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Cowichan Conversations: Has John Horgan Succeeded In Distancing Himself From Christy Clark’s LNG Nightmare?–Fletcher Interview

Once again the BC NDP seem poised for certain victory against the BC Liberals. However that task and challenge has not been accomplished since 1996 when an upstart and radically relevant Glen Clark upset the Read more… . . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Has John Horgan Succeeded In Distancing Himself From Christy Clark’s LNG Nightmare?–Fletcher Interview

The Common Sense Canadian: Asian LNG prices set to tumble further to $4-5/unit – far below break-even point for BC gas

Asian LNG prices are set to continue their slide to well below the break-even point for BC exports. Leading analysts see them dropping to the $4-5/unit range over 2016-2017, chilling BC LNG hopes.

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The Common Sense Canadian: Tsawwassen LNG plant would harm Treaty 8 First Nations, northeast

A vote by Tsawwassen First Nations for a local LNG plant would not only pollute their own community, argues Keving Washbrook, but it would mean more fracking in Northeast BC and help justify Site C Dam.

The post Tsawwassen LNG plant would harm Treaty 8 First Nations, northeast appeared first on The Common Sense Canadian.

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The Canadian Progressive: Climate denial in the TPP trade agreement

The 5,000-page TPP agreement “is literally in climate denial” while expanding the rights of corporations, argues Ben Lilliston, the director of climate strategies at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

The post Climate denial in the TPP trade agreement appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Cowichan Conversations: JEFF RUBIN – Why the oil sands no longer make economic sense

The Oil and Gas crowd are an addicted and confused force that take up air and space at a time when change is begging for action.

Somewhat like the ‘Flat Earther’s refusal to get that

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The Common Sense Canadian: Fracking, Site C and the mystery of Hudson’s Hope water contamination

Five year-old River Summer looks on at Brenot Creek landslide (Photo: Leigh Summer)

A series of landslides above the northeast BC community of Hudson’s Hope has been dumping contaminated soils into several local creeks, extending now to the Peace River. Local landowners whose water supply has been affected are demanding answers.

But Mayor Gwen Johansson, who has been monitoring the situation since trouble first appeared last summer, says all she really has is a lot of questions.

The three biggest ones are:

1. Did nearby fracking operations – or related wastewater disposal – cause the landslides?

2. Is fracking wastewater the source of the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Canada, twisted by the distorted beliefs of neoconservative prairie reformers, rid itself of Stephen Harper

Don Maroc

Monday night most of the world went to bed seeing Canada with an arrogantly evil smirk on its formerly amiable face. By the next morning all they could see was a million-dollar

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The Common Sense Canadian: Northern First Nations band together to block Petronas’ LNG plans

Gitxsan leaders of Madii Lii Camp are standing behind the Lax Kw’alaams (submitted)

Several First Nations groups are banding together to block early work by contractors for Petronas’ Lelu Island LNG terminal. Leaders of the Madii Lii resistance camp – situated atop several proposed pipeline routes in the Skeena Valley – are rallying behind hereditary chiefs of the Lax Kw’alaams Nation who have been occupying Lelu Island in opposition to survey work for Petronas’ controversial project.

“We are standing together with the Chiefs on Lelu Island in opposition to the same LNG project. Our Madii Lii territory is on the pipeline route, and their Lelu Island territory (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: Nexen loses fracking water licence in Fort Nelson First Nation appeal

Fracking operations in northeast BC depend on large volumes of water (Damien Gillis)

Read this Sept. 8 National Post story by Gordon Hoekstra on the recent victory by the Fort Nelson First Nation at BC’s Environmental Appeal Board, which stripped Nexen of its licence to withdraw up to 2.5 billion litres of fresh water a year from a local lake for the company’s fracking operations.

The Fort Nelson First Nation has won a potentially precedent-setting decision from the B.C. Environmental Appeal Board that cancels the water licence of a natural gas fracking operation in northeast B.C.

The appeal (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: BC’s biggest fracking quake yet? 4.6 felt by residents north of Fort St. John

Republished from the ECOreport.

A recent earthquake near Wonowon, 100 km north of Fort St. John, is the largest of over 500 seismic events in northeastern BC, believed to be related to hydraulic fracturing. It may be remembered as BC’s 4.6m fracking quake.

“Likely induced by hydraulic fracturing”

Though the connection has not yet been proven, the quake’s epicentre was just 3 kilometres from Progress Energy’s fracking site. The company immediately shut down operations and notified the province’s oil and gas commission.

“It’s still under investigation, but it was likely induced by hydraulic fracturing,” said Alan Clay, the commission’s communications (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: BCIT demands LNG lobby drop falsely used name from “partner” list

BCIT campus (Dago Agacino / Flickr CC licence)

I find myself spending more time than I would like on Resource Works, the invention of The BC Business Council, that blindly supports approval of Woodfibre LNG in Squamish.

To follow on last week’s column, where we learned that Resource Works’ website contained the names of two “partners” which stoutly deny they’d ever been such.

Well, I have another for you, this week.

BCIT’s name used without knowledge

BCIT’s logo on Resource Works’ “Partnerships” page as of last week. BCIT has since been removed and the name of the page changed (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: The Common Sense Canadian: BCIT demands LNG lobby drop falsely used name from “partner” list

The Common Sense Canadian: LNG lobby fakes partnerships with prominent organizations

Key Resource Works members (clockwise from top left): Teck’s Doug Horswill, ex-Vancouver Sun editor Stewart Muir, former A-G Geoff Plant, and Lyn Anglin of Geoscience BC

Desperate people do desperate things.

Today I want to talk about Resource Works, the shills for Woodfibre LNG, proposed for Squamish at the head of Howe Sound – BC’s beautiful and southernmost fjord.

I’m part of a large group opposed to this plant. Let me, however, make this abundantly clear: Our opposition, contrary to what you may read and hear in the media, has nothing to do with NIMBYism. Our concern is (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Greg Keenan exposes how corporations are demanding perpetually more from municipalities while refusing to contribute their fair share of taxes to fund the services needed by any community. And Sean McElwee points out how big-money donations are translating into a warped U.S. political system: Available data reveals that donors not only have disproportionate influence over politics, but that influence is wielded largely to keep issues that would benefit the working and middle classes off of the table.

Do donors really rule the world? Recent research suggests that indeed they do. Three (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: BC LNG Bill locks in public rip-off for a generation

Ex-Petronas CEO Shamsul Abbas shaking hands with BC Premier Christy Clark in 2014 (BC gov photo)

Republished with permission from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Policy Note.

By Marc Lee

Last week, the BC government released the text of its Project Development Agreement with Pacific Northwest LNG (led by Malaysian state enterprise, Petronas), considered the front-runner in getting BC an LNG export industry. The agreement goes to the BC legislature this week in order to convince Petronas to make a “final investment decision.” There are still other barriers to this project going forward, due to First Nations rights and the province’s environmental assessment process. (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: New Clothes: The generational rip-off of BC LNG

A culturally modified tree tagged by LNG contractors (Graeme Pole)

By Graeme Pole

Thoreau said, among other things, “…beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” Aboard the BC Ferry Northern Adventure, departing Prince Rupert and bound for Haida Gwaii, I trained my camera on the southern tip of Digby Island, recording images through a liquid sky. Three months earlier, while our family had picked a route through hemlock, cedar, and beach logs on that island, we had encountered a team of “archaeologists,” meticulously scribbling notebook entries as they decorated ancient spirit trees with fluorescent yellow flagging tape. (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: To the Ends of the Earth: Filmmaker One-on-One

David Lavallee talks with fellow filmmaker and Common Sense Canadian publisher Damien Gillis about the former’s project, “To the Ends of the Earth”, which connects the dots between society’s hunger for energy and the new wave of extreme fossil fuel projects wreaking havoc around the world. The two discuss the challenges of making a film in remote locations and running a crowdfunder, which Lavallee is currently in the midst of doing to help him finish his film.

From battling the elements to being confronted by CSIS after filming with a drone at Kinder Morgan’s North Burnaby terminal, Lavallee – director of (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: BC govt hires accounting firm to give fracking a green stamp

A storage pond in northeast BC containing fracking fluids (Image: Two Island Films)

Republished with permission from the ECOreport

There are credible experts who believe that, with proper regulation and enforcement, it is possible to have a trustworthy fracking industry. They also say this does not yet exist in North America. Personally, I think the industry is out of control and BC’s government is desperate to get in bed with it.

Last week the government released a report from Ernst & Young (EY), based upon which Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman says, “British Columbians can have confidence they (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Carol Goar discusses the contrasting messages being sent to Canada’s middle class in the lead up to Canada’s federal election campaign – and notes that the real decision for voters to make is whether they’re happy with marginally higher nominal incomes at the expense of greater inequality and more precarious lives. Mark Goldring makes the case for an economy oriented toward what’s best for people rather than short-term profits: Tackling inequality requires that people, not profit constitute the bottom line. We need everyone who is in a position of influence – business (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: Has fracking peaked?

Bloomberg graph shows cresting of production at major US shale oil plays

Read this June 9 EcoWatch story by Aanastasia Pantsias on the declining production at the big US shale oil plays.

Since fracking began its boom period in the last decade, its supporters have promoted it as the answer to all of the U.S.’s energy issues. It would free us from dependence on foreign oil, they said, thereby strengthening national security. And in fact, the U.S. has become the world’s largest exporter of fossil fuels, while prices at the gas pump have dropped steeply as fracked oil and gas (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Steves–BC Doesn’t Need Site C Dam

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It is incredible that our BC Liberal government, prodded along by the foreign owned LNG corporations, are still pushing ahead with building a massive Site C Dam.

We do not need

Read more…

The Common Sense Canadian: Fracking industry stonewalled EPA on data for safety assessment

Chemical and water mixing for hydraulic fracturing (Joshua Doubek/Creative Commons)

Republished with permission from The ECOreport.

After five years of research, the EPA’s painfully inadequate fracking assessment has been released. “It’s a bit underwhelming,” said Amanda Frank, from the Center for Effective Government. Dr Allan Hoffman, a retired senior analyst with the Department of Energy, referred to the draft report as “disappointing.” They were referring to the extent that industry was allowed to thwart the EPA investigation.

Said Hoffman:

My general reaction is ‘why bother?’ I have a lot of compassion for EPA, they must have really struggled (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: Geologist: Minister inflating shale gas, LNG potential by 6 fold – threatening BC’s energy security

BC Minister of Natural Gas Rich Coleman

The following rebuttal from geoscientist David Hughes to BC Minister of Natural Gas Rich Coleman is republished with permission from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The minister has been vocal about Mr. Hughes’ recent report on LNG, published by the CCPA.

After a lot of media coverage on my Clear Look at BC LNG report, Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas, weighed in saying “the report ignored the studies of B.C.’s own scientists” and “they don’t do their research”. In fact, if Mr. Coleman had bothered to read my report, (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your Monday reading.

- Frances Woolley reminds us of some of the hidden advantages of the rich, and suggests that they point toward the fairness of taxing wealth in addition to consumption: The greatest freedom money offers is the freedom to walk away. Your bank doesn’t offer you unlimited everything with no monthly fees? Walk away. There’s always someone else who wants your money. Your phone plan is too expensive? Walk away (o.k., that may not be the best example).

People with money have alternatives, which makes their demand for goods and services elastic. Food (Read more…)

reeves report: Ontario Anti-Fracking Bill Passes Second Reading

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns speaking with reporters at Queen’s Park. (CBC News Image.)

A PRIVATE MEMBER’S BILL from Toronto-area NDP MPP Peter Tabuns to ban fracking in the province passed second reading Thursday by a 29-18 vote with support from the governing Liberals.

“Water or gas — that’s our choice,” Tabuns explained to the House. “We can’t have both.”

Threats to groundwater contamination as found in Pennsylvania this month; links to triggering earthquakes in Ohio and Alberta; questions over the perilous, ponzi-like investment structuresupporting the fracking industry. It all led Tabuns to believe the (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: Greenhouse gas emissions

It seems Canada is about to end a long tradition of coordinating greenhouse gas reduction targets with the United States. With much of the densely populated east coast at risk from rising sea levels, Americans know that climate change action is necessary. The Harper government, more firmly in the grasp of the fossil fuel industry, prefers change that is merely symbolic.

The Washington Post reported recently: The Obama administration on Tuesday outlined an ambitious plan for slashing U.S. greenhouse-gas pollution over the next decade, calling for accelerating the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy to stave (Read more…)