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Dead Wild Roses: You Won’t Understand, Unless You’re Female – History and Struggle.

Secondary school, history class. You cover a small amount of information on the suffragettes, and your teacher shows you a video of Emily Wilding Davison getting struck down by Anmer, the King’s horse. Your teacher asks the class, “we’ll never know why she did this” But you know All the girls in your class know, ...

We Pivot: My Speech to the HUMA Commons Committee on Poverty Reduction

I was honoured to receive an invitation to speak to HUMA later this morning, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities. They are studying poverty reduction strategies, … [Read more]

We Pivot: What are White Supremacists and Misogynists Afraid Of?

So, let’s dig into the fear that motivates white supremacists and misogynists. Are they in backlash/whitelash mode, afraid of losing centuries of entitlement? Because their hate doesn’t start AS hate, but as fear. And if we can understand what they’re … [Read more]

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – Simone de Beauvoir – On Prostitution

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Dead Wild Roses: I Keep Looking and Not Finding the Egalitarian Society We’re Supposed to Inhabit

   On the list of items that anti-feminists and their allies think are done deals in society.  Funny how often they are wrong.   A majority of millennial men failed to see women as equals, according to the study, which looked at how college biology students viewed their classmates’ intelligence and achievements, the Harvard Business ...

Dead Wild Roses: Vancouver Women’s Library Vandalized – The Violent Trans/Queer Lobby in Action

I’m not sure when the definition of  progressive queer activism changed to mean defiling and destroying women’s spaces, but unsurprisingly, the violent men of Queer activism (terrorism) are at it again.   And quite honestly, they (GAG) can fuck the hell right off – violent patriarchal repression of women with a shiny coat of queer ...

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Dead Wild Roses: Feminism Defined – Thanks Sinfest.

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Quote of the Day – Chris Hedges on Pornography and Feminism.

A new wave of feminists, who have betrayed the iconic work of radicals such as Andrea Dworkin, defends porn as a form of sexual liberation and self-empowerment. These “feminists,” grounded in Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, are stunted products of neoliberalism and postmodernism. Feminism, for them, is no longer about the liberation of women who ...

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – Andrea Dworkin on Female Socialization – Our Blood

“Yes, I’d say female socialisation (since this whole thing mostly targets and hurts women anyway) that has taught us fear and what we can do to reduce that fear (apologise, silence ourselves and other women, submit, placate men at all costs).” Fear cements this system together. Fear is the adhesive that holds each part in ...

Dead Wild Roses: Petition: Protect Feminist Books at Vancouver Women’s Library

A book-banning campaign by Gays Against Gentrification (GAG) is demanding the Vancouver Woman’s Library (VWL) remove and ban over twenty feminist books from their collection. These works — written by renowned women authors who have a long history of engaging in critical analysis against the oppression of women as class — focus on female exploitation, ...

We Pivot: What’s Wrong with White Feminism?

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, a number of writers have pointed to white feminism as an answer to the question of how Trump became president. White feminism, as an ideology and movement, has historically centered middle-class white women … [Read more]

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – On Patriarchy

“There absolutely is a shared experience universal to all women under patriarchy. No matter what culture or religion or location, we all grow up with the pervasive message that we were made for men. This starts at our birth and ends when we die, and this is the experience every woman has in common.” –yourfaveisilluminati ...

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Dead Wild Roses: Radical Feminist Poetry – Furious Rad Fem on Differences.

they took the hair on our legs and decided it was a shameful, disgusting thing they said nothing about their own leg hair they took our genitals and decided it was an ugly, disgusting and shameful thing, only good enough for them to use for their pleasure they praised their own genitals and drew them ...

We Pivot: Contempt, and the Tone Deaf Premier: A Play in 6 Acts

Belligerence is so 1980s. So is T***p, #AmericaFirst, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #MAGA, and…#BCFirst, the darling new BC Liberal Party meme [the sequel to the box office flop, #FamiliesFirst]! But in BC we’ve had this whole century to get used to the Orwellian … [Read more]

Montreal Simon: The Women’s Marches and the I Can’t Keep Quiet Song

I can't remember a more inspiring sight than the sight of all those millions of women and their supporters marching in Washington and all over the world.Or one that cheered me up more. I was worried that the ghastly predator Donald Trump would get away with all his crimes against women.But the women made it clear he won't.Read ...

Dead Wild Roses: When Centreing Females at a Woman’s March is ‘problematic’. :/

Exhibit #1 Exhibit #2 I’m not sure where the idea started that being a movement that deals with a particular political struggle should be about other topics not related to said struggle. Feminism – the struggle to liberate females from the patriarchal structures and norms of society is about female emancipation. If you ...

We Pivot: March on Washington, Live in Vancouver!

It’s an hour until Vancouver’s March on Washington begins. This is what solidarity and dignity look like! Watch for updates all morning at  

We Pivot: And Now, It Begins!

It’s time to begin. The inauguration has occurred. And tomorrow we march. And if you’re in Vancouver, we’ll see you there! And as we pivot to an unexpected remainder of the decade, we will see mobilizing for women’s rights and … [Read more]

Dead Wild Roses: The Female Perspective -“One of the Guys…”

“It was a game that everyone but me seemed to love. I was a girl who mostly hung around boys because I hadn’t yet learned that female friendships, though infinitely more confusing, were also infinitely more rewarding. I was the self-professed type who loudly preferred spending time with men over spending time with women because ...

Dead Wild Roses: Regressive Left Update – Destroy the ‘transphobic’ Pussy-hats. Well, this brings about one of my favourite twitter quotes when dealing with MRA’s in whatever shape they happen to present themselves in:   Filed under: Feminism, Politics Tagged: Grab them by the Pussy, MRA tomfoolery, Pussy Hats, Radical Feminism, Regressive Left

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Radical Feminist Quote of the Day – On “Equality”

“much of the animosity towards radical feminism is explained by examining the fact that feminism is popularly misunderstood to simply be about “equal rights.” when radical feminists are accused of not including trans women in “our feminism,” the underlying implication is that we maliciously exclude them because we think they don’t deserve equal rights. however, ...

Dead Wild Roses: Excerpt – How feminists can challenge liberal bathroom politics – Robert Jensen

“Feminism recognizes that institutionalized male dominance is rooted in men’s control of women’s reproductive power (a source of other political struggles in Texas and beyond) and sexuality. In patriarchy, an enduring feature of the lives of girls and women is sexual violence — men’s unwanted intrusions into their lives. Women’s experiences vary, but none escapes ...