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CalgaryGrit: Who saw it coming?

The answer to that question is “not very many of us”.

More than 190 people entered the joint and CalgaryGrit Great Alberta Election Pool, but like nearly all the pollsters and pundits, most entries were far away from the actual results on election night. Just 15% predicted a PC majority, and only 2 people . . . → Read More: CalgaryGrit: Who saw it coming?

CalgaryGrit: Alberta Election Pool

On Monday, Albertans will go to the polls in what is already being dubbed a “historic” election. The outcome is uncertain, so why not gaze into your crystal ball and enter the Daveberta and CalgaryGrit election pool.

It’s simple enough – predict the seat totals for each party and answer 10 bonus questions. Everyone gets . . . → Read More: CalgaryGrit: Alberta Election Pool