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Congratulations Dippers and Greens, what an historic showing.The Bloc might be history, as in the not so distant past and the Cons get their coveted majority at the expense of the Liberals. I for one am leery of the future with a Conservative majority…*shudder*

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The Cost of Living

Rising household costs continue to affect Canadians and there is no relief in sight. Canadians, who are already finding difficulty in choosing between paying their bills or putting food on the table, will feel the squeeze continuing into the later half… . . . → Read More: The Cost of Living

May out of debate, again

Elizabeth May has once again been denied the opportunity to particpate in the leader’s debate. It is a repeat of 2008 when the broadcasting consortium said she wasn’t invited, yet due to public pressure, she was invited after all. I am guessing, and ho… . . . → Read More: May out of debate, again

The more things change, the more they stay the same

It’s like Dsert Storm in 1991 all over again. Back then I was a youngin of 14 years of age and what I saw on CNN was awesome to me at the time. Anti-aircraft shells sgoing off in the night sky with the cool green glow of night vision. Patriot missles a… . . . → Read More: The more things change, the more they stay the same

United States of Embarassment

I’ve said it time and time again that governments, specifically the United States and the Canadian variety do not condone peaceful protests. Take this latest example of Ray McGovern being forcefully removed and roughed up during a speech by Hillary Cli… . . . → Read More: United States of Embarassment

Stephen Harper supports democratic protests?

Stephen Harper is a champion of the right to protest, as long as it doesn’t include violence and as long as it doesn’t occur in his Canada. He has on a few occasions opined that he firmly supports the protest de jour in whatever country there happens t… . . . → Read More: Stephen Harper supports democratic protests?

On Mental Health

This past week, a man by the name of Steven Michael Kokotec was taken to hospital for psychiatric reasons, and after being released, he jumped off a ten story parking garage, killing himself. On December 23, another patient, Margaret Draskovich, walked… . . . → Read More: On Mental Health