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Montreal Simon: Joe Oliver and the Incredible Shrinking Surplus

It was hard to imagine a scarier sight, than old Joe Oliver delivering his fiscal update to an audience of Bay Street business types the other day.And announcing that Canadians should support the Cons, because he's blown the surplus trying to buy votes.So they can't trust the opposition to run or ruin the economy!!!Read more »

Montreal Simon: Will Stephen Harper Go For a Late Fall Election?

It's been the subject of much fevered speculation. Will Stephen Harper call an early election? And if so how early?And no doubt Great Desperate Leader is consulting his crystal ball, and the fevered voices in his head.And in his brief moments of lucidity, probably wondering if he DID go early what would be his excuse?But now some Cons are apparently saying that he already has two good excuses, and he should pull the plug immediately.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Apocalypse and the Humbling of Stephen Harper

As you may remember, I was deeply troubled by Stephen Harper's wild diatribe at the Calgary Stampede BBQ almost two weeks ago.I couldn't decide whether he had inhaled the fumes of his own propaganda, like Rob Ford sucks on a crack pipe.Or was lying compulsively. Again.Or whether inflamed by the sight of all those cowboy hats, he had finally gone off the deep end. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Sad and Dismal Legacy of Little Jimbo Flaherty

Well I see that little Jimbo Flaherty has fallen off his mole hill for the very last time.Or left Stephen's Harper's murky pond. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has resigned. He is the biggest fish to swim out of Prime Minister Harper's pond since then-Environment Minister, and de facto second in command in the Cabinet, Jim Prentice, left to make oodles of money in the banking business.But not before rhyming off a short list of his accomplishments, and ignoring all his failures.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Economic Conapocalypse

Well as you know Stephen Harper isn't just running from the Senate scandal these days. And from Neil Young.He's running from the burning wreckage of his disastrous economic record. And so desperate is the situation, Great Economist Buffoon Leader has been reduced to begging Canadians to suggest any ideas about how he can create the Jobs of Tomorrow.

Because goodness knows he doesn't have a clue eh?Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

He's still hiding from Canadians, still huddled with his closest advisers. Still inviting us to enter his sinister parallel universe.

Have you seen 24 Seven yet? Watch the first one here: #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) January 11, 2014

Still running from the media, still dodging responsibility from the sheltered comfort of his ghastly cocoon. In lieu of answering real world questions, the prime minister has entered a pre-campaign cocoon, dodging controversy and responsibility except to claim personal credit for trade and economic booms which always seem just over the horizon. But it won't do him any (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con War on the Truth

If you want to understand what Stephen Harper is trying to do to Canada you can't focus on each individual atrocity he commits, no matter how painful the bite. You have to focus on the whole ghastly web he is spinning, to understand that his main target is the TRUTH. Take this latest report for example. The newly released numbers from the 2011 census reveal a wide, demographic chasm between the nation’s poor — those whose annual income falls well below the $27,000 median figure for an individual— and the richest in Canada.Not only does it show that the Canadian (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Twilight of the Harper Regime

For seven long and dark years Stephen Harper was able to hold this country in his iron grip.For years him and his Cons were able to fool Canadians into thinking they knew what they were doing.For years he was able to make the stooge media dance to his tinny tunes.But now it's all going horribly wrong. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Fatal Trajectory of the Harper Cons

The other day I wrote about how Stephen Harper's slide in the polls was beginning to resemble a one-way ride on an asteroid.Not just a mere tumble through space, but a clear and definite negative trend.And I pointed out that this blazing trajectory couldn't come at a worst time for the Cons.So what better time to remind them that pulling out of that death dive is going to be REALLY difficult. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jimbo Flaherty and the Day of Reckoning

If you wanted to know where our economy is heading, or what the Cons are planning to do to Canada.All you had to do was look at Jimbo Flaherty today, to know it's not going to be pretty.And that the Day of Reckoning has finally arrived.For there he was standing in front of a giant Porky Action Plan billboard, promising growth and jobs. Telling us the economy is shrinking, so what we need to do is kill even more jobs. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Snowmageddon and the Con Apocalypse

Golly. I don't know how I did it. Survived the Great Toronto Snowmageddon.Because it was brutal eh?Toronto has not seen a snowfall exceeding 15 centimetres since Dec. 19, 2008, said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.Not the storm itself, which was only a Snowmageddon if you don't live in Alberta, or Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, or Quebec, or the Atlantic provinces, or anywhere in northern Canada.No, the brutal part was watching Peter Mansbridge making it sound like the world was ending…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Con Canada: Harperland or Pottersville?

Oh goody. I see that TV stations have started running It's a Wonderful Life over and over again.So Christmas can't be more than a month away !!!! Although I've gotta say I really hate the Con version eh?Where John Baird plays the senile Un… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Con Canada: Harperland or Pottersville?

Montreal Simon: In the Court of the Con Clowns

According to a recent poll only about 16 percent of Canadians now trust Stephen Harper and his insane Con clown posse.And who can blame them eh? Because today was such a three-ring circus it really makes you wonder whether they are mentally fit to rema… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: In the Court of the Con Clowns

Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty and the Slash and Spend Cons

Even in a place as scary as Harperland, it was a frightening sight.Jim Flaherty holding his head in his hands, delivering his budget update to the House of Commons Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.Trying and failing to explain why despite the way he is … . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Jim Flaherty and the Slash and Spend Cons

Montreal Simon: Mitt Romney and the Zombie Apocalypse

It's hard not to see what's happening in the United States as anything less than a slow-motion horror show.A nation reeling from the catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy.A presidential election too close to call.National opinion polls suggest the race for the popular vote in Tuesday's election is so close that only a statistically insignificant point or two separates the two rivals.And an ever mutating Mitt Romney threatening a Zombie Apocalypse if he loses.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Steve Harper and the Road to Ruin

Oh no. How embarrassing. That old Con man Steve Harper is at it again.

He's been spotted preparing to leave for the APEC summit, disguised as an economist, and already he's lecturing the Americans on how to run their economy.

Concerns about a so-called "fiscal cliff" in the United States are warranted but they should not overshadow the need for America to "get a grip" on its longer-term fiscal situation, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday.

Because you know, he's an economic genius eh?

And we're number ONE !!!! FOURTEEN !!! Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Big Lie

Uh oh. Duck and cover.This could be embarrassing eh? Great Cowboy Leader is bragging about our economy again.Telling the WHOLE WORLD that they should be like Harperland !!!!!!

“Under our conservative government, Canada will not slip back the way so many other developed countries are slipping back,” he said. “To succeed what the world must become in the future is what Canada is today.”

OMG. Can you believe that eh? The man must be either completely deranged, or totally shameless. Because they must be laughing at him all the way to Norway. Which BTW is doing MUCH better

. . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Big Lie

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Economic Meltdown

Oh no. How embarrassing. Just a few days ago he made a spectacular entrance at the G20 Summit, declaring that the whole world should follow Canada's economic model.

Because he's a real economist eh?

But tonight he's riding the burro backwards, as all around him the model crumbles. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Fatal Gamble

Well there he was the other day, telling a big economic conference in Montreal that his government's economic policies were a model for the whole world.

But if you look at the expression on his face as he reads his prepared lines, you really have to wonder whether he still believes what he is saying.

Whether he is still trying to fool us into thinking he's an economist. Or whether he's simply delusional.Read more »