa after his sunny bloated junket through the Middle East.And to have the cheers replaced by jeers. Or the sound of questions.For surely only that can explain why after only a few minutes in the House of Commons today Stephen Harper was looking so shell shocked…

And sounding so DELUSIONAL.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Economic Conapocalypse

Well as you know Stephen Harper isn't just running from the Senate scandal these days. And from Neil Young.He's running from the burning wreckage of his disastrous economic record. And so desperate is the situation, Great Economist Buffoon Leader has been reduced to begging Canadians to suggest any ideas about how he can create the Jobs of Tomorrow.

Because goodness knows he doesn't have a clue eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Economy Will Cost the Cons the Next Election

The other night I wrote that if the Stephen Harper and his hapless stooge Jimbo Flaherty wanted to run on their economic record, they should be my guests or be my CRIMINALS.Because there is no other way to describe what those two Con artists have done to our country, by putting their crass politics before the needs of our economy. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Decline of the Con Regime

They say he is holed up in his bunker at Harrington Lake surrounded only by his closest advisers.The small band of PMO fanatics who never say no to anything he says, even when he's rolling on the floor biting the carpet.Or in an alarming state of total DELUSION…

2013 has been a very productive year. RT if you agree that we're on the right track. #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) December 16, 2013

But of course even his faithful fluffers can't conceal the ugly reality. It wasn't a banner year, it was Stephen Harper's anus annus horribilis, (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Disastrous Decline of the Con Regime

It was such a beautiful day, the first real day of Spring, that I spent hours pedalling around my magic island, out of touch with the rest of the world.So it wasn't until I met the three four bears at the little vintage amusement park, that I heard the stunning news. Little Jimbo Flaherty was missing in action !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Great Con War on Crime and Medicare

Oh no. Remember how I said the other night that Jimbo Flaherty probably hated having to call his new budget Porky Action Plan 2013?Because there couldn't be a worse way to sell ANYTHING.Well forget that theory eh?Because there was Jimbo yesterday getting a Porky Action sign engraved on his new shoes. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Porky Action Monster

Well as you know today was St Patrick's Day, and no doubt wee little Jimbo Flaherty was running around looking for the pot of gold.The one he lost when he cut the GST.And probably wishing he didn't have to call his new budget Porky Action Plan 2013.Because it's hard to imagine a worse way to sell a budget, than reminding Canadians of something that's driving them CRAAAAAZY !!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Day of Reckoning

If you wanted to know where our economy is heading, or what the Cons are planning to do to Canada.All you had to do was look at Jimbo Flaherty today, to know it's not going to be pretty.And that the Day of Reckoning has finally arrived.For there he was standing in front of a giant Porky Action Plan billboard, promising growth and jobs. Telling us the economy is shrinking, so what we need to do is kill even more jobs. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Snowmageddon and the Con Apocalypse

Golly. I don't know how I did it. Survived the Great Toronto Snowmageddon.Because it was brutal eh?Toronto has not seen a snowfall exceeding 15 centimetres since Dec. 19, 2008, said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.Not the storm itself, which was only a Snowmageddon if you don't live in Alberta, or Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, or Quebec, or the Atlantic provinces, or anywhere in northern Canada.No, the brutal part was watching Peter Mansbridge making it sound like the world was ending…Read more »

Montreal Simon: In the Court of the Con Clowns

According to a recent poll only about 16 percent of Canadians now trust Stephen Harper and his insane Con clown posse.And who can blame them eh? Because today was such a three-ring circus it really makes you wonder whether they are mentally fit to rema… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: In the Court of the Con Clowns

Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty and the Slash and Spend Cons

Even in a place as scary as Harperland, it was a frightening sight.Jim Flaherty holding his head in his hands, delivering his budget update to the House of Commons Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.Trying and failing to explain why despite the way he is … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty and the Slash and Spend Cons

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Man Budget

Well I've got to hand it to that old Con man Jimbo Flaherty. When he's not screaming at the opposition, or giving the Europeans the finger, or standing on a ladder massaging the buttocks of Big Business, he's always trying to pull a fast one eh?Always trying to fool Canadians.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Blob That Ate Canada

Sometimes I can't believe what the Cons have done to Canada. It's like a low budget horror movie eh?A movie like Zombie Nightmare with Bela Lugosi Vic Toews. Where the zombies go after your brains, and your e-mails.Or Der Con Blob, where a gelatinous mass of alien slime invades a peaceful country, eats every shred of decency in its path, and grosses us out beyond recognition.For just look what those monstrous Cons were up to today.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Con Country Snatchers

Oh goody. Another episode of The Invasion of the Con Country Snatchers. And tonight it's one of the scariest ones ever !!!!

For as Jim Flaherty prepares to meet with business leaders, we find out what kind of Canada they would like us to live in. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Assault on Via Rail

Ever since I was a boy, trains have been my favourite way to travel.

I love gliding along, stretched out in a comfortable seat with plenty of leg room, reading a book, checking out the web, having a snack and a coffee.

Or just staring out of the big windows at the awesomeness of Canada. For there is no better way to see it.

And one of my fondest travel dreams is to be able to one day ride The Canadian all the way to Vancouver. If I can ever save up enough money to do that eh? And

Montreal Simon: The Heroic Struggle of Kevin Page

It's an inspiring sight, and a chilling one. Kevin Page, the parliamentary budget officer standing up for the right to know the truth, in a country where the Big Lie rules.

As the Cons try to smear him and muzzle him as they have so many others. They have attacked him for a long time. Jim Flaherty has called him "unbelievable" "unreliable" and "incredible."

But surely this is the limit.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Vanishing Economy

I'm sad to see that so many GM workers are losing their jobs in Oshawa.

The Canadian Auto Workers union received official notice Friday that GM will begin shutting down its consolidated assembly line in the fourth quarter, which will wipe out 2,000 jobs, reducing the number of GM employees in Canada to about 8,000.

I feel sorry for their families, the latest victims of the Dutch Disease, and of the Con Master Plan to turn us into a low wage economy.

Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty’s Nightmare Taxi Ride

When you are numbed to the horror of Harperland, it's easy to laugh at little Jimbo Flaherty. The nasty Con garden gnome is a natural comedian.

"I was brought up in a certain way. There is no bad job, the only bad job is not having a job," he told reporters. "I drove a taxi, I refereed hockey. You do what you have to do to make a living."

I mean can you imagine getting into a cab and discovering that Jimbo, sitting on a box the size of his Trojan Horse budget, is your DRIVER? That's hilarious eh?

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty’s Nightmare Taxi Ride

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Big Oil Budget

Hoily oily. I can’t even do my own taxes eh? But it only took me about five minutes to figure out Jim “Jimbo” Flaherty’s ghastly budget.

And all I can say is that Jimbo and his fellow Con man Stephen “Greasy” Harper should be arrested for fraud. For trying to fool Canadians into thinking that the budget has anything to do with jobs and prosperity.

The budget is called “Jobs, Growth and long-term Prosperity,” yet it outlines plans to cut 19,200 positions in the federal public service – including 600 executive jobs. 

When of course it doesn’t, unless you

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Big Oil Budget

Montreal Simon: The Scary Humiliation of Jimbo Flaherty

Oh.My.Gnome. I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has been totally HUMILIATED. Again. Just the other day he was telling Canadians don’t worry about your pensions if you’re over fifty-seven.

But then the sinister operatives in the PMO heard what he said. And they were not pleased. A government spokesman quickly discouraged that kind of math. The official stressed that the comment was simply an effort by Mr. Flaherty to signal that no changes are imminent.

Because they know their Dark Lord is in a hurry to kill government before his bloody majority coagulates. He considers benefits, employment

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: The Scary Humiliation of Jimbo Flaherty