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Over the past couple months, our small team at OpenMedia has been helping get the word out on a big project designed to measure the health of Canada’s Internet: CIRA’s Internet Performance Tool.

But today, our friends at CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) have partnered with NCIX, a major Canadian retailer of computer components, to bring you an awesome contest – and we thought you might want to know about it.

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Le gouvernement Couillard semble déterminé à aller de l’avant avec son projet mal pensé qui vise à exiger des fournisseurs d’accès Internet (ou ISP) de censure Internet… au profit du gouvernement.

Eh oui, vous avez bien lu.

Le site de jeu en ligne de la province de Québec, Espacejeux, ne rencontre pas ses objectifs financiers. Alors, au lieu de corriger le tir au sein même de l’entreprise, le gouvernement Couillard propose d’exiger que les ISP éliminent la concurrence afin de ne permettre l’accès aux résidents de la province qu’à certains sites de jeu « approuvés ».   

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Yesterday was the deadline for the first round of input into a historic government hearing that will determine whether Canadians get faster, cheaper Internet, or get stuck with Big Telecom’s slow and expensive service for generations to come.

read more Tyee: Conservative MP repents for part of C-51 sermon

After a whirlwind of mockery on social media, MP Wai Young back-pedalled on some parts of her C-51 sermon…

Article by Jeremy J. Nuttall for The Tyee

Vancouver South MP Wai Young has apologized for one part of a controversial speech to a B.C. congregation, a talk that included a likening of her Conservative party to Jesus Christ. 

read more Globe and Mail: Coalition calls on CRTC to force expansion of broadband access

Article by Christine Dobby for The Globe and Mail 

A coalition of groups representing consumers, seniors and anti-poverty activists is calling on Canada’s telecom regulator to force industry players to expand access to high-speed Internet for low-income households and those living in rural areas.

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What do you think?

Article by Press Progress

Jesus saves, but did you know Bill C-51 saves too?

That’s apparently Conservative MP Wai Young’s big takeaway from “all the stories in the Bible,” telling a church that the new surveillance and security powers contained in the controversial Bill C-51, as well as the Conservatives’ less than forgiving sentencing laws, are examples of how her party is working “in the same vein” as Jesus Christ.

read more VICE: How Bill C-13 opened the door for the government to use Hacking Team malware

The Hacking Team software would allow Canadian police to hack into computers, mobile devices, or cars in order to track location or record metadata of citizens. 

Article by Justin Ling for Vice News

With attention focusing on Italian spyware giant Hacking Team and their efforts to strike deals with investigators worldwide, a little-noticed change to Canadian law is becoming increasingly relevant.

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The Quebec government seems determined to press ahead with an ill-conceived plan that would require ISPs to censor the Internet…for its own financial gain.

Yes, you read that right.

The province’s online gaming site, Espacejeux, is failing to meet its financial targets. But instead of fixing a broken business, Quebec has put together a proposal that would require ISPs to block out the competition, only allowing residents of the province to access ‘approved’ gambling sites.

read more Only 24 hours left to demand faster, cheaper Internet for all Canadians

Only 24 Hours Remain

We have less than 24 hours to tell decision-makers at the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to stop Big Telecom’s plan to keep us locked into some of the slowest, most expensive Internet services in the industrialized world. There’s never been a better time to demand that the government hit the “reset button” on Canada’s lacklustre digital strategy.

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Check out this great interview with OpenMedia’s founder and Executive Director Steve Anderson and learn more about our history and values as one of the largest digital rights communities in the world.

Article by Tracy Giesz for Capture Queue

Tracy: So tell me about the origins of Open Media. 

read more Motherboard: Canadian police looked into buying hacking software

The Internet, the greatest tool for connectivity that humankind has ever invented,  ins in danger of being turned into something it was never intended to be— a tool for governments to spy on the private lives of everybody.

Article by Matthew Braga for Motherboard

read more Globe and Mail: Trudeau’s support of Bill C-51 weakened the Liberal party

Bill C-51 is so unpopular that is having a mayor role in the electoral campaign. No matter who wins, this reckless bill should be repealed. Speak out now at

Article by Jane Taber for The Globe and Mail

John Fenik is the Mayor of Perth, a picturesque community just southwest of Ottawa. A card-carrying Liberal for more than a decade, Mr. Fenik turned in his membership card a couple of months ago, and is now the NDP candidate for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, one of the bluest Tory ridings in the country.

read more Vancouver 24hs: BC groups push CRTC for cheaper Internet

Ensure Canadians get faster, cheaper Interner while there’s still time! Speak out at

Article by Stefania Seccia for Vancouver 24hs. 

This Tuesday is the deadline to submit initial comments on the fast-approaching hearings for cheaper, faster Internet — and so far 25,000 people have signed a petition and scores of others intend to hold a Vancouver rally in support of it.

read more T-Mobile free roaming initiative could add fuel to Canada’s wireless market

T-Mobile announced yesterday it will allow its American customers use their service in Canada and Mexico with no extra fees (that’s right, free roaming). This new initiative puts the Big Three’s roaming plans to shame. Why can’t Canadians have nice things?

Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic

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Talks towards a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal advance to the next level, and Trade Minister Ed Fast doesn’t want to miss the party. Tell him we don’t need the TPP to censor our Internet at

Article by JanyceMcGregor for CBC News

read more European Parliament rejects ‘Link Tax’ proposal, in big win for Internet users


75,000-strong Save The Link Campaign welcomes the rejection of proposal that could have resulted in severe repercussions for free speech online

July 9, 2015 – Today the European Parliament firmly rejected a proposal that could have resulted in a new EU-wide ‘Link Tax’ with costly implications for Internet users across Europe and the world. A similar ‘Link Tax’ was introduced in Spain last December, where it forced Google News to shut operations, and resulted in web traffic to Spanish news sites plunging.

The proposal was contained in an amendment backed by large publishing conglomerates to an otherwise (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, July 9, 2015

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T-Mobile no longer charges you for using your phone in Mexico and Canada – Android Central New T-Mobile ‘Uncarrier’ Move Eliminates North American Borders – DSL Reports New Calgary wireless report suggests Rogers, Bell and Telus offer nearly identical experience – Mobile Syrup Big Tech Does Not Speak for the Internet – EFF XKeyscore Exposé Reaffirms the Need to Rid the Web of Tracking Cookies – EFF Our Top Five Takeaways From Today’s Hearings on Encryption – EFF New Leaked TPP Chapter Shows Countries Converging on Anti-User Copyright Takedown Rules – EFF Censoring Pirate Sites (Read more…) The Inquirer: ICANN’s plan to end online anonymity would radically undermine Internet privacy

  ICANN​ plans to end online anonymity could undermine the privacy of almost anyone who purchases a domain name. At OpenMedia we believe privacy is a fundamental human right, and one that the Internet should safeguard and protect, rather than undermine.

Article by Carly Page for The Inquirer

DIGITAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES have written a scathing open letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), describing its plan to end online anonymity as harmful to privacy and safety. 

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Cheaper plans being sold on Kijiji? This has got to stop! 

Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic

You know wireless pricing in Canada is messed up when there’s a black market emerging to provide people with better deals.

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