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The Canadian Progressive: Only 36.5 per cent of unemployed Canadians now qualify for EI: NDP

by: Obert Madondo

Statistics Canada reported last week that Employment Insurance (EI) recipients dropped by 2.1% in July to 503 900 after the Harper government toughened the rules earlier this year.

The federal NDP calls the drop a “new historic low”, accuses the Harper Conservatives of cutting EI to deny Canadians “help when they need it the most.”

This press release:

Radical and mean-spirited Conservative cuts to EI, alongside weak job creation numbers, are denying Canadians help when they need it most.

A new Statistics Canada report has revealed that fewer unemployed Canadians than ever before now qualify for (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Extend EI coverage for all Southern Alberta flood victims: AFL

by: Alberta Federation of Labour | Press Release:

EDMONTON, June 25, 2013 – Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan has called on the federal government to extend EI coverage for all those affected by floods in Southern Alberta.

Only about 22% of unemployed Albertans are eligible for EI and the waiting period is 2 weeks.

McGowan wrote to Minister Diane Finley today and asked her to immediately undertake the following:

Waive all waiting periods for those who qualify for benefits. Extend EI benefits to small business owners affected by the flood. Many of the establishments under water in Inglewood/Mission, downtown Calgary, Bragg Creek, Medicine (Read more…)

A Different Point of View....: Business journalists go on the attack; demonize Atlantic seasonal workers

National business journalists and columnists have bought into Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s demeaning view that folks in the Atlantic region are backward and have a defeatist attitude. Framed in disrespectful language, they’re promoting untested economic ideas that, if adopted, would seriously damage the economy – and the people – of the region.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for elite business journalists to applaud how Harper has made life far more difficult for many already struggling seasonal workers by cracking down on employment Insurance (EI). They are advocating the elimination of EI for all 102,000 seasonal workers, people who are employed (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper Conservatives must back track on Employment Insurance changes

By: Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union | (Press Release) | Mar 2, 2013: OTTAWA – Changes to Employment Insurance (EI) affecting thousands of seasonal workers and their communities must be overturned, says the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP). Further to the harmful changes, the government began making unannounced house visits to EI recipients this week. “The Conservative READ MORE

bastard.logic: The War Comes Home

900ftJesus has some important questions for the Privacy Commissioner re: the new Harpercon plan to randomly audit EI clients for *gasp* fraud, via taxpayer-subsidized bureaucratic fishing expeditions (House calls? REALLY?):

What information are federal employees told to gather through house visits?

How is this information gathered? (silent observation, questions, questioning and/or observing people other than the client at the home?

What information is included on any reports given to HRDC?

What is the format of this information?

To what use is this information put? How is the information applied?

What privacy rating is assigned to this information?

Who has

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Impolitical: Contrasts

Some policies like EI changes get the early Sunday morning roll out.

Others get a full court press.

You do the math on the why(s).

Random Ranting Raving and Ratings: Canadian Government to extend EI benefits to families of seriously ill children

The Canadian Government announced today that Employment Insurance (EI) benefits will be extended to families of seriously ill children.  It will allow parents or legal guardians of minor children with a life threatening illness or injury to receive income support for up to 35 weeks.  The… ..

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: NDP: Harper Created Worst Deficit in Canadian History (VIDEO)

Apparently, the Official Opposition will not allow Stephen Harper‘s appetite for character-assassinating attack ads and propaganda to go unchallenged. The NDP has responded to the Conservatives’ recent attack ad targeting its leader, Thomas Mulcair. The ad, dubbed “Stephen Harper’s Solutions,” focuses on the prime minister’s economic record. It lambasts the Conservative government’s recent draconian cuts to essential services such as Old Age Security (OAS) and Emplyment Insurance (EI).

RELATED: With new NDP shadow cabinet, Mulcair plots Harper’s 2015 defeat

Please note: below the video, I’ve published a couple of Twitter responses to the ad. Enjoy!

The video is available

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Left Over: Plenty of Jobs in Alberta (Alberta!!!) says Emperor Steve’s Puppet, Flaherty

Here’s good ol’ boy Flaherty warning Canadians that EI will be changed to reflect Alberta and Saskatchewan’s need for labour…as if the government was financing EI in the first place..

They aren’t – it’s financed by employers and labour…not that this has stopped any government from tinkering with the program to bolster their philosophy…

“That means we are going to have to encourage more persons with disabilities to work, more seniors to work, more aboriginal people to work, including young people. We need to get rid of disincentives in the employment insurance system to people joining the workforce.” Flaherty

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Jacked Up: Interesting Take on EI

I just had to point out Randall Denley’s column from this mornings Citizen (second time in a week, he’s on a roll!).

Just a couple of the highlights:

The Liberals have taken a position that is clear and easily explainable… They want employment insurance, as we euphemistically call it, to be available anywhere across the country after only 360 hours of work. The Liberals believe 150,000 people would be helped by their policy, but the political benefit is even greater. The employment insurance system we have now is so complex and difficult to understand that any Canadian who fears

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Jacked Up: Harper, Baird, Flaherty, EI and the Economy.

I’ll start with two separate paragraphs, from two separate articles (The first from the Ottawa Citizen, the second from the Globe and Mail:

Baird falsely portrayed the Liberal scheme for a 360-hour standard as one that would require a massive payroll tax. The Liberals said they would fund the move through general revenue.

“It would hurt an economy that is struggling,” Baird said in response to a question from Layton. “Those of us on this side of the House will not buy into that socialist scheme to raise taxes purported by the leader of the Liberal party.”

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