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ICYMI: More than 220 Canadian writers, musicians, actors and artists warn C-51 threatens their freedoms. Check out the full letter at and spread the word! 

Article by Press Progress

220 of Canada’s prominent creative voices including Margaret Atwood, Raffi and trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey (who also goes by the name of John Dunsworth) are warning Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51 ”directly attacks the creative arts and free expression in this country.”

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This piece by our David Christopher was originally published by Ricochet Media

Years of irresponsible government policies and message control have left a serious chill on free expression in Canada. From a crippled access to information system, to the muzzling of privacy experts and federal scientists, the Harper government has been operating under extreme secrecy, while placing innocent Canadians under the microscope with mass surveillance.

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Just weeks before the election, this intervention by top Canadian artists, led by Margaret Atwood, is sure to stir up the debate on C-51. Let’s keep up the momentum by speaking up for repeal of C-51 and a positive Digital Future at

Article by Laura Payton for Maclean’s Magazine   A group of  Canadian artists say they’ll cast ballots on Oct. 19 for whomever will repeal Bill C-51, the controversial law that dramatically increased the power of Canada’s spy agencies.

In an open letter provided to Maclean’s, author Margaret Atwood, singer-songwriter Dan Mangan, filmmaker Don McKellar and (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers including Mark Achbar, Hayden, Raffi, Thomas King, and John Dunsworth from the Trailer Park Boys, warn that C-51 will “silence dissenting voices” and announce “we will be voting for the repeal of C-51”

September 28, 2015 – A group of over 200 Canadian artists, led by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, are speaking out against Bill C-51. In an open letter published this morning by Maclean’s, the artists warn that the legislation “directly attacks the creative arts and free expression in this country”. The group is speaking out just weeks before an election likely (Read more…) Toronto Star: Bridging Toronto’s real digital divide

It turns out more choice = more savings in Canada’s broadband Internet market. But there’s a catch – the digital divide isn’t just rural/remote vs. urban anymore. Check out how over 70% of people in Canada’s largest city are being left behind when it comes to super-fast fibre Internet. And be sure to demand fast, affordable, world-class Internet for 100% of Canadians at

Article by Peter Nowak for the Toronto Star

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Bill C-51 adopts an excessive approach that will harm political discourse and our civil liberties. Let’s keep speaking up to get this reckless, dangerous, and ineffective legislation repealed!

Article by Tanya Birkbeck for CBC

Some Montreal Muslims say the passage of the Conservative government’s controversial anti-terror legislation may affect their voting intentions.

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All links (Read more…) The Fallacy of the "Secret Master Key"

  There is very little public understanding of the global system of secret, pervasive surveillance. OpenMedia community member Jesse Schooff uses the analogy of the TSA master key to explain it. Thanks for sharing this great piece with us Jesse!   Article by community member Jesse Schooff for   I’m often at a loss on how to explain to people the thorny social issues which arise from our complex contemporary technology. Much of the time, in order to even begin discussing the implications of a particular topic, you have to explain all sorts of complicated underlying concepts to (Read more…) National Post: Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership really a good deal for Canada? Or is it just ‘NAFTA on steroids’?

A quarter of a billion people are about to lose access to 20 years of the public domain, unless we can stop the TPP. Speak out at

Article by Douglas Quan for the National Post

It is being touted as one of the biggest free-trade deals in history — but is it good for Canada?

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The balance between our priorities of law enforcement and our rights are way out of whack.

Article by Cristina Howorun for City News

Correctional Services Canada is recording your phone calls and reading your texts – and you’re not even behind bars.

A CityNews investigation reveals Correctional Services Canada (CSC) introduced super surveillance technology in at least one federal institution this winter; capturing calls and texts made from inside the jail, the visitor parking lot and, potentially, passing drivers and residents who live in close proximity to the institution.

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Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and David Miranda propose The Snowden Treaty, a new pact that would “curtail mass surveillance and protect the rights of whistleblowers.”

Article by Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fugitive former U.S. spy contractor Edward Snowden on Thursday backed a push for an international treaty on privacy rights, protection against improper surveillance and of whistleblowers as he said more countries are trying to boost spying powers.

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‪#‎PizzaRat‬ has completely overwhelmed the Internet. 

Does its virality mean it should be considered fair use, or even in the public domain?

Article by Davey Alba for Wired

#PIZZARAT IS SELF-EXPLANATORY. #PizzaRat  is a video of a rat carrying a giant slice of pizza down the stairs of a grimy Manhattan subway, a video that lasts only 14 seconds. To be honest, #PizzaRat doesn’t even do all that much. #PizzaRat drags his giant slice down just four steps, then sort of tiredly bails on it. The clip ends too abruptly. We never know if #PizzaRat made it home.

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A few days ago, OpenMedia helped our campaign partners at Demand Progress add the names of thousands of Internet users to a historic legal defense of the Net Neutrality rules that are currently being challenged in court by Big Telecom in the U.S.

As you may recall, the rules being challenged are the ones we worked together to win earlier in the year, alongside a broad-based network of business, civil rights organizations, Internet freedom groups, and — most important of all — millions of everyday Internet users.

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A question we’ve been asked often: What exactly can the Harper government commit to in the TPP negotiations during a federal election campaign?

Article by BJ Siekierski and Kelsey Johnson

As the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations continue Tuesday in San Francisco before likely moving on to Atlanta next week, questions are being raised about what exactly the Harper government can commit to during a federal election campaign.

read more Massive B.C. Privacy Breach underlines risks of government using C-51 to collect and store our private info

For Immediate Release

Massive B.C. Privacy Breach underlines risks of government using C-51 to collect and store our private info

September 23, 2015: A massive data breach in British Columbia has left millions of British Columbians worried about whether their private educational records have been exposed. The government announced last night that it had lost track of an unencrypted drive containing the records, which include deeply personal information about mental health and substance abuse.

read more Times Colonist: Size of B.C. breach ‘especially troubling,’ says privacy commissioner

BC’s privacy commissioner is investigating the largest data breach in the province’s history. 

It’s time our governments start putting privacy on the agenda. This election tell your local candidates that privacy matters to you, at

Article by Lindsay Kines for Times Colonist

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Civil liberties protect our personal freedoms. They allow us to express ourselves without fear of interference, they preserve our right to speak, to assemble, to organize, to move around freely and protect our identity.  C-51 will limit our civil liberties, and even this Conservative candidate said so. Let’s stop this before it’s too late! Speak out and spread the word to ‪#‎KillC51‬

Article by Press Progress

What country do Canadians live in then?

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France rules that the right to global censorship doesn’t just apply to EU domains, but Google must remove content globally.

Article by Mark Scott for The New York Times

France’s privacy watchdog just will not take no for an answer.

On Monday, the country’s data protection authority rejected Google’s efforts to limit how a landmark European privacy ruling may be applied worldwide.

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