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Dead Wild Roses: Your Crotch Can Kill!

No one expects a flying crotch attack, nor should they. This is an ad by the Government of Alberta in attempt to be ‘hip’ and ‘edgy’ and appeal to the young shite-for-brains motorists who somehow think that driving is compatible with using a cell phone.

It is isn’t. So don’t do it. But for those that require a message specially tailored to their demographic, observe below. (CBC Source)

Overkill. Not really considering that the stupid things people do on the road.

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Cowichan Conversations: Rick Mercer Rants About The ‘Fair Election Act’

cartoon life: Where can I find your free ebooks and stuff? Hmmm?

I can haz free cat books?

I’m switching out stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive. The eight wallpapers I posted earlier have a new home, and all the free ebooks, cats and landscapes are also there.

The 100 cats (nearly 150 cats only $0.99!) ebook is still at iTunes, along with the also free ebook, 20 Monsters.

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Colbert At Google. Replacing Letterman

Dead Wild Roses: Birkenstocks and The World of Fashion

All Hail the Double Face Palm of Fashion!

Oh the consternation! Oh the anguish! What are people to do when presented with such a horrible choicewhen their very societal presence and standing threatened by a humble German sandal.

Dear Fashion World and associated flaky devotees – you amuse the fuck out of me. Someone ‘famous’ does something different and then whether it is a good thing or not, you ravenous lemmings go whole-hog-wild and make it a trend.

Case in point – Australian bedroom slippers:


“Generally worn for warmth and comfort, Australian ugg boots had never (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: April Fools Prank in Class

If you watch this, turn down the sound a bit, read the captions, and prepare to laugh loudly.

Dead Wild Roses: The Heart of Darkness – A Portrait of Depravity

Another one of those “must reads” of great western literature. I read it, and it was, as most “must reads” boring as all hell.

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disserivce – The Religious Should Just Play Diablo.

The world would be a much better place if the religious would instead of going to church and campaigning to reverse enlightenment ideals just played some Diablo 3 and got all of their god bothering, change-the-world-for-the-worse urges out of their system. It is a win win situation for everyone, the religious get to beat down god’s enemies meanwhile outside the game, reasonable people get to make reasonable decisions about how society should be run with out the spectre of biblical tomfoolery consistently pissing on the Enlightenment ideals our society is based on. It would be great!

The Evilly Evil (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: One Thought At A Time

If you write only one sentence paragraphs, it makes you look like a poet.

You should try this too.

Write only one line, then start another.

See what happens to your writing.

You might be surprised.

In the end, you could be disappointed.

Hopefully, you’ll want to share your rambling nonsense with the rest of us.

You’ll never be quoted if you don’t start writing one-liners.

Cowichan Conversations: The New Dentist


Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Soudas was Resign-Fired #HarperFired #cdnpoli

It happens with plenty of Harperites. They Resign, no wait, they were Fired. Depending on who you are, there’s a different tale of what caused the undesirable to fall under the Harper Omni-Bus.



Nigel Wright who worked in the Prime Minister’s Office until last year was also Resign-Fired. Fired.


Michael Sona was Resign-Fired too. Maybe this needs a name or hashtag? #HarperFired? Resigned.


Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: SaskPower Carbon Capture and Storage Going Online Today, On Schedule

@tingeyd -Construction of the @SaskPowerCCS facility is complete. Currently commissioning and preparing for commercial operation Spring 2014—   (@SaskPowerCCS) January 27, 2014

“The government boasted at last week’s Boundary Dam symposium that the project will be up and running this fall and completed by next April, on time and on budget.”

Hey, today’s April Fool’s Day. Of course it’s not going online today, as planned last May September by politicians managing SaskPower.

.@saskpowerccs capture unit ready to go online this summer – essential technology for the future #ppet @ACforesight— Mihaela Carstei (@MCarstei) (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Who’s on First! A Classic from Abbott and Costello

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Soudas All By Himself


@MarkHorseman LOL, don't worry, @PMOharper took care of that too.… #Anders— John Klein (@JohnKleinRegina) March 28, 2014

I think Rob Anders would have been a better choice for Finance Minister than Joe Oliver.

Melissa Fong: What is satire responsible for? #CancelColbert trending & Colbert not apologizing for racism & transphobic tweets

Is it satire if it hurts millions of people it intends to defend? Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Repor is receiving a lot of heat for recent racist and trans-phobic […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Wall Divesting From Russian Liquor #skpoli

We've contacted the fed gov't & Ukrn-Cdn groups to determine best way to support freedom & democracy in Ukraine. We will act on that advice.— Brad Wall (@PremierBradWall) February 24, 2014

Premier Brad Wall says gov't is looking at options to pull Russian liquor products from provincial stores in response to crisis in Ukraine— Marco Vigliotti (@Metro_Marco) March 20, 2014

Premier Wall, having gorged himself with other Canadian politicians on weeks of Russian Olympics propaganda, now considers Russian intoxicants to be the enemy.

What a game! Saskatchewan's @wick_22 & the Canadian Women's Hockey team are golden!!!

Congrats!! #WeAreWinter (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Sunday Disservice: Shame

While the Jehovah’s Witnesses may be most famed for refusing life-saving medical treatments like blood transfusions for their children, their doctrine also ruins lives in smaller ways. And they’re determined to get their message out. See below for a message to the Deaf community, setting a Biblical foundation for forbidding masturbation. (The soundtrack was added later by somebody else.)

The main thing I personally learned from this video is that the ASL signs for male and female masturbation are different, and whoever made up the sign for female masturbation didn’t know about the clitoris.

Below the fold, subtitles for (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Friday Musical Interlude – The Ballad of Magellan

Yakko: There once was a man, his name was Magellan. A Portuguese skipper, the girls found him cute. He sailed with five ships to find the East Indies Then come back to Spain with a bounty of loot. The Warners: Whoopi-ti-yi-yo, oh, happy Magellan! Starting your journey with hardly a care! Whoopi-ti-yi-yo, strong, brave Magellan, You’ll find the East Indies, you just don’t know where! Yakko: They crossed the Atlantic and spotted a country. Magellan said… Magellan: It’s the East Indies at last! Yakko: But then someone shouted… Wakko: Hey, that’s Argentina! Yakko: (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Dr. Strangelove Was More Of a Documentary Than We Thought

This is a little bit terrifying, in the context of world destruction. Dr. Strangelove was a great movie in the 60s about a military base commander going crazy and ordering a nuclear strike on Russia without Presidential authorization. It should be remade today with another great comedic actor like Steve Carell.

It turns out, MAD was real, and the Russians didn’t tell anyone about it making it pointless. Way to go, crazy Russians.

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #TellItToTheJudge Because #TellVicEverything Went Sideways

Vic Toews becoming a freaking judge was the most predicted patronage appointment since Harper put Duffy into the Senate, and we know how well that turned out.

It looks terrible. The bench should not be used as a retirement home for burnt out politicians. That’s what the Senate is for, and certain consular offices.

Dead Wild Roses: Fox News in One Screen Capture.

Funny and scary all at the same time.

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Dead Wild Roses: Friday Musical Interlude

Tom Lehrer is a Renaissance Man of the twentieth century. He’s not only a composer, pianist, and singer, who lectures extensively on musical theatre; he’s also a published and teaching mathematician.

Mystro is a particular fan of Dr. Lehrer’s work and has performed it on several occasions, when our choir replaces rehearsal with Talent Nite.

Last week was our singing teacher’s student cabaret. Upon learning, maybe a month ago, that the Italian aria he had been working on wouldn’t do for a cabaret, Arb had to scramble for some different, lighter repertoire, and decided to follow Mystro’s example. Here’s the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: An Inspiring Sign of the Times


This picture graced my inbox this morning. Apparently there were a number placed through the Shawnigan umm, downtown area.

If anyone has any more pictures, background or information feel free to contact me at so that we may collaborate.

Will we see more coming? Who dunnit?

Richard Hughes-Let’s Collaborate

BTW I have heard through the grapevine that my name has been connected to the buzz.

Nice enough, but if I had done it there would have been a rooster on the sign, probably my picture and blog address.

Well at least people will be chattering about it, (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Rick Mercer on Winter Weather Amnesia

Dead Wild Roses: Republicans Haven’t Changed Much…

Funny how things George was talking about are still, well, problematic today.

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