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Dead Wild Roses: Fun with Daylight Saving Time

I used to be indifferent to falling back. The extra hour of sleep on the one day is nice but whatever. The choice of driving to work in the dark, or driving home in the dark, isn’t that material to me, and once December comes, it’s in the dark both ways regardless of Daylight time […] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Fun with Daylight Saving Time

Dead Wild Roses: Horse Facial Expressions?

More research required, but an interesting video non the less. Plus, what better to appease the rabid horse fans that populate DWR.

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Dead Wild Roses: Horseblogging

Recently, I started volunteering with the Rescue 100 Horses Foundation. They’re a group that formed several years ago when a previously well-established Arabian breeding operation went under and left all its horses to starve. The original hundred horses have all been fed up to healthy weights and found homes, but unfortunately there are still cases of abuse and neglect and there’s still work for the foundation. My volunteer duties are (1) to socialize the horses, and teach them that when a human shows up in the pasture, it’s a good thing; and (2) photography.

There are currently three foals in (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: A Quick Note On First Batch Of OLPLDR Protesters

Unfortunately, I’m having troubles emailing pictures from my new tablet (piece of crap just like old tablet, as it happens) to my netbook, but Jeff posted one. The race horse farmers are here protesting the end of the Slots at Racetracks Initiative. I counted about 20 to 30. Not that many, and remember: when they get too old to race these horses become glue or are sold to French restaurants, where they are made delicious.

Tomorrow I might wander over to Edwards Gardens where the anti-wind people are protesting (I think). I want to see how many bodies they bring out,

Alberta Diary: Harper Tories cry havoc and let slip the wars of dogs!

Meow! Prime Minister Stephen and Patron of the War Animals Laureen Harper with their Military Intelligence advisor “Trinity.” Below: the GRU and CSIS lapel pins. Note the similarity of design. Coincidence? I think not! A Royal Canadian animal hat: Here be Dragoons. And below that: Modern elephant-mounted light artillery … so don’t give me that Hannibal lecture! (OK, that’s enough … – ed.)

Doggone it! Readers concerned about the fondness of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government for the dogs of war – any old war at all, even if it involved burning down the White House

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sounds Yummy

The Barrie Examiner has a real weeper about the fate of the Ontario horse-racing industry if the McGuinty Gov.  eliminates the slots-at-tracks agreement.  It ends with:

“It is a grim situation. If these horses aren’t making the owners money, they’ll have to sell them,” he [Essa Township horseman Stephen Byron] said. “What are we going to do with these horses? It could snowball and in the worst-case scenario, they could go to slaughter.”

If they go to slaughter, Mr. Byron, I’ll be happy to eat ‘em.  One of my favorite youthful memories is of chowing down on horse

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rural Ontario Feels Entitled To Its Entitlements

Decides its different when the job losses strike close to home.

Meanwhile, jobs at the horserace track are the only ones Joe Warmington has ever wanted to save.  When Rob Ford moved to cut T.O. cops, he was not half so aggrieved.

My own opinion?  Horsemeat is awesome!  That’s what you get when you get steak in France, where I first had it.  Its like beefsteak but without an ounce of fat on it.  And the French serve it so rare that if you aren’t hungry you can sill pretty much race ‘em.

Meanwhile, Hudak was going to take