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The Canadian Progressive: NDP Convention 2013: Resolution on Idle No More, Aboriginal Peoples

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: 5-05-13 Resolution on Idle No More, submitted by the Aboriginal Peoples Commission. WHEREAS years of inaction and broken promises from successive liberal and conservative government has led to severe social injustice and shocking poverty in too many communities WHEREAS as a consequence we are witnessing an historic and [...]

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The Canadian Progressive: Gyasi Ross: The Future of ‘Idle No More’ (VIDEO)

Indian Country Today and Huffington Post contributor Gyasi Ross discusses the future and impact of the Idle No More movement, and the lived experiences of First Nations in Canada and the United States: Video available on YouTube The Canadian Progressive recommends: Stephen Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan In Canada, Indigenous youth fight for rights READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites Support Chief Spence and #IdleNoMore (PHOTO)

Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites sent their message of support and solidarity to hunger striker Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence and the phenomenal #IdleNoMore grassroots movement for Aboriginal rights and sovereignty: Photo via Facebook RELATED: Chief Spence says Harper government has encouraged “segregation” PETITION: British Crown Must Honour Canada-First Nations Treaties, Revoke Bill C-45, And Fire Harper & GG READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Elizabeth May’s Green Party of Canada supports the #idlenomore movement

by Green Party of Canada: The Green Party of Canada calls on all Canadians to take part in #idlenomore events throughout Canada. Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, specifically invites citizens to take part in the 21 December 2012 rally in Ottawa. “Harper’s record on Aboriginal Affairs is dishonourable. The C-45 Omnibus bill READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Pressure mounting on PM Harper to meet hunger striker Theresa Spence

by Obert Madondo: Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to tear down his stubborn wall of silence over hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence. First Nations leaders, the opposition, unions, the media, grassroots movements and individuals are urging Harper to meet with the Attawapiskat First Nation chief as her indefinite protest reaches the mid-point of its second week. READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Idle No More Movement’s Manifesto

The Idle No More grassroots movement has taken Canada by storm. On Monday, it held peaceful protests in major cities across Canada, calling for progressive action on aboriginal and land treaty issues. On Twitter, hashtags associated with the movement, such as #idlenomore and #nativewinter, are gaining in popularity. The movement’s new website ( carries refreshing READ MORE

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: Occupied Ottawa to celebrate one year anniversary

  Occupied Ottawa (formerly Occupy Ottawa) activists return to Confederation Park on Monday to celebrate the movement’s one year anniversary with art, performance, music, speeches and educational workshops. Occupied Ottawa, a part of the global grassroots Occupy movement against economic disparity and social injustice, “occupied” the park from October 15, 2011, until its eviction on November 23, [...]