Alberta Politics: The Sonic privatization mystery: what were the Tories thinking?

PHOTOS: More medical lab techs examining specimens, still not illustrated exactly as they’re likely to appear nowadays. Below: Progressive Conservative health ministers Gary Mar, Iris Evans, Stephen Mandel and Fred Horne, every one a would-be privatizer and every one in a picture personally snapped by your blogger. Viewed with 20/20 hindsight, a Frequently-Asked-Questions document published ... - Alberta Politics: PC Party patronage machine grinds to a halt, future of appointees unknown

After 44 years as government, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party built an impressive patronage machine. For many decades, there very likely has not been a board with provincially appointed members that did not enjoy the presence of a PC Party member. As Rachel Notley‘s New Democrats transition into… Continue Reading → - Alberta politics blog: alberta election candidate update – january 2012.

As an election approaches, Alberta’s political parties are busy nominating candidates across the province. Listed below are some of the most recent updates made the list of nominated candidates, including recent Progressive Conservative nominees in Calgary-Fish Creek, Calgary-McCall, Calgary-West, Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, and Sherwood Park. Nominated Alberta Election candidates by region – January 23, 2012 ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election candidate update – january 2012.

With an election fast approaching, Alberta’s political parties are busy nominating candidates across the province. Here is a regional breakdown showing where candidates have been nominated and some of the recent updates. Nominated Alberta Election candidates by region (January 16, 2012) Airdrie: Former Airdrie Mayor Linda Bruce and current Alderman Kelly Hegg are seeking the Progressive ... - Alberta politics blog: rookie photos of alberta mla’s retiring in 2012.

With an election expected to be held in the next few months and a new Premier setting a new tone, many long-time and not-so-long-time Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly have decided that now is time to retire or look for greener pastures. The nineteen MLAs not seeking re-election are former Premier Ed Stelmach, Ken Kowalski, ... - Alberta politics blog: ken kowalski chooses retirement over death in office.

Retiring Speaker Ken Kowalski He once told Albertans that he would “die in office” rather than retire and collect his gold plated severance package, but this week Speaker Ken Kowalski opted for retirement instead of the afterlife. The long-time MLA announced yesterday in a letter to the Progressive Conservative Party that he would not be ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Premier Alison Redford enforces generational change in Alberta government

Alberta Speaker Ken Kowalski and other former PC ministers line up to wait for their transition allowances. Tory politicians may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Mr. Kowalski, former Premier Ed Stelmach, Iris Evans, Lloyd Snelgrove. Civilization as we know it in Alberta has ended. Ken Kowalski, 66, is stepping down. The Speaker of the ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election candidate update – december 2011.

The list of candidates nominated across the province continues to grow as we get closer to an expected Spring 2012 election. Nominated Alberta election candidates by region. December 8, 2011 The sudden burst of retirement announcements by Stelmach-era cabinet ministers has prompted a flurry of nomination activity in constituencies that could be considered Tory strongholds (where winning ... - Alberta politics blog: alison redford appoints gary mar’s cabinet.

Tory MLAs gather for the traditional game musical chairs to choose the new Cabinet. Do you think Gary Mar left a draft cabinet list in the Premier’s Office when he was measuring the drapes? Because Premier Alison Redford found it. We were told to expect big changes, that many “household names” would be dropped from ... - Alberta politics blog: alison redford’s first cabinet – who’s in? who’s out?

Premier Alison Redford will announce the appointment of her first cabinet at 10:00am this morning. I presented my list of predictions last week and since then we have some stronger indication of who will be appointed today and who will be joining the backbenchers this morning. We have been told to expect a significant shuffle ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Alison Redford sworn in as premier and … uh … that’s all for now

Alison Redford, the 14th premier of Alberta, raises her right hand and promises to be different from the last Conservative premier. Below, she greets well-wishers as she leaves the Legislature with her family. Now that Alison Redford has been safely sworn in as Alberta’s first woman premier, the fun can really begin.The gloves can come ... - Alberta politics blog: surprised that gary mar is supporting privatized health care? don’t be. just look at his record.

Gary Mar Was it the beginnings of a complicated political strategy, the osmosis of sitting in the Edmonton Sun offices, or the anticipation of an endorsement from former Premier Ralph Klein that caused Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Gary Mar to come out swinging in favour of privatized health care this week? Speaking to the Edmonton ... - Alberta politics blog: a first ballot victory for gary mar?

  Gary Mar's campaign bus. First ballot voting for Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership does not take place until September 17, but a show of force has led some politicos to begin speculating that former cabinet minister Gary Mar could be steamrolling towards a first ballot victory against his five opponents. With a flashy campaign launch, ... - Alberta politics blog: a look at the candidates lining up in the race to replace ed stelmach.

The candidates lining up to replace Premier Ed Stelmach as leader of the PC Party have been campaigning for months, yet what should be the hottest political leadership contest of the year has so far been a quiet affair. Will it take the summer months to heat up this contest, or will Albertans wait until ...