Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Rabble: Our online spying laws are about to get a whole lot worse

The government is trying to push through harsh new surveillance laws that threaten our democratic rights. Got a problem with that? Check out this great piece by Tom Henheffer, and sound off in the comments.

Article by Tom Henheffer for Rabble

The potential destruction of terrorism is infinitesimally smaller than the damage done to our rights by a disproportionate attempt to prevent it.

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Canadians across the country have been using our Letter to the Editor tool to speak out against online spying Bill C-13. Here’s one of the letters published in the Campbell River Mirror. Have you tried the tool yet?

Article by Ed Anderson for the Campbell River Mirror

Two days ago we remembered the fallen soldiers of years ago who fought for our country so that we may live a free and prosperous life. All gave some but some gave all.

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All links (Read more…) Motherboard: Millions being wasted on government facebook spies

Hey community, how do you feel about the government spending your tax dollars to pay bureaucrats to creep on your social media accounts? Let us know in the comments.

Article by Ben Makuch for Motherboard

After reportedly already spending $20 million on media monitoring services, the Conservative-led Stephen Harper government is also looking to fill another tender for a “Social Media Monitoring” system to “meet the needs of Federal Government Departments and Agencies.”

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Media reports this morning have revealed that the federal government is building an expansive Social Media Monitoring system to collect, store, and analyze what Canadians say on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Guest blog by OpenMedia volunteer and community member Joey Levesque

What does Our Digital Future look like?

Recently, OpenMedia came together with over 300,000 Internet users around the world to release Our Digital Future: a Crowdsourced Agenda for Free Expression. Over 40,000 users expressed themselves using our drag-and-drop tool, and the Our Digital Future report reflects those priorities: respect for creators, free expression, and democratic processes.

But we realize that most people don’t have the time to read a 70-page crowdsourced report on the bus on the way to work, or in line at the grocery store – and (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, November 13, 2014

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This is urgent: Peter MacKay’s Online Spying Bill C-13 has already passed the House of Commons and will soon face a final vote in the Senate.

We can still stop this but we need to act now – use our simple Letter to the Editor tool to get a letter about Bill C-13 published in your local newspaper.

If we don’t stop this reckless plan now, it could undermine our privacy and cost taxpayers millions in court challenges. There’s no doubt senators are feeling the pressure to side with Canadians and do the right thing.

The Supreme Court of Canada (Read more…) AlphaBeatic: Canada’s Netflix speed ranks below Brazil, Mexico

Why you may need to head for sunnier climes to get faster Netflix speeds.

Article by Peter Nowak for AlphaBeatic

Netflix has released its internet service provider speed rankings for October. The monthly rankings measure the quality of Netflix’s streaming service on various ISPs in 26 countries.

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Why choice will improve Canada’s wireless market.

Article by Michael Geist for the Star

Last year’s explosive battle over the potential entry of wireless giant Verizon into the Canadian market may be a distant memory, but the debate over the state of wireless competition remains very much alive. Industry Minister James Moore has pointed to a modest decline in consumer pricing and complaints as evidence that government policies aimed at fostering a more competitive market are working.

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Big changes in the U.S. could impact Canadians’ everyday Internet use.

Article by Kazi Stastna for the CBC

The epic battle in the U.S. over who gets to shape the future of the internet got even more heated this week when President Barack Obama weighed in in favour of net neutrality, urging regulators to ban cable companies from creating a two-tier information superhighway that would allow some websites to buy their way into a fast lane.

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As you may have heard, this morning, U.S. President Barack Obama came out with a decisive statement calling for the strongest possible rules to prevent slow lanes on the Internet. You can read the details in the statement we put out here, but the short version is that Obama unequivocally, and unambiguously committed himself to keeping the Internet an open playing field, stating “no service should be stuck in a ‘slow lane’ because it does not pay a fee.”

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Thousands of Canadians joined in on the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV hearings, and told the panel they want more choice and flexibility. Now we’re finally seeing some improvement.

Article by Carmi Levy for Yahoo Finance

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s announcement Thursday it was ordering telecom carriers to abolish their practice of forcing consumers to provide 30-days notice before cancelling their phone, Internet or television services sends, a clear message that customer service practices still need improvement.

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It’s a win for choice and flexibility for Canadians, but does it go far enough?

Article by the CBC

Canadians no longer have to give a 30-day notice to cancel or change their television, internet or landline telephone service, the CRTC says.

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The U.S. FCC just doesn’t get it.

Article by Barbara van Schewik for CNN

The results of the midterm election confirm Americans’ widespread discontent with Washington gridlock on a range of issues.

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This piece was co-authored by Steve Anderson and Josh Tabish and was originally published in the November edition of the CCPA Monitor

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Millions of people have spoken out against the Internet slow lane. But don’t expect a little thing like that to stop Big Telecom’s plan. Find out what you can do next.

Article by Sheena Goodyear for the Whitecourt Star

Canadians give massive corporations permission to collect reams of personal information about them, often without even realizing it, says Canada’s privacy commissioner.

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November 6, 2014 – In response to this morning’s announcement by the CRTC regarding new rules that will allow Canadians to cancel or change their Internet, television, or telephone services without giving 30-day notice, Campaigns Manager Josh Tabish said,

“We are pleased to see that the first decision coming out of the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV consultation is a positive step forward for Canadians. During the consultation, we spoke with thousands of Canadians who expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of choice and flexibility in offerings from the Big Telecom providers. But now we’re able to (Read more…) It’s Our Future

Over 300,000 Internet users contributed to our crowdsourced vision for free expression online in the 21st century. What matters most to the Internet community? Watch this animated video to find out. Animations by Una Luma Productions, music and sound design by Gabriel Koenig.

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