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Things Are Good: Children Should be Taught Philosophy

Studying philosophy has greatly influenced my life and I encourage everybody to also study the field and practice. Engaging in philosophy can improve one’s sense of self while improving their ability to discern which arguments have value. Teaching critical inquiry through philosophy to children can have a very positive impact on them as human beings. […]

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Dead Wild Roses: All You Need to Know About How Equality Works in Society in 2 .gifs

The notion we have a fair playing field, a balance, whatever you’d like to call it is quite patently false. We have not all just fallen out of some sort of Rawlsian simulator into a just society. Injustice and anti-egalitarian ideals are normative in society, they are the water we swim in, the air we […] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: All You Need to Know About How Equality Works in Society in 2 .gifs

Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.- Karen Brettel and David Rohde discuss how the cult of shareholder value is destroying the concept of corporations actually making anything useful. And Deirdre Hipwell writes that the financial-sector workers … . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Morning Links

Dead Wild Roses: #Cover the Athlete – Sexism in Sports Media

Yet I still hear people everday proclaiming that we are ‘done’ with feminism and that ‘for all intensive purposes’ the sexes are treated equally in society.

Horsefeathers to those notions, I say.


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Alberta Politics: You’re in for it now, Canada! Wildrose has a plan to make you love pipelines … or else!

PHOTOS: Some of the 2,000 or so Albertans who turned up in defence of their pensions in minus-30 weather on March 2, 2014. Turns out a lot of them voted, too. Below: Pipelines! Love ’em or lose your allowance! Have you got that, Canada? Get ready, Canada! If there’s ever a Wildrose Government in Alberta, […]

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Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Chris Hedges weighs in on the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s entrenchment of corporate control over mere citizens, while PressProgress highlights just a few of the more obvious dangers it poses. And Blayne Haggart points out that the TPP has nothing at all to do with free trade. TPP-like agreements are no longer exclusively or even primarily about reducing traditional trade barriers. As Harvard economist Dani Rodrik notes in his 2011 book The Globalization Paradox, with some exceptions (such as Canada’s dairy industry), tariffs have never been lower. Any gains from further reductions would (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: John Bowlby – A Secure Base – Five Therapeutic Tasks

To be honest, I could excerpt most of Bowlby’s book. It is that good. However, little things like time and copyright concerns limit me to providing some of the highlights of attachment theory and how big a change it was from traditional psychoanalysis.

“The first is to provide the patient with a secure base from which he can explore the various unhappy and painful aspects of his life, past and present, many of which he finds it difficult or perhaps impossible to think about and reconsider without a trusted companion to provide support, encouragement, sympathy, and, on (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Liz Farmer discusses the growing body of evidence showing that high-end tax cuts do nothing to build the economy for anybody but the few privileged beneficiaries. And Stephen Kimber writes about the billions of dollars Canada loses to tax evasion every year, while calling out the “taxpayer” lobby groups who are happy to leave the public on the hook for that loss. 

- Heather Stewart weighs on how increased automation stands to exacerbate inequality both between capital and labour, and within the workforce itself. And Matthew Wright comments on the effect (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: Budget 2015: The Neutrino Problem

Scientists solved the problem of the Ghost Particle in less time than it’s taken the Alberta government to come up with a creative approach to economic diversification.

For 40 years Tory premiers talked a good line about diversification but with the exception of Premier Lougheed, they failed to deliver.

Now, after five short months in office, the NDP government is tackling diversification head on.

Budget 2015

Budget 2015 allocates $2.1 billion to support job creation and diversification by encouraging government-owned entities (ATB Financial, the Alberta Enterprise Corporation and the AIMCo) to help companies get the financial capital they need.

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Dead Wild Roses: The Need for Gun Control – DWR PSA

Quite an effective argument.

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The Canadian Progressive: Lauren Bialystok: Empty Schools Campaign denies children essential education

Opponents of Ontario’s sex education curriculum are broadcasting misrepresentations and bigotry “under the guise of parental rights”, argues Lauren Bialystok, an Assistant Professor of Ethics and Education at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

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Blast Furnace Canada Blog: About those shared cost programs …

In last night’s final debate, Tom Mulcair said if he’s elected, then Quebec – and only that province – would get the option to opt out of new shared cost programs, including his $15 per diem child care program.

I realize Canada has never been totally equal on social programs. For example, every province has the right to opt out of OAS and the CPP. Quebec, so far, is the only province to get out

Dead Wild Roses: Refuse to Click – Your Preserving Humanity Public Service Announcement of the Day

Against human trafficking? Against slavery? Necessarily, you must also be against pornography.

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The Progressive Economics Forum: First Nations Education is critical social infrastructure

Many Canadians know that the federal government is responsible for funding social services, health care, education and income supports on First Nations reserves.

Few people realize that the escalator for these transfer payments has been frozen at 2% per year since 1996, without consideration for population growth or need.

According to the Assembly of First Nations, by 2011 this resulted in an average funding gap of $3,500 per student in First Nation schools compared to per student funding in provincial schools.

This operational funding gap is on top of a physical infrastructure funding gap for resources such as libraries, computer labs, (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Stupid in Action – Dudely mansplinations of what Feminism is…

Only a taste gentle readers of the abundant multiloquence of pants-on-head-stupid over at “Enlightening Science” – with the ever so ironic tagline ‘with knowledge comes power’. Dammit, there went the irony meter – again.

Prepare yourselves for a sagacious trip into the dark netherworlds of dudely logic and mansplination (line breaks added for readability):

“Imagine a situation.

Peter and his new girlfriend Janice are going to dinner. During the dinner they have lots of fun, but when Peter and Janice are walking home and she mentions that she is a feminist, Peter asks why isn’t feminism called (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Bruce Carson’s Bigger Scandal

When Harper appointed Carson as a top adviser, the fraud used his position to undermine research into climate change.

About the only part not worth reading is the line saying “There is no easy way to cut emissions and grow the economy”, and now you’ve read it, and can recognize that tired line as untrue.

Dead Wild Roses: Why It is Impossible to Tune a Piano – The Case for Temperament

I’ve read about somewhat arcane nature of piano tuning and the various temperaments used through the ages, but Minute Physics succinctly describes what is going with all the math behind the production of sound.

From Wikipedia:

Many factors cause pianos to go out of tune, particularly atmospheric changes. For instance, changes in humidity will affect the pitch of a piano; high humidity causes the sound board to swell, stretching the strings and causing the pitch to go sharp, while low humidity has the opposite effect.[1] Changes in temperature can also affect the overall pitch of a piano. In (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: The Tone Analyzer – Fascinating Pages on the Internet

Ever wondered about your writing style and the message your ‘word medium’ conveys?


The Tone Analyzer will tell you.

I put one of my previous endeavours through the mill. This is what was returned.

I’m still looking into if any of the analysis is congruent with reality. If it isn’t at least it puts pretty colours around your text.


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Eh Types: Teach Your Children Well

A national newspaper referred to the “Sex-Ed problem”, regarding the ongoing curriculum dispute between the province and some parents. There is no Sex-Ed problem, there is an irresponsible parent problem. These parents are abdicating a responsibility to their children, to others as well, and it needs to stop. To parents who plan on opting their kids […]

Dead Wild Roses: Wake Up Call – Animated Short

A tonic against the slash and burn capitalism we’re supposed to worship.

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Dead Wild Roses: Back to School is Here…

And there was great celebration…


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Dead Wild Roses: How Not to Write about Feminists and Patriarchy – (Un)Reasonable Faith

Autumn approaches; the obnoxious university ‘Week of Welcome’ orientation drones are yelling insipid, yet inclusive, chants at each other; and of course, more stupid post mostly made of straw languidly emerge from the turbid depths of the wordpress “patriarchy” tag. Like appreciating the subtle fireworks of the turning of the leaves, one can appreciate the flawed assumptions and ignorance on display over at A Reasonable Faith. But Lo! The coming of Fall and the exudation of a steaming pile of Herp-Derp always leaves one gasping for breath at the enchanting majesty of nature in all her (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Correlation and Causation – Things one should know.

Well, it never hurts to reinforce an important concept, especially one that many people miss or gloss over when the argumentative fur starts flying.

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centre of the universe: How to get engaged in Canadian politics: an educational resource

Here is a handy guide that will help you, disenfranchised Canadian, get engaged with and get involved in the upcoming (eventually, at the end of several more weeks of pre-election hell) federal election! The first step, as the number to the left would indicate, is to click every single link you see in social media […]

centre of the universe: Money for Nothing

Copyright is, at its simplest form, the method by which creators are paid for their work. It is a registration of an intellectual property (IP). It says “the creator has the right to charge, or not to charge, money for you to use this”. It’s not a form of censorship (and no court would rightfully […]