Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Montreal Gazette: Online video streaming shows no sign of slowing down

The CRTC is meeting right now to decide on the future of digital services in Canada. Spoiler alert, CRTC: it’s the Internet.

Article by Michael Oliveira for the Montreal Gazette

When Canadians jump on the Internet during prime-time evening hours it’s increasingly because they want to stream something on Netflix, suggests Waterloo, Ont.-based networking company Sandvine.

read more Mobilesyrup: CRTC issues report card, chides Bell and Rogers

Report cards are in! How did your wireless provider fare?

Article by Daniel Bader for Mobilesyrup

The CRTC has issued its first Wireless Code Implementation Report Card after requesting compliance submissions from every Canadian telco.

read more This morning, we delivered your voices straight into a crucial hearing at the CRTC.

This morning, your OpenMedia team coordinated on the ground with some of our most dedicated supporters to deliver your voices directly into a crucial CRTC hearing, Let’s Talk TV, focusing on the future of digital services in Canada.

At 8am ET, OpenMedia community member and wireless net neutrality advocate Ben Klass was joined by Ottawa-based members of our Digital Action Team to deliver a brand-new report, entitled Connecting Canadians: The Future of TV is the Internet, to key decision-makers at the CRTC’s main office across the river in Gatineau, Quebec.

The report brings together input from over 20,000 (Read more…) Canadian Digital Rights Advocate invited to the White House to discuss controversial Internet Slow Lane rules with senior Obama Administration officials


Invitation to White House follows successful campaign in which over 180,000 OpenMedia community members spoke out against Internet Slow Lane in just 7 days including tens of thousands of Canadians’s founder Steve Anderson will meet with senior White House staff on Tuesday Sept 23, as part of a delegation of civil society organizations and tech companies. The delegation will urge the Obama administration to come out in support of clear rules to prevent large telecom conglomerates from installing new slow lanes on the Internet undermining ‘net neutrality’ rules.

If large U.S. telecom companies get their (Read more…) BREAKING: I’m taking your voice to the White House

We just got some huge news. The White House has invited me to a meeting with key Obama administration officials after feeling the heat from all of you speaking out against the Internet slow lane.

Truthfully, we hadn’t expected or budgeted for this happening, and now we need to book a last-minute flight to Washington, D.C.

Your support, hard work, and dedication has taken our movement this far—now we need you to chip in what you can right now so I can take this amazing opportunity to go to the White House on your behalf.

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Community-based release a crowdsourced report based on input from Canadians about priorities for the future of digital services in Canada.

September 19, 2014 – The voices of Canadians are being taken to the heart of a crucial CRTC Let’s Talk TV hearing on the future of digital services in Canada. Community-based has compiled a report that brings together input from over 20,000 Canadians both online and offline from coast to coast. The report, entitled Connecting Canadians: The Future of TV is the Internet will be delivered to key decision-makers at the CRTC hearing taking (Read more…) The Star: The government knows about that protest you attended

The government is fessing up to tracking hundreds of peaceful protests across the country. These “protests” range from environmental demonstrations to things as benign as university panel discussions. Do you think it’s time for our government to step up, defend our democratic rights and stop these abuses? Speak out at

Article by Alex Boutiller for The Star

Ottawa has kept tabs on hundreds of demonstrations across Canada and around the world over the last eight years, from peaceful protests to public university lectures to riots.

read more Boing Boing: Social media users helped track down a gang of violent misfits

Some jerks decided to gay bash a couple out on the town. Here’s how the Internet responded.

Article by Rob Beschizza for Boing Boing

Two gay men were savagely beaten last week in Philadelphia’s Center City district by a group of 10-15 “clean-cut, well-dressed” people in their twenties. With only a blurry security video to go on, finding the attackers would have been a long shot were it not for Twitter, Facebook and the viral spread of a cheesy restaurant photo.

read more Vancouver Sun: Second national carrier responds to demands for transparency

You’ve been pouring on the pressure, and now we’re seeing results: Telus has released its first transparency report detailing how many information requests it dealt with from government agencies in a year. Great work – this is what happens when Canadians stand together! Isn’t it time for Bell Canada to do the same?

Article by David Paddon for The Vancouver Sun

Telus Corp.’s first “transparency” report reveals that the Vancouver-based telecom company received about 103,500 official requests for information about its customers last year.

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Don’t expect a little thing like a Supreme Court ruling to deter this government from trying to spy on citizens. Isn’t it time we defend privacy?

Article by Alex Boutiller for The Star

Law enforcement agencies are still making warrantless requests for telecom customers’ personal data months after a Supreme Court ruling appeared to shut down the practice.

read more The Star: Environment Canada obtained private subscriber information

Canadian telcos handed over the private information of law-abiding Canadians to this government agency. What do you think about this invasion of privacy?

Article by The Star

Newly disclosed records show Environment Canada obtained information from telecommunications companies about hundreds of subscribers in the last five years.

read more Semaine Québécoise de l’informatique Libre > 2014

Si vous habitez où êtes de passage au Québec ne manquez pas la Semaine québécoise de l’informatique libre 2014 (20-28 septembre) ! Ceux et celles qui s’intéressent au libre et à la défense des droits et libertés sur Internet, cette Semaine est pour vous!

C’est avec grand plaisir que FACIL annonce le retour de la SQIL du 20 au 28 septembre 2014

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Supreme Court ruling hasn’t stopped police from warrantless requests for data – Toronto Star Warrantless Subscriber Disclosures and the CBSA: The Missing Transparency Report – Michael Geist The Problem With Transparency Reports? They’re Not Very Transparent – VICE Proposed “Netflix tax” divides Canadians at key TV hearings – Gigaom Rogers: The Sky Will Fall if We Have to Offer A La Carte TV – DSL Reports TekSavvy could be looking into launching a cable service – Vancouver Sun Fool Me Once: Remembering Naguib Sawiris – Howard Forums FBI facial recognition system at “full operational capability” (Read more…) AlphaBeatic: Guess which major Canadian ISP came last?

Netflix released new Canadian ISP speed rankings this week, and the results may surprise you. How did your provider fare?

Article by Peter Nowak for AlphaBeatic

Netflix has released its latest rankings of internet providers and the speeds they’re providing to customers who use the online streaming service.

read more Le Devoir: La bataille mondiale pour la neutralité du Net persiste.

Les voies lentes d’Internet pourraient bientôt arriver au Canada si la neutralité du Net échoue aux Etats-Unis. Aidez-nous à battre:

Article par Fabien Deglise pour Le Devoir

Si loin, mais en même temps très proche. Washington cherche à paver en ce moment une autoroute de l’information où les voies dédiées aux contenus gourmands en vitesse et en bande passante deviendraient le privilège des plus riches. Une atteinte à la neutralité et à l’égalité du Net, dénoncent plusieurs groupes d’internautes aux États-Unis comme au Canada, où les mesures américaines pourraient aussi avoir un effet direct sur les réseaux.

read (Read more…) UBC Students: don’t miss this great Democracy Week event

September 17th from 10:30 am to 2 pm at the UBC Student Union Building. Hear Alexandra Samuel, Aim Sinpeng, Matthew Wildcat, Grace Lore, and Chardaye Bueckert share their perspectives on engagement in the digital world. We’ll be tabling at the event, come say hi!


read more TechVibes: Change is blowing in the Wind

It’s a win for choice for Canadian wireless users. Wind Mobile is set to become Canada’s fourth major carrier. What do you think about the development?

Article by Knowlton Thomas for TechVibes

Wind Mobile’s foreign owners are being bought out by the company’s Canadian founder for upward of $300 million thanks to an injection of new capital, mostly from Canadian investors.

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If you go over your data limit, Big Telecom makes you pay to top up. But if you don’t use all of your data in a month, that surplus expires instead of rolling over into the next month. Does that seem fair to you?

Article by Peter Nowak for AlphaBeatic

Customers who don’t use their monthly allotment aren’t getting what they pay for.

read more You can’t spell ‘Wind’ without ‘Win’ – Everyday Canadians have done it again.

Canada, you did it again. Because over 70,000 mobile phone and Internet users just like you helped sustain a multi-year campaign to Demand Choice in our wireless market, we are now on our way to a fourth national mobile carrier.

It was revealed today that independent (i.e., non-Big Telecom) provider Wind Mobile has received around $300 million in new investment money. This means mobile phone and Internet subscribers across the country can look forward to greater choice and affordability in the near future. This will go a long way in helping the spunky new provider offer an alternative (Read more…) Fight for the Future: The FCC won’t be able to ignore this

Our friends at Fight for the Future parked a huge truck with a video billboard on top to fight the Internet slow lane. Check it out, and don’t forget to speak out for Net Neutrality at

Article by Fight for the Future

This just in! We’ve teamed up with our friends at domain registrar Namecheap to bring the overwhelming public outcry for real net neutrality protections directly to the agency’s doorstep.

read more Efforts to deliver greater wireless choice and lower prices start to pay off, as indie cell phone provider Wind secures investment to become fourth national carrier


News of $300m in new investment into Wind follows multi-year campaign that secured customer safeguards, new wireless rules, and a more level playing field for independent wireless providers.

September 15, 2014 – Canadians can look forward to lower wireless prices and improved choice, after it was revealed today that independent provider Wind Mobile has received around $300 million in new investment. The injection of new funds follows a series of positive changes in Canada’s wireless market which have made it easier for independent providers to operate on a level playing field with the Big Three providers, Bell, Rogers, (Read more…) Only hours until a crucial deadline on the future of the open Internet. Join us now.

September 15th marks a crucial deadline for input to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about Big Telecom’s proposed Internet slowdown plan. And we need your help before the final cutoff for input tonight.

We’ve been working around the clock to keep up with the momentum that’s built for the open Internet, and need your help to keep going. If you haven’t already signed on to the global call for net neutrality, then please do so now. Or, if you’re already part of the campaign, then please spread the word via social media. Click our special share links below (Read more…)