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Alberta Politics: ‘Event logisticians’? Give us a break! They’re bouncers! What’s that tell you about the Tories?

PHOTOS: Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets a group of foreign event logistics consultants while travelling abroad (Government of Canada photo). Below: Pierre Trudeau does suppressed fury the right way; Mr. Harper does it with considerably less appeal. Clearly, the continuing uproar about Stephen Harper’s “event logistics team members” tells us something fundamental about the increasingly […]

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The Canadian Progressive: Green Party platform criticized for being “anti-feminist”

The Green Party of Canada’s 2015 federal election platform is being criticized for being inaccurate, hypocritical, “anti-feminist” and harmful to women.

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Cowichan Conversations: Rafe Mair’s ‘State of the Union’ on Canadian environmental politics


Rafe Mair’s take on the state of Canada today is compelling, instructive and a reality check for those of us following the federal elections through the lens of the sad sack tattered media.

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centre of the universe: How to get engaged in Canadian politics: an educational resource

Here is a handy guide that will help you, disenfranchised Canadian, get engaged with and get involved in the upcoming (eventually, at the end of several more weeks of pre-election hell) federal election! The first step, as the number to the left would indicate, is to click every single link you see in social media […]

Accidental Deliberations: On cooperative options

I’ve previously excoriated the Libs for the connection between their refusal to talk about cooperation with other parties and their complete lack of any idea what they supposedly stand for. And nothing in the campaign to date changes that analysis.

By the same token, I’ll give credit where due to Elizabeth May for being up-front about her test for support for a new government. And it’s particularly noteworthy that the conditions – most notably the repeal, rather than tweaking, of C-51 – are ones which the NDP will be far better positioned to meet than any other potential governing party.

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Susan on the Soapbox: The Leaders Debate: No One Won And Why It Doesn’t Matter

Tempting though it may be for those of us in the peanut gallery to rattle on about who won and who flopped in the Leaders Debate, the really important question is this: did we learn anything new about the men who would be king, er, prime minister?

A healthy economy?

Everyone but Harper agrees that Canada is in a recession. The fact is Harper ran up eight consecutive deficits and we’re $150 billion in debt.

Harper says our economy is healthy. Just look at the Stats Canada numbers—Canada created more net new jobs than any other G7 country. And (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Burning question

So apparently this week’s Macleans debate went ahead despite the exclusion of a party leader with seats in Parliament who wanted to be heard. Which raises the question: how is it that Elizabeth May didn’t refuse to participate, as she demands everybody else do when the shoe is on the other foot?

Alberta Politics: No losers except Canadians in last night’s ditchwater-dull debate

PHOTOS: Zzzzzzzzz … Why are these men smiling? Below: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, sneering; Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, smiling unnervingly; Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, doing his best to look pugnacious; Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, happy to be there. Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair stayed calm, smiled and looked prime ministerial during last night’s “national” televised […]

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Accidental Deliberations: And the verdict is…

Having set out my criteria for watching tonight’s leaders’ debate in today’s column, I’ll offer a quick rundown as to my evaluation.

Justin Trudeau was by far the weakest of the lot in terms of both depth and flexibility of thought from the very beginning, answering Paul Wells’ question about whether he could do more than what was in his party’s economic platform by merely reciting talking points about the exact plan which was being challenged. And matters didn’t improve for Trudeau throughout: at best he was aware enough to find allies among the other leaders on some points, (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: New column day

Here, with my suggestions as to what viewers should watch for in tonight’s leaders’ debate – particularly in a campaign where we’ll have ample opportunity to see everything but interaction between party leaders.

For further reading…- David Reevely describes the staging behind most of the campaign events we’ll see between now and election day. And Scott Reid takes a look at the preparation which goes into each debate as well.- Macleans offers a primer on tonight’s debate. And Aaron Wherry, Bruce Anderson, Laura Payton, and Chantal Hebert all note a few additional points to (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: This just in: Prime minister calls early election … I mean, calls an election early … What could possibly go wrong?

PHOTOS: The prime minister of Canada in a Navy hat. The new kind. Yeah! A macho Navy cap! Now where’s Tommy Flanagan, now that we need him again? No, not that Tommy Flanagan! The political strategy guy. Below: Former prime minister Joe Clark, former Alberta premier Jim Prentice and current Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. Let’s […]

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Accidental Deliberations: Trampled

Elizabeth May tells us that her idea of a grassroots movement is a finely manicured lawn carefully maintained to suit the aesthetic preferences of its owners: May said she didn’t want to thwart local efforts towards co-operation with other parties, but that she thinks she, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair should be the ones to discuss how grassroots co-operation should work.

To be clear, there were plenty of problems with the Kelowna red-green pact which May seems to have nixed: it didn’t make a lick of sense in terms of either reciprocity (since the Liberals (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Deep thought

If, having spent spending nearly a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars of donors’ money as a national party leader, I could think of no more important issue to be flogged at every opportunity than how much TV air time other people demanded for me, I’d see reason for a serious look at whether I was accomplishing anything useful.

But your mileage may vary.

Left Over: The Donald Bleats , Harper/Walker Meet..And Other Rightwing Treats…

Stephen Harper met with controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker last month and didn’t tell anyone

Glen McGregor, Postmedia News | July 9, 2015 | Last Updated: Jul 9 3:42 PM ET More from Postmedia News

Donald Trump, Stephen Harper, and the Bigots That Flock Together



No one in ‘Merka should be surprised by Trump’s big bump..the Repugs have encouraged bigotry and hatred for so many decades now that Trump’s ascendancy seems preordained.. The fabulous part about it is that he will piss off all those voters who usually sit on their bums at election (Read more…)

reeves report: Can Elizabeth May Unmuzzle Canada’s Scientists?

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May.

The success rate of private member’s bills in the federal parliament is abysmal. In the 100-plus years since 1910, Ottawa has passed just 271 of them. For comparison, more than 1,600 PMB’s were tabled between 1997 and 2015, and the rate at which they’re being drawn up is on the rise.

It’s not unusual for entire sessions of parliament to hum along without the passage of a single PMB. And when an errant private member’s bill does become law, more often than not the content of the bill is symbolic, proclaiming National Philanthropy Day (November (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: It’s just not that funny.

The Ottawa Press Gallery felt that Elizabeth May let them down at their annual dinner. They usually just throw stale dinner rolls at the poor performers. They tend to get too many who try but do not measure up. They think the politicians are going to entertain them by being funny.

Elizabeth was sick with a flu. She was exhausted and so would you be if you tried to match her schedule. She is trying so hard to hold things together as the only sitting member for her party in Ottawa. And she could not think of a Goddamn thing (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Margaret Wente’s Hypocritical Attack on Elizabeth May

Oh boy. I knew it was just a matter of time before Margaret Wente, our Marie Antoinette, would look down from her high throne.Or her high horse in the Con media.And condemn Elizabeth May in the most contemptuous manner possible.Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Distracted Thinking

I am something of a creature of routine. For example, all things being equal, my early morning ritual consists of retrieving the Toronto Star from my mailbox and reading the front section while enjoying my breakfast. It is during this reading that I often get my idea for the day’s blog post. Firing up the computer, checking email and going to my blog dashboard are my next steps, assuming no exigencies have arisen requiring my attention elsewhere.

A requisite part of these quotidian activities is a certain amount of focus and concentration, perhaps one of the reasons I don’t scan (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: My Full, Frank, and Totally Sober Defence of Elizabeth May

I didn't think I'd have to ride to the defence of Elizabeth May again. I thought one post was enough. But since she has been mercilessly pilloried, and some are actually suggesting she should resign, and you know how I hate bullies.I thought I better write another one, and restate the obvious.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Elizabeth May and Stephen Harper’s Big Omar Problem

I'm very sorry to see that Elizabeth May is very sorry about livening up the deadly dull Press Gallery Dinner, with a choice comment about Stephen Harper and his cabinet. Green party Leader Elizabeth May says she is "very apologetic" about remarks she made on the weekend that included profanity and insulted the federal cabinet about how it has treated Omar Khadr.May played a recording of "Welcome back Kotter" — a theme song from a 1970s sitcom — and stated that Khadr has "more class than the whole f—ing cabinet."Because while she does owe everyone an (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: Who, What and Why a Liberal?

If there needs to be one more reason to keep Justin Trudeau from interfering in local party nominations, his choices tell the story. MP Eve Adams? When that woman crossed the floor of the House of Commons, her 15 minutes of fame were already over. Police Chief Bill Blair? The Toronto Police Services Board no longer wanted him. Why should the Liberal Party? And that is just in Toronto. The Liberal Party leadership has to stop welcoming these rejects!

Liberals have the opportunity in this election year to build a stronger party: a party of change. And we saw in (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Oil Spills And The Harper Brand

Time for a brief follow-up to Elizabeth May’s fine dissection of how Harper environmental cuts contributed to the slow response to Vancouver’s English Bay oil spill. In today’s Star, Tim Harper repeats and reflects upon the facts May addressed.

Denunciations are flying fast and furiously from the likes of May, B.C. Premier Christie Clark and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. Of course, predictable denials of culpability are coming from the likes of Industry Minister James Moore (“Politicians piling on by spreading misinformation is unhelpful,’’) and Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford (“I won’t engage in speculation,’’ “it’s not helpful to finger (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Got An Oil Spill? Call This 1-800 Quebec Number

Every time I hear Elizabeth May speak, my respect for her deepens. Watch as she explains how the response time to Wednesday’s oil spill in English Bay was hampered by Harper cuts and that fact that cleanups has been privatized.

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The Canadian Progressive: British Colombia: Illiterate “cutthroat psychopaths” in the Harper PMO

Embarrassing typos as the illiterate “cutthroat psychopaths” in the Stephen Harper PMO change British Columbia to “British Colombia”.

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Northern Reflections: Who’s Afraid Of Elizabeth May?


In a recent poll, Canadians made clear that they want to see Elizabeth May in the election debates. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll get to see her. In the debate to extend Canada’s mission into Syria, May was not allowed to speak. Michael Harris writes:

The Tories denied May the right to speak about the government’s plan to expand Canada’s war with Islamic State into Syria without a plan and without a costing. I guess they prefer to listen to Defence Minister Jason Kenney’s lies and obfuscations. That’s what Harper specializes in: a (Read more…)