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Dead Wild Roses: The Future of Caretaking

My friend recently rescued some softbound books from his apartment’s lobby area, sort of a communal reuse and recycle area. In publication called New Politics I found the opening paragraphs from Betty Reid Mandell’s article The Future of Caretaking most informative, and worthy enough to be shared with you fair readers. This, as always, is an adventure in touch typing, so any errors in spelling and style are most likely mine and not Betty’s. Do note how she points out one of the fundamental paradox’s of conservative thinking.

“One of the casualties of unfettered capitalism is (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Sidewalk Harassment I Can Get Behind

Yes, I know I am doing a candy bar a favour. Ignore the advert bits at the end and imagine a world where it was like this all the time.

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wmtc: some thoughts on emily brontë’s wuthering heights

Cover of 1943 Random Houseedition with woodcut illustrations

Emily Brontë published Wuthering Heights in 1847, under a pseudonym. Brontë died the following year, at age 30. It was the only book she would ever publish.

How did an isolated young woman, a parson’s daughter from a remote area of Yorkshire, who never married, rarely left home, and hated travel, come to create this story of ferocious passion and violent revenge that would shock her contemporaries, and enthral audiences into its second century?

The existence of Wuthering Heights is one of the great arguments against that wrongheaded advice to writers: “write what (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Patriarchal Role Clarification

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Illuminated By Street Lamps: Locating Canada’s State Multiculturalism As A Racist Doctrine

By Joe Fantauzzi@jjfantauzziCanada is a multicultural nation. More than four decades of policy, legislation and celebration have engraved this country’s pluralism into its national character. The ethnic diversity of this country is presented globally as a fundamental strength of the Canadian nation. But massive structural inequalities which have not been erased with state multiculturalism policies remain ─ and have, in some cases, been exacerbated. I contend that nationalism in Canada is highly predicated on race and a structural racism that is intrinsically linked to Canada’s brand of state-sponsored multiculturalism. Following Himani Bannerji, I argue this race-focused nationalism works (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Women Shrink – Andrea Dworkin; Bell Hooks – On Feminism

A couple of feminist quote of the day just for my AVFM friends who might be lurking around in the shadows waiting to explain how oppressed being (usually) white and male is.

“Men often react to women’s words – speaking and writing – as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women’s words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper, Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men – control, violence, insult, contempt – that no threat seems empty”

-Andrea (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Be A Man

How many of you out there have either heard these words or said them to others? I’m willing to bet most males out there has heard it at some point and many women have told the males in their lives these words. It’s part of the social narrative, these constructs of what gender is and how someone should and should not act. Men are strong, men don’t cry, men are athletic, men demand respect, men settle their differences physically and most importantly men don’t show weakness.

Of course, this is all tripe. These social constructs are ultimately just that, constructs. (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Not Rape Epidemic – Latoya Peterson

Sometimes you just can’t pass up an opportunity to signal boost an important message. Trigger warnings for Rape, Sexual Abuse, Rape Culture

Original Essay: The Not Rape Epidemic December 21, 2008 Latoya Peterson 1 Comment

*Trigger Warning* Latoya’s Note: So, as promised, here’s the original version of the essay that appears in Yes Means Yes. If you see this popping up in your reader, I do not recommend you read it at work.

Rape is only four letters, one small syllable, and yet it is one of the hardest words to coax from your lips when you need it (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: Don’t Tolerate Ignorance About the Minimum Wage

Now, stop tolerating ignorance! And smile, TGIF.


It’s Friday.

For many people it’s TGIF. But for many people who aren’t even teenagers, the work week isn’t ending today.

We often THINK minimum wage is for the new entries to the job market. Maybe it was one day. Maybe just for one day.

But today? If it isn’t a living wage, it’s exploitative.

And if it is just minimum wage, we are likely not too accurate on who is suffering with these low wages.

Let’s take a peek:

It is not the stereotypical pothead living in their parents’ basement.

(Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: The Future of Feminism Is Now

The children: being the future.

There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of young women and men rejecting the necessity of exploring or embracing feminism.

Maybe it’s like similarly misguided ideas like how we don’t need unions anymore.

But when you encounter young people who get it, really really get it, it gives you hope for the future.

Meet Jules Spector:

At the risk of pinning all the hopes of the world on one person’s shoulder, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about one voice, and a platform to speak to the world. Or her community.

(Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: What Do Women Want?

It can be a goofy question because it sets up an expectation that half the world, 3.5 billion people, can answer it the same way if it’s asked in exasperation because a woman was maybe annoyed at a man for insisting on paying for dinner, or didn’t want to go on a second date after all he did for her, or didn’t want him moving in.  Something like that.  In that context, it suggests women should get it together and be more consistent in their collective behaviour so hetero men can understand the “rules” instead of having to make (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: International Women’s Day – Still Far to Go

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Politics, Re-Spun: Lupita Nyong’o On Validation, For International Women’s Day

A sublime meditation on validation. Bravo!

…in which a young woman shares her adolescent anxieties and blossoms into a role model for us all.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Enjoy the whole clip here:


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Dead Wild Roses: Brave Christian Soldier Stands in the Gap for Jesus

A note scribbled on a napkin and left behind by a passenger on a Westjet flight. It reads:

To Capt./Westjet the cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman. A woman. A woman being a mother is the most honour, not as ‘captain.’ Were short mothers not pilot’s westjet. Proverbs 31 (Sorry not PC) PS I wish WestJet could tell me a fair lady is at the helm so I can book another flight!

The other side says “in the end this is all mere vanity… not impressed”, and is signed “respectfully, in love, David”.

The (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: Women Who Inspire Us

Pam Palmater, getting it done!

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

For three decades of activism I have been inspired by a great number of wise, engaged women.

Carleen Pickard, for instance. I first met Carleen when she was the B.C./Yukon organizer for the Council of Canadians. En route to becoming the executive director of San Francisco-based Global Exchange, she was part of their human rights campaign in Mexico, and she has testified before the House of Commons (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: Women: The Majority, Not a Media Niche

I couldn’t really fault you if you felt that only about 22% of humanity were women.

If we based it all on how frequently they are represented in politics and the media, we wouldn’t know they made up a 51-ish% majority.

This is why Cate Blanchett and Geena Davis have some words for us all.

And god[dess] help us if we try to contradict them:

Blanchett won an Oscar the other night. In her remarks she mentioned a truth that many people still don’t understand, offering gratitude regarding her film

“to the audiences who went to see it and perhaps (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: The Pandemic of Rape Culture

Speaking out against rape culture can create some serious backlash, which reflects our culture of rape.

At UBC the dean of the business school muses about firing all the students who took part in the chant that celebrates rape, which was also sung at Saint Mary’s in Halifax. And the students voted to not contribute money towards a sexual assault counselling program.

At the University of Ottawa, student politticians had a Facebook chat about how they would sexually assault another student leader. Then they got a lawyer to try to stop her from distributing the transcript of their chat. Then (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Politics, Re-Spun: The Pandemic of Rape Culture

Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – We need Feminism because…

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Politics, Re-Spun: Why Corporations Don’t Want Women In Charge

It’s interesting to see how far we may have come with gender equity. And not. Men, formerly the head of the household, are now more likely to share authority with women at home.

But what about the most powerful organizations in society: corporations? What’s the role of women in leadership?

This great excerpt below is the tip of the iceberg. The free market will not naturally require corporations to have gender equity in leadership. Regulation can help. And sociologists can track the cultural shifts that occur when organizations “let” women take some leadership role.

And the companion links in the (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: University Advice: Never forget than boys and girls can never just be friends.

Ever wonder what it’s like being female and living through what women are expected to deal with? A small peek into some of the happenings in the grand adventure of being human and female all at the same time.

“When I was seventeen and preparing to leave for university, my mother’s only brother saw fit to give me some advice. “Just don’t be an idiot, kid,” he told me, “and don’t ever forget that boys and girls can never just be friends.” I laughed and answered, “I’m not too worried. And I don’t really think all guys are (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Why We Need Feminism

“If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.” – Lawrence Lockman, Republican and elected official in the United States of America.


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Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – We need Feminism because…

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Melissa Fong: “Why Won’t You Educate Me About Feminism?”

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:He doesn’t hate women. Above and beyond everything else, he wants you to know this: he does not hate women. He has two daughters,…

Dead Wild Roses: Reasons for the Declining Rate of Abortions in the US

Reasons For The Lowered Abortion Rate Available birth control Lessened stigma on birth control More education about birth control More comprehensive sex education than the past

Things That Barely (If At All) Lowered Abortion Rates:

Pro-Life harassment and violence Sidewalk protesting Restricting abortions Banning abortions

Things That Will Continue To Lower Abortion Rates:

Even more comprehensive sex education Even better birth control options Less stigma on sex, sex ed, and birth control More birth control options for those without a uterus Available and affordable (or free) birth control

Either Way:

Abortion is not evil. Abortion is a responsible choice. Abortion (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – We need Feminism because…

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