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Progressive Proselytizing: The marriage equality war in the US is over. We won.

You know how on election night the TV news channels try to out do each other with ever more ridiculous graphics and sound to announce their big “Official Prediction” ages after everyone has already figured out who the winner is going to be? Well drum roll please, ladies and gentlemen and others on the gender spectrum, it is time for an official Progressive Proselytizing Prediction: the marriage equality debate in the US is over. We won. After a short (probably the next Supreme Court term) waiting period until we get the official change, let the fabulous weddings nationwide commence!

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Montreal Simon: Britain, Gay Marriage, and the Tragic Legacy of Homophobia

I almost wish Margaret Thatcher was still alive so she could have seen the rainbow flag flying over government buildings in London today.Because her infamous Section 28 anti-gay law, which was similar to the one in Russia today, crushed a generation of young LGBT people.So the sight of those flags and all those happy couples probably would have killed her.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Does Jason Kenney Need to Get Married to Become Con Leader?

As you probably know I have appointed myself the unofficial campaign manager (in the heathen areas) of Jason Kenney's leadership campaign.In the firm belief that if he replaces Stephen Harper the Cons will be gone for a GENERATION.And so far we're doing well, the wind and the Lord are in our sails, and as you can see from his twitter feed Jason is campaigning all-out. One moment he's in Newfoundland, the next moment he's in BC, while still managing to hit every church, mosque, synagogue, and temple in between.So you can imagine how horrified I was to read (Read more…)

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Dead Wild Roses: Today in Rape Culture: DC Comics

Easy pickings today as the comic book genre is not exactly a bastion of feminism. That being said, it just behooves me not to share the head slapping stupidity of the people who designed an open contest to see if they have “the chops” to join the DC team. Let’s just let the vile bags of douche speak for themselves:

Harley Quinn. One page. Published work. Breaking into comics was never this fun.

— Jim & Dan

Here’s how to enter:

Read the rules & regulations listed below to confirm that you are eligible (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: A Christian Speaks In Defense Of Gay Marriage

Calm, eloquent and convincing, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd offers his reasons for supporting gay marriage. Rarely have I heard a politician articulate and defend his position so well. He puts the unhinged and zealous hate mongers who claim to be Christian to the shame they richly deserve.

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Montreal Simon: The Downfall of DOMA and the Triumph of Love

I've been studiously trying to ignore anything that happens in the United States these days.Because it's summer, the place is a mad house, and if I need crazy I've got Harper eh?But I couldn't ignore the screams and the tears of joy of millions of gay Americans and their friends today.Or the sparkly unicorn of this great victory. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Bloody Battle for Gay Marriage in France

I can hardly believe what's been happening in France.Riot police battling homophobes, religious fanatics, and neo-Nazi groups.

Gay people being attacked over their right to be married.

In the streets of Paris, in the City of Love.Read more »

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

A marriage equality bill that recognized gay marriage passed in the New Zealand parliament this past week. This is a speech that MP Maurice Williamson gave at that time. I wish Canadian parliamentarians were as clever and well spoken; there is precious little witty repartee in the House of Commons dominated by Stephen Harper’s nasty [...]

The Canadian Progressive | News & Analysis: Two U.S. Senators Announce Support For Gay Marriage Via Facebook & Tumblr

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) announced her support through her Tumbr site and called the question of marriage quality “a great American debate” By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: The fight for marriage equality in the U.S. and the world got a huge boost today when Democrat senators Claire McCaskill and Mark Warner [...]

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Montreal Simon: Pope Benny and the Face of Evil

Glory Hallelujah. I see that Pope Benny has decided to take early retirement. "After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry," the Pope said.Leaving us to wonder whether it was his health, his conscience, or something the butler said. Read more »

Song of the Watermelon: Emerging Consensus on Gay Marriage

Assuming that the world survives this coming December 21, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on two cases in June which could result in the nation-wide legalization of gay marriage.

I cannot forecast with certainty how the court will decide, but supposing for a moment that it rules in favour of marriage equality, the short-term results are easy to predict: conservative commentators across the country will complain of judicial activism, despite having in many cases urged precisely such an overreach one short year before when Obamacare hung in the balance. Right on cue, public support for same-sex

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Montreal Simon: Gay People and their Straight Friends

I've been so busy celebrating Obama's big victory, that I haven't been able to do this story justice.For it too was an amazing victory, and a tribute to all those gay Americans who never gave up the struggle despite one bitter defeat after … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Gay People and their Straight Friends

RedBedHead: Obama’s Betrayals Made Romney Credible

Everybody’s biting their nails and holding their breath. What’s going to happen? Who’s going to win? The “Hollywood liberal” machine is out in full force with clever ads by luminaries like Joss Whedon of Avengers, Buffy and Firefly fame and hipster filmmaker Lena Dunham chiming in. There’s no doubt that this is a dramatic finish and I’ve been reading coverage and watching the videos as avidly

Politics and its Discontents: And Yet Another Threat To Beleaguered America

Folks, I merely report these things, as bizarre a commentary they are about our beleaguered American ‘friends.’ I do not make them up.

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Trashy's World: Some Americans…

…just don’t get it.     (5) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Montreal Simon: The Bigot, the Blowtorch, and the Flaming Cheerios

It must have seemed like a great idea eh?

To a bigot as dumb as this one.

Show how much you hate General Mills for supporting gay marriage.

"We do not believe the proposed constitutional amendment is in the best interests of our employees or our state economy," the company's vice president for global diversity and inclusion, Ken Charles, is quoted by the publication as saying. "We value diversity. We value inclusion."

By turning up outside company headquarters, with a box of cheerios in one hand, and a blowtorch in the other.Read more »

Song of the Watermelon: Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Chick-Fil-A

In honour of Pride Week here in Vancouver, I can think of no better time to wade into the growing Chick-fil-A row currently ruffling the feathers of our southern neighbours.

For those who don’t follow American news (it’s not like we’re a different country or anything), Chick-fil-A is a US-based fast-food chain whose President, Dan Cathy, is known for supporting anti-gay Christian groups. The controversy boiled over in recent weeks with a couple of high-profile interviews in which Cathy expressed his opposition to gay marriage: “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the

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Bill Longstaff: Obama jumps in front of the parade

Political leadership has been defined as figuring out where the people are going and then getting in front of them. If that’s the case, American President Barack Obama is clearly showing leadership with his support for gay marriage.

A recent Pew survey showed that support for gay marriage in the U.S. has jumped from 31 per cent to 47 per cent since 2004 whereas opposition has dropped from 60 per

Song of the Watermelon: President Obama and Marriage Equality

First thing’s first. Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage yesterday should be celebrated. On the heels of similar pronouncements by Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, this marks the first time that a sitting US President has taken such a bold stance in favour of marriage equality.

However, just as light can be considered both a wave and a particle in quantum mechanics, every announcement by an elected official exhibits a similar duality. Was Obama’s decision motivated by principle or by politics?

I believe there were elements of both. On the surface, a stronger case can

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Montreal Simon: Obama and the Cruelty of Hatred

It was long overdue.

“At a certain point, I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Mr. Obama said.

It won't make any difference to gay couples in many states like North Carolina.

But in a country as homophobic as the United States it was a courageous gesture.

And for that I am grateful.

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Obama, first President in U.S. history to publicly endorse same-sex marriage

Many liberals and democrats will now say: “Finally! ” and ask: “What took you so long Mr. President?” Yes indeed, what prevented Barrack Obama to show his support of gay marriage publicly until now? Perhaps the question isn’t worth asking. The Republican party and it’s ranks of racist, bigoted and religiously extremist Americans, that’s who. The most foul electorate in[continue reading...]

Progressive Proselytizing: Obama comes out in support of same sex marriage

Years back, when Barack Obama first told us that his views on gay marriage were “evolving”, I predicted that he would support gay marriage before the next election. That day has now come, and Obama has evolved to join his supposedly progressive base by supporting gay marriage.

Good. For the first time, the President of the United States is now publically in support of gay marriage. However, I am still irritated with Obama on this file, largely because of how incrediably political his move is.

During his presidency, Obama has thrown several bones to his base with things like repealing

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Why people should be able to marry the same gender

I know there is a lot of articles out there arguing for and against same-sex marriage. However, I wanted to give my two cents as to why I think people should be able to be afforded this right. There are many reasons both socially and scientifically why this should be okay. There are even reason[continue reading...]

Progressive Proselytizing: Wildrose defeat shows the limits of social conservatism in Canada

Alberta is Canada’s most right leaning province. The Wildrose party is a further right splitting of the long dominant right leaning party in Alberta. If there is anywhere that the most extreme socially conservative positions are going to be uttered, it is from the Wildrose party. However, if we look at the most contentious points in the election campaign on the social issues side of things, we see that the Wildrose party is vastly less extreme than their Tea Party counterparts – or even establishment Republicans – are in the most right leaning states of the US. Further, the fact

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Progressive Proselytizing: On unnecessarily codifying specific freedoms such as the freedom of religion

Should there be explicit protection for the freedom of religion in the founding documents of society? This question may at first seem to be an obvious ‘yes’ since almost everyone – including most atheists such as myself – consider it to be abundantly clear that people should have the freedom to believe in and practice whatever religion they like. I would immediately reject any constitution or charter that did not protect such things. The question, however, is whether religious freedoms should be explicitly enumerated and codified in these documents or whether a larger principle of freedom which includes religious freedom

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