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Writings of J. Todd Ring: Conservatives in Canada swing further to the far right – the other two major parties are little better

The Conservative party of Canada is clearly playing into fear, xenophobia and racism as a way to win votes, as its “War on Terror” narrative, its racial baiting and its new snitch line show. This is sickening. Mind you, the Liberals and NDP have eerily similar agendas to the Conservatives on key issues of the […]

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Bernie Sanders would win – if US elections weren’t controlled by big money….. But he just might win anyway, and he is well on his way

The Independent Senator from Vermont, and US Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is riding a fast-growing wave of popular support across the United States. Sanders is getting ten times the turn-out for rallies as any other candidate, and the momentum continues to build. Bernie Sanders is getting higher turn-outs to rallies than the Republican candidates, even […]

Things Are Good: Be a Part of the Future: Sign the Leap Manifesto

Canada has been destroying it’s own environment (and trashing international environmental policy) for way too long. As a result of this ignorant neglect a bunch of prominent Canadians have produced the Leap Manifesto.

And it’s good. Really good.

Here’s just a snippet of the Leap Manifesto:

A leap to a non-polluting economy creates countless openings for similar multiple “wins.” We want a universal program to build energy efficient homes, and retrofit existing housing, ensuring that the lowest income communities and neighbourhoods will benefit first and receive job training and opportunities that reduce poverty over the long term. We want (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Economic Discussion of Climate Change Gets Real

We’ve already seen climate refugees and climate wars, yet the business world has been rather slow to react. Many businesses operate with the denial of the economic effects of climate change. Today the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has warned the financial world that climate change is the biggest challenge we will collectively face. And we have to do so now!

It’s really good to finally see bankers, economists, and corporate entities catch up to the knowledge put forth by hundreds of organizations from the last millennium.

The U.K. central bank’s Governor Mark Carney, who also (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Shell Stops Efforts to Drill in the Arctic

For a while now Shell has been trying to suck oil in the arctic. Arctic drilling is extremely dangerous and Shell’s efforts in the north have been ridiculed by Greenpeace. Greenpeace’s efforts have been matched by a ton of organizations (mostly on the west coast) also trying to stop Shell’s folly.

The sane eco-conscious people have won against Shell. Even Bloomberg acknowledges that a reason Shell pulled out of the north is due to activist pressure.

The old-economy company based on hydrocarbon extraction has announced they’ll end their arctic drilling efforts. This means that the company wasted $7 billion dollars!

(Read more…)

Eclectic Lip: Dieseldammerüng

image taken from’s latest t-shirt

Before we get to this message’s main event, I’ll throw another brief shoutout to Pope Francis. Sure, he leads one of the world’s socially most regressive organizations, but he seems to be pulling in the right direction, and ultimately, he’s not in fact that powerful — his level of authority is more Barack Obama than Stephen Harper, let alone Kim Jong-Il.

While there’s general awareness of the doctrine of Papal infallibility, it was only formalized in the 19th century, and has only ever been invoked twice. So it’s one of many late-arriving concepts we (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Liberal Big Tent May Be An Echo Chamber

Suzuki and Trudeau are both plain spoken people. They both strike me as straightforward. The difference is that Suzuki is much older and doesn’t appear to cater to anyone, while Trudeau obviously looks to his Liberal back-room advisers to tell him what way the wind is blowing. If the smoke is blowing at the young leader from his backside, and the Liberal string pullers want it that way, they aren’t about to save Trudeau.

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: How Thomas Mulcair Made Clap Trap a Human Right

Pick a debate, any debate, and Thomas Mulcair will find a way to bring up the “fact” that he reduced GHG emissions every year that he was the environment minister in Quebec, and that he was responsible for putting a clean environment as a right into Quebec’s charter.

Of course, he will also say that he did not  promote the sale of bulk water, despite video evidence.  That video got the most re-tweets during last night’s French language leaders debate.

However, that lie is pretty tame, compared to his other whoppers.  Let’s compare:

Did GHG Emissions really go Down (Read more…)

Writings of J. Todd Ring: On Civil Obedience

“Laws control the lesser man… Right conduct controls the greater one.” – Mark Twain Never be obedient. Obedience is for dogs. No offence to dogs – I love dogs, and dogs are very admirable, as well as lovable, and there is much that we can learn from dogs. But we are not dogs, and we […]

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Climate Change Deniers

The scientific community is in near unanimous agreement on the issue of human-caused climate change: so much so, that there is not a single serious scientific journal which will now publish a paper denying human-caused climate change, since it is viewed by the scientific community that the debate is over, considering the mountain of evidence […]

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian environmentalists demand overhaul of tar sands pipeline approval process

Canadian environmentalists are demanding a complete overhaul of the National Energy Board, the federal board tasked with approving major energy and tar sands pipeline energy projects. They accuse the NEB of conflict of interest and deliberate suppression free speech.

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Facing Autism in New Brunswick: The Environment Is Of Vital Importance – Next Time Include Elizabeth May

This blog is focused on autism disorders, very closely related conditions including intellectual disability and epilepsy.  It is about my son and the joy he brings me each day despite his serious disorders and challenges.  Occasionally it is just a celebration via pictures of the pleasure I experience each day that I live in Canada’s Green City …. Fredericton.  Fredericton has been called the Green City, not because of any political party dominance under the green banner although Mr David Coon shook ‘the traditional voting patterns one year ago when he was elected as an MLA in Fredericton , but because (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Greenpeace’s Efforts Lead to Fishing Changes in Nauru

The tiny nation of Nauru (which has one of my favourite flags) has changed its laws thanks to the work of Greenpeace. The environmental organization found that fishing trawlers were catching fish at sea then offloading them to essentially a larger factory boat. This practice has been banned in many places because of the severe damage it causes to the fish populations.

The NFMRA, which credited Greenpeace’s exposure of an “illegal operation” for prompting the Nauru government ban, said it regularly observed “longliners in the high seas acting suspiciously and intruding on our borders”.

“These seas act like a safe (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: Vote for a better, cleaner Canada

David Suzuki sees climate change as the biggest threat to Canadians’ health and security, urges voters to elect MPs who will be part of the solution when the go to the polls on October 19.

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Cowichan Conversations: Steelhead LNG and KERN have even more grandiose plans for Sarita Bay on Port Alberni Inlet

Don Maroc

Steelhead LNG and the Malahat First Nation have scheduled another public meeting to try to convince local south Cowichan residents of the incredible benefits of operating a floating liquid natural gas processing

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Cowichan Conversations: British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Hails Huge Mandate as He Sets Out His Green Left Wing Agenda


Many have wished that we would have a political voice of relevance and have cast eyes south to Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie does not beat around the bush and would have

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Things Are Good: Using Art to get People to Care About the Environment

We’ve all seen sad, depressing, and otherwise disturbing photos of animals or people suffering after a human made disaster. You know, like the ducks dying in the tar sands or photos from the Bhopal disaster. Photographers have long thought that by showing these disturbing and truth-capturing photos people will start to care about the damage we are doing to the environment. Years of neglect and a lack of change has proven this point wrong.

So what do we do?

Artist Chris Jordan examined this very question and has found new ways to use art to get people to acknowledge the (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: Has the Green Revolution Actually Arrived?

There’s an article floating around sub-titled “The Year Humans Got Serious about Saving Themselves from Themselves” by Jonathan Chait.  It starts with a litany of climate change-driven bad news with the conclusion that,

“The drama has taken on an air of inevitability, of a tragedy at the outset of its final scene — the tension so unbearable, and the weight of looming catastrophe so soul-crushing, that some people seek the release of final defeat rather than endless struggle in the face of hopeless odds. Working for change, or even hoping for it, has felt like a sucker’s game. (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The Gloves Are Off- This Will Be A Hardball Fight Until Election Day

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

We now have the stage set for the final 5 weeks of Canada’s second longest election ever. There was a fair amount of chatter and speculation regarding Liberal-NDP and even Green

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Things Are Good: Why Urban Areas Are More Efficient Than Suburban Areas

It’s been known for years that urban centres have a lower carbon footprint than the lands of urban sprawl. This is a for a variety of reasons and it’s rather complex, sure most of it comes down to density, but the exact know how is still being figure out.

Over at Alternatives Journal they looked at how building sustainable cities makes better cities overall. This is how and why people make resilient cities.

FOR EXAMPLE, existing low-density suburban developments “actually increase the damage on the environment while also making that damage harder to see and to address,” wrote Green Metropolis (Read more…)

wmtc: the other side of waste management in peel: shocking lack of recycling in apartment buildings

Goodbye, old friends

In the 10 years I’ve lived in Mississauga, I’ve always been impressed with Peel Region’s recycling and trash management. Now that I live in an apartment, I’m seeing another side of those services, and it’s not pretty.

First, there’s no “green bin” – organics – recycling. I’ve grown so accustomed to throwing all food waste, coffee grinds, tea bags, tissues, wet paper, dog fur, and other organics into the green bin, it feels very strange and wasteful to toss these in the trash. I realize it can’t be easy to institute an organics recycling program for apartment (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Obama: Act Now or Condemn World to a Nightmare

Things Are Good: Sucking Diesel Fuel From Thin Air

We’ve polluted so much that there are now companies that think there is profit to be made by sucking CO2 from the air. How they make money is by reselling the CO2 to make carbonation for soft drinks, or strangely, to make diesel fuel.

What a world!

German company Sunfire produced its first batches of so-called e-diesel in April. Federal Minister of Education and Research, Johanna Wanka, put a few litres in her car, to celebrate. And the Canadian company Carbon Engineering has just built a pilot plant to suck one to two tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Maroc-It would be reasonable if the Malahat Nation put the LNG proposal on hold until they sorted out their internal problems

Don Maroc

by Don Maroc

Thanks to Adam Olsen, of the Tsarslip Nation and the BC Green Party for his preceptive chronicling of the proposed partnership between the Malahat Nation and Steelhead LNG to

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The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: A healthy environment nurtures healthy people

Acting on the understanding that we’re part of nature, and caring for the environment, makes people healthier and happier, argues world-renowned Canadian scientist, broadcaster, activist and author, David Suzuki.

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