Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Mobilicity employees’ MVNO proposal deserves serious consideration, although wireless prices will rise even further unless indie spectrum is kept out of Big Telecom’s hands


Reports over weekend suggest government is poised to allow Rogers and Telus to acquire Mobilicity’s valuable wireless spectrum, despite promises it would be set aside for affordable, independent providers

June 22, 2015: Mobilicity’s employees and founder are calling for government action to ensure their business can continue as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), even if their valuable wireless spectrum is acquired by other operators. Community-backed OpenMedia, which is running a sustained campaign for lower wireless prices, insists any deal must ensure that Canadians’ wireless choices are not further reduced.

The call comes following media reports over the (Read more…) IBTimes: The TPP will leave us unprotected

The TPP gives industry lobbyists the power to sue our government in secret form tribunals over any law or regulation they claim affects their future profits. Speak out now at

Article by David Sirota for the International Business Times 

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Despite massive opposition from hundreds of thousands of everyday Canadians and the country’s top privacy experts, reckless Bill C-51 is now law. 

Bill C-51 violates our Charter rights and could lead to dangerous and unconstitutional measures. Above all, it underlines just how stark Canada’s privacy deficit has become.

Throughout this whole process, over 275,000 Canadians have signed the petition against the bill and tens of thousands more have inundated MPs and Senators with letters, phone calls, emails and tweets to express their opposition. We are witnessing one of the largest campaigns in Canadian history.

One of the (Read more…) Telcos charge Canadians in some provinces more for wireless services

This should not happen! Speak out now:

Article by Dylan Young for Yahoo News 

Imagine you’ve just snagged yourself a brand new 128GB iPad Air 2 for $700 at the Apple Store. You couldn’t be happier. What a deal! Now imagine you find out that Apple charges only $350 for the exact same model in the province next to yours. 

read more Former Winnipeg Liberal candidate quits after party’s C-51 support

The list of Liberal candidates and supporters who ”cannot abide the support for C-51″ is growing rappidly. Who will be next?

Article by Mia Rabson for Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA – A former Liberal candidate and party organizer from Winnipeg has torn up his Liberal membership card because the party voted in favour of the anti-terrorism legislation.

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As many of you have already heard, Industry Minister James Moore is leaving politics, today announcing that he will not be running in the upcoming federal election. Our community has had many ups-and-downs with Minister Moore over the years, and we thought we would spend a few minutes reflecting on some of his best moments, and some of his worst.

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On Thursday afternoon Bill C-51 received Royal Assent and is now in force. Let’s keep building opposition to C-51 until the election and then let’s get it repealed:

Article by Hadyn Watters for CBC

Bill C-51, the Conservatives’ anti-terror legislation, received royal assent Thursday afternoon and is now law. 

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by OpenMedia Digital Rights Campaigner Laura Tribe

Is the federal government trying to hide from results of this year’s report on telecom prices in Canada? Their silence today over the release of the annual Wall Report report sure makes it look that way – and having seen the results, it’s not hard to imagine why. Yet again, the annual report analyzing Canada’s telecoms prices reveals that Canadians are paying among the highest rates in the world.

The report compares Canada’s landline, cell phone, broadband and mobile Internet, and basic TV service bundles to those of Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, (Read more…) iPolitics: Senators were flooded with thousands of your emails over Bill C-51

Senators received thousands of letters from all of you! Thank you for speaking up, Canada! Let’s keep up the fight until this reckless bill is repealed. We’re demanding all party leaders to commit to repeal it, take action now at

Article by Kristie Smith for iPolitics

Many senators say they’ve been stunned by the overwhelming flood of email they’ve received over C-51, the highly controversial Harper government security bill that passed a Senate vote earlier in the month.

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UnblockCanada_cycle_fbshare (1).png

Official report finds that wireless prices are still rising steeply, and that overall telecom costs are among the most expensive in the industrialized world

June 18, 2015 – A major government report released this morning confirms that Canadians are still paying among the highest prices in the industrialized world for telecom service. The 2015 Wall Report, commissioned by the CRTC and Industry Canada, found that wireless prices are increasing across the board, with the cost of a standard 1GB monthly plan increasing by 7%, or over three times the rate of inflation (2.3%).

The report (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Great news for subway commuters users in Toronto, and yet another reason to escape the high prices and rampant abuse of the Big Three as new options become viable for CanadiansWe hope that other providers will follow Wind’s lead, and that the CRTC and Industry Canada will take bold steps to improve mobile choice and affordability in Canada.

Article by Christine Dobby for The Globe and Mail

read more The Tyee: Liberal Plan a Tough Sell for C-51 Opponents

We want a Prime Minister who cares about our civil liberties. We need Trudeau and all party leaders to repeal reckless Bill C-51! Tell them to do so at

Article by Jeremy J. Nuttall for The Tyee

Justin Trudeau will have to do more than pledge to fix what he calls a broken Ottawa to win back would-be supporters, say opponents of the recently-passed Anti-Terrorism Act. 

read more CBC: Canadians still don’t know what the Trans-Pacific Partnership is

Despite the secrecy, we know that The TPP would criminalize your online activity, invade your privacy, and cost you money. Speak out now at

Article by The Canadian Press for the CBC

It’s the biggest free trade deal Canadians never heard of.

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 It’s more important than ever that we speak out before their deadline for comments. To get your voice put into the hearing, head over to and sign on to our open letter calling for world-class Internet services across the country.

Article by Jane Sponagle for CBC

At Iqaluit’s Four Corners intersection downtown, it takes Jessica Bos more than 10 minutes to send a text message with a photo.

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Well, here we go again: a powerful committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would kill the FCC’s Open Internet rules – or, so-called “Net Neutrality” rules – that we fought hard for and won after a long battle alongside a broad coalition of civil society organizations, Internet freedom groups, and millions and millions of Internet users.

read more Huffington Post: Liberals were caught off guard when candidate MacLeod stepped down over C-51 vote

After candidate MacLeod stepped down over Trudeau’s C-51 vote, the Liberal party issued a statement saying his resignation was for personal reasons…

Article by Althia Raj for the Huffington Post

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are staying mum about a star candidate who just turned on them. 

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Old Media lobbyists are backing tomorrow’s EU Parliament vote on costly new ‘Link Tax’ that threatens future of popular websites including reddit and Google News

June 15, 2015 – A costly new EU ‘link tax’ could be on the way, threatening the future of popular websites including reddit and Google News. A similar Link Tax already exists in Germany, and in Spain, and is being considered in Austria right now. Tomorrow, the EU Parliament will vote on a draft report on the harmonization of copyright, prepared by German MEP Julia Reda.

read more Geist: Another bill that will reshape Canada’s privacy law

More bad news for Canadians. 

Article by Michael Geist for the Toronto Star

A budget implementation bill is an unlikely — and many would say inappropriate — place to make major changes to Canadian privacy law. Yet Bill C-59, the government’s 158-page bill that is set to sweep through the House of Commons, does just that. 

read more Liberal candidate David MacLeod resigns after Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51

Looks like Bill C-51 was a major factor in some Liberal candidates quiting. Speak out now to put a stop to this reckless, dangerous and ineffective legislation at

Article by Jane Taber for The Globe and Mail

The Canadian Forces veteran who was poised to run for the federal Liberals in the northern Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova has resigned as the candidate over his opposition to Justin Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51.

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