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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Class Conflict #nlpoli

The former Premier.

The premier wannabe.


Dead Wild Roses: Caturday: Pallas Cat

Shakesville had this video and it’s too funny not to share.

More about the Pallas Cat: Wikipedia

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #HarperFired Soudas Joins Liberals Who Need Heads Examined

To welcome Soudas and Adams into their party after all of the years of their Liberal-bashing, proves that they aren’t a Big-Tent, but rather a Motel Room-for-rent.

“Dimitri Soudas arrives with a handful, maybe perhaps boxes full, of information,” Graham told CTV News Channel. “Soudas has a lot of secrets. He tells people that. He knows a lot. He knows what went on in the Prime Minister’s Office. He knows a lot more about Stephen Harper than perhaps many around him.”

The common Canadian would raise an eyebrow or two at this news, if they gave a rat’s ass (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The (New) Hockey Song

It would have been more of a tribute if the puck was dropped by a disabled vet. #cdnpoli

— Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens) February 8, 2015

I’m seeing alarming tweeted images of military men taking over a Maple Leafs game with weapons drawn. Oh wait, it’s a gimmick. Well then.

— kevin harding (@kevinharding) February 8, 2015

“What would Stompin’ Tom say to this?” Possibly:

Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s military time, The camo’s out, let’s give a shout They’re stopping every dime. Tension grows, & the fans are all insane, The (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Meninism?

My very first thought was: “What foolishness is this?” Then I saw a blurb about Meninism on the Time website.

The hashtags #Meninist and #Meninism have been around Twitter for more than a year, and the people who use them generally fall in two camps: people who use the term to call out ways they believe they’ve been victimized by feminism, and people who make fun of the first group for not understanding what feminism means in the first place.

Oh wow. First reaction completely on target.


On the upside, the farce known as “meninism” has (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian Environmental Group Uses Satire To Highlight Energy East Pipeline Risks

Environmental Defence’s “Great Canadian Migrations” satirical video says grave risks posed by TransCanada’s proposed Energy East tar sands pipeline include climate change and oil spills

The post Canadian Environmental Group Uses Satire To Highlight Energy East Pipeline Risks appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Dead Wild Roses: The First Time Bidet Experience.

The tagline from youtube – “Like a massage for your Anus.” Not much more needs to be said. Full disclosure, I’ve never tried going the bidet route but after seeing this video its definitely going on my bucket list..:)

I know you are all flush with excitement to watch the video so no more words from me.



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Dead Wild Roses: How to tell if your Dog is involved in a Sex Scandal

Never doubt the frown.

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Snake Throwing Video

When a ‘night out with the boys and snake’ goes terribly wrong, you get an international disgrace.

Remember the snake thrown behind the counter at Tim Horton's Dec 8th? YEP! There's video.

— David Kirton (@dkckom) January 12, 2015

This is why drinking isn’t allowed in public, it’s because of people with alcohol problems who get drunk, go to a fast food coffee place with their cans of Pilsner, and make trouble for the staff there while swearing as much as possible to make things even more awkward.

CKOM: “Luke Apooch and Christopher Cook face charges of mischief, (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The Hobbit Ends

I saw the last Hobbit [8/10] movie on Friday, with Jeri. We had food at Montana’s just before. I had the veggie feta burger and it was very good, it tasted just like a meat burger. My distant cousin ended up being seated at the table next to us.

The most exciting part of the movie was in the first ten minutes, but it was overall enjoyable. It was plain that if you hadn’t seen earlier installations of this series, you’d feel a bit left-out. The part of the plot depending upon the Dwarf king’s promise was a bit weakened (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – The Very Best of 2014

Ms. Betty Bowers hits the highlights of christian religious folly from 2014.

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Cowichan Conversations: Perhaps A Beer Pipeline Would Meet With Public Approval

Blaise Salmon

By Blaise Salmon

While historically B.C.’s economy was resource-based, by 2012, only three per cent of B.C.’s GDP came from oil, gas and related services, according to the B.C. Economic Accounts.

Many other sectors of the economy — finance, construction, tourism, high tech and even green jobs — are now more important.

By the same token, the famed Alberta oilsands make up only two per cent of Canada’s GDP, while providing 112,000 jobs. In comparison, a 2013 Conference Board study showed that more jobs, 163,000, were provided by Canada’s beer industry — including (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Our Holiday Tree… and our Cats.

This is why we can’t have nice things in our house…

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Moose Party to enter race in Avalon #nlpoli

Munn E Moose announced today that he will carry the Moose Party banner in the next federal election in the riding of Avalon.

"Harper has no CLASS”  said Moose.  “It’s time to take ACTION."

Moose, who is also the leader and only known member of the party said that the previous lack of success for the party is no obstacle.  "This election, we won’t be FENCED IN."

Asked if voters in Avalon would support someone who family roots are not in this province,  Moose protested that his family has been here for more than a century.

(Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Blasphemy!

Wacky Weligious News!

When will people say “enough”?

I mean, how much more silly do religious beliefs need to become before we can all agree that we are really great story tellers, but the stories we spin need to stay safely in the land marked FICTION.

But, until then we have potholer54 to tell us about Holy Sinkholes and the Shoes of Blasphemy.

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. . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Blasphemy!

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Giving Movies a Bad Rap: Jurassic World Park Something

From Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, and a lack of imagination… comes a film event of a lifetime… unless you’ve lived longer than 19 years.

It’s apt that Jurassic World and #Ferguson trend at the top together on Twitter. Some things should be left in the past, like racism, dinosaurs, and ’90s movies.

Dead Wild Roses: Batman’s Lesser Known, yet still really cool, Enemies – Palindrome Man!

I think I’ve crossed a word-geek Rubicon of sorts by posting this. Oh well.

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Dead Wild Roses: Thug Kitchen – Healthier Living for Everyone

The following post has a higher than usual amount of profanity (for DWR, anyway). You have been warned.

Eating right is hard. Eating horribly wrong is so very easy. Are we all doomed to clogged arteries, pickled livers, and malnourished obese children? No! Thug Kitchen is here to save us all! What started as an awesome blog is now a cookbook with it’s own trailer!

What makes Thug Kitchen so special? There are lots of health cook books out there, but you may have noticed a slightly unusual tone in the trailer. From the Thug Kitchen FAQ section:

[Thug (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Scottish Fish Invented Sex

I'm not sure I can bear hearing that the Scottish invented both #curling AND #sex. #Scotland

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) October 20, 2014

Microbrachius dicki was the fish that realized it could use sex to reproduce. Feeling unsatisfied, fish eventually returned to spawning instead.

MT @CBCQuirks "Sex first emerged 'in ancient Scottish lake' (insert joke here) " – Microbrachius dicki. Insert Dicki joke is what he did.

— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) October 20, 2014

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Regina Loves Pits

We can’t have just one!

Dead Wild Roses: How is Ayn Rand Still A Thing?

The funny folks over at Last Week Tonight tackle cover Rand and her amazing set of ‘ideas’ – you remember the ones – the “fuck you, I’ve got mine” high minded ‘philosophy’ that, because it dovetails with capitalism, did not die the premature death it so rightly deserves.


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Dead Wild Roses: The Technical Data on Sewing Machines?

I have to be honest here, I cannot be counted among the in-the-know sartorial elite. I’m pretty sure this isn’t accurate but I still find this picture to be quite amusing.


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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Oz

“Oz: The Great and Powerful” [9/10] made me think the TV was malfunctioning when it started, because it’s at half the screen size and black and white. This is by design, to give it an old and otherworldly appearance. It’s a clever movie though, and if you enjoyed Wizard of Oz, you’ll probably like this one too.

Dead Wild Roses: I Just Don’t Know What To Say – Opposition to Climate Change – #Burn Noticed

People are so terribly ignorant when it comes to climate change, in the face of this seemingly unconquerable monolith of stupidity Jon Stewart finds a way to get his point across.

We’re in trouble if the people in charge of Science and Technology are this ignorant. (wilfully or otherwise)

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Amazing Discovery

Have you heard about the amazing discovery the Harper Government is responsible for?

No, not the Franklin Expedition which remained known to the Inuit for almost 200 years through oral history, I’m talking about the discovery in Ottawa that the federal government isn’t maintaining important national landmarks related to science.