Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Atlantic Council of Canada: Here’s a great primer on a number of worrying issues surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Here’s a great primer on a number of worrying issues surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Which concerns you the most? Speak out at Globe and Mail: CSEC reforms in limbo, thanks to pro-surveillance agenda

Here’s how the government’s efforts to force surveillance bills through Parliament have derailed plans to curb CSEC’s spying on Canadians.

Article by Colin Freeze for the Globe and Mail

The Conservative government was poised to introduce a new law constraining a federal spy agency’s ability to warrantlessly intercept some Canadian communications – until that bid was derailed amid controversies over unrelated legislation.

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Look out for wireless prices to increase as paperless bills become the norm. Think that’s ridiculous? Rein in Big Telecom at CBA National: What’s really being traded here?

Is Canada trading away oversight and sovereignty in huge, secretive international trade deals like the TPP?

Article by Justin Ling for CBA National

With the Harper Government aggressively pursuing a spate of new trade deals, there’s unease that all of the moving parts will produce some unintended consequences.

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Harper government backtracked on bill to curb surveillance – Globe and Mail Six ATM-like bitcoin teller machines installed across GTA – Globe and Mail President Obama: No Internet Fast Lanes – NY Times Australian Proposal Would Require Suspicionless Domestic Spying by ISPs – EFF Comcast, Time Warner donations raise ethical flags ahead of FCC ruling on merger – Total Media A portable router that conceals your Internet traffic – Arstechnica NSA spying might have affected U.S. tech giants more than we thought – VentureBeat T-Mobile to throttle P2P traffic and excessive tethering, leaked memo (Read more…) This Conservative MP thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of Canadians about government spying. It’s definitely not work

Sometimes it’s not hard to understand why so few Canadians trust their politicians. Case in point: Kevin Sorenson, government MP and Minister of State for Finance.

Earlier this year, a number of Mr Sorenson’s constituents wrote to him to express concerns about the reckless actions of government spy agency CSEC. His constituents had a simple request: they asked Mr Sorenson to make a pro-privacy pledge to safeguard their privacy against intrusion by government agencies like CSEC.

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Have you ever wondered what it was like for Edward Snowden to decide to blow the whistle on the NSA? Read. This. Article.

Article by James Bamford for Wired

The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you.” ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world. For almost nine months, I have been trying to set up an interview with him—traveling (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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The Ghost of iCraveTV?: The CRTC Asks Bell For Answers About Its Mobile TV Service in Net Neutrality Case – Michael Geist The Most Wanted Man in the World – Wired Use This Trick To See A Map Of Everywhere Google Knows You’ve Been – Business Insider NSA was Responsible for 2012 Syrian Internet Blackout, Snowden says – the Verge Comcast Spends $110k On Award Dinner For FCC Commissioner, Doesn’t See Why Anyone Thinks That’s A Problem – Consumerist Know Your Troll: Innovative Display Technologies Targeting Any Company That Creates A Product With An (Read more…) Keep Big Telecom’s hands off our net

Decision-makers at the CRTC are undertaking a crucial consultation1 that could profoundly impact digital services in Canada – including how we use the Internet.

For too long now, Canadians have watched our global counterparts surpass us when it comes to accessing exciting, affordable, and innovative digital services. But this CRTC hearing could be our chance to change all of that.

That’s why we’re giving you an opportunity to have your voice heard in this process. We need you to give us your thoughts so we can put your concerns straight into the hands of decision-makers at the CRTC hearing (Read more…) Wired: If you like everything, you like nothing

A man ‘liked’ everything that popped up on his Facebook news feed for 48 hours. What happened next is an ironic twist.

Article by Mat Honan for Wired

There’s this great Andy Warhol quote you’ve probably seen before: “I think everybody should like everybody.” You can buy posters and plates with pictures of Warhol, looking like the cover of a Belle & Sebastian album, with that phrase plastered across his face in Helvetica. But the full quote, taken from a 1963 interview in Art News, is a great description of how we interact on social media today.

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Recently, the CRTC issued a stern ruling against Rogers for colluding against independent mobile providers on roaming rates. But will they impose penalties or force Rogers to atone for its actions?

Article by Peter Nowak for AlphaBeatic

Last year, Apple was found guilty by a U.S. court of colluding with publishers to raise e-book prices. The company found itself facing up to $840 million in claims with the various state and class-action lawsuits that followed, which is why it opted to settle for just over half of that – $450 million. The settlement amount was approved last week.

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Tech Companies Praise The President For Speaking Out In Favor Of Net Neutrality – TechCrunch Russia cracks down on anonymous public Wi-Fi use – Daily Dot After Verizon, U.S. FCC quizzing other carriers on data management – Reuters How Wikipedia resists the controversial ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling – The Christian Science Monitor Lavabit founder’s DarkMail needs help to cross finish line – Cnet All Four Internet Service Giants Allegedly Violated Last Remaining Net Neutrality Rule – MintPress News Most Aussies disapprove of Government snooping – ITWire Will Russia Start Blocking Websites in Real (Read more…) Vice: Strip searches filmed by Toronto G20 police

Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the Toronto police filmed G20 protestors being strip search. What do you think of this privacy violation?

Article by Patrick McGuire for Vice

The past couple of weeks have been chock full of bad press for the Toronto Police (TPS). First there was the independent report conducted by former Supreme Court judge Frank Iacobucci that suggested, in the wake of Sammy Yatim’s killing, Toronto cops start wearing body-worn cameras, while also beefing up their taser supply, so that police can hopefully resist the urge to fire their guns into “people in crisis.”

(Read more…) Vice: Bad news for Canada’s tech sector if C-13 passes

If the Canadian government presses ahead with Bill C-13 when Parliament resumes in the fall, against the objections of their own Privacy Commissioner and the Supreme Court, the Canadian tech industry could take a huge hit. Do you think that’s a reasonable trade-off? Sound off below, and speak out at

Article by Chris Malmo for Vice

Canadian tech firms may have their bottom lines to worry about if the government passes its surveillance-expanding Bill C-13. While the Harper government would like to think it’s only frightening cyberbullies and criminals with the unpopular law, it may in fact be (Read more…) CBC: HitchBOT’s big Canadian adventure

A robot made from pool noodles, a beer cooler, and solar panels is hitching its way across Canada with the help of social media and the kindness of strangers. Have you spotted HitchBOT? Let us know in the comments.

Article by the CBC

HitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, has passed the halfway point in its journey across Canada.

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In today’s edition of Internet awesome, this animal rescue agency in Montreal is using the popular dating app Tinder to match its dogs up with potential adopters.

Article by the CBC

Tinder may be one of the most popular dating smartphone apps currently on the market, but it’s got some real dogs on it.

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Piracy police arrest Nottingham man, 20 – BBC Australia pushes data retention law, despite using metadata at twice the UK level – PrivacySurgeon How Google plans to encrypt the web – Naked Security Yahoo wants to keep your email safe from prying eyes – Engadget Political blogger outs herself as paid troll for big telecom – RawStory Leaked Files: German Spy Company Helped Bahrain Hack Arab Spring Protesters – The Intercept The six tech policy problems Congress failed to fix this year – Ars Technica Rogers gets nailed on roaming, but with no consequences – (Read more…) Ars Technica: This monkey’s selfie is just the beginning of an absurd tale

A monkey with a camera can take a selfie, but can infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters come up with modern laws for sharing and collaborating online?

Article by David Kravets for Ars Technica

An English nature photographer is going ape over Wikipedia’s refusal to remove pictures of a monkey from the online encyclopedia that he says are being displayed without his permission.

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Our efforts to prevent the Internet slow lane are having a powerful effect, as support to save net neutrality is emerging from the highest levels of power in the U.S. Do you think the FCC will listen?

Article by Brian Fung for the Washington Post

The last time President Obama weighed in on net neutrality, it was to offer a vague, tepid response — claiming to support the idea without really defining how he understood it. It was a big contrast from what he’d previously said on the campaign trail in 2008.

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Here’s the thing: we know this proposed “Internet slow lane” being pushed by Big Telecom conglomerates is a nightmare, but we know from experience that the best campaign ideas come from you. So we want you to tell us what it is about Big Telecom’s slow lane that drives you nuts. Do you think you can help us?

Oh – and your input doesn’t have to be long. It could be one word, or even just one sentence!

You see, we can think of a million reasons why it’s bad: it’s threatens to kill innovation, it will impact (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Here at OpenMedia, we love the weird and wonderful things that Internet users create and share. Here’s one of them.

Article by Kevin Short and Harry Bradford for the Huffington Post

Unmanned drones have gotten a bad reputation in recent years. And with good reason, especially when the U.S. government is using them to kill people in distant countries with arguably little accountability.

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