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CuriosityCat: Ontario Byelections: The change that really counts

It seems that the leaders of all three poltical parties in the province of Ontario sense that voters want change.  Premier Wynne, leading a minority Liberal government, was rejected by voters in the two byelections, but says change is wanted: Real Change Wynne?

After writing off the byelections as “skirmishes” that aren’t indicative of how things will go in a general election, Wynne vowed that the Liberals will do better whenever the campaign is held. “I know people are looking for change in this province,” she said. “Well I’m the change. My plan is the change. My team (Read more…)

Trashy's World: 2014 is the Chinese year of the horse. Does this mean I should blow a bundle at the track?

I don’t often “recycle” posts. Yes, I am lazy, but what’s the point of a blog if you just re-post old stuff? But I thought that I’d dig up last years “Resolutions” post to see how I made out and to add any new stuff. Turns out it was a bit (OK, a lot) of […]

Babel-on-the-Bay: Our Tories are troubled tra-la!

When writing about the ‘Dump the Dummy’ campaign among Ontario Conservatives a couple days ago, we could hardly imagine the Tories having any choice. It gives you serious pause though when you find out who are the people leading the charge to get rid of Ontario Leader Timmy Hudak.

If you thought the people behind the move were responsible, level-headed red Tories who cared about the mess Hudak is making of things, you were wrong. It seems to be Tiny Tim’s fellow crazies over on the right wing of the party who are seeking vengeance. The most level headed is (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s opposition Progressive…

Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s opposition Progressive Conservatives, released a policy white paper this week, outlining his party’s extremist plans for the province if his useless party ever manages to slide its hands into the political cookie jar.

His two main brain farts are to privatize casinos and other types of gambling, and to privatize the government-owned liquor stores. What a fucking idiot! The angle that Tim “the dim” has been playing is that they are expenses, and take scarce government resources away from services like health care and education. The brutal truth is that being in charge of

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Trashy's World: Friday miscellany…

So the Grits will name their new leader next April. Let the games begin! The smart money is on JT, but I hear there is an experienced fellow from Sherbrooke who is looking for work… ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Sinkholes: one of the results of ignoring municipal infrastructure deficits and obsessing with property tax cuts. Expect more sinkholes, [...]

Trashy's World: Two by-elections in…

… Ontar-i-ar-i-o today. The Premier is doing his damnedest to get his majority government… but, as I read it, he won’t get it. At least not now. Vaughn is a no-brainer. The LPO has a strong candidate and the Hudakites have a has-been. Liberal win. But in the Ontario home of Oktoberfest, the Libs will [...]

Trashy's World: Ontario PCs…

… give the Liberals another election victory! Great news that the PC’s walking-talking campaign disaster has been given the nod to continue to “lead” the party… probably into another election! Awesome! That is just about the best present that the Liberals could hope to receive! They get to trounce Hudak ONE MORE TIME… Woo-hoo! Trashy, [...]

CuriosityCat: Why Hudak lost: Wedgies are not a Story

Tim Hudak – failed wedgerTim Hudak is now licking his wounds, and considering what he should do differently next time an election rolls around (which might be far sooner than many right now expect). Adam Radwanski in the Globe & Mail reports on the… . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: Why Hudak lost: Wedgies are not a Story

Edwin Current: I Do Not Want Canada to be Americanized!

Great commentary from The Globe and my favourite part: “At the same time, voters will have to decide what they make of today’s Americanized Conservatives as represented by Mr. Harper, Mr. Hudak and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – all men who yearn for a simpler, long-vanished society that no longer represents today’s Canada.” I for one do not want our fine country to resemble our neighbours to the south.  As much as I respect and admire them and look at them as brothers and sisters I don’t want anything to do with their government or policies. http://www.theglobeandmail.

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Trashy's World: Friday miscellany… dumbasses & the Ottawa Sun…

Woo hoo! Stevo has been denied that so-called trifecta that he dreamed about! The most laughable thing about this is that it was likely one of his fishing buddies, Rob Ford, that tilted this one into McGuinty’s column. But crap, 49.2% turnout? That is very disappointing. Oh, and stay classy, Ottawa Sun: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LEAFS WIN! [...] . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Friday miscellany… dumbasses & the Ottawa Sun…

Edwin Current: Ontario Votes Today!!

I don’t have much else to say right now but if you are still unsure today, take a look through my blog entries over the past month or so and I think you’ll find the out who’s the best candidate to vote for in Ontario.  With the team that will help us all move forward together.  JUST VOTE!

I’m off to my polling station now.  See you there maybe and hope you have an amazing day.  Stay tuned upcoming entries on Canadian Politics and Current Events. Cheers

How to find your pollling station:

Trashy's World: Ontario projection… just for the hell of it…

Yeah, yeah… I and everyone else was off base last time when all of we so-called “pundits” tried to pick the outcome of the May 2 election. And I have learned my lesson and won’t do it again. …. NOT! I love trying to predict outcomes of elections! Back in the old days (before May [...] . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Ontario projection… just for the hell of it…

Edwin Current: Ontario PC Supporters on Tim Hudak and Education

VIDEO: Ontario PC supporters on Tim Hudak after he supports homophobic pamphlets and advertisements

Real article from The Star:–cross-dressing-for-6-year-olds-hudak-sticks-up-for-anti-liberal-flyer

The Real Truth: Hope you are having a great day!

Pop The Stack: Advice to Ontario Leaders about Minority – Stick to the Issues

There is talk now that Ontario may elect a minority government in the upcoming election. My advice: leaders should avoid making promises about what they would or would not do to form government. Once the people have spoken and the seat counts are settled, only then can the parties know what their options are.

Parties can state any policy conditions they would demand to work with other parties. However, there is no reason to make a false proclamation such as that the party with the most seats must form government or that a coalition with this or that party is (Read more…)

Edwin Current: Real Change to Help Ontario Alternative

It’s actually feels cold in Toronto today for the first this this fall.  Nuit Blanche is tonight which is always a great event but it is also a reminder to me that summer really is over.  But I look forward to fall sweaters, bundling up in the winter and embracing Canada’s seasons.  Can’t wait for snowboarding!

Everyone is looking for change in this election.  The NDP and PC have been trying to get votes by creating platforms that exploit voter fears with band-aid solutions but no real vision into the province’s future which leads me to believe it’s negative change. I don’t really think

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Edwin Current: Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP Only After Political Gain?

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Andrea Howarth led NDP party is NOT the NDP of the past fighting for social injustice. In fact, I think this NDP’s new direction seems like a deceptive representation of the NDP brand and almost right leaning.  Some claim Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP are only after political and personal gains.  I’m not the only person that is seeing this trend.  It is also found to be somewhat offensive that the Ontario NDP has been using Jack Layton’s name and honour to make these political gains in this Ontario election when they aren’t representing the NDP brand properly. Layton isn’t even

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Edwin Current: Ontario Jobs Anyone? a brief analysis

I think one of the biggest issues in the upcoming provincial election is JOBS! I’ve seen it all over the media and it’s also of personal interest to me as I’m looking for work right now.

So I thought I would do a little analysis of each of the major party’s platform strategies for job creation.  Here goes: PC PARTY Looking at the PC platform there isn’t much there regarding any plan or strategy towards job creation except for this statement:

“A Tim Hudak government will focus on letting the job creators – not the government – drive new job growth.”

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Edwin Current: Embrace Innovation People

I think conservatives are just scared that the clean energy act might be successful. Any educated person knows new technology costs start off high and go down as inputs required for output go down and efficiency is gained. This type of efficiency is already happening in Germany. It would truly be a shame for Ontario to benefit from this project and become world leaders and innovators at producing clean renewable energy. Yah! It makes more sense to keep burning coal and gas until prices skyrocket even more and all the oil and coal are gone. Quality journalism and editorial at

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Edwin Current: Very little changes on the Hudak rampage….I mean campaign

Is Tim Hudak a masochist or something?  Every day it seems like the same thing.  He finds some convoluted way to try and slam the Liberal campaign with allegations out of nowhere.  It’s kind of like he’s trying to win Clue the board game by making accusation after accusation with no clues just hoping he’ll get it right out of chance.  This is hurting his campaign and he must know this by now so why does he keep doing it??  I guess he doesn’t really have a platform to stand on.

In case you didn’t know, today’s rant from Hudak

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Edwin Current: Another Promise from NDP Lacking Vision

I’m beginning to think that Hudak’s time wasting, appalling attack and misleading interpretation of the Liberal’s very minor platform idea to help newcomers to Canada has perhaps scared the NDP into this “fairness for everyone” theme in their latest announcements such as their proposed tuition freeze.

Horwath vows to freeze Ontario tuition, nix interest on student loans

This all around “fairness”  just doesn’t make sense to me, just like NDP plan to cut taxes on gas at the pumps in Ontario.  I wonder if any analysis is done to realize any benefit/cost/waste on these ideas?  Take a look at this chart, easily found

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Scott's DiaTribes: Toronto isn’t liking Hudak right now either

Another credible pollster – Forum Research – decided to take a poll specifically in Toronto, where conservative mayor Rob Ford and federal Conservatives had major breakthroughs of seats for varying reasons. The result isn’t the same at the moment for the provincial PC’s:

The party has slipped to third place in the city, dropping 10 percentage points since June 1 to 24 per cent support. The Liberals, who hold 19 of 23 seats in Toronto, is at 39 per cent, up from 34 per cent three months ago. The NDP, which has four seats here, has leapfrogged the Tories and is at 30 per cent up from 26 per [...] . . . → Read More: Scott’s DiaTribes: Toronto isn’t liking Hudak right now either

DTK: Oh, Dear Hudak.

It should have been easy to run McGuinty out of town. Why, he raised taxes! Horrors! There’s unemployment and everyone blames unemployment on the current government. Gas prices are high. That green energy thing seems like such a rip off.

And still, Timmy-boy, you screwed it up. You screwed it up horribly.

Look at that. See that last peak for the PCs at around 42%? That was the day before Tim started opening his mouth and making word-noises.

His first ridiculous speechification was his demand to an end to the Hydro debt repayment charge on account (Read more…)

Hudak to help students: Can we trust him?

Yesterday, PC Leader Tim Hudak announced that he would provide more funding for Ontario students, by diverting funds away from the Ontario Trillium Scholarship program.The Ontario Trillium Scholarship program was created by the McGuinty government in 2… . . . → Read More: Hudak to help students: Can we trust him?

Trashy's World: Torontonians and Ontarians are smarter…

… than to vote for three buffoons in a row. They’ll be more sensible in the Fall…. Share and Enjoy: Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Torontonians and Ontarians are smarter…