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cartoon life: The note to Justin Trudeau

Exclusive! The note left in Justin Trudeau’s residence after the breakin.

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: Michael Sona Found Guilty of Being Pierre Poutine in #RoboCon

While Sona’s been found guilty of one charge, questions remain about how he would have managed to have log files removed from CPC Headquarter’s computer database known as CIMS.

"There is no record of the accused accessing that database at anytime" Hearn says, but notes others did, incl. Ken Morgan.— Glen McGregor (@glen_mcgregor) August 14, 2014

Sona did not have computer access, or skills to perform that part of the cover-up, so how did those log files go missing. How did unnamed Conservatives in Ottawa avoid obstruction charges for their apparent participation?

So, Judge Hearn is methodically dismantling evidence (Read more…)

Eh Types: Running to Lead

A small number are willing to re-elect Rob Ford. They are going down with his ship as surely as the Titanic’s band. It is encouraging that these people are in the minority, and most recognize Toronto is desperately in need of a new Mayor. However, while people clearly want a new Mayor what Toronto needs […]

Eh Types: How To Beat Ford

There can be no one left in their right mind who supports re-electing Rob Ford. I’m all for differences of political opinion. We can hold different ideas on transit, the environment, what sort of development is best for the city. However, if you want to re-elect a corrupt substance abusing serial liar with criminal ties, […]

Eh Types: Mandatory Voting Works, That’s the Problem

After election night concessions and congratulations are done, the news inevitably reports on the low voter turnout. Ontario’s recent election actually featured an increase in voter turnout for the first time in two decades. That’s the good news. The bad news is turnout was still only 52%. While any democracy should want to improve on […]

Eh Types: Running Scared

Aside from enough profanity to make the navy blush, there are several words to describe Rob Ford. A few that often come to my mind are incompetent, liar, corrupt, racist, misogynist, homophobe, and criminal associate. I think after profanity, those would top most people’s list. Since his return I’d add another word. Scared. Ford began […]

Eh Types: Send in the Clown

It was nice while it lasted. The last two months in Toronto’s municipal election featured policy announcements, reasonable debate, and even a few bold ideas. However, these two months have also been notable for what they haven’t featured, or should I say who. Rob Ford will be returning to work today, asked to comment Deputy […]

Eh Types: Fault Lines

I took a little time off after the election. Conservatives foretold the end of times if Premier Wynne were re-elected and I wanted to be prepared. Thrilled as I was by a majority no one called, well almost no one, I’m disappointed by the lack of hellfire promised to me since. I bought canned goods […]

Aaron Manton: Olivia Chow is the Best Choice for a Bike-Friendly Mayor of Toronto

On October 27th of this year, Toronto will have the opportunity to elect a new Mayor who will commit to improving transportation in our city. For those who want a bike-friendly mayor who understands the importance of all modes of transportation, Olivia Chow is the best choice.

Trashy's World: I might sound like a broken record…

…because over and over I have said that Nanos is the ONLY pollster worth watching. Here is why (emphasis mine): Some key observations on this evening’s Ontario election: Tonight’s election results suggest that even though there was a general perception in the media that Tim Hudak won the debate with Wynne faring poorly, it had […]

Trashy's World: In 1990…

I got it wrong. Very wrong. I have been following – well, more than following – Canadian politics since I was 17… That was 1979. And, except for 1990, I’ve been pretty close to figuring it out. I haven’t been that far off the mark. But tonight? I have so many conflicting thoughts. This election […]

Eh Types: Why Do We Vote?

In a democracy there are almost as many reasons to vote as their are voters. Some vote out a sense of civic obligation, others vote so they can still feel entitled to complain about the results. For some one issue not only dictates why they vote but how they vote. Others still will vote out […]

Aaron Manton: Ontario Election: Evaluating Voter Engagement In My Riding Of Parkdale-High Park

Obviously some of the onus is on voters to research candidates, platforms, and issues, and to think for themselves about who and what they want to cast their ballot for. That being said, the opportunity to engage with a candidate one-on-one can have a tremendous impact on voter intention – it certainly has for me in the past. With that in mind, I wanted to assess the efforts of the candidates in my riding in the 2014 Ontario General Election campaign, omitting the efforts that I have made on my own end to engage and learn about each campaign:

Eh Types: Why I’m Voting Liberal

An election should be about what sort of society we want. What do we value? What goals, needs, and initiatives will we prioritize over others? Most importantly, what steps will government take to improve people’s lives? As vital as business is, there are areas government can improve lives where business simply can not. It is […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #PCloadLetter The Ontario PCs Send Misdirecting Mail #VoteOn

.@kady @KrankyKanuck @Mary_OGrady @1223Chuck Wouldn't you rather unmarked envelopes tell you where?… #PCloadLetter— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) June 11, 2014

(PC Load Letter is from printer displays of the past, and the comedy Office Space. It indicates the paper tray is empty. It was the best pun I could come up with on short notice.)

@AshleyCsanady front and back of London PC letter and envelope. No PC identifier. Hudak was flat wrong.— Press Office (@LibPressSec) June 11, 2014

Looks like a blatant vote misdirection scheme, akin to RoboCon used (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Stuff that can influence voter turnout

(1) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Trashy's World: Watching the Rogers cable debate…

… On the Ottawa Orleans race… And man, Andrew Lister? The PC candidate? He’s as rude, dogmatic and boorish as his colleagues. Disgusting. And why does he keep grabbing his fingers? Is it his thing? Weird. This guy fits in with the Hudak and Matt Young model of incompetence. (1) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Trashy's World: Ottawa South 2014 – John Fraser deserves the MPP gig

Predicting election results is a mug’s game. Any prediction of a result outside one’s own riding relies on an analysis of someone else’s polling results. And these have been, um, a wee bit unreliable lately. Do YOU see a Wildrose government in Alberta? Nope. So I’m sticking to my riding for now – Ottawa South. I […]

Christy's Houseful of Chaos » politics: Disappointment in Liberal candidate’s Negative Ad Campaign

I had respect for Andrew Olivier, candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party, going into this election, partly because of his willingness to fight the Liberal status quo for a nomination race when they were reluctant to call one, and partly because he showed up at an event in support of postal workers. As the election has continued on, I’ve become frusturated with his tendancy towards attack ads, and I suspect I’m not the only one. His so-called facts tend to be half truths and they fit too much with the petty nonsense that the local newspapers online comment sections are (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Ottawa suburbs? NO LRT for YOU!

Voters in the ridings of Ottawa-Orleans, Ottawa West-Nepean and Ottawa South? Yeah, you guys. Pay attention to who you vote for next week. You know that LRT thingy that would be extended to your neck of the woods in Phase 2 of the project? Ain’t going to happen if Timmie is Premier. For the first […]

Trashy's World: A Premier Hudak would put Ontario’s education system back to the Dark Ages…

…aka, The Harris Years. Anyone with school age kids are really worried about the impact that a OPC government would have on our kids. As someone who has been involved with a not-for-profit childcare centre and my kids’ Parent Council for a number of years, I have seen firsthand the great things that the Liberals […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: Trial Begins for Sona in #RoboCon #elxnfraud

An important trial in Canadian history is underway in Guelph, Ontario. Michael Sona, the only person accused by prosecutors of carrying out the illegall robocalls in Guelph to redirect people to the “Old Quebec St. Mall”, faces jail and fines. However, he could not have carried out this crime by himself, calling into question the accuracy of the investigation by Al Mathews.

Mathews is accompanied by Chris Crawford, a former CPC staffer and former Guelph campaign worker.— Robocalls trial (@robocallstrial) June 02, 2014

From #robocalls trial via @stphnmaher: "Agreed statement of facts: No record of (Read more…)

Eh Types: Is Red the New Orange?

The Ontario election has featured a deeply divided, ideologically intrenched split. Two polarized points of view on how our province should run which will determine who runs it. To be clear, I’m only talking about the NDP here. This election began with NDP leader Andrea Horwath announcing her party would not support the Liberal’s budget. […]

Aaron Manton: Ontario Election: Sloppy Progressive Conservative Web Slip-Ups

Between multiple events involving organizations the Ontario Progressive Conservatives oppose funding and an uncomfortably embarrassing botched presser on board a TTC subway, Tim Hudak can barely catch a break this election season. Indeed, as is apparent from ceaseless mishaps and slip-ups, the PC’s are running by far the sloppiest campaign of the major parties. The PC’s have honed their message, but are still struggling with the details of conveying it, running the risk of slowly unravelling all the progress Hudak has made as a party leader.

Maple-Flavoured Politics: Voter and Campaign-Worker Fatigue

We’re in the midst of a general election here in Ontario. Election Day is June 12, 2014. Two ridings in Toronto, Trinity—Spadina and Scarborough—Agincourt, are also in the midst of federal by-elections. That Election Day is June 30, 2014. (There are also two by-elections in Alberta, but at least there aren’t provincial elections there now.) … Continue Reading