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Regan Wolfrom: On the Manitoba Liberals – I’m like that guy with the antique store who never really closes shop…

Maybe I can’t stay out of it. I have a big mouth, you see… Lately the Manitoba Liberals have entered another exciting backstabbing phase, much like the last season of treachery that took place during the Elmwood By-Election and 2009 AGM. (Notice how I avoided “season of treason”? You’re welcome.) One of the best things […] . . . → Read More: Regan Wolfrom: On the Manitoba Liberals – I’m like that guy with the antique store who never really closes shop…

McFadyen Brings Knife to Gun Fight

Poor, poor Hugh. He`s stuck playing Charlie Brown……again. I can only imagine the scene over at the Omega Theta Pi Frat House when they were discussing their latest scheme. “Hey, Hugh!”, says brother Neidermeyer, “I know how we can fix that Greg Selinger, real good!” “How’s that?”, says Hugh. “Let’s challenge him!”, says Neidermeyer. “Challenge […] . . . → Read More: McFadyen Brings Knife to Gun Fight

The One Thing You Need to Know About Hugh McFadyen

He will turn on a dime. That’s a good thing if you’re Jacques Villenuve or Vinn Diesel, but if you are in need of Health Care; are concerned about crime; or, as we see in the video below, a Manitoba farmer – being able to turn on a dime means that if you are backing […] . . . → Read More: The One Thing You Need to Know About Hugh McFadyen

Red Tory v.3.0.3: Negative Ad Time

Manitoba is one of the five provinces having elections this fall, so along with many folks across the country, we here in “The Keystone Province” (yes, that’s actually its official nickname – bet you didn’t know that!), are being subjected … Continue reading . . . → Read More: Red Tory v.3.0.3: Negative Ad Time

Hugh’ve got to be kidding me

Seriously Hugh. The “leak” of your election platform is as disengenuous as the document itself. So the polling that now has you ten points back has also showed that Manitobans are in no mood for the cuts in public services that you have been advocating for. In response, the Team McFadyen brain trust has decided […] . . . → Read More: Hugh’ve got to be kidding me

What McFadyen’s cuts would mean to YOU!

We know that Hugh McFadyen’s personal ideology would compel him to balance the Budget on a year-over basis. Though Hugh has been trying to run away from this for the past couple of months, the fact remains that had Team Hughie been successful with their amendment to last years Budget, there would have been cuts […] . . . → Read More: What McFadyen’s cuts would mean to YOU!

Hugh wants a “do-over”?

Today’s Freep has a piece by Dan Lett in it about how Hugh McFadyen and his team are “holding their fire” in this “pre-writ” period. I say, “pre-writ” period, because McFadyen has been campaigning for the past two years. This notion that Team Hughie is somehow just sitting back and working on their election infrastructure […] . . . → Read More: Hugh wants a “do-over”?

Do No Pass Go! No Soup for You!

The thing about Hugh McFadyen that sets off people’s bullshit detectors is his penchant for resorting to stunts that are cheap, cheesy, and perhaps worthy of a Junior running for Class President, but notsomuch when it comes to being the Premier. It’s the whole lack of maturity thing. One would thing that a man of […] . . . → Read More: Do No Pass Go! No Soup for You!

Where, oh where?

On Monday we had Ian Rab and Myrna Driedger parroting the claims of the Winnipeg Scum that the government was beng unethical because they announced programmes and services for Manitobans. Today we have Ian Rab and Team Hughie wannaba Scott Gillingham doing their Twitter sock puppet routine on behalf of Colin Craig of the Canadian […] . . . → Read More: Where, oh where?

Just the facts ma’am

So late yesterday Team Hughie wannabe Ian Rab and Myrna Driedger pecked out this little <140 character missive on the tweeter. ”NDP buying votes with you| Winnipeg Sun” OK, so it’s a link to a Winnipeg Scum article about the plethora of government announcements over the past while. Now, the article that was being […] . . . → Read More: Just the facts ma’am

McFadyen changes feet

Guess Hugh McFadyen finally woke up and realized that his strategy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is working. Good on you Hugh. Today McFadyen issued his call to arms and wants the Premier to call the Legislature back into session because Hugh’s duck-and-cover strategy needs saving…, rather to deal with the flooding. […] . . . → Read More: McFadyen changes feet

Why Manitobans are Rejecting Hugh McFadyen

A couple months ago the polls had Hugh McFadyen ready to move into his new digs at Room 204 of the Legislative Building. Well, today a fresh poll released by Probe Research shows that Hugh may be stuck on the Main Floor for another four years. According to CKY, Probe notes that the NDPs popularity […] . . . → Read More: Why Manitobans are Rejecting Hugh McFadyen

On no he di’nt!

It’s not often that malfunctions of a political mind are put so obviously on display. Well, expect for perhaps our dear friend, Hugh McFadyen. OK, we all know that on May 2nd, 2011 Stephen Harper got his majority government. In large part, Sir Stephen was given his coveted majority because farmers in Western Canada voted […] . . . → Read More: On no he di’nt!

What else? – The Jets!

Way back in the before time, when I was a young’un, in my circle of friends there was an arrogant little shit by the name of Scott Browntree. In addition to being little, and more than a little arrogant, Scott always had an undeserved sense of self-entitlement about him and a very annoying habit of being […] . . . → Read More: What else? – The Jets!

Right of Center Ice: Jack saw the high road and said, "Nah."

Today’s Winnipeg Free Press continued to follow the latest insanity rising from the Bloc Quebecois.

Sidenote: Someone should pass a memo to Gilles reminding him that he represents the majority of Quebecois about as much as Harper represents the rest of Canada (38.1% and 37.6% respectively).

My favourite part of the Free Press article . . . → Read More: Right of Center Ice: Jack saw the high road and said, "Nah."