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Left Over: Gordon Campbell..back in the Soup…

Ottawa announces diplomatic shakeup with 26 new appointments Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion removes high-profile Harper-era appointees By John Paul Tasker, CBC News Posted: Jul 19, 2016 11:27 AM ET Last Updated: Jul 19, 2016 3:02 PM ET It’s about time, … Continue reading . . . → Read More: Left Over: Gordon Campbell..back in the Soup…

In-Sights: Comfortable

The first part of this article was written in November 2009; the addendum added April 2016.In the days when the Fraser Valley had working forests, my Grandfather was its chief forest ranger, employed by the Province of BC.An inquisitive child, I asked … . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Comfortable

In-Sights: Vanishing revenues

With land developers, the largest funders of the BC Liberal Party are natural resource companies. They’ve contributed millions of dollars to encourage government sympathetic to their needs. No administration in the province’s history has been as sympat… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Vanishing revenues

Cowichan Conversations: Has John Horgan Succeeded In Distancing Himself From Christy Clark’s LNG Nightmare?–Fletcher Interview

Once again the BC NDP seem poised for certain victory against the BC Liberals. However that task and challenge has not been accomplished since 1996 when an upstart and radically relevant Glen Clark upset the Read more… . . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Has John Horgan Succeeded In Distancing Himself From Christy Clark’s LNG Nightmare?–Fletcher Interview

Northern Insights: Gordon Campbell making history

First published in December, 2009 History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.- Edward Gibbon, English historian of Rome (1737 – 1794)

Doug McArthur at SFU’s Public Policy School cast his eye on one of British Columbia’s crime scenes: I have suggested that since this whole system essentially involves a non-earned transfer of billions of dollars from BC citizens to private power producers, and that this result is perfectly obvious to anyone who takes the time to follow the money, the whole arrangement is essentially corrupt. The fact that the whole (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: He can’t handle the truth

Laila Yuile uncovered an indication that Stephen Harper has new plans for Gordon Campbell. It involves a telephone pollster with Conservative ties asking a call recipient if Gordon Campbell was trustworthy. In politics today, fact matters less than perception. The former Premier’s trustworthiness could be determined from the record but the PMO cares not about that, they care about how BC residents regard Campbell. Instead of being guided by principle, Conservatives prefer government by polls, focus groups and preferences of their petulant prince.

Nevertheless, to assist pollsters in the determination of whether Gordon Campbell is trustworthy enough to be a (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: Careless or captured?

When you read or listen to resource industry advocates, especially ones masquerading as objective political pundits, compare their concerns in 2009 about burning natural gas to generate peak-demand electricity to their current support for burning natural gas to liquefy natural gas. The following was first published at Northern Insight on August 4, 2009.

Despite deep cynicism about those backing Gordon Campbell’s Liberals, I’ve long held respect for the writing of Vaughn Palmer. My reservoir of appreciation seems now to have run dry. He has been bright, skilled and articulate, usually worth reading throughout 35 years with the Vancouver Sun.

Now, (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: NDP’s Jenny Kwan Has Proven Herself to Be A Woman Of Decency and Integrity

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It is quite sickening to watch the attack on the character of Jenny Kwan, the MLA who along with Joy McPhail stood up as the only opposition to Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberals following the BC NDP wipeout of 2001.

Here is the CBC coverage including video interviews.

I unequivocally and without reservation will support Jenny Kwan and most seriously doubt that she has knowingly benefitted from one dime from the Portland Hotel Society that had employed her ex-husband.

As I had said in response to a Facebook post, it is not in her DNA.

(Read more…)

Left Over: Take the Wrong Way Home…

$109 fine for new driver taking drunk dad home 18-year-old novice driver Evan Godo received a $109 fine for not displaying the ‘N’ sign

CBC News Posted: Dec 27, 2013 8:37 PM PT

Here in BC, as elsewhere in Canada, the rules are flexible and depend on your status…

But this kid got caught in the hypocritical cross fire that has highlighted BC drinking and driving laws of late…while our provincial Lieberals talk about loosening up the liquor laws to allow such brave new world concepts as wineries selling their product at farmer’s markets, woe betide anyone who dares to (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Rafe Mair Rants About BC Hydro Lies From BC Liberals, But Hydro Is Blameless

As we are treated to distortion, lies and revisionist BS Rafe Mair of the Common Sense Canadian steps in and tells it like it is.

Rafe Mair

The crap we’re obliged to take is becoming too odorous for these old nostrils.

We’re told by Bill Bennett that there will be big raises in our Hydro bills and puts it down to the need to upgrades etc.

If not telling the whole truth is lying, Pinocchio, move over, I have a cabinet minister for you to embrace as a colleague.

The Vancouver Province does an editorial this morning placing the blame (Read more…)

Left Over: Rob Ford: I’m No Edsel…


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ‘could easily get re-elected’ The mayor’s base of support hasn’t eroded much, say experts

By Andre Mayer, CBC News Posted: Nov 05, 2013 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 05, 2013 6:32 AM ET


Ford’s so-called ‘apology’ was the smart move for him…after all, it worked for Gordon Campbell, here in BC..Convicted of drunk driving in Hawaii, Campbell crocodile – tearfully went public and the mea culpas went straight to the twisted hearts of every right-winger in the Province…if a progressive politician were to do any of this, the cry would be for blood..but (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: History Tells Us That Defeated BC NDP Leaders Never Make A Comeback

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes- Political Blogger

New Democrat Leaders who lose in a Provincial Election have never been able to rebound as party leader in a further election attempt, ever.

Those who huddle in the backrooms following election defeats always seem to want to stay the course with the leader who has failed to win and yet all evidence points to that course will ensure another loss.

That is not change, that is not renewal. It is a combination between an attachment to the status quo and in many cases the trappings, real or imagined that go with hanging out with the (Read more…)

Left Over: Dazed & Confused, Depressed & Not Amused….

By now the entire country knows what happened here in BC…the re-election of the Provincial Liberals (or Con-Lites) …to say that I am depressed is to state the case in an all-too delicate way.

If I can derive any tiny bit of satisfaction from the election, it is that… a) my old home riding, Kitsilano in Vancouver, did not elect Christy Clark as their MLA – and this is Gordon Campbell’s old riding, where we fought long and hard to unseat him (unsuccessfully, I should add)… and b) Vancouver Island, my current home base, stubbornly true to form, went (Read more…)

Northern Insight: Connections between wealth and power flourish in secret

An article I published almost three years ago is timely on this election day. Voters have an opportunity to change direction. If we do not, the plundering of British Columbia will accelerate. Gordon Campbell began with a set of principles and slid into corruption. Christy Clark started without principle.

Earlier in Northern Insights, the article Indeed, Power does corrupt contains words of Paul Graham that are a diagnosis and could be the prescription for reform in British Columbia.

“The problem here is not wealth, but corruption. . . We don’t need to prevent people from being rich if we can prevent wealth (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Martyn Brown – Gordon Cambell’s Chief of Staff Disses Christy Clark

Martyn Brown-’Think Twice-Vote Once’


Just as Christy Clark is in high gear doing her version of the Socialist Hordes are at the Gates, along comes former Premier Gordon Campbell’s ’Chief of Staff’ Martyn Brown with this commentary was published in the Georgia Straight.

Cowichan Conversations: Here is a Completely Objective Promo for the BC NDP ;-) Well Sort of…

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger

We need a new government after 12 years of the Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark BC Liberals.

I am wholeheartedly supporting Adrian Dix for Premier and the re-election of Bill Routley in Cowichan. But, you knew that anyway, right.

Here is an BC NDP promo about a dead beat , cheating boyfriend that really hits home!

Song of the Watermelon: Cleaning Up Gordon Campbell’s Mess

According to every poll and every projection by every firm and every commentator, Christy Clark and her Liberal Party are about to be handed an unbalanced ass-whooping of the sort we British Columbians seem to enjoy dishing out to governing parties once every decade or so. Naturally, when this happens, I will be singing and dancing as much as the next person. But allow me to qualify my unencumbered joy thusly:

The impending Liberal defeat is not Christy Clark’s fault.

Well, not primarily. She certainly hasn’t helped. “Ethnicgate” does not reflect well on the Clark government, but this present ordeal (Read more…)

Left Over: Oh, wait………

Peeved Harper aims at ‘remaking Canadian labour force’ ‘Too many kids getting BAs and not enough welders,’ one Conservative insider says


The irony of this pontificating ConJob is that one of Harper’s favourite sycophants, Gordon Campbell, single-handedly destroyed the wonderful apprenticeship program here in BC so that his political pals in the construction biz could pay slave wages to only minimally trained workers.. he also decided to disembowel the safety inspections, etc. that went along with construction and repairs..with the resultant leaky condo situation that lasted forever…and look what’s happening now..a shortage of skilled tradesmen that will

Left Over: The Empress Has No Clothes…..

B.C. Liberals face budget vote amid ‘ethnic-vote’ scandal Premier Christy Clark doesn’t rule out possibility of scandal forcing her out CBC News Posted: Mar 5, 2013 7:04 AM PT

Clark, like the disgraced Campbell before her, unhappily faces the onslaught of very real scandal; unlike him, however, she is facing an election with nowhere to hide.

Early in his sojourn as the Premier of BC, martini-fortified Campbell was caught, red-handed, driving drunk in Hawaii while on vacation, by the police…rumoured to have a female passenger, not his wife, beside him….That rumour was hushed up, and rather quickly, but

. . . → Read More: Left Over: The Empress Has No Clothes…..

Cowichan Conversations: BC NDP Will Have To Be Smart, Tough and Green!

Don Maroc-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

BC logs should be used to create B.C. jobs, says the NDP. Absolutely, and low cost B.C. electricity should be used to make BC manufacturers competitive and more than competitive in the global marketplace.

And if Gordon Campbell’s run-of-the-river power pirates insist on continuing to charge B.C. Hydro three times the market price of electric power let’s run them out of the province. The Campbell/Christie neo-cons force BC power users/taxpayers to subsidize the massive profits of mostly foreign-owned private power operators.

It’s awfully good to hear the Adrian Dix NDP standing up for

. . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: BC NDP Will Have To Be Smart, Tough and Green!

Accidental Deliberations: On dubious partners

I’ve mostly avoided commenting on the federal Libs’ leadership race based on the need for the party’s own membership (and supportership in this case) to decide on a future direction for itself. But with one of the candidates explicitly running on a platform of cross-party dealings, I’d think there’s some room to analyze whether she has much prospect of reaching out to other parties.

Which brings us to this: With one lonely exception, the top tier of contenders for the Liberal helm has veered sharply to the right, much to the private consternation of some of the stalwarts of

. . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: On dubious partners

Northern Insight: Campbell’s wasted weekend with willy-wagglers – updated

One-percenters making changes. Anonymous reader provides interesting links in the comment section after a shuffling of deck chairs among Bilder-burglars. It’s also worth bringing to the top because Paul Fraser has been in the news lately since his… . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: Campbell’s wasted weekend with willy-wagglers – updated

Northern Insight: If BC Liberals lied before, can we believe them now?

In July 2009, Tom Fletcher of Black Press wrote about the HST announcement, “Premier Gordon Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced the change in Vancouver Thursday, presenting it as a revenue-neutral way to simplify the system for busines… . . . → Read More: Northern Insight: If BC Liberals lied before, can we believe them now? - Alberta politics: Can Christy Clark and Alison Redford find common ground on the Northern Gateway Pipeline?

TweetBritish Columbia Premier Christy Clark sent Alberta Premier Alison Redford an email yesterday asking if they could meet in Calgary next weekend. While they appear to be cut from similar ideological cloth, the two conservative Premiers have clashed in the media over the construction of the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. If built, the pipeline [...] - Alberta politics blog: alison redford attends the bilderberg. thomas mulcair visits the oilsands.


Premier Alison Redford is attending the 2012 Bilderberg Group conference.

There are no shortage of internet conspiracy theories about the mysterious Bilderberg Group conference, but now Alberta Premier Alison Redford will know the truth about the invite-only private annual meeting of the world’s top neo-liberal financial, business, and political elites.

Premier Redford has been invited the the event, which is being held in Virginia from May 31 to June 3. Only a small group of Canadian political leaders have been invited to attend, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, and

. . . → Read More: – Alberta politics blog: alison redford attends the bilderberg. thomas mulcair visits the oilsands.