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Northern Reflections: That’s What Leadership Is About

Elizabeth May has announced that she will stay on as leader of the Green Party. That will make Linda McQuaig happy. She had advised May to stay put. But she’s also advising May not to walk away from the BDS resolution which the party passed at its rece… . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: That’s What Leadership Is About

Babel-on-the-Bay: Elizabeth May, please step forward.

It has always been our opinion that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is far smarter than anyone else in the Green Party. And she has certainly carried all those folks on her back for far too long. It is time now for Elizabeth to take on a real challenge. Surely it is obvious to her […] . . . → Read More: Babel-on-the-Bay: Elizabeth May, please step forward.

Northern Reflections: Whither Liz?

Ever since the Green Party adopted a resolution to support the BDS movement, there has been lots of speculation about Elizabeth May’s future. Gerry Caplan has suggested that she should consider running for the leadership of the New Democratic Party. Bu… . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Whither Liz?

Left Over: Green Party ReGrowth?

Elizabeth May could quit as Green Party leader this month ‘Broken-hearted’ May says boycott Israel policy has her on verge of stepping down as leader By David Cochrane, CBC News Posted: Aug 12, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 12, … Continue reading . . . → Read More: Left Over: Green Party ReGrowth?

Cowichan Conversations: Green Party In Disarray-Elizabeth May Walk

There is a great deal of debate and discussion taking place following the Green Party convention where the membership joined with other human rights forces worldwide in opposition to the ongoing seizure of Palestinian lands. Read more… . . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Green Party In Disarray-Elizabeth May Walk

Song of the Watermelon: An Open Letter to Elizabeth May Regarding BDS

Dear Elizabeth May, Please don’t resign over Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. Far from being “polarizing, ineffective and unhelpful,” the BDS movement seeks to employ moderate, non-violent means (i.e. boycotts and other economic measures) to pressure Israel to end its decades-long … Continue reading . . . → Read More: Song of the Watermelon: An Open Letter to Elizabeth May Regarding BDS

Cowichan Conversations: Luke Cross At The Elizabeth May-Chief Don Tom, Dr. Eion Finn Meeting

See the entire meeting here – in 3 parts . . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Luke Cross At The Elizabeth May-Chief Don Tom, Dr. Eion Finn Meeting

Politics and its Discontents: Elizabeth May Goes Where Trudeau Fears To Tread

Some would say that to link the terrible losses in Fort McMurray to climate change is insensitive and political. Of course, they would be wrong, since climate change is not an ideological issue, however much the deniers try to frame it. It is a fact.Wh… . . . → Read More: Politics and its Discontents: Elizabeth May Goes Where Trudeau Fears To Tread

A Different Point of View....: Climate controls ‘slip slidin’ away’ following weak Paris agreement

 “World agrees to historic climate accord” The Toronto Star.“Nearly 200 countries agree to historic pact in Paris to reduce emissions and fight climate change” The Vancouver Sun. “Climate deal: World praises France’s diplomacy,… . . . → Read More: A Different Point of View….: Climate controls ‘slip slidin’ away’ following weak Paris agreement

Accidental Deliberations: On decision points

I’ve previously challenged any attempt to pressure Thomas Mulcair to abandon the NDP’s leadership. And I’ll take a moment do so the same in response to Scott Gilmore’s admonition to Elizabeth May.

As in the case of every party, the Greens should have every reason to evaluate whether they’re achieving their goals. But there’s no reason why getting rid of a current leader should be seen as either necessary or sufficient as a means of improving a party’s standing.

And as the Greens decide what to do, May’s track record is one which offers plenty of fodder for discussion (Read more…)

LeDaro: LeDaro 2015-10-20 11:45:00

Finally, Stephen Harper is gone – an end to a decade-long nightmare for our country. His politics of control, fear, and division finally caught up to him. We got our country back, an end to scapegoating religious minorities, an end to the war on science, and hopefully the return to a sane foreign policy.

             99                                 1                      44                     (Read more…)

Song of the Watermelon: Six Ways That the Greens Are Canada’s Most Progressive Party

In the midst of a campaign dominated by horse races and attack ads, by fear and scandal and appeals to our basest political instincts, it is easy to forget that elections are meant above all to be about policy. Which party offers the kindest, most equitable, and most sustainable vision for the country?

The answer, in my opinion, is clear. Here I present six important ways that the Green Party of Canada is the most progressive of our major national parties.

1. Climate

Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation, one that is inextricably linked to our well-being (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: A Pop Quiz for Canadian Citizens

Lost in the hoopla over whether Ms Ishaq can take the Oath of Citizenship while wearing a niqab is the fact that she actually passed the citizenship test.

Which made Ms Soapbox wonder: how many Canadians, veiled or unveiled, could pass the citizenship test if they were asked to take one.*

So pop quiz!

Yes, yes, I know it’s not fair. Citizenship candidates are allowed to study for the test and you have to take it cold, but hey, you’ve lived here your whole life, how hard can it be?

The Soapbox Citizenship Test

Question 1: When taking the (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: The Environment Is Of Vital Importance – Next Time Include Elizabeth May

This blog is focused on autism disorders, very closely related conditions including intellectual disability and epilepsy.  It is about my son and the joy he brings me each day despite his serious disorders and challenges.  Occasionally it is just a celebration via pictures of the pleasure I experience each day that I live in Canada’s Green City …. Fredericton.  Fredericton has been called the Green City, not because of any political party dominance under the green banner although Mr David Coon shook ‘the traditional voting patterns one year ago when he was elected as an MLA in Fredericton , but because (Read more…) Let’s make Canada’s parties endorse our pro-Internet action plan

Exciting news! Green Party leader Elizabeth May has just announced her endorsement of our crowdsourced pro-Internet action plan. So far Ms. May is the first major party leader to do so – and we’re thrilled to have her waving the flag for Canada’s Internet.

This is great news for Canada’s pro-Internet movement and never would have happened without so many people speaking up to support our plan. Now we need to keep up the pressure on all the party leaders, to ensure our action plan can be put into law.

read more

Accidental Deliberations: On basic questions

The National Post’s editorial board offers the latest reminder as to how confidence is won and lost in Canada’s Parliament. And it only highlights the need for our candidates – particularly those promising change – to offer a clear indication as to their post-election plans.

But while it’s worth discussing what types of agreement might be possible between various combinations of opposition parties, there’s one set of questions which doesn’t require any agreement at all. So let’s see what our opposition leaders and candidates have to say about these:

A. Will you commit to voting non-confidence in Stephen Harper at (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Vancouver Island’s Election Petri Dish

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Evan Soloman former host of ‘The House’ has landed on his feet after his shameful dismissal by gutless CBC higher-ups.

This article focuses on our backyard. It is well worth the

Read more…

Alberta Politics: ‘Event logisticians’? Give us a break! They’re bouncers! What’s that tell you about the Tories?

PHOTOS: Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets a group of foreign event logistics consultants while travelling abroad (Government of Canada photo). Below: Pierre Trudeau does suppressed fury the right way; Mr. Harper does it with considerably less appeal. Clearly, the continuing uproar about Stephen Harper’s “event logistics team members” tells us something fundamental about the increasingly […]

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The Canadian Progressive: Green Party platform criticized for being “anti-feminist”

The Green Party of Canada’s 2015 federal election platform is being criticized for being inaccurate, hypocritical, “anti-feminist” and harmful to women.

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Cowichan Conversations: Rafe Mair’s ‘State of the Union’ on Canadian environmental politics


Rafe Mair’s take on the state of Canada today is compelling, instructive and a reality check for those of us following the federal elections through the lens of the sad sack tattered media.

Read more…

centre of the universe: How to get engaged in Canadian politics: an educational resource

Here is a handy guide that will help you, disenfranchised Canadian, get engaged with and get involved in the upcoming (eventually, at the end of several more weeks of pre-election hell) federal election! The first step, as the number to the left would indicate, is to click every single link you see in social media […]

Accidental Deliberations: On cooperative options

I’ve previously excoriated the Libs for the connection between their refusal to talk about cooperation with other parties and their complete lack of any idea what they supposedly stand for. And nothing in the campaign to date changes that analysis.

By the same token, I’ll give credit where due to Elizabeth May for being up-front about her test for support for a new government. And it’s particularly noteworthy that the conditions – most notably the repeal, rather than tweaking, of C-51 – are ones which the NDP will be far better positioned to meet than any other potential governing party.

(Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: The Leaders Debate: No One Won And Why It Doesn’t Matter

Tempting though it may be for those of us in the peanut gallery to rattle on about who won and who flopped in the Leaders Debate, the really important question is this: did we learn anything new about the men who would be king, er, prime minister?

A healthy economy?

Everyone but Harper agrees that Canada is in a recession. The fact is Harper ran up eight consecutive deficits and we’re $150 billion in debt.

Harper says our economy is healthy. Just look at the Stats Canada numbers—Canada created more net new jobs than any other G7 country. And (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Burning question

So apparently this week’s Macleans debate went ahead despite the exclusion of a party leader with seats in Parliament who wanted to be heard. Which raises the question: how is it that Elizabeth May didn’t refuse to participate, as she demands everybody else do when the shoe is on the other foot?

Alberta Politics: No losers except Canadians in last night’s ditchwater-dull debate

PHOTOS: Zzzzzzzzz … Why are these men smiling? Below: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, sneering; Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, smiling unnervingly; Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, doing his best to look pugnacious; Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, happy to be there. Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair stayed calm, smiled and looked prime ministerial during last night’s “national” televised […]

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