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Northern Insight: Guts and glory

Title of the final article on Ian Reid‘s website, The Real Story, began with the words: Guts and glory. Of course, he was not writing about himself but those word applied to Ian, along with wisdom, dedication, loyalty and generosity.

His journey ended Saturday. That it lasted until April 2014 was evidence of extraordinary courage.

Rest in peace friend. We’ll miss you.

Northern Insight: Salute to a man we can all admire

It’s great to know the BC NDP this weekend honoured Ian Reid with a life membership and warm recognition for his long service to politics and public service in British Columbia.

What’s even better is that our friend was there to enjoy the honour first hand. Scriblerians of BC’s blog world have high regard for Ian. That’s not just for his skills of analysis and communication and dedication to family, friends and the community, but mostly for unselfishness and uncommon courage and determination to live life fully. He’s worked to continue his game of chess well beyond the time others (Read more…)

Northern Insight: No doubt about the winner in a contest of one

Ian Reid and Bob Mackin have been the leading journalists examining Paragon Gaming’s past relationship with Pavco. We knew Paragon had an inside track for the proposed casino at BC Place but it now seems theirs was the only horse in the race.

Reid’s BC Place meet Paragon Gaming, along with his earlier reports, exposes information demonstrating a back-room deal was in progress until public exposure and Gordon Campbell’s ignominious departure led to the deal imploding.

“…[Pavco consultant Brent] MacGregor’s meetings with Paragon – there were many more – suggest that BC Place wasn’t looking for the best

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Northern Insight: Renewal without reform?

A skilled and practised word hunter, Ian Reid can flush out sources from behind stone walls. Thursday, he scooped the Legislature’s press gang and published Mea culpa, mea culpa, the release that Christy Clark was not allowed to issue.

Visit The Real Story for the whole story.

Premier Clark explained her revelation that no real people live in Victoria. Apparently, Christy didn’t mean that the entire city, its citizens and their sick culture were unreal. Only parts.

In the mea culpa, she clarified,

“You want to know about unreal? Ever seen Kevin Falcon’s “hair” up close? Not that real.

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Cowichan Conversations: Canadian vs American Health Care- A View From Both Sides!

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes-Political Blogger


Ian Reid knows the reality of both American and Canadian Health Care systems and his blog and the comments that follow are right on the money.

It is called ‘The Real Story’ and that is exactly what you will find there.

Ian has been there working in government somewhat behind the scenes for many years. Most recently he was Carole James Chief of Staff until he had to step back for serious cancer issues that he continues to fight, telling the story and shining a light on the path as he goes.

I highly recommend

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Northern Insight: A shill game

Ian Reid at The Real Story has proposed a new name for ‘Concerned Citizens for B.C.’, a group organized by Liberal toady Jim Shepard.

From BC Rail shill to straight out BC Liberal shill. Maybe his group should be called “Concerned Liberals for Saving Our Scandal Ridden Ass.”

Northern Insight: For climate change skeptics

A comment by Tom Rand, the resident clean tech advisor at MaRS discovery district in Toronto. He has North America ‘s “Greenest” hostel. His life’s work is pushing the needle on carbon and he presents some very practical ways we can make changes now to wean ourselves of carbon AT A PROFIT! (he’s the investor / banker)

“I don’t think the climate scientists are wrong but let’s just say all the paranoid conspiracy theorists are right and climate science is wrong.

“Oops, we accidentally made ourselves more energy secure, we cleaned our air and created jobs for no good

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Northern Insight: Spread this story and these links

Ian Reid adroitly captures the question to be answered about BC Rail:

“Why did the BC Liberals want to shut the trial down? What were they so afraid of that they would compromise the civil service, the administration of justice and maybe even the law to keep it out of the public eye?

“What, in other words, were they covering up?”

Another question might ask why Vancouver Sun editorialists and numerous press gallery members, particularly the long established like Palmer, Baldrey, Leslie, Leyne and Fletcher, have participated in the cover up?

All the fussing, misdirection and obfuscation might put

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Northern Insight: Canada’s most transparent government

Ian Reid is reporting that thousands of pages of BC Rail documents are newly released under FOI rules. All but five are blank.

The word ‘five’ is not a misprint but I think there was a misprint in the BC Liberal platform document that said:

“It’s time for a New Era of Accountability. Our plan will deliver real transparent, accountable government. “Our Vision: The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.”

Northern Insight: Mostly fools

When asked the population of England, Scottish historian and essayist Thomas Carlyle gave as his answer,

“Thirty millions, mostly fools.”

If asked about British Columbia’s population, Time Colonist writer Les Leyne would say,

“4.6 millions, mostly fools.”

That would explain a pair of columns by Leyne that could establish a new low — not an easy feat after 11 years mindless subservience to BC Liberal propaganda — for lazy reporting that merely expounds government issued talking points.

Van Dongen’s exit a stampede of one Van Dongen’s fight is far from over

Legislative press gallery reporters ought to

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Northern Insights / Perceptivity: Something is rotten in the state of PavCo

The government’s fiscal year ends in a few days so here’s a suggestion for more accurate financial reports in BC. Add a separate line item for “Fraud, Theft & Abuse.” That way, taxpayers could know the real costs of legitimate programs and the 30% of voters still supporting Christy Clark’s team would better know what the subterfuge of her friends is costing.

Fraud prevention experts know that dupery often starts small and, if not contained, can grow to more than 5% of budgets. For an undisciplined dishonest government spending $40-billion annually on programs, that would be $2-billion a

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Northern Insights / Perceptivity: Read The Real Story, then get mad, stay mad

Stay mad until every single BC Liberal politician is sent home in disgrace.

If any single situation demonstrates conclusively that BC Liberals continue to hide from the truth, this is it. If there is no fraud to hide, why are they hiding everything?

Read Ian Reid’s Open government my ass

Here is Ian’s description of the received result of his long, long FOI quest for documents related to the Basi/Virk BC Rail trial. You remember, the judicial travesty that was ended by a multi-million dollar payout of public funds and papered over with non-disclosure agreements dictated by the real criminals

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Northern Insights / Perceptivity: The days grow short

From the brim to the dregs, and it poured sweet and clear, It was a very good year. It was a mess of good years. (Ervin Drake)

Important contributions from independent journalists illustrate the diseased state of British Columbia’s political environment. Polling under 30% support, the powers behind Premier Photo-Op know their days grow short and that makes them more dangerous.

Bob Mackin files a report that brings to mind BC’s great train robbery. Are thieves in pin stripe suits about to uncouple more public enterprises and steal away in similar fogs of deception?

To me, involvement of Christy Clark

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