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Politics and its Discontents: Zionism Does Not Excuse Gaza

There are some self-identified Liberals (and New Democrats) who proclaim their support for Israel in its current butchery in Gaza and they tend to do it in the name of Zionism.

Zionism comes in many shapes and flavours, so many that its meaning is often unintelligible.

The New York Times’ Roger Cohen is a proud Zionist but he sees the Gaza tragedy a little more clearly than some of our Liberal friends:

I am a Zionist because the story of my forebears convinces me that Jews needed the homeland voted into existence by United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947, calling (Read more…)

A. Picazo: A Circus On The Levant

“Being a Jew isn’t like being Black or being gay or being a woman, or even Israeli where many Jews come from. Being a Jew is a choice, like being a Blood or Crip. Jews are the medieval prototype of the Occupy Wall Street movement; a shiftless group of hobo’s that doesn’t believe in property … Continue reading →

Montreal Simon: The Horror of Gaza and the Crimes of Stephen Harper

The situation in couldn't be bleaker or more horribly symbolic.The brutal Israeli assault on Gaza continues.The lights have gone out. Efforts to end the violence are going nowhere. And Stephen Harper's Middle East policy couldn't be less helpful or more criminal. Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian party leaders’ “callous devaluation of Palestinian life” condemned

In open letter, 690 academics, community leaders decry the “callous devaluation of Palestinian life” by the Canadian government and federal party leaders, urge condemnation of the continuing violation of international law in Gaza.

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drive-by planet: NDP Gaza cop out: Mulcair refuses to denounce ‘murderous assault’ by Israel

A recent post on World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) draws attention to the failure of Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) to “denounce the murderous assault being carried out by the Israeli government” in Gaza:

Over the past two weeks, Thomas Mulcair, the head of the NDP and the leader of the Official Opposition in parliament, and Paul Dewar, the NDP foreign affairs critic, have refused to oppose Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s full-throated support for the Israeli onslaught [in Gaza].

The article notes that Mulcair’s stance on the Gaza conflict has drawn kudos from at least one columnist on the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Baby Killers

He is a man who lost his moral compass a long time ago, if he ever had one.He is a liar, a bully, a cheat, a grubby little dictator.But at least he won't be able to pose as Mother Harper anymore. As he was doing just two months ago when he hosted this summit. Not when he's ordered his stooges at Revenue Canada to go after organizations like Oxfam…

And of course, not when he is cheering on Benjamin Netanyahu and his ghastly baby killers. Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Politicians Betray Canadian Values in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Rights group says Canadian party leaders’ unequivocal support of Israel a betrayal of Canadian values, demonstrates “no nuance of understanding of the broader situation between Israel, Gaza and the Palestinians.”

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Alberta Diary: A meditation on the parlous state of the prime ministerial belfry: is he batty, or what?

Psychological-political portrait of Prime Minister Stephen Harper by Edmonton artist William Prettie. (Used with permission.) Below: The young Vladimir Putin; the young Stephen Harper.

When I ponder our prime minister’s mental state nowadays, my mind spontaneously offers up a rude phrase about the things bats leave behind in belfries.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has got a national election looming; he’s none too popular in certain essential parts of the country and not quite popular enough just now in others; Disgraced Canadian Senator Mike Duffy is facing a criminal trial and apparently wants the PM on the witness stand; it’s (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Israeli war crimes in Gaza – Beit Hanoun attack: US shields Israel from accountability

 Images following the shelling of UN-run school in Beit Hanoun

War crimes committed by Israel in the course of its attack on Gaza are a consequence of an overall strategy rather than isolated incidents due to alleged mistaken targeting or other “accidents.”

The recent Israeli shelling of a UN-run school in Beit Hanoun resulted in 15 deaths and hundreds of wounded – most of the casualties were women and children. The IDF knew  there were hundreds of civilians in the facility seeking shelter from violence but they went ahead and shelled it anyway claiming the target was Hamas, (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: James Moore and “precision” in Gaza-Israel

James Moore was on CBC radio in Vancouver this morning talking about the “difference” between Hamas rocket launches from Gaza and Israeli operations into Gaza.

Per Moore, Hamas’ attacks are indiscriminate, and are simply aimed at civilians to do the most damage. Conversely, according to Moore, Israel’s attacks are “pinpoint precision” and are specifically targeted at combatants, not civilians.

Let’s review the numbers, though, shall we? According to the Gaza medical authorities and the UN, there are nearly 800 people killed in Gaza so far, will all but about 150 being civilians. Roughly 81% civilian deaths. There have been about 30 (Read more…)

Writings of J. Todd Ring: On hummingbirds and genocide

I was going to write a short thought on seeing an amazing little creature in my garden just now – a humming bird no bigger than a bumblebee, which made me almost shudder with joy at the sight. But then I read more on the genocide being waged against the people of Gaza by […]

Politics and its Discontents: Justin, You Need to Read This

While Justin Trudeau’s pandering Liberal Party may praise Israel’s “commitment to peace,” Israeli society is displaying a darker, brutal face.

Lisa Goldman, director of the Israel-Palestine Initiative at the Washington think tank, New America, writes of an Israel utterly at odds with Trudeau the Lesser’s obsequious drivel.

Goldman writes of, “a series of events that were marked by violence and incitement against the Arab population, from the government to the street. One member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, called for a war against the Palestinian people on her Facebook page. Another called an Arab legislator a “terrorist” during a parliamentary (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: I’ll answer your question, Mr. Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron, like our PM a cheerleader for Israel, posed a rhetorical question this week: how would those criticizing Israel’s actions expect their own government to react if hundreds of rockets were raining down on their country’s cities?

Well, Mr. Cameron, if hundreds of rockets were raining down on Canadian cities because our government had in effect imprisoned 1.8

The Canadian Progressive: Gaza Conflict: Canadian man wants Harper charged with inciting genocide

A Newfoundland man says PM Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird should be charged under Canada’s Criminal Code for inciting “genocide” in Gaza.

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The Canadian Progressive: Gaza Conflict: Letter From Norwegian Doctor Mads Gilbert

“Mr. Obama – do you have a heart?” asks Norwegian Dr. Mads Gilbert in this letter, which also describes the incomprehensible horror he’s currently witnessing in Gaza.

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Cowichan Conversations: The Israeli Attack on Gaza – You Will Not See This On the MSM

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Lead CBC News story the other day told that an Israeli soldier had been killed and the Palestinian’s continue to fire rockets. They eventually got to the part of the story where 52 more Palestinians were killed and score more injured.

Obama and Harper both roll over in fear of the political reaction if they dare to tell the truth about the reality of the slaughter that is still underway.

There is one big difference this time and that is that word is getting out in spite of our political leaders. In Canada Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: No Shame, No Shame At All

There is no situation, however tragic, that Harper and his regime won’t exploit for political advantage. I guess that comes as no surprise to anyone:

Be sure to check out the Conservative Party website for more evidence, as well as Alison’s caricature at Creekside. Recommend this Post

The Canadian Progressive: In Ottawa, protesters denounce Harper’s support of Israel

In Ottawa on Tuesday, July 22, hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters denounced Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s uncompromising support of Israel and its ongoing war crimes in Gaza.

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Politics and its Discontents: When Israel Says It Isn’t Out To Punish Innocent Palestinians, It’s Lying – And We Don’t Care

Actions speak so much louder than words, especially when it comes to Israel attacking Palestinians.

The current invasion of Gaza demonstrates that Israel’s claims to be targeting Hamas but not the Gaza Palestinian population is an outright lie. That much is blatant from the weapons used.

What weapons? Try water. When you’re targeting the civilian population of an already water-stressed locale the simplest way to turn the screws is to attack their water and sewage infrastructure. Once you deprive them of fresh water and compound that with a collapse of their sewage system, nature will take care of the rest. (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing The Defense Of Palestinian Teen’s Alleged Killers

Controversial Israeli group Honenu is raising tax-exempt money in the U.S. to support Israelis charged with or convicted of violence against Palestinian tens.

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Cowichan Conversations: My Name is Reuven Moskovitz-Holocaust Survivor

The Canadian Progressive: Israel’s war on Gaza and Hamas doomed to fail

Operation Protective Edge, Isael’s ongoing war on Gaza, will still fail to weaken Hamas’ military capability just as Operation Pillar of Defence did, argues Jacob Eriksson, a fellow at York University (UK).

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Politics and its Discontents: Holding Our ‘Leaders’ To Account

It is almost impossible, I think, to feel anything but a dark impotence when it comes to world events today. Wherever we look, be it the Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East or our own backyards, death, despoliation and injustice prevail. At times, it seems assuming the fetal position is the only reasonable response to a world out of control.

Yet, even when there seems little we can do to ameliorate the world’s suffering, there is something all of us can do – refuse to be silent and passive in the face of atrocity – refuse to make (Read more…)

LeDaro: Eighteen killed Friday before dawn in Israeli ground invasion of Gaza

It is a heart-breaking situation and too many atrocities. It is about time that rest of the world takes notice and do something to stop this massacre.

Read more here

Politics and its Discontents: About That Invasion Of Gaza

To hear our political leaders tell it – the sorry lot of them – Israel is right to yet again invade Gaza. The Palestinians have it coming. It’s all the doing of Hamas.

It’s a convenient and cowardly political posture. Harper probably believes it. Trudeau and Mulcair? Expedience, sheer craven expedience.

Nathan Thrall, senior analyst with the International Crisis Group, has an op-ed in The New York Times, entitled, “How the West Chose War in Gaza. Gaza and Israel: the Road to War, Paved by the West.” The Palestinians, he writes, were on the road to forming a (Read more…)