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The Disaffected Lib: Netanyahu’s High-Risk Gambit

What?  I Stepped In What?

With just three weeks to go, Israel’s national election has turned into a real nail-biter.  The governing Likud party of Benjamin Netanyahu is in a dead heat tie with the rival Zionist Union party, each of which stands to collect 24-seats according to the latest polls.  Of course it’s not all that simple.  With 11-parties expected to meet the 4-seat party threshhold, forming a government coalition really is a matter of herding cats.

Being tied for first isn’t an enviable position for Netanyahu’s Likud, not when the prime minister is about to stage his potentially (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Jim Stanford highlights the fact that a deficit obsession may have little to do with economic development – and calls out the B.C. Libs for pretending that the former is the same as the latter: I found especially objectionable the article’s uncritical cheerleading for expenditure restraint, praising the government for below-average per capita spending on health care and education, and for welfare rates that are “frozen in time.”  Why are these things assumed to be “good”? To the contrary, the lasting debts that B.C. is accumulating by underinvesting so badly (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Of course Netanyahu "rules in Washington"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to address the U.S. Congress next month has created quite a stir. President Obama, apparently not informed of the visit beforehand, is fuming. At least a dozen Democrats, including the outspokenly pro-Israel Vice-President Biden, have announced they will not attend. Even many American Jews who are normally staunch supporters of Israel have

The Disaffected Lib: Is Netanyahu Being Targeted for Regime Change – By the White House?

Barack Obama may have had enough of Benjamin Netanyahu’s stunts.  It might just be time for Bibi to go.  Foreign Policy’s Aaron David Miller writes that Obama is pursuing regime change in the upcoming Israeli elections.

Welcome to regime change, Obama-style. There are few opportunities to change the mullahcracy in Tehran. But Jerusalem may be another story. By accepting Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress — now widely seen as a real bungle — the prime minister has given the Obama administration an opening. And you can bet the White House is taking (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: John Baird’s Con Clown Tour of the Middle East

Whenever one of Stephen Harper's Con clowns leaves the country I shudder, reach for a paper bag to put over my head, and prepare for the worst.Because I know they will make fools out of themselves, and shame us once again in the eyes of the world.And in that regard John Baird's just concluded tour of the Middle East couldn't be a better example.For it was, in descending chronological order, pathetic, humiliating, and shameful.Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: Israel’s Unanswered Questions

Just like every other US client state (except us, for now), Israel was quick to sign up to buy the Lockheed F-35 light attack bomber.  The Israeli air force inked the papers for 19 of Lockheed’s controversial warplanes and then went back to the trough to order another 32.  At this point something quite curious happened. Powerful voices such as the Minister for Intelligence Yuval Steinitz, began asking some very awkward questions.

The opposition’s stand was related to Aviation Week by a senior Israeli official:

“For maintaining stealthiness, this aircraft has compromised maneuverability, shorter operational range and significantly less payload (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: How a Court Pushed Israel and the United States into Meltdown

What is it about the International Criminal Court that has so inflamed Israel and the United States?  It’s a court of law and a pretty good one at that.  It’s a venue to prosecute those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Who would be bothered by that – except perhaps war criminals and those who commit crimes against humanity?  Oh, I get it.

Israel is afraid that its war crimes in Gaza will come before the ICC where Israel won’t be able to control the narrative and manipulate the press and public opinion.  The United States fears for (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: A Double Standard?

Under normal circumstances, a court of last resort would be welcomed in the pursuit of justice, but it is apparently an entirely different story when it involves holding Israel to account Recommend this Post

Montreal Simon: The Con Stooge John Baird Goes After the Palestinians. Again.

He has always been his master's voice, Stephen Harper's most faithful stooge.A yapping Con pitbull, the absurd Minister of Religious Freedom, a gay Thatcherite in a government full of filthy homophobes.But these days nothing is more obscene than the way John Baird is pandering to the brutish settler regime of Benjamin Netanyahu, while attacking their long suffering victims the Palestinians. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Hugely Embarrassing Jewish Problem

The fuse has been burning ever since Benjamin Netanyahu set out to make Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people.A controversial bill that officially defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people has been approved by cabinet despite warnings that the move risks undermining the country’s democratic character. Opponents, including some cabinet ministers, said the new legislation defined reserved “national rights” for Jews only and not for its minorities, and rights groups condemned it as racist.It's an issue that is bitterly dividing Israelis, and Jews all over the world. But from Stephen Harper and his (Read more…)

Left Over: So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You, Libby…..

Libby Davies, NDP deputy leader, won’t run in 2015

CBC News Posted: Dec 12, 2014 1:26 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 12, 2014 7:39 PM ET

Having watched Ms. Davies for all of the forty years of her political career, starting with her election to Vancouver Council, I am saddened, but not surprised, at her early retirement.. She has tirelessly devoted herself to the issues that are more difficult and contoversial in her riding than in others, and she fought hard for every vote..the fact that she was “muzzled’ on certain issues was a black mark on Layton and (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Atlanta billboard features Banksy’s mural of West Bank wall: ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ conference

This is a two-part post dealing with resistance to the Israeli occupation. The first part covers news of a controversial Israel-related Banksy mural in the Atlanta area. The second stays with the Christian theme to discuss the growing numbers of American evangelicals who are openly critical of Israel and expressing increased solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Thanks to, a billboard in Atlanta is host to the artwork of British mural artist Banksy. In the run-up to Christmas it might at first glance appear to be a seasonal scene. The artwork shows Joseph and Mary enroute to Bethlehem (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: French Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestinian State

France’s Socialist-led parliament has passed a symbolic vote to recognize Palestinian statehood, despite staunch objections from Israel. MPs in Britain and Spain have already passed similar motions.

The proposal was passed with 339 votes in favor and 151 against, meaning that it was supported by more than two-thirds of French lawmakers.

Israel immediately responded, saying that the motion would “harm the peace process,” AFP reported.

Read the Full Report from RN News

The Disaffected Lib: Washington’s Quagmire Mentality

When it comes to Iraq, or the rest of the Middle East for that matter, America is operating on a number of assumptions rooted in fantasy.  These false assumptions ensure that America will keep getting itself trapped in quagmire.

Andrew Bacevich, former US Army commander turned academic, knows a good deal about Iraq.  The Columbia professor commanded US troops in Operation Desert Storm and his son was lost to an IED during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Inside the Beltway, policymakers, politicians, and pundits take Iraq’s existence for granted.  Many can even locate it on a map.  They also take (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Okay you Liberal Bastards, What Now?

Trudeau the Lesser’s Liberals did backflips to support Israel’s brutal outrage against Gaza’s civilian population this summer.  It was as though no one had ever heard the Israeli military’s term, Dahiyeh.  Of course you didn’t need any fancy terms to see that Israel was brutally – and quite illegally – targeting Gaza’s Palestinian population completely in flagrant violation of human rights laws and the laws of war.  That much is obvious when the side with strike jets takes down the public’s water and sewage plants and then moves on to hit schools and hospitals, even clearly designated UN refuge sites. (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Noam Chomsky Spoke at the UN in October – I Didn’t Hear About it Either.

Ah, the joy of the free press down in the US. Let’s catch up with Noam as takes us through some possible solutions to the Palestine/Israel conflict.


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The Disaffected Lib: When My Enemy’s Enemies Are Still My Enemies

One of the greatest mistakes we make in the conduct of modern warfare is to make our conflicts suit a politically palatable narrative.  It can seem as though the spin doctors are as powerful as the generals which might explain why they seem to do an equally marginal job at it.

We went to war in Afghanistan with a fairly powerful narrative about al Qaeda and the Taliban that was, at first, highly persuasive to the public.  They practically demanded that we wipe them from the face of the Earth.  Then, because the narrative was at odds with the facts, (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Fair and Balanced? Of Course, It’s Israel!

Let’s keep this in perspective.  That takes us back to 2010 when an Israeli court acquitted an army captain of all charges related to his slaughter of a 13-year old Palestinian school girl.  It’s too obscene to recite.  You can follow the link to get the details.

So consider, in the context of that atrocity, a new Israeli law intended to crack down on Palestinian kids who are in the habit of throwing stones at Israeli forces and settlers.

There would be two major sentences for stone throwers – those who endanger the safety of someone inside a vehicle could (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Israel- Palestine in One Paragraph

Yesterday we discussed the modern trend of policy divorced from reality.  One ugly example of that is the policy of Canada’s government, and Trudeau’s Conservative-Lites, lavishing absolute support on Israel in its persecution of the Palestinians.  Not to say that the NDP is much better.If you’re a Liberal, consider your party’s policy against Noam Chomsky’s summary of the cat and mouse game Israel is playing with the Palestinians.

It is critically important to recognize that a pattern was established almost a decade ago and has been followed regularly since: A ceasefire agreement is reached, Israel makes it clear that (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: UK MPs vote overwhelmingly to recognize State of Palestine

It was overwhelming. British MPs voted 274 to 12 this week in support of a motion to recognize Palestine as a state. The vote was only symbolic, as it isn’t binding on the government, nonetheless it sends a clear message on how sentiment is going in the UK and elsewhere on the Palestine issue.

MPs from both sides of the House supported the motion, some making it very clear why. Conservative

The Canadian Progressive: #GlobalNoDrones: First global day of action against surveillance and killer drones

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, thousands of people around the world are expected to protest the burgeoning use of drones for surveillance and extrajudicial killings.

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The Canadian Progressive: Bizarre Conservative MP Paul Calandra’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized

Someone really pissed off has edited Paul Calandra’s Wikipedia page to reflect the Conservative MP’s bizarre obsession with Israel.

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The Canadian Progressive: Conservative MP, Commons Speaker Desecrated Parliament

A simple question by NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair during Question Period led to a bizarre exchange with a Conservative MP and exposed House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer’s incompetence and lack of neutrality.

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Pushed to the Left and Loving It: Could Someone Possibly Guilty of War Crimes Really Win a Nobel Peace Prize?

Social media has been buzzing recently over the announcement that the B’Nai Brith has put forward Stephen Harper’s name as a possible recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

This prestigious award is presented to an individual or group of individuals who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Above all. The promotion of peace.

It boggles the mind.

I can’t think of a single incident or plank in this government’s platform that promotes peaceful resolutions to anything. (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Israeli spy veterans refuse to “harm innocent Palestinians”

34 Israeli intelligence veterans who have served in Unit 8200 write to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explaining why they refuse to serve and “harm innocent Palestinians.”

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