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This video game uses intuitive learning to teach players about how online information really functions on the Internet – from enhancing our understanding to undermining our privacy.

Article by Andrew Webster for the Verge

In 2011, Rich Metson was a metal worker who was just starting to dabble in the world of coding and open source software. This newfound interest led him to a conference put on by the Internet Society, and in between dry discussions of internet protocols and domain names, he stumbled on a talk by Columbia University professor Eben Moglen. That moment was the first time Metson (Read more…) National Post: New security powers warrant greater oversight says privacy commissioner

Canada’s privacy commissioner has urged the Conservative government to beef up oversight and review of security agencies – like CSIS and CSEC – if new powers are given to police.

Article by Jim Bronskill, Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The Conservative government must strengthen review and oversight of security agencies if it plans to beef up spying and police powers, say the federal privacy and information czars.

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Mulcair says Ottawa shooter a criminal, not a terrorist – Globe and Mail Peter MacKay suggests anti-terror laws don’t need overhaul – CBC News Canada Is About to Authorize Its Own Global Spying Operations – VICE Motherboard If you step up police powers to fight terrorism, make watchdogs more powerful, privacy czar tells Tories – National Post Document shows that British spies can access NSA data without a warrant, contrary to government claims – The Week Potato-chip surveillance: once you start, you just can’t stop – Boing Boing FBI demands new powers to hack into (Read more…) Critical Thought: Net Neutrality will save the Internet

Big Telecom wants to build an Internet slow lane to squeeze more money out of Internet users. That’s bad enough. But there’s a much more troubling consequence of restricting Internet traffic, and it threatens to undermine the free flow of knowledge and information that makes the Internet great.

Article by Bob Castleman for Critical Thought

Net Neutrality is often argued in terms of tiered services, equal access, bandwidth throttling, innovation by start ups and other issues related to the mechanics and economics of the Internet. But beneath this raucous fray lies a more dangerous and less talked about issue – (Read more…) MPs should listen to Canadians and support Liberal bill to make spy agency CSEC more transparent and accountable to citizens


Privacy advocates hail Joyce Murray’s Private Members Bill as a step forward to boost transparency, oversight, and accountability for secretive spy agency CSEC

October 30, 2014 – Today, Members of Parliament will have an historic opportunity to start reining in Canada’s secretive spy agency CSEC (Communications Security Establishment Canada). Community-based is calling on MPs from all parties to throw their support behind a Private Members Bill proposed by Liberal MP Joyce Murray.

MPs are set to debate the bill in the House of Commons later today. Calls for reform have been growing since it was revealed (Read more…) Toronto Star: Canada’s Privacy Commissioners are unanimous about this

Canada’s official privacy watchdogs have a clear message for the government: Don’t undermine our privacy rights with new spying legislation. Do you think the government will listen? Don’t forget to make your voice heard by helping to shape Canada’s Privacy Plan.

Article by Alex Boutilier for the Toronto Star

Privacy watchdogs from across the country are urging the federal Conservatives to balance any new national security laws against Canadians’ fundamental right to privacy.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday, provincial and federal privacy commissioners’ extended their condolences to the families of Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo, the two Canadian Forces (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Statement of the Privacy and Information Commissioners of Canada on National Security and Law Enforcement Measures – ‘Lone Wolf’ Terrorist Acts Will Be Used to Justify the Surveillance State – VICE News New counterterrorism powers already coming in cyberbullying bill – Globe and Mail Wireless carriers are rolling out a horrible new way to track you – The Verge Verizon’s new big budget tech-news site prohibits reporting on NSA spying or net neutrality – Boing Boing US Trade Representative Claims TPP Talks Are Progressing—But Are They Really? – EFF ComScore: 24% of (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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CSIS powers beefed up under new bill tabled by Steven Blaney – CBC News The new anti-terrorism bill – CBA National Magazine Canada’s New “Anti-Terrorism” Bill: Responding to the Courts, Not the Attacks – Michael Geist Greenwald: Harper Government Exploiting Recent Attacks To Expand Powers – MintPress News Glenn Greenwald Knows Things About Canada – CANADALAND Bell takes speed and reliability crown in new RootMetrics wireless report – Mobile Syrup At Bell, Business is Good – Angelus Novus Cord-Cutting, Netflix Take Their Toll As Hundreds Of Thousands Of Canadians Ditch Cable – Huffington Post 255Tbps: (Read more…) CBC: Introducing Google Camel View

Ever wanted to tour the desert? Got a few great Canadian parks on your bucket list? Google street view just made visiting off-the-beaten-path locations a bit easier.

Article by the CBC

There aren’t a lot of streets in the UAE’s Liwa Desert, but you can now explore the massive, sandy dunes on Google Street View anyway.

read more As the Government announces new CSIS spy powers, Canadians have begun working together to set out their own pro-privacy plan for 21st century technology


Responding to the government’s tabling in Parliament of Bill C-44, which proposes new powers for spy agency CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), OpenMedia executive director Steve Anderson said:

“Canadians don’t want to see last Wednesday’s tragic events to make us lose sight of the democratic values we all cherish. It’s never been more important to strike a balanced approach that safeguards the rights and freedoms we hold dear. That’s why we’ll be working with experts to analyse the potential privacy implications of this bill. We’re also very concerned about reports the government is preparing draconian new laws that (Read more…) How we move forward

It’s been a tough week for all of us. I’ll never forget checking the news on Wednesday morning and discovering that Parliament – the very symbol of the Canadian rights and freedoms we hold dear – was under attack.

Since Wednesday, I’ve been talking with friends, family, and colleagues, trying to process these events, and consider how Canada will move forward as a country. If there’s one thing I’ve been hearing again and again, it’s this: We can’t let this tragedy make us lose sight of the democratic values we all cherish.

Sadly, this government isn’t listening. Already, they (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Monday, October 27, 2014

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On Parliament Hill, an attack on Canada itself – Boing Boing Government exploits attacks on military to push security agenda, Greenwald says – The Province Canada Re-evaluates Security After Shooting In Ottawa – NPR Harper vows to fast-track boost to spy, policing powers after shooting – Globe and Mail Here Come the Thought Police — Michael Spratt Responding to the Attacks: Why We Need to Resist Quick-Fix Anti-Terrorism Measures – Michael Geist EXCLUSIVE: CBC “stonewalled” Snowden story, says Greenwald – CANADALAND Watch Glenn Greenwald speak on privacy, security and journalism in Canada –

(Read more…) builds definitive case for opening Canada’s wireless networks to lower prices for all Canadians


Following official confirmation from the Competition Bureau that the Big Three are artificially keeping prices high, OpenMedia and CIPPIC’s joint submission to the CRTC sets out common sense steps for fixing Canada’s broken wireless market

October 24, 2014 –Bold measures are required to reduce cell phone bills, rein in the Big Three, and fix Canada’s broken wireless market. That’s the message of a detailed policy submission (PDF) to the CRTC by CIPPIC and community-based, which is running a nationwide Unblock Canada campaign aimed at lowering prices and improving wireless choice for Canadians. The launch of (Read more…) Saturday at 6.30pm ET: Watch Glenn Greenwald speak in Ottawa

WATCH LIVE: Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald will speak in Ottawa about privacy, state surveillance, and its impact on Canadians. This event is organized by Bill Owen of Eyestir Communications, and sponsored by and your team. It takes place on Saturday Oct 25 from 6.30-8.30pm ET.

Here’s a live stream of the event, courtesy of our co-sponsors at – let us know what you think about the points under discussion in the comments below. Enjoy!

(This live stream will start working on Saturday October 25, at 6.30pm ET)

read more Canadians are coming together after a tragic week, but will the government listen?

It’s been a terrible few days. Wednesday’s events on Parliament Hill have left all Canadians shaken and asking questions about how we move forward as a country.

I doubt I’ll ever forget waking up on Wednesday to learn that Parliament – the very symbol of the rights and freedoms we hold dear – was under attack. Since then I’ve talked with a lot of people – my friends, family, OpenMedia colleagues, and engaged supporters – trying to process this news and consider how we can all move forward.

read more The Guardian: U.N. report criticizes bulk spying

Mass surveillance is “corrosive of online privacy” according to U.N. special report.

Article by Owen Bowcott and Spencer Ackerman for the Guardian

Mass surveillance of the internet by intelligence agencies is “corrosive of online privacy” and threatens to undermine international law, according to a report to the United Nations general assembly.

read more Power to the people (through the Internet)

This article is a part of a series on the Our Digital Future report, our crowdsourced roadmap for Free Expression that proposes fair and balanced copyright reform for the 21st Century. See Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

One thing we hear over and over again from our community is that they value the ability of the Internet to foster creativity and advance human progress. It often provides us with solutions to some of our most stubborn problems. Here at OpenMedia, we talk about “the possibilities of the open Internet,” and it’s something we all keep coming back (Read more…) CANADALAND: Why is Canadian media stalling debate on online spying?

Why did major Canadian news outlets refuse to report on CSEC spying and the Snowden documents?

Article by Jesse Brown for CANADALAND

Last Tuesday evening at CBC’s Toronto headquarters, CBC News editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire played host to maverick reporter Glenn Greenwald. Shortly after her introductory remarks to a crowd of journalists at Glenn Gould Studio, former CBC News content director David Walmsley (now editor-in-chief of the Globe and Mail) sat down with Greenwald for an admiring interview about journalistic bravery, exposing State surveillance and standing up to government pressure. A standing ovation followed.

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About That Copyright Exception for Political Advertising. . . Never Mind – Michael Geist NBCU CEO ‘Surprised’ HBO, CBS Giving Users What They Want – DSL Reports New NBA Deal to Raise Everybody’s TV Rates – DSL Reports Rogers launches LTE-Advanced wireless for faster speeds – IT World Canada Koodo’s Invasive and Unnecessary Data Proxy Strikes Again – Howard Forums FCC Releases Open Internet Reply Comments to the Public – FCC Why open data matters in education –

All links compiled by community member and volunteer Andrew Currie.

read more Motherboard: These towns and cities are taking the Internet into their own hands

What do you do when Big Telecom keeps skipping your city over for crucial infrastructure upgrades?

Article by Jason Koebler for Motherboard

More than two dozen cities in 19 states announced today that they’re sick of big telecom skipping them over for internet infrastructure upgrades and would like to build gigabit fiber networks themselves and help other cities follow their lead.

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BCE faces off with Rogers over NHL GamePlus mobile app offerings – Globe and Mail Rogers CEO comes out swinging at ‘cry baby’ BCE over app dispute – Globe and Mail Rogers Q3 profits slide, but revenue rises on higher data usage – Mobile Syrup A Prime Example of Misleading Fees and ‘Cable Bill Bloat’ – DSLReports Under the Radar: NSA’s Efforts to Secure Private-Sector Telecommunications Infrastructure – Journal of National Security Law & Policy Pro-Privacy Senator Wyden on Fighting the NSA From Inside the System – WIRED Video: Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden – (Read more…) You Spoke, We Listened: The 2014 OpenMedia community survey

As a volunteer who helped analyze and interpret the results of this year’s survey, I am thrilled to see that our diverse community is just as passionate about a free and open Internet as I am. Growing up with the Internet, I have seen how crucial it is to our day-to-day life. I believe we have to stop censorship and unnecessary regulation of the Internet. When I’m old, I don’t want to be telling younger generations about the glory days of the Internet before restriction – I want it to be as free as it ever was!

By volunteering at (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Star studded panel on surveillance/privacy at #iiccanada – @jfmezei on Twitter 1 Gbps ‘’ DSL to Begin Certification Testing – DSLReports Cable vs. DSL speeds: will give DSL new life – BGR Obama Talks Up Net Neutrality, But Could Do More to Defend It – National Journal Apple’s Cook Discusses User-Data With China Vice Premier – Businessweek Apple’s Mac computers can automatically collect your location information – The Washington Post Illegal Copying Has Always Created Jobs, Growth, And Prosperity – TorrentFreak Bell complains to CRTC about Rogers customers getting exclusive NHL camera (Read more…) Our thoughts are with Ottawa this morning

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the tragic events in Ottawa this morning.

To all our Ottawa community members, and to everyone in the area, please stay safe.

read more Canadians are working together to shape a pro-privacy action plan, to help address government’s stark privacy deficit


Launch of new pro-privacy crowdsourcing initiative comes just days after Peter MacKay’s online spying Bill C-13 passes House of Commons, and follows over a year of revelations about the activities of Canada’s spy agency CSEC

October 22, 2014 – Canadians are working together to shape a new pro-privacy action plan to help address the government’s privacy deficit. That’s the message of a new crowdsourcing initiative that aims to gather the views of everyday Canadians and Internet users about priorities for privacy online. The project is led by community-based, which is leading a diverse national pro-privacy coalition (Read more…)