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Northern Reflections: Austerity For Thee, But Not For Me

On Friday, Gerald Caplan reminded Globe and Mail readers of the deeply rooted hypocrisy at the core of the Harper government. — hypocrisy which has been on display since newly elected David Emerson crossed the floor and entered the Harper cabinet:

A Postmedia News analysis reveals that 35 of the 141 Conservative candidates who . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Austerity For Thee, But Not For Me

Northern Reflections: Calvinist Hypocrisy

Nothing betrays the Calvinist-Social Credit roots of the present government more than this week’s  Employment Insurance “reforms.” Tom Walkom writes:

Behind this week’s changes to Canada’s Employment Insurance system lie bone-headed ideology and contempt.

The bone-headed ideology stems from the Conservative government’s primitive, Economics 101 view of the world.

The contempt is that of . . . → Read More: Northern Reflections: Calvinist Hypocrisy