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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Outrageously Stealthy F-35 Scandal

Two years ago he told us that he was pressing the "reset button" on his plan to buy 65 F-35 fighters from his friends at Lockheed Martin, after it was revealed that their cost would blow Canada up instead of the enemy.He promised us his corrupt regime would look at other slightly cheaper warplanes, and hold an open competition.But it seems that nothing can shake Stephen Harper's insane obsession with the F-35, even though with only one engine it's totally unsuitable for patrolling Canada's vast Arctic spaces.And today we found out that he has secretly ordered four of (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Mad King Harper and the Flying Circus

Well mad King Harper, he of the reverse Midas touch, may still covet his golden toy, as it slowly turns into a steaming cow pie.I want it. I MUST have it !! I WILL have it !! I'm the f***ing King of Canada !!!!#@!!But sadly for him most sane Canadians, and most in the MSM, know a debacle when they see one.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Flying Gong Show

Holy Mayan prophesy. I think I now know how the Con regime is going to end eh? Not with a bang but a whimper. With acts of sheer folly, and howls of laughter.For there was Stephen Harper today, in the Con circus that was once our Parliament, accusing the NDP of being a "gong show."Read more »

Montreal Simon: Mulroney, the CIA, and the Con Meat Factory

Oh no. Blow me down like a leprechaun. It turns out Brian Mulroney didn't have to sing and dance for Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the Shamrock Summit.

Like the Bojangles of Baie Comeau.

The Americans liked him enough already. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Peter MacKay and the Flying Piano

I always knew that sooner or later Dumbo MacKay would hit the eject button by mistake, fly into the air, and blame the whole darn cabinet.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says cabinet ultimately signed off on the figures the Defence Department cited publicly for the cost of the F-35 stealth fighter program.

The Conservative government has admitted it was aware of the larger price tag weeks before the last federal election, but MacKay's comments are the first acknowledgment cabinet approved the reporting of a lower figure to Canadians.

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Montreal Simon: The Bobo Cons and the Chinese Menace

Golly. I see Peter MacKay was in the hot seat again today. Claiming he’s smart enough to keep those fancy jets from costing us an arm and a leg. And failing miserably.

When questioned by reporters Tuesday, MacKay cited segments of Ferguson’s report that he said showed Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page had also left operating costs out of his accounting on the F-35s.

But MacKay was actually citing the Department of National Defence’s own accounting in the auditor general’s report, not Page’s. DND took out the operating costs for its lower estimate, while Page included them in his own

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