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Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper, and the Absurd Chicken Hawk Cons

In retrospect it could only be called a triumph of bad timing. For there was Jason Kenney at the Canadian Club in Toronto, puffing out his chest like a chicken hawk, and claiming that the Great War in Iraq was going according to plan.Despite the setback in Ramadi. The seizure of Ramadi by ISIS is a regrettable setback, Defence Minister Jason Kenney says, but no indication that coalition forces are losing the battle in Iraq against the militant organization."Just imagine if we weren't there, how much more territory they would have claimed," Kenney told reporters following a (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Dirty Sexist Game and the Woman Who Fought Back

It's a dirty game, a bestial assault on women, and one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on TV.One that began just over a year ago with this video in Cincinnati, as a female reporter covered a train derailment.

The video got more than five million views, more than 31,000 thumbs up, and all over North America other depraved men started imitating that hooded pervert.So you can imagine how happy I was to see Toronto TV reporter Shauna Hunt stand up to those bullies the other day. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper: Supporting the Troops AND Endangering Them

He likes to turn everything into just another big photo-op. He likes to pose as a Great Warrior Leader.He likes to run pictures of himself and our soldiers, to prove he supports our troops.Even if he endangers them. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Depraved Attempt to Revive the Terrorist Menace

As you know Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney made a surprise visit to Iraq, to try to whip up interest in the Great War on Terror. Which has been flagging badly as the days get warmer and most Canadians tune it out.And as the war fever fades, so do fears about the Great Terrorist Menace. Especially since the ISIS crazies have yet to attack us, despite all Harper and Kenney have done to provoke an attack, by blowing hot air out of every orifice…

So the Cons are now so desperate they're going after Omar Khadr. Again. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney’s Con Clown Tour of Iraq

It looked like a scene out of one of those On the Road movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.Except that this movie is not a comedy it's a horror show.It's Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney on the road in Iraq,Giving themselves another big, fat, juicy photo-op with OUR money. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Jason Kenney Should Resign Immediately

It's now been two full days since this shocking report on sexual harassment and violence in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Armed Forces perpetuates a sexualized military culture that is hostile to women and gay members, and harassment and assault are often tolerated by senior officers, according to a report released Thursday. But still Jason Kenney, the Defence Minister, has yet to issue a single solitary statement, about the problem and what he expects the military to do about it.So now I'd like to ask that grotesque chicken hawk which of these details does he NOT find offensive?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney Gets Away With Another Big Lie

I'm sure you remember the desperate state Jason Kenney was in a month ago, after claiming the reason the Cons were expanding the war into Syria was because the Americans had asked us.Since we were apparently the only country in the anti-ISIS coalition, apart from the U.S., to have so-called smart bombs.Only to have the country's top soldier shuffle forward, and make him look an idiot, or a liar. And have the NDP demand that he be found guilty of breaching parliamentary privilege. But as it turns out he didn't have to wail, or sweat even more (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney Gets Away With Another Big Lie

Montreal Simon: The Nepalese Tragedy and the Shameless Con Clowns

About a month ago I told you how Jason Kenney was bragging about the arrival of a new and massive C-17 aircraft.As only he could.And claiming it would allow the Con regime to "project Canada around the world."

Great moment to receive fifth @RCAF_ARC C17 Globemaster @ CFB Trenton: allowing us to project Canada around the world— Jason Kenney ن (@jkenney) March 30, 2015

But now it seems that didn't include saving Canadians stranded in Nepal. Read more »

Babel-on-the-Bay: Discovering Barrie’s Patrick Brown.

It has taken on all the elements of a farce. The Ontario news media are discovering Patrick Brown MP for Barrie. They are running lengthy, laudatory articles about him with flattering pictures. (And getting a flattering picture of Brown is no easy task.) The media think he has a lock on the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership.

This is not good news for the Ontario Tories. Turning a ward healer into a party leader is a tough challenge. It has all the earmarks of changing a toad into a prince. Nobody has the stomach to kiss the toad.

Brown (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Inconvenient comments from Conservatives on Budgets

Inconvenient comment #1:














Inconvenient Comment #2:

Former Conservative Finance Minister – the late Jim Flaherty – ruled out dipping into contingency fund last year to balance the books:

Flaherty told CBC News it would be “imprudent” to do so as the fund has frequently proven necessary. “If you do the arithmetic, we could have had a budget balanced by $100,000,” Flaherty said at the time. “I prefer to have a nice clean surplus.”

Inconvenient Comment #3:

Again from Jim Flaherty: this time rejecting dipping into the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on Russia

As we all know Stephen Harper is no Great Warrior Leader, no matter what his faithful flunkies, and the voices in his head tell him.And we'd be crazy to trust him with our safety, when he's the greatest threat we face.But it seems tomorrow's long delayed budget, won't just be a crass attempt to buy votes, it will also be a Great War and Security Budget. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Tweet Monster

Oh no. Somebody do something. Jason Kenney is in trouble, again.He's supposed to be terrorizing the Russians.Canada will deploy approximately 200 troops to Ukraine to train local forces fighting Russian-backed separatists, the government announced Tuesday.But instead he's terrorizing OUR side.Because nobody at National Defence Headquarters knows what he's going tweet next!!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney’s Hugely Embarrassing Russian Problem

As we all know Jason Kenney is a raging Cold War warrior, who is always going after the Russians, with his big mouth as his weapon.To satisfy his inner religious fanatic, and pander to the ethnic vote.And when he's not lying compulsively, he's always bragging about Canada's expanding power…

Great moment to receive fifth @RCAF_ARC C17 Globemaster @ CFB Trenton: allowing us to project Canada around the world— Jason Kenney ن (@jkenney) March 30, 2015

But sadly when the moment came to save Canadians stranded in Yemen yesterday, it wasn't one of those big-bellied (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Friday Morning Links

Assorted content for your long weekend reading.

- Jim Buchanan comments on the mountain of inequality looming over all of our political choices. Laurie Posner interviews Paul Gorski about the need for a vocabulary which accurately portrays inequality as the result of social conditions rather than merit or culture. And Robert Reich notes that if anybody can accurately be classified as having done nothing to earn a living, it’s the idle rich: In reality, a large and growing share of the nation’s poor work full time — sometimes sixty or more hours a week – yet still don’t earn enough (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Incredibly Wonderful and Amazing Humbling of Jason Kenney

For years Jason Kenney has been considered the brightest star in the Con constellation, after his depraved leader Stephen Harper.The hardest working minister, the Pope of the Con's religious base, Mr Curry in a Hurry, the rabid partisan who could do no wrong.But not any longer.Because if he thought he could get away with lying about why the Harperites are extending the war to Syria, it seems he was very much mistaken.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Jason Kenney Must Resign Immediately

The other day I wrote a post accusing Jason Kenney of lying. Again. Claiming that the reason we are going to bomb Syria is because the Americans need us and our so-called smart-bombs.And of getting the country's top general Tom Lawson to cover for him. Well today Lawson ate his words and make Kenney look like an idiot. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why are the Generals Covering Up For Jason Kenney?

The only thing more disturbing than having an incompetent Cold War chickenhawk like Jason Kenney posing as a Defence Minister, and lying like a thief. Over and over again.Is having Canada's top general, running behind him with a shovel.To scoop up his manure, or as David Pugliese writes, dig him out of a bomb crater of his own making. Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: What Has Jason Kenney Been Smoking?

Seriously.  I’m wondering if our fledgling defence minister was high, high, high, when he proclaimed that, after we defeat ISIS,  Iraq and Syria better not look to Canada to create a model democracy in those states.

That’s sort of like me asking the confirmed bachelor if he’s stopped beating his wife yet.  Apparently, though, Mr. Kenney foresees that we are going to defeat ISIS.  Where?  How?  When?

He’s an amicable little shit but I think minister Kenney is in way over his head on this portfolio.  Fortunately for Kenney, Canada has already outsourced most of our foreign and (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why Does the Chicken Hawk Jason Kenney Lie So Much?

Well let nobody say that I didn't warn them. I predicted that Jason Kenney would be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.A Cold War warrior, a chubby chicken hawk, who would lead us to disaster.Or judging by the crazy stuff he tweets…

Help trigger the Third World War.I knew he didn't know what he was doing. But who knew he would lie all the time?Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Clown Jason Kenney is Caught Lying. Again

Well as you know, I already consider Jason Kenney to be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.He has lied about the terrorist threat, he has endangered the security of our troops in Iraq.But this is the absolute limit.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney Disgraces Himself Again

Yesterday I confidently predicted that Jason Kenney would be the worst Defence Minister this country has ever known.And I accused him of being a holy hypocrite, for claiming he was reaching out to Muslims in this country. While subtly working to whip up hate against them, for crass political purposes.And sure enough now I see he has proved me right.In just two tweets.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Calculated Bigotry of the Con Regime

It's already the most disgusting election campaign in modern Canadian history. With Stephen Harper fanning the flames of anti-Muslim bigotry in Quebec.And the Con MP, and former Harper communications director John Williamson depositing this racist turd at the Manning Networking Conference:"My part of the country, I deal with temporary foreign workers and the interaction with employment insurance, and it makes no sense from my point of view — I'm going to put this in terms of colours but it's not meant to be about race — it makes no sense to pay 'whities' to stay home while we bring in (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Great Con Clown War on Terror

As you probably know, I'm still having a REALLY hard time coming to terms with the brutal fact that Jason Kenney is Canada's Defence Minister.The very thought that a chubby chickenhawk and religious fanatic like Kenney should be in charge of any armed force is frankly frightening.Especially now that the Great War on Terror and/or Muslims seems to have inflamed him. He can't stop playing Patton.And sounding like Strangelove…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Days of Drums and Dummies

He's rushing his dangerously flawed anti-terrorist bill through the House of Commons, to the machine gun beat of a fascist drum.Bill C-51, the government's proposed anti-terror law, has passed second reading in the House of Commons with a vote of 176-87 and will now be sent to committee.He didn't bother to show up for the debate, he cut it off after a few hours. He says he needs the bill NOW to protect us from the terrorists and the niqabs that are EVERYWHERE.Even though the bill threatens our freedoms more than the terrorists do, and he's just playing (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney’s Sorry and Surrealistic Terrorist Game

Well let nobody say I didn't warn them. I predicted Jason Kenney would be the worst possible Defence Minister for these troubled times.I knew that sexually repressed religious fanatic would be inflamed by a religious war, and the sight of so many men in uniform.And would soon lose control of himself, start shooting his mouth off, and trying to turn our mini-war in Iraq into an all-out crusade.Read more »