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European Court invalidates Data Retention Directive, says mass surveillance of metadata interferes with right to privacy – Privacy International Victory for privacy rights as ECJ rules that Data Retention Directive is invalid – Open Rights Group European ISPs Can Stop Logging User Data, Court Rules – TorrentFreak EU court rejects requirement to keep data of telecom users – Reuters Digital Canada 150: Why Canada’s Universal Broadband Goal is Among the Least Ambitious in the OECD – Michael Geist GREENWALD: ‘Mark My Words,’ Soon You’ll See The Larger Scope Of NSA Abuses – Business Insider Edward (Read more…) Province of Ontario: Ontario creates powerful protections for wireless consumers

It’s a win for Canadians and for our community! The Ontario government has enshrined consumer protections for wireless customers in law, introducing caps on contract cancellation fees and requiring Telecoms to advertise their prices more accurately. This significant decision was made possible by our monthly allies, who helped us work together to create a Cell Phone service roadmap directly cited by the government. To become a monthly Open Media ally, please go to

Article from Ontario Ministry of Services

Ontario’s wireless and cell phone consumers will now get clear information and fewer surprises when they enter into cell (Read more…) Your letters about privacy are getting published from coast to coast

This is amazing! Canadians from coast to coast have used our Letter-to-the-Editor tool to successfully publish letters in 30 major Canadian newspapers. Check them out below.

Clearly this government has it all wrong when it comes to respecting our right to privacy.

That’s the message coming across again and again in newspaper letter pages right across Canada. It looks like Canadians are fed up with repeated government attempts to invade our privacy – whether through their reckless spy agency CSEC or through Justice Minister MacKay’s new Online Spying Bill C-13.

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Digital Canada 150: The digital strategy without a strategy – Toronto Star Bell raises prices, questions in the prairies – Angelus Novus Why Canada’s Cell Phone Plans are a Joke – r/canada The Next Five Years Could Determine Our Liberties – TorrentFreak CSEC dodges questions on relationship with Big Three telecom companies – Globe and Mail Supreme Court passes on NSA bulk phone surveillance case – Ars Technica U.S. knocks plans for European communication network – Reuters Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying Machine – Bloomberg Businessweek

All links compiled by community member (Read more…) Yahoo Finance: Canadian online video consumption, premium pricing on a collision course

Canadians want lower prices and more data from their wireless providers, but price-gouging Big Telecom giants have other ideas. Something’s got to give – speak out:

Article by Carmi Levy for Yahoo Finance

Canadian wireless consumers could be headed toward a digital collision.

read more James Moore’s Digital Strategy offers nothing new for Canadians

Despite high hopes, Industry Minister Moore’s Digital Strategy was a huge let-down. It looks like Canada will continue falling behind. Canadians deserve so much more – help us demand better at

Article by Brian Jackson for

It was a long time in the making, and it wasn’t worth the wait.

read more Globe and Mail: Telus’s decision to shut Public Mobile angers consumers

280,000 customers are being forced to pay a hefty fee to upgrade their phones following the Telus takeover of former indie provider Public Mobile.. Help us demand choice in our wireless market by going to

Article by Rita Trichur and Steven Chase for The Globe and Mail

Telus Corp. is preparing to shut down Public Mobile’s wireless network, a move that forces the discount carrier’s roughly 280,000 customers to buy new cellphones in order to maintain service.

read more TPP breathes life into SOPA as Obama appoints Holleyman as chief negotiator

Remember the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)? It was a reckless piece of U.S. legislation that aimed to censor the Internet through extreme copyright enforcement mechanisms. Let’s refresh our memory about SOPA’s extreme provisions:

Give the U.S. government the power to cripple any website they allege made use of copyrighted materials – Check. Force ISPs to block access to certain websites? – Check. Ban online companies from conducting businesses with “blacklisted” websites? – Check. Further criminalize “alleged” copyright infringement? – Unfortunately, check.

SOPA sparked a huge uproar from Internet users and businesses across the U.S. and the (Read more…) Top 5 things you need to know about the government’s long-awaited digital economy strategy

We were starting to worry this day would never come. But, lo and behold, here it is: the government has finally announced its long-awaited digital economy strategy, Digital Canada 150.

So, what’s the good news? While there are a few positive measures in the strategy, they amount to little more than a repackaging of previous government announcements and existing government programmes. In other words, the ‘good news’ is kind of ‘old news’. And the bad news? Well, the strategy will definitely leave Canadians in the slow lane, as the plan fails to tackle Canada’s national digital deficit and stark digital (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Friday, April 4, 2014

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Charting Canada’s Digital Future – Google Canada Blog Harper Government unveils plan for Canada’s digital future – Canadian Digital Media Network Digital Canada 150 (direct link to PDF) – Industry Canada OpenText: Digital Canada 150 Announcement – USTREAM Archive Canada’s wireless policy has lacked ambition – WordsByNowak U.S. Pushes Canada To Loosen Privacy Laws – Huffington Post US confirms it made ‘Cuban Twitter’ – BBC News Germany opens hearings on U.S. spying – Washington Post

All links compiled by community member and volunteer Andrew Currie.

read more Government’s digital strategy leaves Canada stuck in the slow lane – fails to tackle stark digital divide and national digital deficit


Canadians deserve so much more than just warmed-up leftovers from previous government announcements: new strategy means Canada will likely fall even further behind its global counterparts on Internet affordability, access, and speed

April 4, 2014 – The government’s long-awaited new digital strategy announced this morning will disappoint Canadians who had been hoping for bold moves to tackle our national digital deficit and stark digital divide. That’s according to community-based, which has spent years campaigning for all Canadians to have affordable, world class Internet access.

Many of the measures announced by Industry Minister James Moore today, while (Read more…) Please Share: Our image about how the TPP could kick families off the Internet is going viral

Do you think a ‘censor first and ask questions later’ approach is fair?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to kick whole families off the Internet just for suspicion of copyright violation.

We’ve just released this image, and it’s already being shared far and wide on social media.

Please add your voice – SHARE this image if you think this is unfair:

read more Ottawa Citizen: Revenue agency big source of data breaches

This government has a terrible record when it comes to protecting our privacy – and things seem to be getting worse, not better with revelations that there were over 3000 breaches of private data from the Canada Revenue Agency last year.

Article by Jordan Press and Patrick Smith for The Ottawa Citizen

The federal government has reported more data breaches over a recent 10-month period than it reported in the previous 10 years.

Between April 1, 2013 and Jan. 29, 2014 — a period covering 10 months of the fiscal year that ends Monday — federal departments and agencies reported (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, April 3, 2014

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700 MHZ spectrum licences paid in full, James Moore says – CBC News Ontario enacts protection for wireless customers – Toronto Star Conservatives agree to support NDP motion to study wireless plan hikes – Global News European Union vote clears the way to end roaming charges, enforce net neutrality – iMore Net Neutrality: A Great Step Forward for the Free Internet! – La Quadrature du Net Turkey lifts Twitter ban after court ruling – Reuters U.S. secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest – Washington Post How Does CSEC Work with the World’s Most (Read more…) L’Internet libre et ouvert est au cœur de nos activités chez Open Media.

C’est la raison pour laquelle nous sommes fiers d’appuyer Notre Avenir Numerique – une initiative progressive destinée à donner une place de choix aux enjeux numériques sur la scène politique. Veuillez partager ce message et ajouter votre appui à : Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Illegal Spying: BCCLA files class action lawsuit against Canada’s electronic spy agency – BC Civil Liberties Association Class-action lawsuit would let Canadians with cellphones sue the government for surveillance – Georgia Straight NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans’ calls and emails – Clapper – The Guardian U.S. Calls Out Canadian Data Protection as a Trade Barrier – Michael Geist Court Orders Government Not to Destroy Evidence in EFF Cases Against the NSA – Electronic Frontier Foundation Conservatives agree to support NDP motion to study wireless plan hikes – Global News Does Strong IP Protection (Read more…) National Post: The Government’s Bill C-13 threatens to dismantle constitutionally-enshrined privacy rights

Canadians are coming together from across the political spectrum to speak out about Bill C-13 – the government’s reckless attempt to gain access to your private online data without a warrant. SHARE this piece by Avaaz’s Jeremy Waiser and Chris Schafer from our Privacy Coalition partners at the @Canadian Constitution Foundation and SPEAK OUT at

Article by Chris Schafer and Jeremy Waiser for the National Post

It takes a pretty special issue to unite our two organizations in common cause. But our government is working to push a privacy-gutting bill through Parliament, using very cynical means: exploiting our (Read more…) If I were Barack Obama, I would not be looking forward to my trip to Asia at the end of April

Obama will be traveling throughout the region to gain political favour amongst the various nations currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As you may recall, the trip was originally planned for last year, but had to be cancelled when the U.S. government was forced to shut down over a stalled budget bill in Congress.

Very soon, Obama will be leading new efforts to twist the arm of smaller countries, and make them cave to the extreme demands of U.S. lobbyists. Unfortunately for Obama, this looks easier said than done – especially as the Internet freedom community has worked (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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How Telcos and ISPs Hand Over Subscriber Data Thousands of Times Each Year Without a Warrant – Michael Geist We’re naive about the Internet, and Edward Snowden showed us why – Globe and Mail Revenue agency big source of data breaches – Ottawa Citizen Schafer & Waiser: Say no to government spying – National Post Secret surveillance courts in U.S. and Canada explained – CBC News NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize – The Intercept 1Gb Internet service offered to Muskoka-Almaguin municipalities – CBC News Leaked EU analysis of (Read more…) Huffington Post: Big Telecom are gouging customers in provinces with low wireless choice

CONFIRMED: More telecom choice means cheaper services for Canadians. According to one tech expert, you’re better off flying to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Quebec, signing up for wireless service there, then flying home than you are purchasing a cell phone plan in any of the other provinces.

Article from The Huffington Post

Canada’s big telecom firms recently raised prices on wireless services, and the new plans all look very similar. That is, unless you live in Manitoba, Quebec or Saskatchewan.

read more CBC: 5 Central Ontario towns now offer some of the fastest Internet in the country

Five forward-thinking municipalities have teamed up to deliver the fastest internet in Ontario. The upgrade gives a huge leg up to businesses and schools alike, and is a great example of how communities can come together to create solutions and promote innovation.

Article from CBC

Customers in Central Ontario will soon have access to 1 gigabit Internet service as Lakeland Networks starts rolling out what’s it calls the fastest service in Ontario.

read more Your Daily Digital Digest for Monday, March 31, 2014

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Exclusive – NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought: study – Reuters Surprise, surprise: my online metadata actually reveals where I’ve been – Ars Technica NSA reportedly targeted as many as 122 world leaders for surveillance – The Verge NSA chief’s legacy is shaped by big data, for better and worse – Los Angeles Times Rogers offering existing customers in Quebec a $70/6GB plan to prevent exodus to Videotron – Mobile Syrup Brazil’s internet law: The net closes – The Economist Tech companies to Senate Finance Committee chair Wyden: no Fast Track for TPP! (Read more…) CBC: Broadband access on First Nations and other northern communities is set to improve over the next several years.

First Nations and northern communities have long struggled with Big Telecom’s slow Internet speeds and terrible service. So it’s great to see these communities taking things into their own hands to ensure residents have quality, independent Internet access. Our friends at are a shining example of how community-driven access is the way forward.

Article by Arik Ligeti for CBC

read more The Albatross: how Canadian spies at CSEC are told to talk about their jobs

Are CSEC and other government agencies unconstitutionally accessing your data? According to spy chief John Forster, you don’t need to know.

Article by Ishmael N. Daro & Tannara Yelland for The Albatross

Employees of Canada’s electronic spying agency are told to only speak about their work in vague terms when asked by outsiders, including friends and family, and to keep that information limited to those “who truly have a need to know,” according to documents released to the Albatross under the Access to Information Act.

read more Georgia Straight: Canadian Internet providers receive need to be more transparent in how they protect our privacy

Canada’s large Internet providers received a failing grade when it comes to being transparent about how they protect Canadians’ privacy, according to an expert report by Privacy Coalition members Prof. Andrew Clement and Dr. Jonathan Obar. Telecoms handed our private info to government agencies over 18,000 times last year without a warrant. Speak out for privacy at

Article by Travis Lupick for the Georgia Straight

Canadian Internet Service providers (ISPs) have scored abysmally in a new study conducted by privacy experts at the University of Toronto.

The analysis looks at how companies perform in 10 areas of privacy (Read more…)