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Trashy's World: Fort McMurray fires

I don’t know about you, but I am blown away by the images I am seeing out of northern Alberta. Keep in mind that Fort Mac is a city of about 90,000 and much of it could go up in flames. If you are able, please donate to the Red Cross relief effor… . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Fort McMurray fires

LeDaro: U. S. : Forest fires and flooding

U.S. South-west has uncontrollable fires because of lack of rain and dry forests – millions of people are displaced. In the North-east there is too much rain and cities and towns are flooded, millions displaced and some deaths as well. I don’t know if U.S ever faced this kind of severe situation before. Below is . . . → Read More: LeDaro: U. S. : Forest fires and flooding

LeDaro: Sink-hole swallows vacation villas near Orlando, Florida

What is happening with nature? Thunderstorms, pouring rain, fires and now sinkholes in Florida. All these are causing a lot of destruction and in some cases death. In case of Florida scientists say it is the limestone below the earth which melts away with too much water as rains have provided plenty of water. However, . . . → Read More: LeDaro: Sink-hole swallows vacation villas near Orlando, Florida

Walking Turcot Yards: Stars

See that picture up top? That’s our waterfront, at least after they mandated the boat clubs to get rid of their shacks and put up those little lockers. It used to be quite the place down there. We’d get totally drunk and stoned just a little ways past the old folks home which would be . . . → Read More: Walking Turcot Yards: Stars

Walking Turcot Yards: 52C And The Colour Purple In Australia

It’s real, it’s happening, and it’s coming soon to an Arctic melt near you!

Australia adds new colour to temperature maps as heat soars

Forecast temperatures are so extreme that the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add a new colour to its scale. It is a sign of things to come

• Australian . . . → Read More: Walking Turcot Yards: 52C And The Colour Purple In Australia

Trashy's World: Drought…

Most of North America has seen a remarkable paucity of precipitation this summer. While this has been heaven for sun bathers, it has been a disaster for crops across the continent. Expect food prices to sky rocket this fall! Another effect of dry weather are increased numbers and the intensity of forest fires. I found . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Drought…