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Things Are Good: Your Body Wants You To Be Social If You Feel Lonely

Loneliness is something that everybody experiences in their life and it turns out it could be a good thing. By feeling lonely your body is telling you that you need to change: you ought to go hang out with friends. Humans are social animals and our bodies have evolved to ensure that we stay in […]

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A Puff of Absurdity: On Friendships of Utility not Virtue

It sounds horrible, doesn’t it?  Like we’re using people, hanging out with them only because they have a nice car or because they often pick up the bill for lunch. I wrote here about utility like it’s a bad thing, but what if we use people for their company? Does that make it different? And is that better, on an ethical continuum, than ditching people because they’re bad company?

I have people in my life whom I find irritating and infuriating, yet I also love them all to bits. From time to time sometimes remarks on a friendship I have (Read more…)

centre of the universe: A letter

I wanted to write to you, to tell you that I’m trying really hard to be positive right now. That I’m trying really hard to think about the things that can go right instead of the things that have gone wrong. I wanted to write and tell you about my friend who’s had his heart […]

centre of the universe: small town roughs

We had just finished setting up our tent in among the buildings, although the buildings were in the wrong configuration. It was a farm I’d never been to before, in the disguise of one that, were I a bitter, unforgiving soul, I would charge with having taken too many lives. A couple of fox kittens Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Three Stories

A Story About Crows for @lizzers_ Once Upon a Time, I lived far north of here in a “ranch-style bungalow” on a hill in a city bound by a river. The city itself still had many Wild Places. Not the kind of wild places where one might go after a night in one’s cups, but the kind of Wild Places … Continue reading →

A Puff of Absurdity: On Our Continued Sexual Repression

Sherlock & John

I watched the first episode of the new season of Sherlock last night.  There’s a sub-plot with no spoilers here:  John Watson gets engaged to Mary.  Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, is shocked that he’s engaged to a woman since he and Sherlock were obviously so close – and so soon after his passing and all.   John vehemently objects to the insinuation that he is now, or ever was, gay.  

In class before the break I read a bit about Montaigne’s affection for La Bo├ętie, and the very first comment I got from a pretty enlightened group (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Men: Drink With Your Friends to Stay Healthy

Now there’s the perfect excuse to go watch the game with your friends or just chillax in a bar! It turns out that males really benefit when they engage in face to face activities with their friends twice a week regardless of what they actually do.

So go out tonight with your friends and have a round to your health

Professor Robin Dunbar, a leading psychologist at Oxford University, published the report, which shows that whilst speaking to mates is valuable, it is not enough for men.

He said to experience the real benefits of friendship, men must meet up (Read more…)

LeDaro: Stephen Harper having fun with his friends

Stephen Harper pro-rogued the Parliament for a reason. He needed more time to have fun with his friends.

LeDaro: Stephen Harper having fun with his friends

Cowichan Conversations: *%?!*$% Facebook and Twitter

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Well hello summer, garden, friends. I have decided to go ‘Cold Turkey’ and pack in Facebook and Twitter for awhile.

I have been hacked well over a dozen times causing me to change my passwords over and over but then in a day or so they still manage to screw it up so I cannot access need a new pw etc.

Those who know me can call or email. I will still run my blog Cowichan Conversations- for awhile and rediscover life without FB and twitter. Could be much better, possibly, maybe, we will see. <sigh>:-)

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies


centre of the universe: Without You

I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s strange, and I don’t believe you’re gone. I never thought of picturing a world without you in it. I don’t want to picture that world now. I wonder if she mourned you or whether your death came as a relief. Whether she stood in the living room with [...]

centre of the universe: Red Door

I know it’s trite and overdone, but this is pretty much how things are going today:

centre of the universe: Rockulation

I don’t think I can properly express how thankful I am for the people I have the good fortune to have crossed paths with. Hopefully, you know who you are. Whatever else gets thrown at me, know that I am thankful for you.

Things Are Good: Seniors Who Are Social Are Healthier

Seniors who lead active lives like playing cards and generally hanging out with friends feel healthier and are healthier than there less social peers. Friends make things fun and keep you fit!

Dr. Nicole Anderson is a clinical neuropsychologist at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, where she’s leading a research project called BRAVO. It looks at the effects of volunteering among adults aged 55 and older from physical, cognitive and social functioning perspectives.

“Engaging in more social activities was related to better self-reported health and less loneliness and more life satisfaction,” Anderson said of the Statistics Canada research. “But that

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centre of the universe: By the sea

I woke this morning keenly aware of the distance between us and sad because of my loneliness for you. I asked myself, was it so very bad? And the answer of course was no. But, as the dude says something … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: 40 x 40

I have begin my “40 by 40″ challenge. I’ve decided to write (and send by post) 40 letters; one to each of 40 individuals who email me and ask for a letter, before I turn 40 (this won’t happen for … Continue reading →

350 or bust: A Message Of Hope and Love

Isobel Springett was interviewed on CBC Radio’s The Current on Wednesday morning. As I’m away from my computer and the internet for a few days, here’s some videos that Isobel uploaded to YouTube that feature best friends Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the Deer. Have a wonderful Friday! * * More links: CBC Radio: [...]

The Ghost of Black Friday Past

Riot gear: what the well-dressed shopper is wearing in Florida these days, courtesy of newly-minted blogger “Left Over”, who also happens to be a long-lost, recently re-discovered meat space friend of mine. (I love the Internets.) You know her as commenter “cityprole” — hop on over and welcome her to the ‘sphere!