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The Scott Ross: Conservatives Lied About F-35 Contract

Peter MacKay lied.

In 2010 Defense Minister Peter MacKay said many times that the F-35 was selected in an open, competitive, and transparent process, this is contradicted be the Auditor General Michael Ferguson who has said there was no competition, that the costly $25 billion, and growing, contract was indeed sole-sourced.

May 27 2010 – Peter MacKay said in front of the estimates committee said, “This next generation fighter will be an open, competitive, transparent process.”

July 16 2010 – When asked directly by a reporter about the sole-source contract Peter MacKay publicly declared that in fact, “There was

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The Scott Ross: Peter MacKay Hid Billions In F-35 Costs

The Scott Ross: The F-35 Boondoggle

Many are angry that instead of the promised $16 billion cost of the new F-35′s the actual price tag will be more than $25 billion but Canadians shouldn’t forget that originally not only did this government continually claim the cost would only be $9 billion, Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, Tony Clement, and other Conservatives claimed the jets would be even cheaper.

From the above video, on March 30, 2011 during the general election Stephen Harper said:

“We’re buying these jets at a time when the production costs continue to fall. We have significant contingencies and all the information suggests

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