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Politics and its Discontents: More On The Temporary Foreign Workers Program

As noted yesterday, the Temporary Foreign Workers Program continues to cause both grief and outrage among Canadians. The latest publicly-identified victims, two former employees at a Weyburn Sask. eatery called Brothers Classic Grill and Pizza [previously called El Rancho], are receiving a groundswell of support both locally and across the country.

In an update on their website, CBC Saskatchewan, we learn that Sandy Nelson, a 28-year veteran waitress at the restaurant who lost her job to foreign workers, had tried to bring attention to her plight earlier:

“We tried going [the] government route. Never got a response,” Nelson said. (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Shameful Foreign Workers Scam

I've watched with growing anger how the Con regime has flooded this country with foreign workers, even though so many Canadians are unemployed.I've watched them use the Temporary Foreign Worker's program to drive down wages and try to bust unions.I've looked on helplessly as some of my own friends have been humiliated and turned into slaves, with no money, no hours, no job security, no benefits, no nothing.But this is the limit, and enough is ENOUGH.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders: The Con Loon Finally Bites the Dust

He tried every dirty trick in the book to try to win his nomination battle.He smeared his opponents as closet Liberals. He used misleading robocalls against them. He called on his rabid religious base to save him.But nothing could stop the Con loon Rob Anders from facing his own personal Armageddon. Read more »

Alberta Diary: Rob Anders loses by a nose in Signal Hill as Cowtown Cons make the best of a bad choice

Lost by a nose … but what a nose! A 22-year-old Rob Anders in 1994, heckling an Oklahoma politician. Below: Calgary Signal Hill nomination victor Ron Liepert; Mr. Anders as he looks today.

There was blood in the water of the Bow River as it flowed through Cowtown last night.

After a while, it became clear the metaphorical blood had been shed by the ever-embarrassing Rob Anders, who at a mere 42 years of age had served an excruciating six terms as the Reform, Alliance and Conservative Member of Parliament for the Calgary West riding, which will soon cease to (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders and the Ghastly Foulness of the Cons

I see that voters in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill will be deciding the fate today of the Con loon Rob Anders.And that his opponent believes that this time he can be beaten.Ron Liepert says it's a myth that controversial Calgary MP Rob Anders is somehow untouchable after a 17-year run in federal politics. And it's a streak he's hoping to bust when federal Conservatives in the riding on Calgary Signal Hill pick their nominee on Saturday. So you might think that Stephen Harper and his inner circle would be secretly hoping that Liepert can rid (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Great Foreign Workers Scam

OMG. Can you believe that shameless Jason Kenney? First him and his Cons brought in a flood of foreign workers.Then he claimed there was a skill shortage and there wasn't.Then it was revealed that he has been pimping for a McDonald's franchise.And now he's trying to get some political mileage by cracking down on the scam he created. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Another Harper Lie Exposed

Despite assurances last year that the TFW (Temporary Foreign Workers) program was being reformed because of a myriad of reported abuses, those assurances, like so many other pronouncements and assertions coming from the Harper regime, appear to be false.

Business continues to abuse the program, with what one can only assume is the tacit permission of Employment Minister Jason Kenney. The latest offenders, as reported by CBC, are three McDonald’s outlets in Victoria, British Columbia, which are currently employing 25 temporary foreign workers.

“The pattern is that the temporary foreign workers are getting more shifts and that the (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: What Occupy Vancouver Could Be Up To

While the worldwide reboot of the Occupy Movement is afoot, Occupy Vancouver version 2.0 is still notional.

However, if you want to see a little bit of what it could be doing today if it had coalesced yesterday, you’d show up this afternoon at one of the 1%’s tree forts. It would have been a viable day two action of Occupy Vancouver. Instead, it is a good place to pay attention to the 1% as they go about their business ruining the world for the rest of us. You should show up there, and pop by yesterday’s piece here (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Insane Clown Circus

I have to admit that sometimes I can't decide whether Stephen Harper and his Cons are an insane clown posse, or just circus clowns who are so dumb they're dangerous.But today at least that choice was a little easier.Because the leader of the Con posse was in Germany, scaring the bejesus out of the Germans.Read more »

Calgary Grit: Hanging up the shoes

It’s not a huge surprise, but it’s still big news. After 8 years, the only Finance Minister Stephen Harper has ever known and loved is calling it quits:

Jim Flaherty steps down as finance minister

OTTAWA – Jim Flaherty is leaving the federal cabinet after more than eight years as finance minister to prepare for a return to the private sector, saying the move is unrelated to his recent health problems.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to name his replacement Wednesday.

Flaherty, who delivered his final budget last month, said he made the decision with his family earlier (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: The Future Of The CPC

Andrew Coyne made an excellent point in his column about the Manning Networking Conference that the Manning Centre is hosting in Ottawa:

So this is what a Conservative convention looks like.  After that bizarre lockdown in Calgary last fall – reporters harassed and penned in at every turn, the prime minister’s defiantly empty speech, the air heavy with self-congratulation and paranoia – the annual Manning Networking conference exudes an altogether different spirit:  thoughtful, open, introspective and conservative.…The party that met in Calgary was not so much the Conservative party as the Harper party.  It was run by and for (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Porky Waste Awards

Hallelujah. I see that Jason Kenney has finally been rewarded for his outstanding work on behalf of the Con regime, the grateful religious fanatics of Canada, and of course the Lord Himself.No, he still doesn't have Harper's job, or even his old job back as Minister of Immigration and Ethnic Banquets…

The job he misses so much.But at least he has a Teddy Award !!! Read more »

Alberta Diary: Shocker: Canadian Taxpayers Federation suffers 17-per-cent membership slump!

Riley Climenhaga, who has some duties as an actual watchdog despite being one of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation’s 70,000 “supporters,” watches suspiciously. Below: CTF Alberta mouthpiece Derek Fildebrandt and Operations VP Shannon Morrison.

In a stunning development, membership in the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has slumped close to 17 per cent – from six members, to five!

Alert readers will recall Alberta Diary’s revelation in March 2013 that the much-quoted organization, which is as pure an example of political AstroTurfing as can be found in Canada, in reality has only five members.

The self-described “citizen advocacy” group had been allowing (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Does Jason Kenney Need to Get Married to Become Con Leader?

As you probably know I have appointed myself the unofficial campaign manager (in the heathen areas) of Jason Kenney's leadership campaign.In the firm belief that if he replaces Stephen Harper the Cons will be gone for a GENERATION.And so far we're doing well, the wind and the Lord are in our sails, and as you can see from his twitter feed Jason is campaigning all-out. One moment he's in Newfoundland, the next moment he's in BC, while still managing to hit every church, mosque, synagogue, and temple in between.So you can imagine how horrified I was to read (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Does Jason Kenney Need to Get Married to Become Con Leader?

Political Eh-conomy: Another (budget) day, another dollar (cut): Canada’s slow-motion austerity

Yesterday’s federal budget was a non-event. Indeed, the no-surprises budget was itself no surprise: the Conservatives have long done their fiscal policy dirty work in omnibus bills and other dark corners scattered throughout the legislature, Crown corporations and federal agencies. This leaves the media circus of budget day a very stereotypically Canadian mix of polite and boring. Canada’s is a slow-motion austerity and the current budget is a continuation.

To be sure, there were big-ticket announcements: a few bridges for cities, some internet for rural areas, internships for the young, factories for auto makers… The government, after all, still does (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Big names running for federal party nominations in Alberta

TweetThere has been plenty of activity this week as candidates from all political parties put forward their names to run in Canada’s next federal election, scheduled to be held in October 2015. Wooing voters and potential candidates alike, both New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau travelled through Alberta this week. […]

Montreal Simon: The Terrifying Origins of Stephen Harper

OMG. As you may not know, a team of investigators has been digging into the background of Stephen Harper.Trying to determine where he came from, and how he morphed into the monster that ate our country.And today the breakthrough finally came. And it's more horrifying than even I could have imagined. Read more »

Alberta Diary: Caught in an apparent conflict like Chuck Strahl? No problem! Just double down!

Manning Centre-Security Intelligence Review Committee Chair and Enbridge lobbyist Chuck Strahl. Below: Former would-be Reform Party prime minister Preston Manning; Reform Party prime minister in waiting Jason Kenney. All these slightly out-of-focus profile shots were taken by your blogger during his infiltration of the 2013 Manning Centre conference in Ottawa.

When people at the top levels of Canada’s Reform-Conservative government are criticized for controversial behaviour, their instinct seems to be to double down and increase the size of their bet.

The latest example of this phenomenon is Chuck Strahl, the former Reform Party, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Member of (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Fear & Loathing in Calgary Signal Hill: rumble on the right breaks out in Calgary

Your blogger in 2011 with Ron Liepert, Alberta’s former Worst Provincial Cabinet Minister. Below: Calgary West Member of Parliament Rob Anders, Canada’s worst MP, with his friend and supporter, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Coming soon to the new federal riding of Calgary Signal Hill: fear and loathing on the campaign trail.

Come with me on a savage journey into the heart of Alberta’s never-ending Conservative nightmare: Alberta’s former Worst Provincial Cabinet Minister is about to challenge Canada’s undisputed Worst Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in the redistributed southwest Calgary federal riding!

In the corner (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Ron Liepert versus Rob Anders: the next PC-Wildrose proxy war?

TweetWill former provincial cabinet minister Ron Liepert make the jump into federal politics? With the launch of the website today, rumours began to spread that the former two-term Calgary-West Progressive Conservative MLA turned consultant could challenge ultra-conservative Rob Anders for the Conservative Party nomination in the new Calgary Signal Hill riding. Mr. Liepert’s candidacy […]

Accidental Deliberations: Juxtaposition

The Cons can’t wait to lock up any refugee who might arrive in Canada on the wrong ship: Immigration Minister Jason Kenney insists Canada’s new measures [including mandatory detention for every single passenger on a designated ship] will provide a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of paying a human smuggler to cross the Pacific…

Canada’s new law, C-31, requires mandatory detention for so-called “irregular arrivals” — to include arrivals by boat or cases where human smuggling is suspected. The detention will be reviewed after the first 14 days and then every six months. Previously, detention was reviewed every 30 days.

(Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Great Foreign Workers Scam

Well I guess we should have known it was just another Con scam eh? On Tuesday Jason Kenney made it sound like they were making it harder to bring in foreign workers to steal jobs from Canadians. Tough new regulations aimed at quelling fears that foreigners are snatching jobs from Canadians kicked in on Tuesday, empowering government officials to conduct workplace inspections without warrants and to blacklist employers who break the rules.Today we found out the Cons are actually making it easier for criminals to bring them in by the boatload. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Will Stephen Harper Take a Walk in the Snow?

He hasn't been seen for days. He wasn't able to offer any support to a million victims of the ice storm.His weird Christmas message has some people in Ottawa wondering whether he is having a nervous breakdown.So it's not surprising that some are also wondering whether Stephen Harper will soon be taking a walk in the snow. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Decline of the Con Regime

They say he is holed up in his bunker at Harrington Lake surrounded only by his closest advisers.The small band of PMO fanatics who never say no to anything he says, even when he's rolling on the floor biting the carpet.Or in an alarming state of total DELUSION…

2013 has been a very productive year. RT if you agree that we're on the right track. #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) December 16, 2013

But of course even his faithful fluffers can't conceal the ugly reality. It wasn't a banner year, it was Stephen Harper's anus annus horribilis, (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford and the Day The Cons Fought Each Other

He's a bigot, a bully, a boozer, a beast. He's shaming us in the eyes of the world. Each time Ford appears in the media, it's another eerie reminder of what we've become: crude, swaggering, bungling, irrational and mendacious. We've reached that staggering moment in a brilliant horror film when our protagonist realises the truth: Rob Ford is the New Canada. He is us.But I see that Rob Ford has at least one redeeming quality eh?He's making the Cons fight each other.Read more »