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Alberta Politics: Why Canada’s belligerent Conservatives are likely praying for peace in the Persian Gulf

PHOTOS: The nuclear powered American aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf in in 2014. (U.S. Navy photo.) Mighty warships are the carriers, but in the constricted waters of the Gulf, vulnerable nevertheless. Below: A map of the Gulf… . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Why Canada’s belligerent Conservatives are likely praying for peace in the Persian Gulf

LeDaro: Israel —-Palestine

PARIS — An encounter with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Paris climate conference should not be misinterpreted as a harbinger of a rapprochement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, hours after the two men shook hand… . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Israel —-Palestine What does the Liberal win mean for Jewish groups?

The longest election campaign in modern Canadian history delivered more than a surprise Liberal majority – it yielded six new Jewish MPs for the winning party: Michael Levitt in Toronto’s York Centre; Anthony Housefather in Mount Royal, and Jim Carr in Winnipeg South Centre – all ridings with large Jewish populations – as well as […] It’s time to mend fences in the Jewish community

When we sat down in early summer to discuss how we’d cover what was expected to be a five-week fall campaign, CJN editor Yoni Goldstein asked me to write a weekly column about election topics of Jewish interest. The idea – a departure from past practice of mostly limiting ourselves to rather pedestrian riding profiles […]

Alberta Politics: Lawyers, guns and money: Russia’s intervention in Syria offers a useful teaching moment for Canadians

PHOTOS: A Russian Su-34 bomber releases a bomb near the provisional ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria. (Russian Ministry of Defence photo.) Below: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian civil war has offered a unique teaching moment for Canadians about the […]

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Enemies of Israel List

Well we've always known that Stephen Harper has a long list of enemies, real or imagined.And we also know that he will do or say anything to pander to the right-wing Jewish vote.But this combination couldn't be more disgusting. Read more »

Alberta Politics: Russian boots on Syrian ground create new reality for Canadian leaders, whether they discuss it or not

PHOTOS: Russian President Vladimir Putin – creating new realities for Canadian leaders to talk about … or not. Below: The three Canadian debating amigos, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. As the three principal contenders for the job of running the country were sparring entertainingly over the […]

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One of the questions I posed in this space a few weeks ago was: who will be the next big-name Jewish MP? With apologies to Joe Oliver, Canada’s first Jewish federal finance minister, what I may subconsciously have been asking is who will be the next Irwin Cotler, now that the 75-year-old Mount Royal Liberal […]

The Canadian Progressive: All this Quebec candidate would ask for? A “cellphone, a penis and lots of chips”

All Bloc Québécois candidate VirJiny Provost would want in the event that she was the sole survivor of a catastrophic nuclear attack is a “cellphone, a penis and lots of chips.”

The post All this Quebec candidate would ask for? A “cellphone, a penis and lots of chips” appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Israel shouldn’t be a political football or litmus test

Despite public and private appeals to call off the event, the Jewish Defence League (JDL) went ahead with its unfortunate decision to picket a Liberal fundraiser at the Toronto home of pharmaceutical magnate and Jewish philanthropist Barry Sherman. Before the Aug. 26 protest, Sherman was viciously attacked on social media, with trolls questioning his motives […]

Accidental Deliberations: On veto points

I’ll follow up on this post by once again discussing another area where individuals’ past comments are being treated as a basis for general exclusion. And the subject is particularly sensitive the midst of an election campaign – particularly in light of the issue where it’s surfacing.

As in the case of judicial appointments, the starting point should be that past comments offer a reasonable basis for rejecting political candidates only if they meaningfully signal some general unsuitability for their anticipated future role (in this case representing constituents as a party’s MP), not merely because they differ from one’s preferred (Read more…)

Excited Delirium: The Leading NDP Need to Show Leadership

Being in the lead mean you have to take the lead on challenging issues. It’s time for the NDP to truly prove to Canadians that they are worth voting for.

Bill Longstaff: The NDP stumbles over Palestinian political correctness

Morgan Wheeldon, NDP candidate for Kings-Hants, Nova Scotia, has been pressured into resigning over comments he made on Facebook. The comments, now deleted, included “One could argue that Israel’s intention was always to ethnically cleanse the region—there are direct quotations proving this to be the case. Guess we just sweep that under the rug. A minority of Palestinians are bombing buses in

LeDaro: Religion and politics

Major religion’s total followers in the world are:

Christian: 2.6 billion (with b.)Muslims: 1.6 billionJews : 13 million only.

6 million Jews live in Israel and rest of the 7 million are spread around the world especially in U.S, Canada and European countries.

Yet Israel/Jews control the foreign policies of U.S. Canada, Germany, Britain and some other European countries. Our current Prime Minister Harper is a lapdog for Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama does not dare to do anything which may look against Israel. Previous presidents of U.S. were the same way. Obama (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Well, That’s a Relief!

Israel has officially absolved itself of any wrongdoing in the murder of four Palestinian kids killed on a Gaza beach last summer.

The kids – they were children – had a soccer ball in play when an Israeli patrol boat opened fire on them with explosive shells. Unfortunately, for the Israelis, foreign journalists witnessed the slaughter. The New York Times’s Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Tyler Hicks, who witnessed the incident, though from a different angle to the Guardian, wrote in a blog at the time: “A small metal shack with no electricity or running water on a jetty in the (Read more…) . . . → Read More: The Disaffected Lib: Well, That’s a Relief!

The Canadian Progressive: Harper must clarify ‘zero tolerance’ for Israel boycotters: Church

The United Church of Canada wants “clear reassurance” that Prime minister Stephen Harper does not intend to criminalize Canadians critical of Israel.

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Montreal Simon: Robert Fisk: Why Harper’s Blind Support of Israel is Dangerous

Last week I wrote that Stephen Harper's threat to use hate laws against Canadians who peacefully protest the actions of Israel's brutish Netanyahu regime, was the first shadow of a police state. Now Robert Fisk, the distinguished Middle East correspondent, has taken that criticism a step further.By calling Harper's blind support of Israel both crazy AND dangerous.Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s effort to criminalize legitimate Canadian criticism of Israel is diabolical

Canadians have a moral obligation to revolt against Stephen Harper’s efforts to criminalize both legitimate criticism of Israel and support for Palestinians.

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Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the First Shadows of a Police State

When I saw this photo during the hearings into Bill C-51 it sent a chill down my spine.Because that posse is a horrible combination of stupidity and brute force, it looks like something out of a police state, or Pinochet's Chile.And I knew those three amigos would lead us to a bad place.And sure enough, now that their totalitarian bill has cleared parliament, they're smiling like cats who just ate a bucket of mice.And threatening those who would peacefully protest against the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu's racist settler regime. Read more »

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Harper The Fascist Part MMXVIII

Remember in 2013, I wrote a rather lengthy post explaining the parallels between the Harper Government and fascism?

Yeah, that.

In the last week or so, the Harper Government has passed Bill C-51, which more or less turns the entire RCMP-CSIS-CSEC establishment into the PMO’s private police force.  It grants the state extraordinary powers of surveillance, arrest and detention with virtually no oversight except for that of the Minister responsible for national security.  There is so much wrong with Bill C-51 and the structures it creates that I could rant about it all day.  If Harper creating a politically (Read more…)

Left Over: The Thought Police: Alive and Well and Ruling in Canada

Ottawa considering hate charges against those who boycott Israel Blaney’s office cites ‘comprehensive’ hate laws for new zero tolerance plans

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: May 11, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: May 11, 2015 5:00 AM ET

”ll bet Junior Trudeau is so happy he signed off on C-51…right now, my instinct is to declare that I have in fact been boycotting any Israeli products for years, as have many others. If the Cons want to come after me in any way, shape or form I’m happy to oblige them. I’mm betting that lawyers will be lining up (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Is CBC Hate Speech Story Bullshit?

WK thinks its bullshit, and he’s mostly right.  It would be really, really difficult to use CDN hate-speech laws to go after the BDS movement, for reasons he cites.  And there is a long chain of inferences leading from the actual facts as stated in the CBC story to the writer’s conclusions.  But on the other hand, why would a minister explain what “zero tolerance” of the BDS movement meant by referencing “a detailed list of Canada’s updated hate laws”?  That is rather odd.

PS.  I had similar concerns as those expressed in the story a few years (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: The oppressive market

Shorter Cons: Talking about not buying goods is officially a punishable offence.

The Disaffected Lib: Shoot to Kill – Anyone, Everyone

Israeli soldiers willfully targeted civilians in last year’s war on Gaza.

Testimonies provided by more than 60 Israeli soldiers who fought in last summer’s war in Gaza have raised serious questions over whether Israel’s tactics breached its obligations under international law to distinguish and protect civilians.

The claims – collected by the human rights group Breaking the Silence – are contained in dozens of interviews with Israeli combatants, as well as with soldiers who served in command centres and attack rooms, a quarter of them officers up to the rank of major.

They include allegations that Israeli ground troops were (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Don’t Eat That, Charlie, It’s Bullshit.

Most of us come with a pretty good “BD” or Bullshit Detector as standard equipment.  People lie, so we need it.  Not that it always works but it’s still pretty good.  The more obvious the lie the better our BD works.  White lies sometimes get past us but whoppers rarely do.

So, why?

Why have we spent decades listening to Israeli leaders tell us how they support the “Two State” solution only to then authorize new Israeli settlements on land that plainly belongs to the Palestinians?  Look at it this way – there are now more than 600,000 lies illegally (Read more…)