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THE FIFTH COLUMN: He Was Supposed to Live Forever – And He Will

You can read more about Pete Seeger on the Pete Seeger Appreciation Page website.

Politics and its Discontents: Here There Be Heroes

No matter what age we may attain, I doubt that we ever lose our need for heroes. Certainly, as we grow up, the definition of hero must mature, changing from someone with superpowers who fights evil and injustice, to someone who looks very much like we do, has no special abilities affording protection from the negative vicissitudes of life but who, when put to the test, show all of us what humanity is ultimately capable of.

Who may be considered a hero depends to a large extent on personal points of view and values; from my perspective, a hero is

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THE FIFTH COLUMN: South March Highlands Mountain Bikers – Unlikely Trail Heroes

Unlikely, because more often than not the stereotypical view of mountain bikers is more likely to be as trail villains rather than trail heroes.

First, we have the well meaning but uninformed view of many who call themselves environmentalists that mountain biking damages trails, when the vast majority of the research indicates the impact is similar to hiking.

Then, we have perceived concerns

the woodshed: One of my biggest heroes

Get comfortable and open your ears real wide and listen to one of my favourite people anywhere, anytime. The film doesn’t begin to capture Seeger’s enormous personal charisma. He has a power over crowds that his hard to explain. Thank FSM he’s on our side. Tweet The Rev. Paperboy Feed