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On May 24, 2005, a by-election was held in the federal riding of Labrador, after the unfortunate passing of MP Lawrence O’Brien.

One interesting thing about that by-election is this little graphic found on the Elections Canada website:

It is particularly interesting in light of this excerpt from a recent CBC story describing the . . . → Read More: Inflation

Special Ballots

Regular readers have probably seen a few rants on this topic before, but here’s a wee bit more in today’s Western Star on the bizarre provisions in the Elections Act which allow special ballots in Newfoundland & Labrador to be cast before the elect… . . . → Read More: Special Ballots

Further to previous…

… as the Globe and Mail reports, and with the Labour Day Weekend drawing to a close, Brian Topp’s “recusal” from setting NDP leadership rules continues unabated. You’ll get tired of me saying this, but it is straight out of an Orwell novel, I swear.O… . . . → Read More: Further to previous…

Updated with hyperlinks

A previous version of this post is the most Googled thing I’ve ever written, so I’ll keep re-posting it with updates as the busy electoral season approaches. It’s a calendar of upcoming dates and deadlines for political junkies/candidates/hacks across … . . . → Read More: Updated with hyperlinks

New Dawn

Excerpted below is the portion of the Elections Act 1991, SNL 1992, c E-3.1 which essentially makes relevant portions of that Act applicable to public consultation of electors by way of plebiscite:217. (1) Where it appears to the Lieutenant-Governor in… . . . → Read More: New Dawn

Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC et al v. Bennett

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act is pretty much dead. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that ensuring a competitive political system by subsidizing candidates is a violation of the First Amendment rights of those candidates who accept gobs of … . . . → Read More: Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC et al v. Bennett

Stephen Harper and the Canada Elections Act

11 years ago today, Stephen Harper filed a Statement of Claim with the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta, demanding that numerous provisions of the Canada Elections Act which related to spending restrictions on third party advertising be declared uncon… . . . → Read More: Stephen Harper and the Canada Elections Act

Electoral financing reform

From the CBC’s website, my pal (and pretty smart guy) David Herle on Harper’s proposal to scrap the current public subsidization of political parties. “The government of the day should no more be able to set political financing rules that benefit its p… . . . → Read More: Electoral financing reform