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Politics and its Discontents: Apples and Mandarins

The logic of Fox commentators is, to say the least, difficult for an old fella like me to follow:

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Dead Wild Roses: When Isn’t Slamming Fox News Fun?

You’d think they would get tired being wrong and laughed at all the time, but, they get full marks for their tenacious grasp on Stupid streaked with partisan politics, of course.


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Cowichan Conversations: Russell Brand absolutely demolishes Fox News over Ferguson coverage

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Our MSM had left a large opening for challenging, inquiring interpretaions in regard to the events of the day.

Turns out that artists, musicians and comediens often fill the missing gap with hard hitting commentary, satire and editorial assessment.

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, Stephen Colbert and many in their circle often provide content that is avoided by most of the MSM.

Across the pond Britain’s Russell Brand brings a hard hitting contrast and he does not mince his words.

Russell Brand (Credit: AP/Ellis O’Brien)

Russell Brand eviscerated Fox News’ coverage of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on (Read more…)

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: It’s High Time Canadians Started Listening to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News

The Conservative Movement, that has been gaining momentum since the 1960s, has made one of their missions, destroying progressive agencies; especially those that support the Welfare State.

In the U.S., they honed in on ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), that advocated for low- and moderate-income families.

What bothered Conservatives the most about ACORN, however, was their voter registration drives, that encouraged the poor and disenfranchised to take part in the democratic process. They knew that anyone involved with the organization would not vote Republican, so have always worked to make sure that they didn’t vote (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Fox News in One Screen Capture.

Funny and scary all at the same time.

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Melissa Fong: ‘Women Get Paid Exactly What They’re Worth’: Fox New wants women to accept pickle juice

Equal pay is not special treatment, it is correcting for the inequalities born out of patriarchy.

Trashy's World: Maybe I’m wrong, and there really IS a God!

At least, this news is tantamount to divine intervention in my books!!! Fox News North does NOT have to be offered on basic cable… a victory for those Canadians everywhere with IQs higher than the length of Pierre Polievre’s nose, in centimetres. (2) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

LeDaro: Reza Aslan interviewed by Fox News: The Stupidest Interview Ever by Fox News

All progressive folks consider Fox News a joke. A study was done which showed that the people who watch Fox News know less than the people who don’t watch news at all. This video is worth watching.

“Reza Aslan, a religious scholar with a Ph.D. in the sociology of religions from the University of California and author of the new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, went on’s online show Spirited Debate to promote his book only to be prodded about why a Muslim would write a historical book about Jesus.”  BuzzFeed/Politics

Politics and its Discontents: And Speaking Of Walmart …

Some days, corporate megaliths just can’t catch a break:

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Politics and its Discontents: Why Is A Free Press Important?

Watch this video of an interview with Glenn Greenwald for part of the answer:

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LeDaro: Erik Rush: Another Fox News Crazy

This idiot on Fox News thinks the Boston Marathon should be a call to kill all Muslims? Aside from the fact we don’t even know who the perpetrator was, responding to tragedy with hate and vengence, with blatant discrimination, is wrong. This amounts to adopting the very same attitude as the terrorists themselves, to stooping to their tactics.

The idiot -Erik Rush

This Erik Rush guy from Fox News is supremely ignorant, you can read more here.

Politics and its Discontents: Some Misplaced Right-Wing Anger

The ‘lady’ in this video, so agitated by the number of Americans on food stamps, is right to be angry, but for the wrong reasons:

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Politics and its Discontents: Unions Are To Blame For Impeding Consumer Access To Low Prices

At least Fox News believes that is true.

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Cowichan Conversations: US Bad Gas Ruining Engines and Voiding Warranties

Richard Hughes Political Blogger

It sure seems like the oil and gas corporations will rig the game and stack the deck to squeeze every nickle and dime out of the compromised consumers that they can manage. Alternate fuel technology has been impeded, blocked, stalled and denied to the motoring and breathing public for many decades.

Yes, some conversions and progress have been made but it is being dragged out as long as it can be. What is good for the oil & gas boys ain’t necessarily of any good for the rest of us.

Canadians filling up in the US be careful

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Montreal Simon: The Cons and the War on Christmas. Again

Oh no. Just when I thought the War on Christmas was over. Here it comes again.As brought to us by Bill O'Reilly, the Fox Nation, and this year by Santa himself.Read more »

LeDaro: Fox News reporter dances during commercial break

Do you blame the poor lady? It must be terribly boring to read the news from the teleprompter – news that make no sense.

350 or bust: Chasing Ice: Fox News Fan Discovers Bill O’Reilly Lies About Climate Change

Here’s a video that’s going viral. When I first watched it on Tuesday, it had just over 3,000 views. Late on Tuesday it was posted on , and when I saw it there yesterday it was up to 18,000. This morning it’s up to 44,5… . . . → Read More: 350 or bust: Chasing Ice: Fox News Fan Discovers Bill O’Reilly Lies About Climate Change

Politics and its Discontents: Worried About That Burgeoning Waistline?

If you are an American, empress of empathy Andrea Tantaros, a Fox presenter, has the answer. H/t norwindRecommend this Post . . . → Read More: Politics and its Discontents: Worried About That Burgeoning Waistline?

Politics and its Discontents: But Would They Be So Enthusiastic

… if they knew anything about their northern neigbour? You decide: Recommend this Post . . . → Read More: Politics and its Discontents: But Would They Be So Enthusiastic

The Disaffected Lib: Suck On It, FOX!

I don’t believe I have ever enjoyed watching FOX News – until tonight.   When they declared Barack Obama elected it was as though each of them was made to swallow broken glass.   And I’ve been waiting so long to see those degenerate… . . . → Read More: The Disaffected Lib: Suck On It, FOX!

Dead Wild Roses: Slap me with a Fish! Liberal Viewer on Is the Economic system in the US rigged for the Rich

Americans force fed their concerns from the elites handbook need to see Liberal Viewers 101 guide to the economy or even just to get a sense of what is going wrong and how crazy it is to support people who are for “more of the same”.

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Trashy's World: From the Twitterverse…

Best Tweet of the day: joebyer 6:13pm via Flipboard Expecting Fox to report on the death of “cyclist Neil Armstrong” any minute now. Retweeted by LadySnarksalot (9) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

DeSmogBlog: Media Fails Again On Climate Change Coverage During Massive Heat Waves

corporate media ball chain.jpg

North America just witnessed the hottest month in the history of record keeping (about 117 years). The month of July shattered every previous record, but was certainly not a freak occurrence. So far, the first 7 months of this year have been the warmest on average since records began over a century ago. Media outlets were abuzz with coverage of floods, droughts, fires, and storms, so naturally you’d think climate change would have played a massive role in their coverage.

You’d be wrong.

A great new study by Media Matters for America shows that our

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DeSmogBlog: Latest Pro-Keystone XL Website Backed by GOP Special Interest Group


This morning, the latest in pro-tar sands spin went live. takes aim at President Obama for failing to approve the Keystone XL project (even though the White House just announced approval of the southern leg today), calling it "an affront to millions of Americans out of work and an outrage to millions more who are paying higher energy costs as a result of this administration's policies." invites users to send a message directly to the State Department to counterbalance "the crazy lefties [who] are already pouring in comments to give Obama an

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Politics and its Discontents: A Moment of Sanity From Rachel Maddow

Were it not for Americans like Rachel Maddow, I would not be able to hold out even a glimmer of hope for the benighted nation:

BTW, you need to click on ‘hide ad’ before the video will play.

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