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Montreal Simon: Mike Duffy: The Cons Used Robocalls to Win An Election in BC

Well you have to hand it to Mike Duffy. His trial may not be as popular as it once was, but he's still doing a number on Stephen Harper's legacy.First he claimed Harper couldn't be trusted. Then he claimed that the powerful Con senator Davi… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Mike Duffy: The Cons Used Robocalls to Win An Election in BC

Cowichan Conversations: Harper Calls the Second Longest Election Ever And Then The Conservatives Drag their Feet Nominating a Candidate in Cowichan-Malahat-Langford?

One of the pressing mysteries surrounding the upcoming October 19th federal election is the absence of a Conservative candidate?

Four willing candidates have been publicly pursuing support from Cowichan-Malahat-Langford Tories.

Melissa Hailey


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Election Fraud

Interesting. When I think of Election Fraud, I think of Saanich/Gulf Islands campaign in 2008. Gary Lunn v. Briony Penn. Briony was a charismatic candidate for the Liberal Party, she was Lady Godiva, a candidate for change. This lady went out on a limb to represent the people. Shortly before the election, the . . . . → Read More: Election Fraud

The Quantum Buddha's Blog: May Wins! : ) Greens Lose! : ,

WTF? The unthinkable happened. After over 1600 straight loses, the Greens have won a seat! Green Party Leader Elizabeth May took Saanich Gulf Islands from Gary Lunn. It’s a breakthrough!

…or is it?

Elizabeth May’s plan to focus the entire Green Party on serving–electing her has led to the loss of many members. The campaigning . . . → Read More: The Quantum Buddha’s Blog: May Wins! : ) Greens Lose! : ,

The Quantum Buddha's Blog: Last Election For Green Party, May

Latest polling numbers indicate that the Green Party is a failed experiment in Canadian politics. Support for the Green Party has been rapidly collapsing in recent months.

A Simon Fraser University sourced five poll average over the last two years showed a steady increase in support for Greens in 2009 and first half of 2010 . . . → Read More: The Quantum Buddha’s Blog: Last Election For Green Party, May