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CalgaryGrit: How a Bill Becomes a Law

“At the end of the day, in my opinion, they’ve made up their mind and this is how we’re going to vote. One person is not going to make a difference, one MP is not going to make a difference.”

In some respects, I feel bad for David Wilks. The video that will ultimately destroy his political career doesn’t involve bigoted comments, cocaine, or underage girls – it’s a candid discussion with 30 constituents about how Ottawa works.

In it, Wilks voices his displeasure with his party’s budget, while lamenting that a whiped vote means he has no choice

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Canadian Progressive World: In Ottawa, an elected Liberal MP defeats a Harper-appointed Conservative senator

It was a political showdown that revealed what we already know: the Conservatives can’t take a fair fight. Yesterday, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau convincingly defeated Tory senator Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing bout here in Ottawa. The Fight for … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: Canada Federal Budget 2012: Canadians React

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair slammed the Harper Conservatives for recklessly cutting services vital to many Canadians’ livelihoods, such as Old Age Security. Liberal Leader Bob Rae called the budget “an exercise in small-mindedness and mean spirited-ness. And ordinary Canadians weighed … Continue reading →

CalgaryGrit: My 5 cents on the federal budget

For years the Liberals warned you of Stephen Harper’s hidden agenda. Just wait until he gets a majority, and you won’t recognize Canada.

For years, Conservatives quietly whispered to their base that they couldn’t go as far as they wanted because of that damn minority government. The Liberals won’t let us, the Senate won’t let us!

So after waiting for nearly a decade, we finally got to see the long anticipated Harper majority budget. And what was the flagship change he needed a majority to bring in?

The elimination of the penny.

OK, so it wasn’t exactly the “transformational” budget

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CalgaryGrit: Rest in Peace: Penny (1858-2012)