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Ethical Oil claims David Suzuki Foundation’s activities are un-ethical

Just like the title says, to illustrate the ridiculousness of the pro oil-sands lobbying group Ethical Oil and their request to the CRA to investigate Canada’s premier Environmental Protection Group, the David Suzuki Foundation, for “political and partisan activity” I will use a simple analogy: Say that you had a village full of yokels and in the western[continue reading...]

Debt follows young U.S. student to the grave and how the system sets you up for failure

There were two articles in the Huffington Post this week that were related to student debt and personal loans for tuition expenses in the United States. The first recounted the story of a young Christopher Bryski, a Rutgers University student who tragically died from a brain injury in 2006, but whom after his death still had to[continue reading...]

Liberals at Queen’s Park betray sex workers on federal appeal legalizing bawdy houses

Many Canadians were jubilant last month when a superior court judge struck down three archaic laws preventing sex workers from protecting themselves by working in a controlled and tax audited environment, i.e. a legal brothel. However, to no one’s surprise, the federal government decided to appeal the ruling this week and take the contentious issue to the Supreme Court. Now[continue reading...]

The extremely illogical logic behind your credit rating and debt repayment

This is what I find excruciatingly bizarre about the way banks conduct their business on loans, credit cards, personal lines of credit and other lending vehicles: That you may have paid back your entire loan to them, but because you haven’t made the payments on time your credit rating suffers. Although your credit rating, I assume,[continue reading...]