Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Star: Trudeau backed C-51, but won’t say if it’s constitutional

Looks like the Liberal Party voted for a bill they’re not even sure is constitutional…

Article by the Canadian Press at the Toronto Star

BROSSARD, QUE. — Justin Trudeau won’t say if Bill C-51 — the controversial anti-terror bill introduced by the Conservatives — is constitutional, even though the Liberals backed it in Parliament.

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Check out this amazing coverage of our pro-Internet election plan on The Georgia Straight! The Internet is something we shouldn’t take for granted. We should take action to have our democratic rights as citizens, to make sure it stays open, accessible and free for everyone. This election, vote for the Internet!

Article by Stephen Hui for the Georgia Straight 

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government represents a “lost 10 years” for the Internet in Canada, according to a digital-rights advocate.

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Vice News Employees Charged With Terrorism In Turkey… Because They Used Encryption – Techdirt Journalists arrested on terrorism charges in Turkey for using crypto software – Ars Technica Business Cable-Box Rentals: A Needless $19-Billion Industry. But letting customers buy their own would force cable companies to improve their equipment – The Altantic City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses – Ars Technica Study: Average Smartphone User Consumes 9.7GB Monthly – DSL Reports Videotron Music Service Violates Net Neutrality: Consumer Groups – iPhone in Canada Judge eager to re-enter NSA surveillance fight (Read more…) 2015 election needs to focus on our digital future

Do we really want to drive our local businesses out of town, by failing to provide the digital infrastructure, security and privacy safeguards that they need to operate in a global market? Our own Laura Tribe analyzes the importance of our digital future in the upcoming election. How do you think parties are faring in on these issues? Let us know in the comments below, your feedback will be used to inform how we rate parties. 

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This election, Canadians can’t afford to be caught up in the soundbites, quibbles and petty (Read more…) Vote as Early as Today!

So you’re out of town or too busy on election day, Oct. 19th. Or perhaps you made up your mind long before debate season. Well here’s some good news: you can vote right now!

Although not everyone knows about early voting, it is a legal option that every Canadian can take advantage of. Voting doesn’t have to be a hassle just because the Fair Elections Act changed some rules of the game, and advanced voting makes things even simpler.

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CRTC Part 1 Application by CAC-COSCO-PIAC regarding Vidéotron’s “Unlimited Music” undue preference – PIAC Canadian Music Industry Hit With Competition Complaint Over Public Domain Recordings – Michael Geist Why Shouldn’t Copyright Be Infinite? – EFF Google Forms Alliance For Open Media Along With Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, And Others – Android Police Amazon, Netflix, Google and co team up for new video format – Expert Reviews Netflix is About to Lose Even More Mainstream Movies – DSL Reports Popcorn Time lawsuits continue as 16 are sued for watching Survivor – Ars Technica Canadian Scientist Muzzled For (Read more…) Big Telecom are trying to make the Internet like cable TV and we have to stop them

Last week, one of Canada’s Big Telecom giants announced a controversial new scheme that will give them more power to control how you use the Internet on your mobile devices – and, if we don’t speak up, the Big Three will soon follow suit.

Videotron wants the power to hand-choose which mobile streaming apps and services are more expensive than others. How are they doing this? By bundling them into outdated Cable-TV-style packages for mobile phone users. As a result, they’re giving unfair advantage to the services they decide are “worthy” of our attention and discriminating against others – an anti-user (Read more…) Vice: Canadian Cops Want to Search Your Mail

Update: The RCMP is now going after your mail.

Article by Justin Ling for Vice

With a federal election in its home stretch, Canada’s chiefs of police have issued a wish list of investigative powers they are hoping that the country’s next prime minister can deliver — everything from allowing them to search Canadians’ mail, to pulling back the curtain on anonymity online.

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Canadian Cops Want to Search Your Mail  – VICE News EFF to Supreme Court: Police Need a Warrant for Americans’ Cell Phone Location Records – EFF FTC CTO: Full Disk Encryption Is Important In Preventing Crime – Techdirt Microsoft slips user-tracking tools into Windows 7, 8 amidst Windows 10 privacy storm – PC World Bell Canada still claims to have a right to charge customers for a non-existent service – Barking Technology Rogers announces Share Everything+ plan strategy to push further into premium (?) experiences – Mobile Syrup NYPD Asks Disney, Marvel To (Read more…) Common Sense Canadian: Why privacy matters in this Canadian election

Most Canadians do not want to give up their privacy rights. This election, will you vote for online privacy? Pledge your vote at

Article by Kevin Grandia for Common Sense Canadian 

While you are out this weekend enjoying the last days of summer on the beach and the RCMP come by to check whether your cooler is full of (gasp) beer or wine, you have every right to tell them (I would suggest politely) that no, they cannot look in your cooler.

read more Arstechnica: Videotron provoking net neutrality fight with unlimited music

Instead of giving Big Telecom giants the power to choose which online apps and services are more expensive, why don’t they treat all services equally? Let’s put Canadians in the driver’s seat – not these out of touch telecom giants.

Article by Peter Nowak for Arstechnica

Quebec wireless provider Videotron looks to be stepping into a net neutrality battle with a new unlimited music service that boasts “zero data usage.” But is the offer offside Canada’s fair internet rules? Unlike previous, similar situations involving the country’s wireless carriers, this one isn’t as cut and dried.

read more Barking Technology: Bell still claims to have a right to charge customers for a non-existent service

Bell is continuing to fight to charge customers for a 911 service that did not exist…

Article by William Neilson for Barking Technology

The Toronto Sun has a rather shocking story of Bell Canada’s continued fight to assert that they were legally allowed to charge customers a monthly fee for a 911 service that did not exist.

Dating back to 2007, Bell Canada customers in several Canadian Territories were charged 75 cents a month for a 911 service that never existed. Those who called this 911 service were rerouted to a 10-digit number and a subsequent message stating: “There are no (Read more…) National Post: How one guy tried to copyright a chicken sandwich. (With tomato, lettuce, garlic, and mayo)

On copyright crazy…

Article by Roberto Fedrman, Washington Post

In 1987, Norberto Colón Lorenzana had what we can all agree is a pretty unremarkable idea. Colón, who had just started working at a fast food joint called Church’s Chicken in Puerto Rico, suggested to his employer that they try adding a basic fried chicken sandwich to a menu that was mostly chicken-by-the-piece.

The “Pechu Sandwich,” as it was christened when it was added to Church’s menu in 1991, was made with fried chicken, tomato, lettuce, garlic mayonnaise, and bread. And it was wildly popular.

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The media and the public’s right to know – Ottawa Citizen Canada’s prime minister wants to make it harder for people to vote against him – The Guardian RCMP planning mass arrest of indigenous activists under Bill C-51, supporters warn – ThinkPol 5 years after the G20 Police overreaction and all we have is ONE conviction?!?! Redditors, please share your unlawful detention stories. We should never forget. – r/Toronto discussion Union says suspended ‘Harperman’ scientist has same charter rights as all Canadians – Ottawa Citizen Bell outsourcing jobs to India – Chronicle Herald Fido Adds (Read more…) Attentiv: The Anonymity Impossibility

Today, half of internet users are concerned about the amount of their personal information that is available there. But is it really possible to be completely anonymous online? Here are some answers and cool facts about the ‘anonymity impossibility’.

Article by Attentiv  

Anonymity and information privacy are hot issues. Events like the Clinton server/email controversy, the Ashley Madison breach (releasing what was assured to be “anonymous” information), the Target data breach, and countless others, have put protection of personal information at the forefront of public debate.

read more Rabble: Fact-checking the Conservatives’ rural broadband strategy

The government’s rural broadband strategy falls way short of our digital platform and here’s why.

We need to fight back by pledging to vote now at

Article by Nora Loreto for

The 2015 federal election promises to be an ugly fight, with a lot of half-truths and fact twisting. This has been the tone set by the Harper government so far, and it shows no sign of changing course. Luckily, together with our allies will be pulling together real numbers and evidence to refute the mistruths and fact check the election campaign.

read more National Post: Public servant being investigated for writing and performing anti-Tory ‘Harperman’ song

An Ottawa federal scientist’s job is in danger after he recorded a song speaking out against the government’s politics of fear.

Article by Kathryn May, Post Media News at the National Post

An Ottawa federal scientist is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code for writing and performing a highly political protest song to get rid of the Harper government.

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Tech Giants Want to Punish DMCA Takedown Abusers – TorrentFreak Ashley Madison abusing DMCA “to put genie back in the bottle,” EFF says – Ars Technica TISA and Tech’s Double Standards On Secret Government Internet Deals – EFF Windows 10 Reserves The Right To Block Pirated Games And ‘Unauthorized’ Hardware – Techdirt Pirate Bay Founder Released From Jail But Immediately Re-Arrested – TorrentFreak Many police departments spy on you without oversight. This must end – The Guardian Autobiography of a Canadian SIGINT Officer Published – Matthew Aid I made the choice to donate to the (Read more…) Straight: OpenMedia crafts plan to unshackle Internet with help of more than 250,000 Canadians

Do you want to know what our election platform is all about? Learn more here and pledge your vote for the Internet at

Article by Charlie Smith for Georgia Straight

And it says that it was compiled after crowdsourcing opinions from more than 250,000 people across the country.

OpenMedia’s political platform opens with a mission statement: “Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for Internet service and we increasingly face online censorship and widespread surveillance.”

read more The Register: Canadians taking to spying on their spies

The Internet has changed Canadian politics. Issues like C-51 simply don’t go away. This election is our best chance to repeal C-51, pledge your vote at

Article by Trevor Pott for The Register

Comment As Canadians settle in for the longest general election campaign since 1867, some uncomfortable incidents that had been ignored by commercial media outlets are gaining new exposure.

read more How do you think the parties are doing when it comes to our Digital Future?

It’s a big day for our small team here at OpenMedia! This morning we’re unveiled our detailed election platform, packed with great ideas on restoring privacy rights (including repealing C-51), access to affordable Internet and cell phone service, and safeguarding free expression.

Our whole team is excited: this morning marks the culmination of many years of work for us, across what we call our Three Pillars of Internet Freedom; Privacy, Affordable Access, and Free Expression.

All in all, an incredible over 250,000 Canadians have been involved in shaping this positive, pro-Internet platform. It brings together key recommendations from our (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, August 27, 2015

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G20 Police Conviction Reminds Us Not to Repeat History – Torontoist The most disturbing thing we learned from the G20 – Toronto Star Tory candidates told to avoid debates, media during campaign – Toronto Star Virginia Police Force BBC Reporters To Delete Camera Footage Of Police Pursuit Of Shooter – Techdirt North Dakota cops can now use lobbyist-approved taser/pepper-spray drones – Cory Doctorow Study: 15% Of Wireless Users Now Tracked By Stealth Headers, Or ‘Zombie Cookies’ – Techdirt Videotron loses class-action lawsuit after lying to customers about their “unlimited data” – Barking Technology Rogers Renames (Read more…) Over 250,000 people shape action plan to save the Internet


Digital rights group OpenMedia releases comprehensive election platform packed with ideas crowdsourced from Canadians

August 27, 2015 – It’s as if the entire city of London Ontario banded together to save the Internet. Shaped by more than 250,000 people and launching today, Canada’s Digital Future is a crowd-sourced election platform packed with ideas from everyday citizens. It’s an initiative of digital rights group Openmedia, which is urging people to consider Canada’s digital future when casting their vote this election.

While OpenMedia won’t be endorsing any political party, it does plan to meet the main parties and report back (Read more…) EFF: How to protect yourself from ‘supercookies’ that track your data

For those of you concerned about phone carriers using ‘supercookies’ to track your data, here’s a piece from EFF with advice on how to protect yourselves.

Article by Jacob Hoffman-Andrews for EFF

Verizon users might want to start looking for another provider. In an effort to better serve advertisers, Verizon Wireless has been silently modifying its users’ web traffic on its network to inject a cookie-like tracker. 

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