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Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Politics of Fear

The other day I wrote a post where I asked, or begged our progressive leaders to elevate their game. To go big or go home.And make the struggle to defeat the Harper Cons a larger struggle to save Canada and its values.And I have to say that last night in Toronto, Justin Trudeau did deliver. Read more »

Montreal Simon: How We Can Help Defeat Stephen Harper’s Fear Campaign

As you know, I have a dream. One that I hold tightly to my chest in this dark Harperland, where hope goes to die.The dream of defeating Stephen Harper and his foul Cons who are trying to scare Canadians into voting for them.By helping to create a Great Stop Harper movement, and using hope to conquer fear.So I was glad to see Bruce Anderson ask this question: is it too much to ask our politicians to inspire us? Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: Screw Oversight! In HarperLand, We Watch YOU, You Don’t Watch Us.

What’s the point in having domestic spying if it means you’re going to be, oh I don’t know, “accountable?”

Canada’s Closet Clausewitz, def min Jason Kenney, says there’ll be no additional oversight of national security operatives after the Harper government rams through bill C-51.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney, who has functioned as the government’s lead spokesman for the legislation in recent days, rebuffed an appeal for more independent supervision of national-security agencies – one that came in the form of letter published in The Globe and Mail and signed by former prime ministers, ex–Supreme Court justices and others.

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Montreal Simon: How Does Stephen Harper Get Away With It?

One of the questions I get asked the most is how after damaging Canada so much does Stephen Harper get away with it?And I have to tell them I have no idea. I'm not a psychiatrist, I can't explain madness.Or how he could fool so many for so long.But with Harper creeping up in the polls it's a question I ask myself a lot. So I'm glad to see that Bob Hepburn is also wondering the same thing.How does Stephen Harper get away with it after the way he has behaved?Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Horror of Harperland and the Arrival of Baby Freedom

Gawd. I was planning to go through all the posts I wrote this year, and write something about the deathly year of 2014.So I could warn Baby 2015 what to expect, when he or she comes roaring through the door, with hope in its eyes. Into this dark Harperland, where hope goes to die.But unfortunately although I thought I had written about 400 posts, which would have been hard enough to even skim through. I actually wrote more than 600.So I almost immediately gave up. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Legacy of the Con Regime

It will probably be years after Stephen Harper and his monstrous Con regime are finally driven from office, before we will be able to total up the damage they have done to this country.And it will take me a couple of days to go through the more than 400 posts I have written this year chronicling their crimes against Canada, to try to decide which of those crimes deserve the longest prison sentences. But this is a pretty good list of some of their most ghastly moments in the grim darkness of Harperland in the year 2014. Read more »

Montreal Simon: What Christmas Means to Me. Again

It's Christmas Day, and although I'm an atheist, and I believe that our beautiful planet is our heaven and our hell.And that it's up to us to decide what world we want to live in. Not up to some invisible deity or some bloodthirsty Godzilla. And although I hate the shopping and the greed. And although I know it can be a sad and lonely time for many. I was raised in the Christian tradition, I believe in the earthly message of Jesus the revolutionary, I share the vision of those fighting for a kinder, gentler world. (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Year Ahead and the Coalition Dream

It's a little too soon to take out my crystal ball and predict what's going to happen next year, like so many in the MSM are already doing.Even though the big hollow ball in my neighbourhood seemed to think it knows, as I passed it on my way home last night.But then homeless men like to smoke crack inside it, so it might have been them, and its predictions are probably as reliable as all those others.Although I wouldn't be surprised if we do end up with a Liberal coalition government. Especially since even after all that (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Under The Bus

While these Raging Grannies could perhaps use the services of a good singing coach, their hearts, and their lyrics, are clearly in the right place:

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Montreal Simon: The Real Stephen Harper and the Light in the Darkness

I hate this time of the year, when it gets dark before you get home. And of course nowhere is it darker than in Harperland, where the beast rules, and hope goes to die.But now at last I see a glimmer of light. The Con Death Machine which has been on a rampaging roll for weeks may be grinding to a halt.After the real Stephen Harper finally revealed himself in all his hideous horror.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Is It Time To Shame Those Who Still Support the Cons?

It was a magnificent and moving sight, fourteen beams of light reaching into the sky from the top of Montreal's Mount Royal.One for each of the women murdered at the École Polytechnique, in the shadow of the mountain where I want my ashes scattered, twenty-five years ago.But as beautiful as that sight was, for some reason it also reminded me that I live in the darkness of Harperland.Where the points of light are few and far between, and all is ugly and CRAZY.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Stephen Lewis, and the Con Neanderthals

Somewhere in his grim bunker, or his dank closet, Stephen Harper must be celebrating madly.I'm sure he can't quite believe his good fortune. Or the way the bony hand of fate has saved him from almost certain defeat.But war has been good for Great Leader, and after trailing Justin Trudeau for a year and a half, he has finally caught him. Read more »

Montreal Simon: My Scary Halloween in Harperland

Well I'm glad Halloween is over, because it really is a challenge trying to scare people in Harperland.Where every day is Halloween and scarier than the day before. Especially if you're forced to run or hop around in a bunny suit that's at least two sizes too small. And people laugh at you instead of scream.But while I recover from last night's events, I thought I'd show you a few Halloween pictures and ask YOU to decide which one is scarier.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Summer and the Country Where Hope Lives

It's Labour Day. The Snowbirds are roaring over my house for the last time, heading for the CNE air show on the other side of the island. It feels like summer is over.And the roar of the jets only reminds me of what a cataclysmic summer it has been. The summer of Gaza, ISIS, Ukraine, Ferguson and Ebola. A summer of death and destruction, hatred and despair.And of course just another grim summer in the horror of Harperland, where hope goes to die.So I'm really glad I spent much of July in a very different country…

Where (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: The Return to Harperland and the Great Progressive Depression

Well I'm finally back home in Toronto, after spending two weeks in Scotland, and a few days in Montreal.And although I'll miss the excitement of the Scottish referendum campaign, and the uplifting spirit of the Commonwealth Games.I brought Clyde, the thistle-headed games mascot home with me, and hopefully a haversack of hope with me as well.Because goodness knows this Harperland needs it eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Spring and the Big Con Makeover

If it wasn't for the fact that it's almost May, and Spring still feels like Autumn, I might have trouble believing I'm still living in Canada, or Harperland.For when I check out the news these days I can't believe what I'm reading.First there was Pierre Poilievre watering down his toxic Unfair Elections Act after vowing not to change a word.And today there was Jason Kenney posing as a champion of Canadian workers. Which had me wondering whether he's losing his mind. Or I am…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harperland and the Great Canadian Resistance

For years Stephen Harper and his PMO thugs have had their way with this country. Defiling our values and traditions, muzzling our democracy, and dragging us into their filthy darkness.But now at last they have gone too far.

And as the author of Harperland points out, even in this frigid land, the resistance is finally rising. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Dead Swan and the Maple Tree That Lived Forever

Two days ago in the freezing cold of this never-ending winter, I noticed a swan lying weak from hunger on the frozen lake, while its partner looked anxiously on.Unable to understand what was happening, why there is almost no open water this year. No place to draw the food from it needs to survive.I did my best to revive it by hand feeding it baby spinach leaves, but it was only strong enough to eat a couple, before it tucked its head into its feathers and went back to sleep again.And when I went back to feed it today I (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Unpleasant Besmirching of Baby Trudeau’s Name

Although I've never worked in one, and babies terrify me, I always enjoy dropping by the maternity ward, because it's the happiest place in the hospital.Most of the mums are positively glowing, having demonstrated once again that women are stronger than men.And I like to kid the first-time dads by assuring them that sleep deprivation is not ALWAYS fatal.So I was glad to see this delivery went well. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harperland and the Lights in the Darkness

Oh boy. I realize it's not easy to remain cheerful and optimistic in this dark Harperland. Not even in my little Hobbit Town where it's always Christmas.Not when this freezing winter seems to have gone on FOREVERAnd not when I can't even even tell my friends to cheer up, without risking getting an icy snowball in the back of the head. Ouch !#@!!!!But think of it this way eh?At least we know the answer to this three-year-old question…Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Harperland Winter and Pete Seeger’s Message to Progressives

Well I have to admit it was a pretty grim week in Harperland. It was really cold and dark in the place where I live, and even the lights on the ferry dock couldn't brighten the gloom. Not when Lord Harper is back from his bloated junket to remind me how much I despise him and his foul Con regime. Not when Julian Fantino is going around beating up on veterans, and making me want to put a fist through a wall, I hate bullies that much. And not when the great Pete Seeger died. Which made me so sad. So you (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Harperland: Where Big Brother Meets You at the Airport

You've just got back to Canada. You have some time to kill before your connecting flight.You whip out your mobile phone to check out the web, using the airport's free Wi-Fi.Only to have Big Brother start following you around.Welcome to Harperland. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Harperland and the Winter of Our Discontent

Gawd. It's getting grim out there in Harperland. I've never seen so many people looking so miserable and so grumpy. Every subway window seemed to me today like a framed picture of despair.The weather's brutal, the credit card bills are coming in, the future has never seemed more uncertain, the country never so lost. People are screaming at each other like maniacs on comment boards everywhere. It truly is the winter of our discontent.And to make things even grimmer, if that's possible eh? There was Andrew Coyne today agonizing over why Stephen Harper is so unpopular. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Happy New Year in Harperland

Well it's hard to believe that I survived another year in Harperland. Because 2013 was such a brutal year, I sometimes wondered whether I was still living in Canada eh?But it was also the year the Con regime began to fall apart. The year their monstrous leader was mortally wounded.So even though it's really cold out there I couldn't be feeling better.

After so many nightmare years, and as hard as it may be to believe, the future has never looked brighter. Read more »

Montreal Simon: One Day in the Darkness of Harperland

It was cold and dark tonight by the lake where I live. Like it usually is in late November, in Canada. But at least for the first time there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground to brighten up the gloom.Which is more than I can say about Harperland, where it just keeps getting darker and more dangerous.For just look what we learned about that monstrous regime today.Read more »