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Left Over: Strength in Numbers, or Just Numb?

Unifor: CAW, CEP Merger Creates Largest Private-Sector Union In Canada

Posted: 05/30/2013 11:59 am EDT | Updated: 05/30/2013 5:12 pm EDT

Considering that CUPE, the largest public sector union, seems to be powerless when it really matters, I’m not sure what difference this is going to make to the private sector…the same things apply to both sectors – if the membership isn’t willing to fight back against the government and the corporate greed, then no union can do a thing…the members have to be willing to put their butts on the line, and mean it, not capitulate at every turn…as usual, things will have (Read more…) What’s Next?

Don’t gloat. Don’t lose that smile. Don’t get distracted. The real goal is the election in 2015. The NDP have been pushed aside. In the 2012 byelection in Calgary-Centre the NDP went down to 2%, and in Labrador they were moved aside in today’s byelection. The Conservatives have been somewhat humbled — taking illegal donations [...] Alberta Politics: “21 per cent of all respondents were undecided.”

21% of Albertans, according to a Leger poll, are undecided as to who they would support in an election. So who is going to convert these 1 in 5 Albertans? It’s not the Wildrose. They’re a known quantity, for good or ill. Nor will it be the Progressive Conservatives, racked by scandal and ebbing in the polls [...] Calgary-Centre: The Day After

It has been a wonder of a campaign. For the Harvey Locke campaign the Liberals doubled their support from 2011 (going from 17% to 32%) and sent a message that Calgarians were willing to give the Liberals a crack at representing them. It was a 4% spread… . . . → Read More: Calgary-Centre: The Day After